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Day's Jen traps Jack in the shower
Our Lives when Jennifer lures him into the shower to prove he's not gay.

With Greta by her side, "Jennifer brings out a tray with a bottle of wine and some glasses on it," sets up Matthew Ashford (Jack). "Then she starts pouring it. Jack is immediately suspicious, because this is not Jennifer's M.O. at all."

Jennifer and Greta start guzzling the wine, while Jack "takes slips. Then, when nobody is looking, he pours his glass into the potted plant," adds Ashford. "Jack is determined to keep his wits about him. He doesn't trust either of them and wants to know what they're up to."

Before long, "Greta is looped and Jennifer is even looser." Ashford chuckles, "She's making all sorts of double entendre suggestions. She starts talking about playing strip poker and how they use to play poker back at The Spectator. She's bringing up the good old days, when they had some close.... and interesting.... times together.

When Jennifer goes to refill Jack's glass, he resists and the win
e spills all over her blouse, "Jennifer starts taking it off -- righter there," howls Ashford. "But Jack tells her to go upstairs."

Alone with Greta, Jack tries to find out what's really going on, but she keeps mum. Moments later, Jennifer appears at the top of the stairs "in a little towel and tells him she can't make the shower work. The she reaches up and her towel falls off," reveals Ashford. "Jack is staring up at her. It's like that Mrs. Robinson shot from The Graduate."

When Jack goes to fix the nozzle, Jennifer reaches in and turns the water on full force. "Jack gets soaked. He can't see. He's trying to make his way out when Jennifer squeezes in past him," says Ashford. "Then she says, `Come on, join me.'"

While a part of him would love to join her, "Jack is totally conflicted," contends Ashford. "He starts to unbutton his shirt, then rips it off, reaches over and grabs Jennifer for a big, passionate kiss." Not so fast. "She tosses up a scrubber and says, `Here! Soap up.'"

Although Jack is not exactly sure what's going on, he removes his pants and warns Jennifer she'd better not be playing games. "It gets serious all of a sudden," reveals Ashford, "Things go a step further, then a step further. They get to a point where they're saying some things. Jack telling her things he didn't expect to say. Jennifer starts to respond."
But then Jack's conscience takes over. "He wants this so bad," sighs Ashford, "but a little voice in his head says, `You'd better do the far, far better thing.'"

Especially since a gay old time in the shower would confirm that Jack is most definitely not gay.


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