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chapter vii:  tensions arise between tom and steve
over a doctor who refused to treat stone; felicia
turns tom's offer down to go with him to mary mae's
concert, at the concert tom sets up a scene to get at justus.

Simone drops by Felicia’s,  that night  is Halloween and Maxie’s birthday Simone wonders if Tom is invited to the party. Felicia tells her that Maxie invited him. Simone is fine with Tom coming, Tommy will be happy; she adds she will just keep Justus away, he is busy anyway. She adds that she appreciates Felicia being a good friend to Tom, she “is the only steadying influence he has right now.” Felicia tells her she is glad to be of help since in the past he believed in her back when Kevin’s twin brother Dr. Ryan Collins was tormenting her and no one believed her. Simone worries Tom is not handling things well. Felicia admits “he is a bit unstrung.” However, she believes part of Tom wants to move on, but that would mean he would have to admit to Justus winning, which his ego might not take. Simone says Tom’s ego is the problem, he has to have it all his way. Felicia thinks it is harsh; what he experienced in Africa, what he tells people and what he keeps hidden, is “taking its toll.” Again Simone tells her that she is glad he has someone who cares and who will “check on his emotional temperament.” Felicia says that they “are perfect pals right now. He understands the whole single mother thing.” She thinks he is working off his guilt for leaving.

Tony Jones is in Steve’s office angry,one of his neurologists, a Dr. Dorman, has refused to perform a biopsy on Stone because. By refusing to treat Stone, he broke the “cardinal rule of medicine.” Steve tells him as head of the hospital he has to listen to both sides. Tom comes by, also angry and wants Dorman fired. Dorman arrives. Tom is about to leave, but Dorman wants Tom to hear his side, he lists all that is wrong with Stone. “The patient has a name!”, Tom reminds him. Considering his advanced stage, and having AIDS Dorman said he did not want to risk himself and the OR staff. The patient is terminal and thus it was “a profound waste of time and money.” “All heart, Dr. Dorman,” replies Tom. Steve berates his son for the comments. Tony tells Steve that Stone put his faith in the hospital and they are morally obliged to see to it they try their best; he accuses Dorman of not being humane. He does not want Dorman on his staff. Steve wants to bring it to the Hospital Board, telling them it is a man’s reputation. Tom cannot believe it, this causes an even bigger rift between father and son. Steve and Dorman leave. Tony tells Tom, “I do  not want him on my staff!”, and thanks Tom for his support.Tom picks up a photo of his parents, Tom says, “The day that compassion goes out of the practice of medicine is a sad day for  all of us. Even sadder for General Hospital.” Tony cannot believe Steve. Tom says, “It’s known in family circles as `taking the easy way out.’ I never thought I’d see it, but old Dad is going soft.” He is avoiding conflict. Looking at the photo, “Sorry Dad, if you keep this up, you’re going to have a fight on your hands.

[ video 31 (20 sec; 670K)] Later that night, Felicia is dressed as a Mermaid, and Tom is as the Great Pumpkin, he has two pumpkins, and gives one to Maxie, her own Guardian Pumpkin, “to keep you safe from all spirits on this All Hallow’s Eve.” Tom also brought one for Georgie as well. “So that way all the Jones Girls will be under the Great Pumpkin’s protection.” He tells Felicia she makes “one  gorgeous mermaid. Kevin arrives dressed as Sherlock Holmes. Tom tells him, “I’m profoundly impressed the esteemed head of the department shows a real proclivity for dressing up.” Felicia replies, “This is a man who peoples my world with pumpkin protectors.” Kevin thinks they should discuss this obsession over Scotch. Later, the party is in full swing, Simone, dressed as Pocahantas, arrives with Tommy who like Maxie is dressed as a ninja. Tom tells Tommy he looks outstanding as does “Mommy.” He sarcastically adds, “Where’s your John Smith?” Later, Tom is standing close behind Felicia, whispering something to her; Simone sees them, looking a little jealous. Stone and Robin are there. Maxie asks Felicia if Stone is going to die. Felicia tells her that he is. Maxie cries out that it is not fair. She got well [she had to have a heart transplant, from her cousin BJ], and so should Stone. Felicia agrees that it is not fair. Maxie asks Tom if she could give Stone her Guardian Pumpkin, “I think he needs it more than I do.” Felicia smiles at her daughter’s selflessness, Tom is affected too, “You bet!” Felicia starts to cry and Tom consoles her, Simone is watching in the background.

Another day, Tom and Audrey are at the hospital, she is waiting for Steve, the Board is convening to discuss the Dorman case. Steve, Tony and Alan walk down the hall, the meeting over. Tony says compassion will not change Dorman. Tom wants to know what happened. They tell him that the Board decided to discipline him. Tom is furious. Steve says he understands, “Fortunately the majority of board members aren’t a bunch of hotheads.” Tony is insulted. Steve thinks you do not fire people for disagreeing with their politics. Tom says it is not about politics, “Dorman turned his back on his Hippocratic Oath.” There are “huge moral and ethical questions here.” Tony says he tried. Alan tells Tom that he and the majority agreed with Steve, that Dorman will not learn by being fired; he knows Dorman got the message.” Tom, THAT’S A WONDERFUL MESSAGE TO PUT OUT  SCREW THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH!” Tony adds it was far from a majority, most of the people on their side were not present. Steve tells them who was on his side. Tom, “Sure, the Old Guard, they are going to  always agree with you!” Tom tells his father that Dorman’s kind never learns. Steve angrily tells his son it is not his call, and to show restraint. Audrey tries to calm her son, and wonders if it is necessary. Tom asks his father what if someone refuses to treat some who was black or Jewish. Steve said he would punish the person, and if the person did not learn that person would be fired. Alan says that they teach compassion through example. Steve adds that that was his point. Angrily, Tom says that his point and he are wrong. Steve glares at him, as Audrey looks on worriedly. Tom tells them he is not going to except it. There have been protests in the past. Tom and Alan are aghast and cannot believe Tom. Tony is on Tom’s side. Steve says it is divisive. Tom corrects him, Dorman is divisive. Tom informs his father he has no choice. Tom leaves. Steve sadly tells Audrey that Tom would act the same even if the vote had gone his way.

Later, Tom runs into Simone. He wonders how Justus feels about her “doctor’s hours.” She tells him Justus’ are just as bad. “I wouldn’t know, never having a lawyer as a lover.” She says wants Tommy to stay with him when she goes to Mary Mae’s concert in Philly. He tells her, “I live to make your life easier.” However, Felicia fondly remembers that Mary Mae was preforming when Georgie was born, so they are going together. Simone tells him Felicia did not mention it. Tom thinks Felicia might not have “wanted to make an issue.” He then mentions Dorman. She tells him his father made convincing points and changed her mind. He cannot believe her, Dorman “compromised the ethics of this hospital.” He accuses her of compromising hers; he does not to buy his father’s rationale, he just wants to avoid conflict. If he cannot take it his father needs “to get out of the way!” He and Tony are going to fight it, it is more important “to show compassion for a patient than Dr. Dorman!” His father will have problems. She thinks he needs to show compassion for Steve. He scoffs, “Just like he showed for me!” Simone sighs in exasperation.

Tom drops The Outback, Lucy is talking with Felicia as Tom says he has a proposition. Lucy says, “No thank you!” “Did you hear your name being mentioned?” She tells Tom “her best friend in the whole entire world” was not interested. Felicia asks her to check Tom’s aura. Lucy cannot see anything, but warns that does not mean he is safe. Felicia tells him that they both “are down on men.” He tells her it is his duty “to up hold his species,” and wonders if she would like to go with him to the concert. Felicia and Lucy would love to. Lucy leaves. He thinks that means she wants to go with, Felicia tells it was not a yes, and wonders why he invited her. “Because I enjoy your company. I am egocentric enough because I think you would enjoy mine,” and they love Mary Mae’s singing. Wise to the reason, she wonders if it has anything to do with Simone being there. He reminds her that they are divorced. She tells him how he is always with her when Simone is around, like Maxie’s party. He tells her, “your ego needs a serious overhaul” if she thinks he only spends time with her for that reason. Her ego is fine, and thus will not be used to make Simone jealous. She asks him point blank. He says, “No! Yes!”, he is taking advantage of her nature so they could have a much needed good time. Tom bets her she never saw the Liberty Bell, “Philadelphia the birthplace of our nation.” He tries yet another tactic, if she goes with him, Mac cannot run off with Katherine Bell, leaving her in the lurch. She tells him she may, but she will first talk with Simone.

Felicia drops by Simone’s to ask about her going with Tom to Philly. Felicia says that they are friends. Simone wonders if there is more. Felicia tells her that their relationship has not progressed, they are just good friends. She admits “that there is a mutual attraction.” But neither has acted upon it. Felicia wonders if it bothers her that they are spending time together, especially going together to the concert. Felicia is candid, she thinks that was why Tom asked her to go to get to Simone, and wonder if it does. “No!” She flatly states that it does not, but that she has to admit that seeing them together; makes her a feel something which she cannot understand. However, she is not jealous nor has she changed her mind about the her plans; she is happy with Justus, and he is good for her. However, in the pit of her stomach she does feel something at the thought of Tom moving on; she cannot let it affect her, and thus she cannot let it bother her for Tom to be with her (Felicia), so she is fine with it. Felicia, does not know if she likes being used. Simone wonders why she feels that way. Felicia says his response when she asked him if he was using her. He was cute about denying it, but obviously annoyed. Simone says that “cute thing” is the spoiled little boy. Felicia tells her it did not work. However, she does enjoy spending time with him, and they do not want to get serious, just being “companions.” Simone points out that “it is the second time you said that.” Simone asks if she would want to go.  Simone admits that it might be good, it might keep Tom in line. Felicia says she is not his mother. Simone, “He’s got you in quite a swivet.” Felicia said she wanted to support him since he supported her, and it got her into this mess. Simone tells her Tom has put someone into “another corner," warning he always does that. Felicia still has not made up her mind.

Felicia drops by the hospital to see Tom. He is excited, expecting that she agrees, “you just made my morning!” Tom tells her he made reservations. She tells him things like that is what she wants to discuss. “Say what,” Tom sounds annoyed. She tells him “assumptions and her own reservations.” They have been friends a long time and when she needed him he was there; he believed in her and made her see she was not crazy. She tells him she has affection for him and feels loyal, “If you are in pain I want to help you.” He tells her she has. Despite that she cannot “put herself in this position.” Trying to control his feelings, he asks if she means her feelings that he is using her to get at Simone. She does not think it is so simple or conscious. He feels bad she feels that way. She tells him because of how she feels, “it is so tough for me.” She cannot go and have it increase the tension. He thought it would be better, “on with life,” but it is obvious he is not happy and wanted her to come to get at Simone. “I would like to be a person present with you and not a piece of dynamic between you and your ex-wife.” He wonders why she thinks that. She admits she and Simone came to an understanding. Controlling his voice, “Is that right?” She tells him she cannot do it. He pleads, “not guilty.” Even though he does not seem to be honest, he tells her does not want her to feel uncomfortable, nor does he want to ruin their friendship. She tells him she is glad he understands, and then leaves. Tom does not look at all understanding about it.

Tom goes to the hospital to talk to Simone, dragging her by the arm. She wonders “what is going on,” he wonders the same thing. He tells her, “Your apparent need to damage my friendship with Felicia!” She finds that preposterous, and still does not know what she did. “In the first place, you discussed her with me, which I  recent mightily; in the second, you lent credence to this fantasy of hers, that I am exploiting her, to harass you. Which is not only insulting to myself and to Felicia, but incredibly self-important of you!” She wonders how is it that it was Felicia who came up with the idea. Before he can respond she tells him that she knows that Felicia talked to him first. Furious, he tells her they “had quite a little discussion!” She tells Tom that she is Felicia’s friend, and Felicia was sensitive to her feelings. Tom accuses her of “fanning the flames,” and he never intended to do what he is accused. He wonders who asked her to share insights. She tells him, “ Felicia!” Tom tells her she wants him out of her life, and to do the same; “Have a nice day!”

Steve is telling Audrey how should he act with Tom fighting him, threatening a protest. Audrey always defending Tom, assures Steve Tom will cool down. Bobbie and Alan are there, Bobbie tells them Tom is “more than angry, he is outraged,” and he is not alone. Alan promises to support Steve; Bobbie is shocked.

Mary Mae’s family and friends are gathering for the concert. [Sadly Rosalind Carter, the actress was dying or had died at this time and she was never seen]. Justus and Simone arrive, across the room Tom spots them, and stares at them, Simone notices him. Justus introduces Simone to his mother and family, as Tom continues to spy on them. His parents spot him, noticing he appears drunk. They call him over, to watch him. He stops at Lucy and Damian Smith’s table, taking her drink and drinking it;before he goes he leaves her money. She wonders what that is about. Damian is curious and follows Tom, who gets another drink. He staggers into the men’s room, and dumps his drink down the sink, then unties his tie and messes his hair; all the while, Damian sees him. Pleased he staggers out, resuming his act. [ video 32 (1 min; 2.2Meg)] Tom sits with his parents, but continues to spy on Simone and Justus. Tom goes over to Simone and plants a hot kiss on her. Simone, “Are you out of your mind?” Justus grabs him by the collar and punches him, Tom falls onto a table. His family holding him back, Justus shuts, “FUNNY NOW, MR. FUNNY MAN!” They let Justus go and he goes back after Tom. Audrey and Steve are horrified. Steve and Jason Quartermaine take him to the restroom. Tom asks, “What happened. Tom has succeeded in paying them back, but he also has ruined Mary Mae’s big day.

[ video 33A (1:20 min; 3.1 Meg)] In the restroom, Tom wants to call the police. Steve wonders why he went looking for Justus. He wonders what he did for a public official to punch him. Steve tells him he was stinking drunk. He says he only sounds drunk, due to his broken jaw. Steve looks at the jaw, which is not broken. He pretends to be faint. Steve did not see the kiss, and asks what happened. Jason said he saw Tom say something before the punch. Tom continues to lie about what really happened. He replies that he said nothing, eyes are deceiving. Steve says, “thought so, you baited Justus, as if he were responsible for the mess you made of your life.” Tom tells them he loves her, and misses her. “I saw her with him and I was dying inside. I just wanted to say, `hello,’” his voice cracking, “that’s all.” He wanted her to know he “still existed.”

[ video 33B (2:20 min; 5.3 Meg)] Ned (Quartermaine) Ashton comes in wondering what Tom thinks he is doing. Tom, cocky, “Hello, Ned.” Ned wonders if that is all he can say, “People who hide in the outhouse get `you know what’!” Tom, replies, “Let’s hope it starts with `S’ for `sympathy’.” Ned says he saw what really happened, and is on to him, he tells them what really happened, he “by accident” got up, and “by accident” kissed the lips of the Ward fiancée. Tom wonders why he cares, Ned explains that Mary Mae is on his wife’s record company’s (L&B) label, and Mary Mae deserves respect. Tom said it had nothing to do with her. Since Justus was her grandson, it had everything to do with her; her family saw it. He continues his act saying it was just an impulse, to him she is his wife. Gritting his teeth, Steve says, “Simone is not  your wife,” then storms off. Tom then tries to get sympathy from Ned, he admires Mary Mae, and does not want to disrespect her. Ned does not believe him, he knows Tom is mad and wants to take it out on Mary Mae. Ned threatens that Justus is a Quartermaine, and if Tom fights him he fights the Quartermaines. He adds that his grandfather (who was Mary Mae’s lover years ago, and thus Justus') was invested in her success, and he will not forgive Tom. Tom continues to blame Justus, but he will make a public apology. Ned wants him to just leave.

After Ned leaves, Tom flashes a pleased grin. Ned tells crime boss Sonny and Brenda (co-owner of L&B) that he told Tom off. Justus asks Simone for forgiveness. She does not want it, she knows him, and she adds Tom can do nothing to come between them. Lucy, with her usual tactic, wonders how Mary Mae felt about Justus punching Tom. Simone tells her that they vowed not to discuss Tom. Talking about the aura, Lucy says she sees a bit of shadow, “but happy, happy thoughts.” Later, Justus apologizes to Simone, she tells him she would have hit him anyway. [ video 34 (30 sec; 1 Meg)] Tom comes out of the restroom, and Sonny stops him, he tells him, “You’re leaving!” Tom wants to talk to the Wards first. Sonny grabs Tom and tells him to apologize to him. Tom yanks away his arm. Sonny wonders, “you want to go a few round with me.” Everyone is watching. “You better rethink that.” Tom says he does not want to fight with anyone. Sonny points him to leave. Tom passes his parents table and walks off.

The next day Simone says that despite Tom’s bad behavior everyone is having a good time. Just then Tom walks in, carrying flowers. Justus, seeing him, “I think you spoke too soon.” Acting contrite, he tells them, he apologizes. “Choke on it!” Tom continues to pretend to apologize, saying he cannot blame him, “His behavior was inexcusable. He wants to apologize to Mary Mae. Justus has had it, his grandmother has had a barrier from his behavior, if he goes near her, “I will happily rip your throat out!”, there will be no one around to protect him. Trying to calm him, “Can’t we try to be civilized.” Tom tells him he will not bother Mary Mae, he only asks for someone to give her the flowers. Tom dramatically rubs his jaw, He tells them he has quit drinking, at this time he cannot handle alcohol. Tom, continues to lay it on, feigning remorse, “I won’t intrude further, but I sincerely hope you’ll find it in your hearts to overlook my mistake, and eventually forgive me. Justus not buying the act, “No sincere apology should ever be rejected, when I hear one, I’ll let you know.  Good bye!” Tom scoffs and leaves. Simone seems to be affected by Tom’s act. Justus is furious, he tells her to say nothing, and do not defend Tom, or he will walk out. Simone shrugs and puts up her hands. Later, Simone can tell that Justus is brooding. She thought they had a deal. Justus cannot help it, he does not want a lifetime of worrying Tom will pop up in his face to irritate him. Simone tells him Tom can only “push your buttons” if he allows it.

Lucy and Damian have watched the scene, “I could still wring his neck for ruining” everything, but admits he seemed sincere, and she is glad he is not going to drink. Damian tells her what he saw in the men’s room, how Tom faked being drunk “it was a very polished performance.” Damian, sounding impressed, tells her, “He’s a bigger operator than anybody has an idea.”

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