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Matthew Ashford
Jack, Days of Our Lives
Outstanding performer for the week of Aug. 27
JACK DEVERAUX "CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET" THIS week on Days of Our Lives to squelch Greta's growing romantic interest. The hilarious Matt Performer of the Wk SOWresults should mark a coming-out party for Matthew Ashford as an elite actor, thanks to his impeccable comedic timing, delivery and animated facial expressions.

After blurting out, "I'm gay," without a forethought, Jack waited anxiously for Greta's reaction, as Ashford painted a look of sheer bewilderment on his face. When Greta readily swallowed his story, Jack's whole demeanor shifted. Ashford's face said it all as his jaw dropped and his eyes bugged out.

Greta admitted that the "signs" -- his love of shopping and decorating -- were there all along, inciting an indignant Jack to shift into defensive mode. Ashford conveyed Jack's exasperation and outrage by rambling as he justified Jack's artistic sensibilities, exuding nervous energy and emoting full-speed.

With every mention of the word gay, Jack became increasingly uncomfortable. Ashford subtly squirmed in his chair and wiped his sweaty brow. When Greta vowed to support him when he came out to everyone in Salem, Jack was absolutely paralyzed. Ashford sat perfectly still, with a deer-caught-in-headlights stare. When Jack could finally speak, he declared that there would be no coming out; Greta was the first and last person to know.

Flattered that Jack had confided in her, Greta announced that she might cry. "I may join you," Jack retorted without missing a beat (Ashford's delivery was pure deadpan). But Greta insisted that Jack not be sad. In fact, he should be proud for bravely revealing the "truth." Matthew Ashford should be just as proud of his spectacular performance.


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