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Missy Reeves introd. segment MR: Hi, I'm Melissa Reeves of DOOL. Now you know there have always been very complicated relationships on soaps, but J&J - they seem to take the word complicated and bring it to a whole new level.

SCENE: Jennifer crying in kitchen before they kissed.

DR: (Soap Center consulted Dr. Gilda Carle, author, psychologist and monthly contributor to SOD) What is at the heart of J&J's problems?

SCENE: Jennifer crying to Jack in kitchen, saying "This is about a relationship, Jack, that went terribly wrong)

MR: It seems our whole relationship has been obstacles that we have had to overcome.

The problems in their relationship are mostly of his making.
DR: Basically there are four traits that ultimately make for disaster in any relationship and guess what? J&J have them all.
VO: From the beginning, J&J's relationship was unstable. 
DR: Beware of the adage, opposites attract.
MR: We started out as such adversaries and so completely opposite.
VO: Despite their differences, the couple tied the knot in 1991.

SCENE: from Jack's bedroom and the telephone.

DR: These two people were headed for disaster because they never came together with the same kinds of values.

SCENE: J&J saying their wedding vows: Jennifer: "We made it Jack, in spite of everything."

Or so they thought.
Matt taken from interview MA:
Jack was experiencing a fear of commitment on every single level and still is.

SCENE: Jack telling Jennifer he loves her in the cave.

Commitment-phobes is certainly another indication that a marriage is not going to last. Most commitment-phobes, like Jack, always have a justification for their behavior.

SCENE: At mall by park bench where Jenn says "No I dumped you", and Jack saying "Because you felt rejected".

SCENE: From Abby's birth.

MA: (Talking over scene) The reality is suddenly your becoming a "We" and there is going to be another one on the way, and I think all that stuff is freaking him out inside.
MR: You know the whole thought of 'I'm going to have to provide for them' just made him more neurotic and this is always their problem.

SCENE: Jack's last day talking to Abby, kissing a sleeping Jennifer.

VO: When daughter Abby was diagnosed with aplastic anemia caused by toxic waste in the community, Jack accepted responsibility. As a young politician he allowed the dumping of dangerous chemicals. His guilt leads to the third relationship disaster for the couple.
DR: Emotional distancing is another one of those four factors that certainly signal relationship disaster.

MA: He just decided he wasn't worthy of living and Jennifer should and could and would do better without him and so he ran away.

SCENE: Jack leaving house for last time.

MR: This is when Jennifer really needed him the most and he again couldn't be there.

SCENE: By fire in Africa.

VO: Jack's absence left Jennifer desperate, vulnerable and divorced.
DR: In order for a relationship to last two people have to be physically together.

SCENE: In mall by bench: Jennifer says "You had all these schemes that you chased all over Northern Africa leaving me and your daughter high and dry.

VO: Single, Jenn hoped to fill the void that Jack never could.

SCENE: Africa scene with Colin.

DR: Loving out of lonliness...when Jack took off and here was this physician who seemed to pay some attention to her and she just got overwhelmed by the possibility of a fantasy love affair.

SCENE: Jack with Abigail after he kissed Jennifer.

VO: J&J, still divorced, decided to live together for the sake of their daughter, but what about the shape of their relationship?
&J's whole relationship has just come to a boiling point and they don't know what to do.

So here are the options: J&J can either split up entirely so that they don't have to demonstrate this kind of constant tug of war in front of their daughter.

Abby coming into B&H's kitchen and saying "You're doing it again."

they can get some professional help. J&J..., I'm available.  

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