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Tomlin is out and Dena Higley is back as Head Writer. With the show taping five months in advance, it appears her material will not begin until approximately July. However, the show is working on bringing back favorites for its 50th anniversary, which is November. Supposedly the 50th anniversary tribule will begin with stories as early as August and run through May of 2016. Already it has been confirmed that Steven Nichols (Steve Johnson) and Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) will be returning. Others are promised. Though no word about Matthew Ashford reprising his icon Jack Deveraux. Soap Opera Digest, on the heels of the news about Peter and Steven, had a poll for which character fans want back besides those two, of those listed,  Jack was the overwhelming favorite. Also, SOD has a special magazine out for the 50th. The interesting thing is that of all the full page interviews, it is the vets and the members of the supercouples -- 1990 and before -- who were interviewed. Plus the big events, and weddings were also primarily those which occurred prior to 1993. Many interviewed are no longer with the show. The newer actors/characters are glossed over. Matthew/Jack has quite a few mentions. The magazine also has a tribute to those actors who have sadly passed on, and to honor them they interviewed their co-stars. Matthew pays tribute to Wayne Heffley (Vern Scofield). The magazine should be in stores, but I found my via the app store, and it was saved on my iPad through Apple's newsstand app. I am sure that the magazine can also be purchasde for other smart phone or tablet formats.

I am busy and leave tomorrow for most of the month, and will be overseas with uncertain WiFi, so I cannot make any changes to the page. With the vets and especially Matthew being a big focus in SOD maybe this might help to change the minds of TPTB, esecially with Tomlin gone-- whose first act was to kill Jack in an elevator. So writing the the magazine and show, NBC, and Sony, Inc. might not hurt. And, hopefully by the time I return we will have some good news. By May the show should be taping the episodes for October.

ken corday states matthew/jack will not be returning to days
In a October interview, for the online forum site,, Ken Corday (Days of Our Lives Executive Producer) was told that Matthew Ashford was a fan favorite and that many fans want the return of Jack Deveraux. When pressed, Corday stated that it would be unfair to the fans for there to be a return since Jack died, and the fans saw it happen. A return would be an insult, therefore. The interview(s) attempted to point out that the fans would gladly look over the death and welcome a return. Though that did not seem to sway his resolve. Ken Corday also attempted to justify the show's decision to cease with supercouples, saying it was too limiting, too focused on a couple and not inclusive of a broad range of characters/actors. Also, it appears that at the time of the interview the show was already doing scripts for April, 2015 -- thus about six months in advance.

To read the entire interview, click here.
current projects
new movie project

Matthew just finished filming a movie project in Florida.  It is an intense horror, psychological drama in which he stared and co-produced. Look for more information to come. Thanks to David Michael Ross for the information and use of the photos. Click on thumb nail to view photos from the shoot.

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december 28 , 2014: videos the bay the series index Links to all the episode of the current season, all aired throughout December, 2014; Episode 13 (all 4 parts) and Episode 14 (all 4 parts).
april 11th, 2014: videos dating in the middle ages index. Links through all the most recent episodes.
i am starting a poll to see if there is interest in more tjds scripts, click here to vote.
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the bay news
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Links to all current videos from the current season, Episode 13 (4 parts) and Episode 14 (4 parts).. Tuesday, December 30, the final part of Episode 14 will be uploading for viewing. Matthew appeared in all the episodes so far, and was devilishly fun and creep. Videos are online, at and links to individual episodes in which Matthew appeared are on the MAH'sThe Bay's Video Index Page.
june 20th
lilly & martha's soap box appearance

Another great episode and interviews and chat from Lilly & Martha. On June 5th, Matthew appeared again on their show and talks of his and Martha's Chapter scene together, and his up-coming projects. The taping aired live May 19th, and Matthew appears near the 45 minute mark.
Click here for Matthew's June 5th appearance.
Click here for his February 13th appearance.
older projects
winning favor

A movie about two small town high schools in Iowa which made it to the state basketball championship, the story centers around players on the Orange City High School team and its players. Matthew play Coach Loren DeJong. Click on thumbnail to view a trailer for the movie. Click here to order your personal copy from Amazon.
dating in the middle ages season 2

The series deals Samantha Collin's (Devin Mills), a romance novelist, in search for her very own "Gary Grant." Matthew plays Nick Hamilton, Samantha's current love interest; he will be joined by former DAYS co-star, Deidre Hall (Dr. Marlena Evans),The web series will air later this summer. Click on thumbnail to access the show's official web site.

Listen to Matthew and Devin's on-line chat, Click here.
dirty harry, the musical

This video was produced in 2012 as part of Bruce Kimmel's (with whom Matthew worked on Bruce's original stage play, Deceit) Outside the Box series, a series of web episodes which satirize the trend of making everything into a Broadway musical. Matthew, as himself, is asked to star in a new musica based on Clint Eastwood's iconic movie cop, Dirty Harry. Click on above icon to view the episode.
catch of a lifetime

Matthew plays Billy Joe Crawley, Elaine Rose Chalmers (Julia Denton) is a successful Austin radio personality, self-proclaimed "Queen of Planning." Her life is turned upside down when returning home, she has a one night stand with her high school sweetheart, Billy Joe Crawley, played by Matthew. The result, a surprise pregnancy; interrupting her plans.Click on thumbnail to view a trailer.
2012 prism awards

In 2012, Matthew won a PRISM Award (the award is given to those in the entertainment industry -- movies, television, and music -- which bring attention to and presents accurately issues of mental health and substance abuse). Matthew and Days of our Lives won the award for the portrayal of Jack's PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).Click on above thumbnail to view a Yellow Carpet interview of Matthew from the awards ceremony. Click here to view video clip of Matthew accepting his award.
bad boys week

Last September, the Investigation Discovery channel had a month of Days of our Knives, in which soap actors would introduce real life soapesque real crime shows. Matthew along with Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin, General Hospital) introduced real life crime stories involving "bad boys," for obvious reasons. Click on the thumbnail to view the promo.
2012 daytime emmy awards

Matthew was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his scenes of Jack dealing with PTSD. Though, unfortunately Matthew did not win, it was still a great honor. Days, however, did win a Best Writing award -- it was the show's first since 1976 -- and the material submitted Matthew's PTSD scenes. YouTube has numerous Red Carpet interviews with Matthew, and his beautiful and smart daugther Emma. Matthew was also up for a Daytime Emmy as part of The Bay's production team.
days of our lives book on sale
days of our lives secrets of good lives consists of healthy hints from current and past castmembers on how they stay healthy. Matthew provides his tips on eating well, exercise and meditation, plus he includes a recipe for preparing hummus.

Check your local bookstore, or online at
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