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Jack finally takes a deadly
drug overdose
Billie save his life?

Jack Deveraux has made the hardest decision of Soap World March 06, Billie, Julie Pinson, holds Jackhis life. He's going to kill himself and nobody's going to stop him! When his doctor, Lexie, announces that his medical condition has escalated beyond the point of further help, he decides to release himself from his pain — as soon as possible!

However, he needs Lexie to promise she will carry out his final orders and he asks her not to perform an autopsy on his body and to lie to Jennifer about the cause of his death. That way, her pain will be lessened.

Watching his wife being attended to by Frankie, Jack is heartened to think that her old boyfriend will be there to help her recover after his death. "Frankie will still be here to love her. She'll never be alone again," Jack reassures himself.

Exhausted and in considerable pain, Jack manages to crawl into bed clutching his suicide manual, and is comforted to know that the end is near. After resting for a while, he calls Jennifer to watch a special slide show he has barraged which details their happiest moments together.

As the images flicker to life on the screen, Jack assures himself that making Jennifer happy is his main priority, however, he can't help but stare lovingly at his wife as she cries over the special memories. After tenderly wiping away her tears he tells her that he has a very special surprise. Jack signals for the door to open and a waiter from a local restaurant wheels in a lavish meal for them to enjoy by candlelight.

It's a perfect farewell evening and one that Jennifer will remember for years to come. As his wife dozes in his arms ominous thunder and lightning crackles overhead and Jack takes the approaching storm as a sign from God that the time to end his life has arrived.

Spying on the couple through the window outside, a worried Billie notices the look on Jack's face and senses that he is about to put his deadly plan into action. Before she can move, however, Jennifer spots her and asks her to come inside and watch over Jack while she and Frankie go to collect Chelsea and Abby.

Meanwhile, Jack has slipped into the kitchen, twisted the top off a pill bottle and swallowed the entire contents. As he returns to the living room he notices Billie, and although his dear friend refused his earlier pleas to help him die, he feels comfortable confiding his innermost thoughts. "It's just so hard to say goodbye to the person you love the most," he whispers mournfully."

"Oh my God, you  have  done it, haven't you?' an alarmed Billie cries. "Yes, I've taken the pills and now I'm ready to die," Jack quietly answers. Billie tugs at her hair in frustration and furiously paces back and forth wondering out loud what  on earth they are going to do now. "We're going to do absolutely nothing," answers a calm and self-assured Jack. "We're going to just sit here and wait for the pills to take effect." Billie is paralysed with fear as she watches a once strong and determined Jack grow weaker and wear as every second passes. Within minutes, his complexion has paled and he restlessly stumbles to the couch, but falls instead and is left lying lifeless at Billie's feet. Billie's screams of "No echo throughout the empty house as she cradles Jack lovingly in her arms. After reverently trying to find Jack's pulse she begins recklessly pounding on his chest with her fists and crying, "Please Jack, don't die on me now!"

Soap World March 06: Jack and Jennifer

The Jack Deveraux
Jack may die a dramatic death, but he's also had a death-defying life!
  • Jack (then known as Billy Johnson) was beaten as a child by his biological father, Duke, before being adopted by Harper Deveraux.
  • When he arrived in Salem, he was terminally ill with Hodgkin's disease.
  • His brother, Steve, beat him senseless for raping Steve's lover, Kayla.
  • Jack fell off a roof during a struggle with Steve and would have died had Steve not donated his kidney.
  • Jack was brutally bashed for writing and exposé on Salem's gang war
  • He and Jennifer evaded danger while searching for the key to the Toscano family fortune in Italy.
  • He nearly drowned during a  cruise when the yacht he was on was bombed.
  • Jack's deranged adopted father, Harper, almost shot him from a church bell tower.
  • Jack dearly died during an earthquake while being held hostage by Lawrence Alamain.
  • Jack doged the shooting massacre at Greta's coronation while trying to reunite with Jennifer.
  • He joined a drage show to avoid being shot by the Mob in  Vegas.
  • Jack had his head bashed in with a brick by the Salem Stalker.
  • He survived a volcanic eruption and a tsunami while escaping from Tony's island.
  • And finally, Jack survived a castle explosion and a tunnel collapse while fleeing from Tony for the second time.

Note: I only included Matt's Jack stuff since the other stuff has been erased from show history, and it has nothing to do with Matt.

Classic Quotes:  Days

(Opening narration):

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.
(after giving er some flowers):

If you put some fress water in her, and plant food, they should last, oh, th
ree or four days — about as long as your relationship with victor.
[My note: This was from early 1989, when Jack was beginning to change]

I'll be on my way. There are widows to fleece, mortgages to foreclose on, and heroines to to tie the track. Busy, busy, busy.
MARLENA: You're treating me like a common criminal.

JOHN: I don't mean to. You're not a common criminal, Doc, you're a cold-blooded killer and I think it's time you confess.


I just want to make it clear that Brandon is no longer available to be your knight in shining armor. If you're having problems figuring oout your life, watch Dr. Phil.

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