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Inseparable Soap Couples: 
Jack and Jennifer Deveraux 
  Matthew and Missy  

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: All Time Favorite Love Story  

Jack in drag as Wanda, and Jenn

9. [Tie] Mac & Rachel, AW
9. Greg & Jenny, AMC
8. Kim & Shane, Days
7. Roman & Marlena, Days
6. Luke & Laura, GH
5. Bo & Hope, Days
4. Cruz & Eden, SB
3. Steve & Kayla, Days
2. Frisco & Felicia, GH

1. Jack & Jennifer, Days

Jack and Jennifer Deveraux

How They Got Together: They began as office mates at Jack's newspaper, The Spectator. The bumbling publisher and impressionable intern couldn't help but falling for each other, but he was too insecure to make an overt move. Jack finally took action on Jenn's wedding day to Emilio Ramirez -- he kidnapped the bride. Still the journalists didn't get passionate until they were stranded on on an island.

What Drove Them Apart: Jack and Jenn have been split asunder twice. First, Jenn was forced to wed evil Lawrence Alamain, who raped her. It took months to get over that trauma. Following her recovery, she and Jack finally wed, but scam artist Hawk Hawkins turned the newlyweds' lives upside down. Jack mistakenly believing he'd committed murder, went on the lam, and Jenn couldn't forgive him.

Current Status: They have no money, a baby's on the way, and Jack's threatening to become the Geraldo Rivera of Salem with his tabloid-style journalism. They're happy — in their own way.

Odds on Stay a Couple: Sure, Jack's illness, tantrums and get-rich-quick schemes may rock the boat, but for this couple sticking it out is a safe bet.

Matthew Ashford & Missy Reeves (J&J Deveraux)
When Jenn (Melissa Reeves) became pregnant, Jack (Matthew Ashford) developed morning sickness, too. But his illness may not be so funny, after all.