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chapter xiii
: with everyone else running off
on romantic getaways, tom and felicia are
feeling left out; they decide to
suffer together.

Scene One: Felicia hears from Mac that Kevin and Lucy are going away, she wonders if it is for a ski holiday, "Ahh, what I wouldn't give to cozy up in front of a fire at a fabulous lodge with someone!" Mac tells her she is needed there. She tells him that she is honored. However, she is not so much honored when she learns that Mac is going away with Katherine, and that she has to stay and hold down the fort. She agrees to help, but she has to to turn down all those suitors she has been beating with a stick. He knows her turn will come, he will "return the favor." He says call only under the biggest emergency. Bitterly, "Sure I'll handle all the minor crisises with the usual intelligence, wit and charm," flashing a false smile. As Mac leaves he runs into Tom.

Tom: (Pointing to Mac) What's He so happy about?

Felicia: A week in paradise with the woman that he adores. (With a touch of bitterness) And I get to stay here and tend the farm.

Tom: (Noting her bitter tone) And we are somewhat resentful, are we?

Felicia: I am! It's hard being alone in the world, especially around the holidays."

Felicia: Tell me about it!"

Scene Two: A little later Tom is at the bar, Felicia brings him some coffee. They are talking about Tommy.

Felicia: Tell me!

Tom: Well.... we're in what I like to refer to as a rough patch. He's a little kid. Can't take a little kid (making a twisting motion) twisted his whole world off center and not expect him to react.

Felicia: (Making a face) Is he acting up?

Tom: Justus is baring the brunt of it, mostly. I suspect that he is actually angry with me. But he is afraid to say anything because if he says something he might drive me back (gesturing with his hand) to Rwanda, or off the deep-end.... which is probably the two reasons he is mad at me to begin with.

Felicia: You mean, because you were gone?

Tom: Because I was gone. Because I came back. Because I gave his mother a reason to divorce me.

Felicia: Oooh, poor Tommy.... Poor Justus.

Tom: Well, I'm sure soon as the wedding is over and Justus becomes a permanent fixture in his life, Tommy will settle in.

Felicia: Do you suppose that he could be testing Justus to see if he'll go away too?

Tom: (Impressed) Very good! Felicia, I think you missed your calling.

Felicia: (Grinning) Well, I'm a mother, I know these things (slight giggle).

Tom: Uh hmm.

Felicia: So when's the wedding?

Tom: Week after next.

Felicia: Annddd?

Tom: Anndd, how do I feel about it? I don't think I made in secret about the fact that I didn't like the idea of losing my family. But Simone has made her choice, and Justus is a decent enough fellow.... and I just want the whole wedding (clears his throat) to go off without a hitch, for Tommy's sake.

Felicia: You're a good father Tom.

Tom: Coming from a good mother like you that means alot (smiles). Now! What's this whole thing with Mac and this little rendezvous he's going off on, do I detect a.... little bit of ah.... jealousy. And we're acknowledging that maybe the.... the embers are still burning in that particular fire?

Felicia: Oh, no (making a face, gesturing with her hand "no")! I'm jealous but not of that! Not of Katherine!

Tom: Uh, hmm.

Felicia: It's the going away part that gets me. Kevin and Lucy are going away too. Doesn't it sound nice to go to Paris or Banff, or some tropical island in the sun?

Tom: Yeah, it certainly has a draw all its own.

Felicia: Hmm.

Tom: You know, I'm do right back (looking around) at work right now, but ah, if you can reserve me a table for tonight, we can explore this further.

Felicia: Well, maybe I'll be really mischievous and join you for a couple of minutes.

Tom: Eeeoowww, a woman who dares to live dangerously I like it.

Felicia chuckles. Tom gets up to leave.

Tom: Alright, tonight! 6ish!

Felicia: You're on!

Tom: (Snapping his hands together) I'm on!

Felicia: Okay!

Tom runs off, picking up his coat, and leaving out the door. Felicia has a slight smile on her face at the prospect of their "rendezvous" that evening.

Scene Three: It is later that evening, Felicia is working the bar when Tom returns.

Tom: Hey good lookin', come by here often?

Felicia: Too often! (Working on preparing a fancy drink) I saved you a table, but I won't be able to join you for awhile.

Tom: I'll just stay right here then, if I won't be in the way.

Felicia: I'd love it!

Tom: (Looking at what Felicia is fixing) What are you making?

Felicia: (Pouring some mixture into four glass) It's the drink of the night, I call it the Tropical Treat. It's in honor of those people who abandoned me and gone on special vacations and left me here in Port Charles.

Tom: I haven't abandoned you. Don't I count?

Felicia: (Leaning over the bar toward him and grinning) Tom, you count more and more with each passing day.

Tom: (Tilting his head and smiling) Thank you.

Felicia giggles.

Tom: Well, it seems that this.... (look around the bar) this Tropical Treat of yours has struck a nerve with the costumers. What's in it?

Felicia: (Pouring another ingredient into the glass) Well, all kinds of stuff. It's a work in progress, though; would you like to help me?

Tom: You bet! (Walking around to behind the bar) I like that drink.

Felicia: Would you like to have one?

Tom: Ahhhhh, (Putting his fist to his mouth in contemplation) I would love to, but to tell you the truth I.... I.... I.... I better stick with my non-alcoholic Egg Nog, it's more in keeping with the spirit of the season and.... and in keeping with the promise I made myself in Philadelphia.

Felicia: Ahhh.

Tom: Now what (motioning with his hand) kind of image are we (rubbing his chin) trying to conjure up here with this.... this drink in development? This Tropical Treat.

Felicia: (She stops wiping the bar) Tropical Treat. Well, I was thinking that maybe Hawai'i. Four star resort in.... Honolulu?

Tom: (Frowns) Naw, I've been there. Too touristy. I would suggest something more along the lines of Lanai.

Felicia: (Liking the sound of it) "Lanai?" I'm not familiar with that island.

Tom: My point exactly!

Felicia: Gotcha!

Tom: (Grabbing a bowl from full of tiny drink umbrellas from under the bar) And we can do this, (handing it to her) aahhh, beach umbrellas.

Felicia: (Picking up an umbrella) Ah, that feels like (mispronouncing it) Lan-ee.... (Correcting herself) Lan-eye (chuckling, and playing with the umbrella).

Tom: Lanai.

Felicia: The Club Cavort Resort.

Tom: (Placing an umbrella in one of the glasses) Uh hmm (looking at the bottles).

Felicia: And I'm in the Luau Suite.

Tom: (Picking out a bottle and showing it to Felicia) Add this (taps the label and clears his throat) rum, but the good stuff.

Felicia: Oh, yeah, (taking the bottle) the good stuff, of course (adding the rum to the drinks). You know....

Tom: Uh hmm.

Felicia: (Cont.) ....I was in your suite but I decided I had to move over because my bathrobe did not match the Jacuzzi.

Tom: (Picks up a bowl of pineapples) Hmmm. (Handing her one) Pineapple spears?

Felicia: (Giggling) Of course.

Tom: Sure (plopping them in each glass)!

Felicia: And a splash of orange juice.

Tom: You know, we used to share a balcony.

Felicia: (Pouring the orange juice) You know, they call it a "lanai."

Tom: I stand corrected. A lanai on Lanai.

Felicia: (Giggles) And, (picks up a bowl of cherries and shows it to him) some cherries?

Tom: (Picking one) I'd love some.

Felicia: Have you seen the view from our floor?

Tom and Felicia pretend they are in Lanai;
2:10 Min; 5 Meg


Tom: Oh, it's spectacular. (Gesturing, acting as if they are standing on the lanai and looking out) Tops of the palm trees right at eye level.

Felicia gets in the act and pretends she is there too.

Tom: (Cont.) You look out there you see Maui in the horizon.

In the background sound effects play, the sea and a sea birds can be heard.

Tom: (Cont.) Sail boats scuttling on waves. And the wind--

Felicia: Do sail boats scuttle?

Tom: (Blinks) I don't know, sounded like a nautical term.

Felicia giggles.

Tom: (Cont.) What day is this? What month is this (Claps his hands together)? December!

Felicia: December.

Tom: Right, do you know what that means?

Felicia: Hmmm.

Tom: (Cont.) The whales are about to start appearing.

Felicia: They are?

Tom: Humpback whales. See, they come in with their young to have them. You see (gesturing) they're pods. (Demonstrating with his hand) Twos and threes lifting their tails out of the water and slapping them back down surface, teaching the young how to breach.

Felicia: I love whales.

Tom: You can hear. Go under water, snorkeling through the coral and the tropical fish, (gestures) sounds like they're right up there next to you....

Felicia smiles, she seems caught up in Tom's fantasy.

Tom: (Cont.) and those great, big, green sea turtles.

Felicia: (Looking into Tom's eyes) Sounds like heaven. And the sunsets, the gold, the orange, and the green. Is there a chill in the air?

Tom: Ooh, let us see. (He wets his finger in his mouth and sticks out to test the imaginary wind) About this time of the year I'd say uh....

Felicia leans up against him.

Tom: (Cont., making a face) ....maybe just a touch. That's mostly because skin is all warm and glowing from being in the sun all day.

Felicia: Ahh....

Tom: (Opening his coat) Need this jacket.

Felicia: (Patting his chest) Oh, no, thank you, I have this nice silky wrap, with lots of flowers (turning around to model the imaginary wrap), and it's lighter than air.

Tom: (Pretending to watch her) And you look lovely in it. Brings out your.... eyes.

A steel guitar is now heard in the back ground.

Felicia: (Giggling) Thank you.

Tom: I hear a conch shell blowing. Ah, I.... (putting his hand to his ear to hear) I.... I think that just.... that's signaling sunset down there on the beach. And the tiki tiki lamps are all being lit by the native men, who are (frowns).... wearing next to nothing.

Felicia: Oh, I hadn't noticed (smiling)....

Felicia: (Cont., turning her head as if hearing something) Do I hear music?

Tom: Steel guitars.

Felicia: Such a hard name for such a beautiful instrument.

Tom: Shall we dance (raising his eye brows gesturing)?

Felicia: (Grinning) I'd love it!

Felicia places her arm around Tom's shoulder. Tom place's his arm around her waist. They start to dance to the imaginary music.

Felicia: And you're a very good dancer, too.

They continue to dance, smiling and looking into each other's eyes.

Tom: You're easy to dance with.

Felicia: Well, thank you.

Just then a waiter comes up.

Waiter: Hey Boss!....

They stop dancing, stunned back into reality, and turn to look at him.

Waiter: (Cont.) ....How's it coming with those drinks.

They break apart, Tom embarrassed clears his throat.

Felicia: (Throwing up her hands in a gesture, frustrated) Coming right up!

Tom looks over and looks a little surprised by what just happened.