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Quotes About Jack and Jennifer
Quotes About Jack and Jennifer

SOW DAYS 25 Ann. J&J (cover)
...Frankie and Jennifer was more of a puppy love. I think that's why she never slept with Frankie. I think Jennifer wanted to give herself to the man she would spend the rest of her life with. She realized that was Jack. He's a more mature love.

— Anne Schoettle/Head Writer 1990

The one story I fought for and that I certainly take credit for no matter what anybody elseSOU 25 DAYS Ann. J&J in the tub says is Jack and Jennifer She was just a very young, uninformed girl and Jack was the arch villain of all time. First I was trying to give them something to do rather than have him twirl his psychological mustache and her sort of twit around. I discovered by trying to write a little humor for them that in that kind of patronizing, off-putting kind of way, that he was very funny with her, and Jennifer had quite a way with comic repeposte. I found that her acceptance of him is his ticket to respectability.

— Anne Howard Bailey/Head Writer 1989

SOU 25 DAYS Ann. Jack in suit... in the tub Jack and Jennifer started as a non-relatinship where the slate was pretty clean, the map was not drawn, and they just wrote it with day to day things for them to do. She was not looking for a relationship and I definitely wasn't. They didn't write romance into it. They gave us things we could become passionate about without being passionate towards each other. They allowed us, as actors, to find the rhythm of working together.

— Matthew Ashford/Jack Deveraux

SOU 25 DAYS Ann. Jennifer I believe that our audience tunes in to see if Jack will fall in love with Jennifer, will Jennifer fall in love with Jack. People don't tune in to see evil guys and tawdry triangles. People want to see that when he looks in her eyes she could die, and when she looks in his eyes he will do anything for her love. It's really that basic. They are high romance.


— Ken Corday/Ex. Producer



Growing up and growing together, that's been the key to the love story of Jack and Jennifer. With a past as clouded as Jack Deveraux', who was Jack to find a true, romantic and idealistic love in the arms of someone as youthful, trusting and vulnerable as Jennifer Horton? That's what he kept asking himself, but that answer was right under his nose, reflected in the azure blue eyes of Jen. To her, Jack was the man he wanted to be and the lover she'd waited for all of her life. They are a happy ending waiting to happen.
Miscellaneous Photos
Miscellaneous Photos

SOU, DAYS 25 Ann, men of DAYS
Men of DAYS 1990
Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy), Dr. Mike Horton
(Michael Weis), Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols),
Jack Deveraux, Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth)

SOU, DAYS 25 Ann, Steve shows what Jack would look like with an eye patch

"How do you think Jack would have looked with a patch?" Is that what Stephen Nichols
and Matthew Ashford (Steve and Jack) are wondering during the filming
of Steve and Kayla's second wedding.

Steve & Kayla's 1st  wedding
Steve and Kayla's 1st Wedding 1988
Shawn Brady (Frank Parker), Caroline Brady (Peggy McKay),
Carrie Brady (Christie Clark), Adrienne Kiriakis, (Judi Evans),
(Kimberly Brady (recast ???), Kayla (Mary Beth Evans)
& Steve Johnson, Jeremy (???), Jack, Dr. Marcus Hunter (Richard Biggs),
& Jo Johnson (Joy Garrett)

SOU, DAYS 25 Ann, Justin & Adrienne's 2nd  wedding
Justin and Adrienne's 2nd Wedding 1990
Steve, Kayla, Adrienne and Justin Kiriakis,
Jo Johnson, & Jack Deveraux


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