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SOD 9/91: Where does Jack's humor come from?
Matt: "He jokes to escape painful things. He doesn't consider himself funny."


Jack as Mrs. Bayer, AKA Wanda

Who Went Undercover:
Jack Deveraux

The Disguise: The newspaper publisher turned into a sorry excuse for a woman by donning a tacky dress, and even tackier bonnet and knee-high pantyhose that were the wrong shade for the ensemble.

When And Where: In New York City, at the hotel where Jennifer was residing.

Why He Did It: Jack was very worried when Jennifer ran off to the Big Apple and passed herself off as heiress Katerina von Leuschner. "Katerina's" fiancé, Lawrence Alamain was intent o keeping his bride-to-be away from everyone. Desperate to see her, Jack put on an outlandish get-up and tried to pass himself off as the wife of Werner Bayer, the man who brought Jennifer to Lawrence. Not surprisingly, no one bought his charade.

SOD 9/90: Are you afraid of Jack becoming too nice?
Matt: "Absolutely, I hate the word 'nice.' It's mush. I think he has a lot of faults, but that's what makes him him. I fight to maintain that."

Jack and Eve (Charlotte Ross, DAYS)

Marriage of convenience. That's exactly what the nuptials between DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Jack (Matthew Ashford) and Eve (Charlotte Ross) meant. Jack and Eve tied the knot so that Eve could get Nick's inheritance. While shE obviously benefited from the financial end of this deal, Jack too was given his share of the cash. The union didn't sit too well with Jennifer, who was madly in love with Jack. A few months later Jack and Eve were divorced.

Think Location, Location Location

Who Was Hot-To-Trot: Jennifer Horton and Jack Deveraux.
Love Location: A grotto where the two sought refuge following the shipwreck of the Loretta (a.k.a The Cruise of Deception). Jack had been trying to deny his attraction to wholesome Jennifer for months, but when they were finally alone (and contemplating death), he professed his love and the two slept together for the first time.
Move Over, Cupid: Forget about wearing clean underwear -- Virginal Jennifer had her diaphragm handy following the wreckage. Sounds like someone we know paid close attention during sex ed.
Was It Good for You?: In spite of making love on top of a rock and a hard place, their coming together was magical.
After The Fact: Right after that escapade, plucky Jennifer helped out her old pal, Carly, by posing as an heiress and marrying creep Lawrence Alamain. On the wedding night, Lawrence 'fessed up that he knew Jenn wasn't who she claimed and raped her.

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