updated april 14, 2016

tentative return date

The projected date for his return episode is Tuesday, May 17th. In a current Missy Reeves' interview she gives insight into Jack's return. It appears it will be as a ghost as she continues to spiral due to her addictions. It is uncertain, but it appreas that the return is only for one day not the previously thought five. Though it seems that the Jack and Jennifer scenes take up mots of the episode. As always, this is not substantiated, so the return could be for more episodes.

There are several photos of Matthew at the studio, Matthew being subversive, Matthew honoring Frances Reid and MacDonald Carey, Matthew with Missy Reeves, and Matthew with Mary Beth Evans.
it is  baby girl

Matthew has reportered that Lana and he have welcomed home a baby girl, Willa. Congratulations to the couple. To view some photos go to Matthew Ashfords instagram site,  matthewashford1.
follow grace ashford's blog

Matthew told fans on his Facebook page to follow his daugther Grace's new blog, "Wine women & Stories." Drop by and read her articulate, humorous blogs Click here to access her blog.
current projects

welcome video

Updated April 14, 2016
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various prodjects

Matthew has been busy, he shot a pilot for what he refers to as "a teen sitcom," This Just In, in which he plays a dad who is a doctor and a magician. Plus, he and Darin Brooks (ex-Max Brady; Wyatt Bold and the Beautiful) are cowriting a horror movie; He and Lana are mentoring young people at
the International Academy Of Film And Television.   
the bay news

updated oct december 13th
tit is back

As of now six episode are online. The last episode airs December 22nd. This season is the best year, with Patsy Pease (ex-Kimberly Brady-Donovan) joining the cast, and doing a first rate job as one of Sara's prison-mates. The Bay's home page or on this page's The Bay's Video Index Page.
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matthew and the bay up for awards

Deep Dish (Groovy Gay Pop Culture) is holding its Annual Groovy Awards for web series and hunks. The Bay (Best Show) and Matthew (Supporting Actor), as well as other actors from the web series, are up for awards. Click here to access the site, then scroll down to vote. The voting ends January 2nd, 2016 and the awards will be announced the following day, January 3rd. 
matthew in the media  
sodarticle on super couples

Second issue in a row with an article on matthew. This week Matthew with Melissa Reeves talks about Jack and Jennifer as part of the magazine's tribute to the shows supercouples. SOD's website to purchase issue or to read Matthew and Missy's comments on this page, Articles Index Page.
official days 50th bo

To honor 50 years of the show, show executive producer Greg Meng and Ken Corday have put out a coffee table edition to mark the milestone. It can be found at various bookstores or purchased on-line through Amazon. A must for any fan. Matthew/Jack Deveraux has numerous appearances.
sod's november 2nd, 2015

In the latest issue Matthew has a multi-page interview, discussion whether or not there will be a return in the future -- as of now there is none -- The Bay and other things. Be sure to check buy a hard copy or the on-line version, show the editors of the magazine there is still support for him. SOD's website. I also have the article and two other recent articles on the page, links to all three are to be found in the Articles Index Page.
sod's days 50th special edition

The special edition issue is a retrospect of all the best stories and characters/actors from the shows past fifty years. It came out in late March and may not still be found in stories or newsstands in its hardcopy format. However, I purchased my through Apple's app storeb, and notice it can also be purchased via Apple's newsstand app which can be found on any of your Apple products. Or by going to
older projects
sitcom project
Gregori Martin, the talented creator of The Bay, posted the following on Facebook, "No, it's not #TheBay yet! Wrapped another day on set of new #sitcom w/ @KristosAndrews [Matthew's The Bay co-star, Peter Garrett] & @matthew_ashford #ThisJustIn." I am assuming this too is a webseries -- though I may be wrong. I also am not sure if Matthew is a castmember of this project or was just a guest star for this particular episode. When I have more information I will updated the page.
winning favor

A movie about two small town high schools in Iowa which made it to the state basketball championship, the story centers around players on the Orange City High School team and its players. Matthew play Coach Loren DeJong. Click on thumbnail to view a trailer for the movie. Click here to order your personal copy from Amazon.
new movie project

Matthew just finished filming a movie project in Florida.  It is an intense horror, psychological drama in which he stared and co-produced. Look for more information to come. Thanks to David Michael Ross for the information and use of the photos. Click on thumb nail to view photos from the shoot.
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