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Soap Opera Weekly
Tom Hardy, General Hospital
[circa 1996]

Last Movie Seen: Places in the Heart
Favorite Actor:
Jimmy Stewart
Favorite Actress:
Lynn Redgrave
Favorite Movie:
To Kill a Mockingbird
Greatest Fear:
I won't live up to my potential.
Person I Most Admire:
My wife
Favorite TV Show:
Law & Order

Favorite Singer:
Peter Gabriel
Favorite Group:
Little Feat>
Favorite Vacation Spot:
Brussels sprouts
Favorite Junk Food:
Chips and salsa
Favorite Song:
"Finishing the Hat" from Sunday in the Park With George
Favorite Items of Clothing: T-shirts, jeans

Greatest Achievement:
My daughter
I Can Imitate:
Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion
If I Couldn't Be an Actor, I'd Be:
Cause I Most Believe In:
If I Had One Wish:
The gun and the bomb were never invented

Most Treasured Possession:
My family
Most Embarrasing Moment: Tried to portray a world-class tennis pro on Burke's Law.
Best Quality: Flexibility
Worst Quality: Flexiblity
Something That Makes Me See Red: Getting Lost
If I Could Live Anywhere, It'd Be: The beach
Person With Whom I'd Most Like to Change Places: Someone living on the beach
Celebrity I'm Often Mistaken For: Myself
What I Dislike Most About My Appearance: Lack of eyebrows
Dumbest Thing I Ever Did: Drove my car without putting oil in the engine
Smartest Thing I Ever Did: Marry my wife
I'd Love to Star in: Hamlet, and play the Dane
Greatest Love: My wife and daugther
Qualities I Most Like in a Woman and Man: Humor, hope
My Hero: My mother

Soap Opera Weekly

Jack Deveraux, Days of Our Lives
[January 2003]

Recent fad I admit to trying: yoga tapes
Favorite actor: Tom Hanks
Favorite actress: Cate Blanchett
Favorite movie: To Kill a Mockingbird
Great fear: not living up to my potential
Favorite TV show: The Andy Griffith Show
Favorite singer: Frank Sinatra
Film or theatrical role for the opposite sex I would most want to play: Medea in the film Medea
If I could only keep one household appliance, it would be: my George Foreman Grill
Something you'd be surprised to know about me: I used to wear a dickie
Favorite books: The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkein
Favorite food: Greek
Least Favorite food: Eskimo
Favorite song: Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring
Favorite item of clothing: jeans
Nobody knows I can: Cook
Greatest achievement: getting rid of the dickie
I can imitate: Donald Duck
If I couldn't be an actor, I'd be: out of work
Cause I most believe in: dilating all babies' eyes to check for retinal cancer or other causes leding to blindess
If I had one wish: peaceful dialogue between world leaders
Best quality: doing things 110 percent
Worst quality: doing things 110 percent
Biggest regret: time wasted on frivolous pursuits
If I could live anywhere, it'd be: in the mountains by the sea
Celebrity I'm often mistaken for: Michael Jordan
Greatest love: [My wife] Christina and my girls
Qualities I like most in a mate: humor and compassion
My first kiss: my mother
What I would title my autobiography: Buy This Book
Best one word or short phrase that describes me: way cool
If I could be in a TV show as a character for one month, I'd choose: any character on The West Wing
Sound that most annoys me: whining
My epitaph: Forget me not, but if you must, please don't stand on the grave.