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hearthbreaking news
 matthew will not be returning

Ken Corday was interviewed in the recent SOD  about the 50th and the returnees. SOD asked about Matthew since the fans have been clamoring for a return. Sadly, he again said fans saw Jack die after falloing down the elevator shaft and coming back from the dead would be an insult to the viewers. He said the same things in October of last year. Fans know there was no body, and even though André di Mera is back from an on-screen death and as per all the requests on boards and social media thought a return was not insulting. Corday did say, maybe in at future date, though his remarks seem rather shallow a promise.
matthew fan event with lilly meglar

As part of
General Hospital's annual fan weekend, Brunch with Matt and Lilly -- Matt's current The Bay (Janice Ramos) and former GH (Lily Rivera Corinthos) co-star  -- very best brunch; Friday morning, August 7, from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon,  Glendale Hilton Hotel. Tickets are $75 for Lilly's fan club members, $80 for non members! For more information or to purchase tickets for the event, email Debbie O'Connor,
 follow grace ashford's blog

Matthew told fans on his Facebook page to follow his daugther Grace's new blog, "Wine women & Stories." Drop by and read her articulate, humorous blogs Click here to access her blog.
current projects
sitcom project
Gregori Martin, the talented creator of The Bay, posted the following on Facebook, "No, it's not #TheBay yet! Wrapped another day on set of new #sitcom w/ @KristosAndrews [Matthew's The Bay co-star, Peter Garrett] & @matthew_ashford #ThisJustIn." I am assuming this too is a webseries -- though I may be wrong. I also am not sure if Matthew is a castmember of this project or was just a guest star for this particular episode. When I have more information I will updated the page.

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may 11th, 2015: articles index SOD's tribute to DAYS 50th,I included all the articles concerning Matthew/Jack.
may 11th, 2015: articles index From Days' book on health tips, Matthew's person tips.
december 28 , 2014: videos the bay the series index Links to all the episode of the current season, all aired throughout December, 2014; Episode 13 (all 4 parts) and Episode 14 (all 4 parts).
april 11th, 2014: videos dating in the middle ages index. Links through all the most recent episodes.
i am hoping to start transcribing matthew's episode from his 2011-2012 stint, either to lead up to a hopeful return, or if there is no return to make jack deveraux' story come full-circle.
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the bay news
updated june 4th
new episodes currently being taped

Taping has resumed for the newest episodes of the Emmy winning series, airing sometime this summer.

Until then to watch past episodes click on and if you want to view Matthew's scenes links to individual episodes can be found on MAH'sThe Bay's Video Index Page. Tp view above photos click on the thumbnails.
updated may 7th, 2014
lilly & martha's soap box appearance

Matthew has been a regular guest on Lilly and Martha's web talk show. Recently he was part of an episode devoted to the bayin honor of its daytime emmy nomination. Click here to go to their talk show's main page for links to all their past shows.
emmys for the bay
The wonderfully produced, written and acted soap won "New Approaches" Daytime Emmy for Best Show. Jade Harlow, Lianna Ramos, won Best Actress in the same category. The show also won a technical award. Click on thumbnails to see the photos in their original sizes. The first is of Matthew with Gregori Martin, and the rest of the cast and producers of the show, with their Emmy. The second is of Matthew and Kira Reed Lorsch, who plays Jo Conners and appeared near the end of Episode XIV as Stephen's new no-nonsense &business partner.
matthew in the media  
may 16th:
matthew daytime royalty interview

A few weeks earlier it also took numerous photos of Matthew during the Daytime Emmys week. The photos belong to the page so I cannot post them here, but here is a link to the photos. The three photos of the reunion between Matthew Ashford and Kate Mansi, AKA Abigail Deveraux: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, and one photo of Matthew with Kevin Spirtas, ex-Dr. Craig Wesley.
matthew on-line interview

AfterBuzz TV Spotlight on.... This is a recent interview from a couple of weeks ago, during Daytime Emmy week, it is over an hour long. This has furthered the hopes that Matthew will return as the iconic Jack Deveraux, though Matthew says nothing to that effect during his interview. Click here, to view.
sod's days 50th special edition

The special edition issue is a retrospect of all the best stories and characters/actors from the shows past fifty years. It came out in late March and may not still be found in stories or newsstands in its hardcopy format. However, I purchased my through Apple's app storeb, and notice it can also be purchased via Apple's newsstand app which can be found on any of your Apple products. Or by going to SOD's website.
older projects
winning favor

A movie about two small town high schools in Iowa which made it to the state basketball championship, the story centers around players on the Orange City High School team and its players. Matthew play Coach Loren DeJong. Click on thumbnail to view a trailer for the movie. Click here to order your personal copy from Amazon.
new movie project

Matthew just finished filming a movie project in Florida.  It is an intense horror, psychological drama in which he stared and co-produced. Look for more information to come. Thanks to David Michael Ross for the information and use of the photos. Click on thumb nail to view photos from the shoot.
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