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chapter xii: tommy causes problems with justus;
christmas tom narrates the nativity story.

At the Outback Tony Jones and Mac Scorpio are talking about their relationships. Tony says he and Bobbie are "striving for normalcy," just as Tom and Kevin walk in for the lunch they left for after Tom's therapy session. Mac tells Tony, "Speaking of normal, here comes two guys who fly in the face of that concept." Tom tells Tony that he and Kevin have been talking about Dorman. Mac is surprised that they have a doorman at the hospital, the three others just look at each othe. They correct Mac and tell him how Dorman reacted towards Stone. Mac cannot believe it.They say that Dorman's behavior was unethical; Tom adds that Steve sees it differently. Tony tells them that he wants Dorman off his staff, but Steve is against it. Kevin adds that some, Allen and Steve, believe that it is compassionate to give Dorman another chance, and that he might realize and change his wrong attitude. Bobbie comes over and right away knows whom they are discussing. Tom thinks his father is making a mistake, and brings up Dorman's article in the hospital paper, about humane euthenasia. Just then Katherine Bell comes over to see Mac. Kevin has to leave to see Lucy at Luke's and is concerned as to what she is up to. As he leaves, Tom tells him, "I'll have a burger for you here, my treat." Katherine wonders why everyone is "so glum"; Tony replies that they are just contemplating "a palace revolt."

Meanwhile, Sonny has has sold his share of Luke's to Lucy and has planned a grand party that evening, Tony and Bobbie are talking and are joined by Simone, Felicia, and Tom all dressed up for the gala. Tom wonders if the kids are under control, as if Felicia replies. Justus arrives and he and Simone greet each other, Tom snarks, "Hello ex-husband"; Felicia flashes him a look. For a change Tom apologizes and Justus does not react. Tommy had run out of class earlier and Tom, Simone and Justus talk about it. Tom tells them that he lectured Tommy that it was "unacceptable." Everyone is about to leave as Tommy comes down, "Daddy?" He adds, "Mommy you go with Daddy, not Justus!" Tom tells him that they are all going together. Tom wants Justus to go with them. He continues to protest. Justus tells him he thought they were friends. Tommy tells them that his father needs him. Justus wants to know if that means tonight or always; Tommy wimpers and puts his arms around his mother. Simone thinks Justus should go on, and she and Tom will talk to Tommy. Tom sits Tommy down, and wonders what is wrong. He reminds him that he likes Justus and that his mother is going to marry him. Tom adds that that will not change their relationship. Tom tells him that Tommy is lucky he will have his own room in Justus' firehouse. Tommy tells his father that he [Tom] said he needed them to stay in the Brownstone to be there. Tom looks over at Simone, and then takes Tommy on his knee. Tom tells him that he said he just needs them "to love me. And I know that you do." He tells Tommy that that will not change no matter where he lives. "Knowing that just makes everything alright." Simone watches on. Tom looks over at Simone, his expression is hard to read, is he being sincere or is he back to plotting.

Felicia, Justus, Tony and Bobbie are at Luke's talking about Tommy. Justus knows Tom is behind it. Bobbie asks if Simone told him  what happened  the other night; Felicia adds, "You may be right about Tom, but not in the way you mean." Before she can elaborate, Simone and Tom arrive. Simone wants to talk with Justus. Tom thinks it will take more time to fix things with Tommy. Bobbie reminds him that his attack affected Tommy. "Don't think I'm not carrying the weight of that particular guilt." Felicia tries to comfort him, "He loves you Tom." Tom,"And he's terrified."

Simone assures Justus that she was there when Tom talked with Tommy, and that Tom was supportive and generous of him. He wonders if Tommy heard. She thinks he did but not sure if Tommy wants to listen. She tells him that Tommy had a trauma and then goes on to tell Justus about Tom's massive panic attack, and that it was not the first. She says how Tom's experiences in Africa made him feel that he lost his humanity, and that Tom sees her and Tommy "as a way to get it back." She says that Tom was close to a break-down and that was why he acted as he did. Justus does not think it excuses some of the things he did. She agrees but says it explains them. Tommy seeing the attack has made him scared and worried about his father, and that is why he acted the way he did earlier in the evening.

Lucy arrives to everyone's applause. Later Sonny is arrested for his criminal activities, Simone Tony, Boobie, Felicia and Tom are discussing the rest. Tom says that was probably why Sonny so quickly sold out to Lucy.  Katherine comes over. Felicia and Tony are not happy to see her; Tom stands and asks her to sit, and asks her opinions about Sonny's arrest.  Katherine and Boobie talk about Damian Smith, who is watching them. Justus is with Sonny, Tony says lawyers are like doctors they have to do their "jobs without  making personal judgements." Tom says, "Unless your name is Dorman." Everyone gets up to leave. Tom wants to bet that Lucy is planning on redecorating Luke's.

Back in Felicia's apartment, Tom is looking at her Christmas tree as she hands him a cup of coffee. They talk about how it affected Robin seeing Sonny arrested. Robin understands that everyone has good and bad in them, everyone she knows had had a dark secret/side. "Not you," Tom tells her. "Something wild" drew me to Frisco. Just to go out and not care about the consequences; she still waits for that ability to do so. "Nothing wrong with wanting more, Felicia. It's when you get what you want. I think back over the last two years, and the risk, the thrill, the danger, the sense of no tomorrow.... sometimes I miss that." Felicia, "I understand, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I...." Tom leans over, intrigued, "You what?" He wonders what she "does in the middle of the night?" She reads mysteries it's "a substitute for...." stopping herself, then says "for whatever." Tom wonders "does it work?" "Almost always." He says he will have to try. He brags that he always solves the crime half-way; he has never not been able to solve a mystery. She cannot believe that. "I gave up lying for Christmas." She just read a very tricky mystery, she tears out the last pages and wants him to "prove it to me." He takes up the challenge, "Goodnight, Felicia," tapping the book, "I'll be thinking of you.... in the middle of the night." She chuckles, as he leaves.

Felicia is talking to Justus, she noticed the tension earlier between him and Tommy. He says Tommy is freezing him out, he thinks it is something "insidious, manipulative." She knows he means Tom. She informs him that Tom is not always the bad guy. He says Simone was not there for the attack, so he is skeptical.  He asks if the attack was real. "As real as it gets," she says it as scary and not faked. She adds that it affected Tommy. Justus has to admit that Tom handled Tommy running away and the night before very well. She tells him Tom needed time, now Tom wants to move on. Maxie runs in wanting eggs, Tommy is throwing them at Justus' car. As Tommy is about to throw another egg, Justus stops him. Justus wants him to clean his car. Tommy stubbornly refuses. Tom returns and Tommy runs towards him, "Justus is being mean to me." Tom glares at Jusuts, who glares back. Justus tells Tom he was not disciplining Tom since it is not his right, but he just wanted Tommy to clean the car. Tom questions Tommy; Tommy finally admits Justus is telling the turth. Tom tells him to clean the car, no buts. Tom and Justus agree they have "the makings of a problem.

It is Christmas, Tom and Allen Quartermaine are arguing over who should tell the Christmas Story since Steve cannot [At this time John Beradino is either dying or has died].  Allen thinks as senior staff he should. Tom says that it is a Hardy tradition and since he is his Steve's that he should do it, and "he specifically asked for me!" Tony, half-dressed as Santa is frustrated by their behavior, "I think think he," pointing to Tom, "should sit in your lap and both tell the story together," in disgust he storms off.  "I'm doing it, Allen, I need to do it." Realizing how important it is, Allen agrees, if it is that important. "It is," Tom replies.

The kids and hospital staff march in singing, "Jingle Bells"; Edward pushes  Lila, in her wheelchair, in the lead. Tom quiets the crowd, and begins to narrate his version of the Nativity Story:

Tom: (Clearing his throat) Alright everybody,  just
uh .... get comfortable and uh we're going to tell a story here. Um.... (neverous chuckle) This is a story about the first Christmas ever. Almost 2000 years ago. It's also the story of a special little baby. See it was a very dark, cold, windy night. Very bitter and chilly.  And this young couple were traveling to Bethleham. The man was a carpenter, and his name was Joseph. Hos wife's name was Mary.  And Mary was gonna have a baby. They were very poor. But they had a donkey, so Mary was able to ride on the donkey and Joseph walked along, beside her. Still they had to travel a long, long, long way. Suddenly in the distance Jospeh saw a dim light. It was an inn. And he knew everything was going to be alright so he said, "Mary, there's nothing to worry about." He knew that if he could get Mary out of the cold and into a nice, warm bed she was going to be able to get up the next morning and travel the rest of the way and she wouldn't be sick. So, they got off the donkey, went to the front door of the inn and knocked on the door. Innkeeper came to the door, he took one look at them and he could see that they didn't have any money. So he said, "No room at the inn," (gesturing) and he slammed the door in their face. Well, Jospeh was really upset because Mary was his wife, and he loved her and wanted to protect her. Mary was just.... well she was just so tried, she didn't have any tears left. (Gesturing) And Joseph got an idea. He said, "I'm going to take her to the stable. That place is warm, I'm sure if I can get her in there, get her out of the cold, she's going to be alright." (Smiling at his mother) And that's what he did. And it was warm, alright. But it was warm because it was full of animals. Fact there was so many animals in there they weren't even sure they were going to be able to fit in. But that's when an amazing thing happened. All the animals moved to one side. And made room for Mary. It was amazing. And Joseph was happy, because (gesturing) Joseph was able to get down and get some fresh hay, and make an nice fresh bed for Mary. And as soon as Mary lay down. A Huussh fell over the whole stable. The donkeys didn't bray; the cows didn't moo; the sheep didn't baa; nothing, total silence. [ video 43A (1 min; 2.5 Meg) ]. And in that sacred silence, the baby was born. And that baby's name was Jesus. When Jesus grew up, and he started teaching, he taught (gesturing) far and wide across the world. You know what he taught? He said that God loves all of us, any way we are, he also said we have a potential inside us, for good. And we could take action, to bring that good out of our lives. We could all do it. No matter where we come from; no matter what color our skin is; no matter what happened in our lives. The most important thing he said to remember,  was we have to love each other; understand each other; and forgive each other. That's the real story about the spirit of Christmas.
Santa Tony and his elves Simone, Robin and and Amy Vining come in with the gifts.[ video 43B (1 min; 2.5 Meg) ] Tommy gets on his father's lap, "Granpa usually tells it." Tom tells him that his grandfather is not feeling well; Tom wonders what Tommy thought about his tellin of the story. "It's good to hear, 'cause we forget." "Forget what?" "That Christmas is about other stuff not just presents and eating too much spinach. Pointing to him, "You know, if you remember that every Christmas.... for the rest of your life, you're going to turn out alright!" Tommy promises to remember. Tom says, "Okay!" They hug.

It is after Christmas, and Tom and Kevin are at the hospital, Tom is reading a broucher "Isla patito,  `Little Duck Island?"  "Yes, there's a duck-life motif running through my relationship with Lucy." Tom wonders, "Some kind of Freudian sub-text?" Kevin says, "I hope not!" He and Lucy just could not pass up the coincidence. He tells Tom that he will be away for a week, though his service has the number, he also wanted him to have it if there was a problem. Kevin hints to only call if it is really necessary; Tom understands.  Kevin does the Sign of the Cross, "Bless you!" Tom asks if the hospital is getting to him. Kevin does not want to deal with the hospital, Port Charles or New York state. "A whole week, well that should give me time to move into your office." Kevin looks at him. Tom pats him on the shoulder, "Kidding." He repeats it, "kidding, and walks off. Though Kevin is not so sure.

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