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TV Soap May 06, Jack Jennifer
Jack is forced into admission when
his soul mate finds some telltale pills
Jennifer discovers that her beloved Jack is dying, on
Days of Our Lives, but before she can comfort him, the stubborn reporter leaves town to die alone.

Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) makes the startling discovery that her husband's days are numbered after finding medication in his jacket. She has long suspected something is wrong and a quick search on the Internet soon reveals the situation is far worse than she thought.

The revelation comes just hours before a party Jennifer has organised to cheer up her partner, who has been depressed since returning to Salem.

Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) is concerned the party will make him feel self-concious, but Jen says it's important Jack knows that people love and support  him.

As they plan the event, Julie wonders if they should leave Frankie (Billy Warlock) off the guest list as even the slightest jealousy could ruin the event [I do not remember this]. But Jen assures her Jack (Matt Ashford) knows how deeply she loves  him.

As they put the finishing touches on the extravagant bash, Jack is caught researching on the Internet ways to disappear and die.

Frankie steps up to tell his friend that what he's considering is the coward's way out. Jack says he's doing it to protect his family from impending heartache.

"You're a selfish bastard who's only think of himself." Frankie counters. "It's like you don't know Jen at all She would want to be by your side and spend every second with you.

"Jen married you for better and for worse, and if you leave, she won't understand why. She'll blame herself."

When Frankie admits she's the "sweetest, most gentle, loving person" he has ever known, Jack losses it and takes a swing at his friend.

He jealously accuses Frankie of counting down the days until he dies so he can take  his place.

A fight erupts, but little harm is done as Jack quickly tires. Frankie reminds him that it was his crazy idea for him to woo his wife in the first place.

Jack apologises, saying that he can barely endure watching them fall in love. The lawyer makes one last bid to change his friend's mind, but Jack fears he'll go bad before death comes and can't bear the idea of Jen being subjected to that.

"Do you love her enough to protect her from this?" Jack quizzes. Frankie promises to keep his secret, but it's no use as Jen finally learns the truth.

On heart-wrenching eps, she finds her husband's medication and learns it's only prescribed for terminal illnesses. Jack is forced to admit that he's dying  — but viewers see he's as determined as ever to leave town before the end.

— Vanessa Mace

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