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Jennifer gives in to Jack
Cover Oct. 9th SOW


J&J (Matt & Missy) share a passionate kiss


Jennifer, Jack, & Greta (M&M, & Julianne Morris) get wasted on Tequila shots.

JENNIFER CAN'T RESIST JACK ANY longer, so this week on Days of Our Lives the bickering, bantering duo begin to make love.

A passionate reunion is the furthest thing from Jennifer's mind, when Jack first walks through the door. "Jennifer really gives it to him," previews Melissa Reeves (Jennifer). "She is livid, furious at the sight of Jack's drunken stupor. Jack seemed so sincere with his marriage proposal earlier, but he blew it by getting drunk and kissing Greta."

Jennifer gives Jack the sobering news that she's glad she turned down his proposal. Jack counters by saying she drove him into Greta's arms. Jack is not a total mess," says Matthew Ashford (Jack). "He's trying to pull it together. Then he senses that he has another opportunity to get through to her" -- and goes for it.

He pulls out the engagement ring "and basically proposes again," relates Ashford. "Everything seems inappropriate about the timing, but he knows if you don't leap, you'll never accomplish anything. Jack says, 'I think it's time for Jack and Jennifer forever. Enough of this first time, second time, third time...' And there's a moment where he just senses a wavering in her."

He's right. "Jennifer is still in love with Jack," admits Reeves. "She's just so scared the way he is and the person that he is. She's not sure he'll ever be any different. But, deep down, she has this incredible love for him."

Before Jennifer can say yes... or no... Jack kisses her. "He isn't thinking at that point," asserts Ashford. "Jennifer doesn't say, 'Stop! Stop! Get away! Instead, one thing leads to another. Her body is saying yes. This is something Jack as wanted to do, but did not have the courage to do until now... until he loosened up."

Unfortunately for Jack, Jenn wises up mid-pucker. "It's like, 'What am I doing? He's drunk. That's why he's pawing me. He's not sincere,'" explains Reeves. She pushes Jack away and tells him she's not ready because she needs to be sure he won't go back to his old ways.

"All Jack wants is Jennifer in his arms," sighs Ashford. "He says, 'Why don't we just try to dance? he just wants to be close. So he turns on the radio, and they start to dance."

Their Fred and Ginger moment is interrupted with a news report of the deaths of Shawn, Philip, and Belle. The couple rush over to console Bo and Hope, then leave for Alice's house, where -- surprise, surprise -- Greta is waiting. Before Jack and Jennifer can break the tragic news to poor Alice, Hope phones to report it was a horrible mistake -- the kids are alive. Alice pours everyone a shot of tequila to celebrate, then Jennifer, Jack and Greta keep on drinking.

"Every time Jack tries to pass the bottle to Jennifer, Greta gets between them and takes another shot," says Ashford with a smile. "Greta ends up looped and wants to start talking," and tell Jennifer that Jack is gay. At one point, recounts Reeves, Greta tells Jennifer that Jack has a dilemma. So Jennifer's a little wary.

Meanwhile, Jack is "starting to panic. It's been one long, wild and hairy night," chuckles Ashford. "He's gained some ground with Jennifer. He doesn't want to lose it, and he knows that Greta can potentially ruin it all. Jack knows he has to get Jennifer out of there." Otherwise, his hopes of a future with her will be... shot.


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