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 Where Are They    Now? 
Matthew Ashford  

[August, 2009]
After his last stint at DAYS came to a close, Matthew Ashford starred as Sky Masterson in the California Musical Theatre's production of Guys and Dolls.  "This was one of the first shows I ever did, so it's funny that I finally got to do it for real he smiles.  "It feels as if everything is coming full circle for me.  I've done a few other musicals, as well, like Annie Get Your Gun, Sound of Music and have been doing some regional theater."

He's also working behind the scenes, "I've been producing some independent films," he shares.  "One is a horror film called Chronicles of an Exorcism. I also did a comedy called The Unlikely's.  I act in the movies, too, but it's been interesting seeing that side of the industry."

His and wife Christina's daughters, Grace, 17, and Emma, 12, are also involved in showbiz. "They're a handful," he chuckles.  "That they're both interested in acting is pretty scary. Emma's been doing a lot of voiceover work, which is great.  She'd love for me to return to DAYS because she liked having her hair and makeup done.  She loves it there."

Would Ashford want to return to Salem?  "Obviously, because I love DAYS and I love the people there," he says.  "Wally [Kurth, Justin] and Crystal [Chappell, soon-to-be Carly; Olivia, GL] are back, so if they could come back, I could too.  It can be tough because so many people associate Jack with Jennifer, but I have to remind them that Jack was around quite a long time before her.  It would be interesting if he returned and went back to being a villain," he muses.  "But it's always a matter of what's right and what's available, so it's up to the show to write him in again.  I hope that the right story will come along and Jack can be thrown back into the mix -- or mix things up [laughs].


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