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by Elaine Loring

Matt Attack!
For seven years, Days of our Lives fans have been waiting for this moment. Matthew Ashford is back to re-create Jack Deveraux, the character he played for six years until his departure in 1993.Matt Canada TV Guide

He and co-star Melissa Reeves created a magic chemistry together as Jack and Jennifer. The love and laughs they shared kept viewers tuning in daily to witness their wild and wacky adventures.

"The character gets to say and do things I could never pull off," says Ashford from his home in Burbank. "Jack takes himself a little too seriously and that's where the pratfalls and high jinks come from, because he tries so hard to achieve things."

Jack and Jen have been on their own for some time. He's grown a beard while off in Africa and she's been busy establishing a new life. "I turned on the TV recently," quips Ashford, "and saw Jen was on a boat and sinking or something. I thought, 'Man, you'd think she would learn!'"

Just as Jen has finally managed to put some distance between herself and daughter Abby and Jack, he's about to re-enter her life. "He gets some inside help tracking her down from Grandma Horton," comments Ashford. "It seems Jennifer's return to Salem built up momentum and had people wondering if Jack might come back, too."

Will he stick around for long? "At this point, it's open-ended," according to the actor. "I'd appreciate it if fans like what they see, let them know at Days and NBC."

The last few years Matthew Ashford's life been dedicated to raise awareness for Retinoblastoma (RBI). His daughter Emma was diagnosed with the sometimes fatal eye cancer at aged four months. Now three years old, Emma has been cancer-free for a year and a half. Ashford continues to create a higher profile for the cause and invites fans to log on to for more information.


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