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chapter xiv: tom finally accepts simone's upcoming
marriage; he has another session with kevin.

Scene One: At the hospital, Simone and Justus, caressing her, talk about Jason -- he has had a severe accident and is in a coma. Just then Tom walks by, and stops hearing them. They embrace and Tom watches on, not looking too happy.

They kiss goodbye and walks off, Tom walk up behind,  Simone.

Tom: Justus looks gloomy for a groom to be.

Simone: (Turning) He's upset about Jason. Have you heard?

Tom: Yes, yes I heard. It's too bad.

Simone: I really like Jason. (Walking off) Keep me posted if you hear anything.

Tom: I will. (Following her) If you have a moment, ahh....

Simone: Sure.

Tom: I'd like to talk to you about your wedding, or more specifically, your honeymoon.

Simone and Tom walk towards the elevator.

Simone: (Shocked by his statement) I don't think you want to enter that territory, Tom.

Tom: Ahh, (nervous chuckle) actually this is as it concerns Tommy. I'd be glad to take care of him while you're off frolicking on sandy beaches, or whatever.

Simone: (Surprised) Oh. Thank you! That's a very generous, thoughtful offer.

Just then Audrey and Steve walk up to the nurses' station.

Simone: (Cont.) And I accept. But the way things are shaping up now, it doesn't look like we'll be able to grab more than a long weekend, so it shouldn't be too disruptive.

Tom: Well, Tommy's my son, he can "disrupt" any time.

Simone: Great.

Tom: Ahhh.... Ah, as far as these problems that Tommy's been having lately, do you think my attending your wedding would help him come to terms with this new situation, I'd be happy to.

Simone: (Even more shocked by the change in his attitude) Really?

Tom: (Slight smile) I'm not saying I want to, but uh....  if it will give our son the right message.

Simone: I wouldn't ask that of you, Tom. Tommy, will have to adjust. He has no choice.

Tom: Well, if you change your mind.

The elevator arrives.

Simone: I'll let you know. (Touching his shoulder and getting in) Thanks again, Tom.

Tom: (Watching, gesturing with the file he is holding) Anytime.

Tom looks a little affected as he turns to walk off. He then notices his parents.

Audrey: Hello, darling.

Tom: Mother (walking towards her)!

Audrey chuckles and they hug; Steve watches on, smiling. Tom kisses her cheek, and she pats his back.

Tom: You look wonderful, today (patting her)! (Looking at her) But then, again, what else is new.

Audrey: You would say that, even if I didn't.

Tom:   (With a strained expression) Dad!

Steve: Son I couldn't help (gesturing) overhear, what you did with Simone was, good, real good.

Tom: (Sarcastically) Your stamp of approval. Now my day is complete. Excuse me (he walks off)!

Steve: (Tom Audrey) When will I learn to keep quiet. Everything I say to him nowdays is wrong.

Audrey: Ohh (putting her arm around him and patting his back to console him).


Scene Two: It is another day, Felicia is at the hospital. Tom walks off the elevator, reading something and bumps into her.

Tom: Oh!

Felicia: I'm sorry.

Tom: It's okay.

Felicia: I was hoping to see you.

Tom: You were?

Felicia: Or somebody that knows about Jason Quartermaine's condition.

Tom: Well, i.... it's still critical, he's in ICU.

Felicia: Well, Robin was here last night and she said that it didn't look good, then.

Tom: Well, they still don't know anything.

Felicia: Is Monica with him.

Tom: No, no Ned is with him right now. I think Monica and Allen just took off for home, trying to get some sleep.

Felicia: They're not going to sleep, I know.

Just then AJ Quartermaine gets off the elevator.

Felicia: AJ, is there any change in the condition?

AJ: (Shaking his head) Naw, there's no change (Sadly walks off).

They watch him. Felicia feeling his pain, and worrying for Jason, herself.

Tom: (Frowning) It's tough on everybody, I suppose.

Felicia: Still, there's nothing worse than when your child is hurt or in danger. Doesn't matter how old they are, they're still your child. And you feel totally helpless.

Felicia stares off, and Tom watches her.

After a short while they walk over to sit down.

Felicia: I'd do anything for the family, right now. Especially Monica. I know exactly what she's going through.

[A couple of years earlier Maxie was dying and needed a heart transplant]. They sit down.

Tom: Sh.... You make me want to grab Tommy and keep him right where I can see him.

Felicia: I remember when Maxie was born. And she was just this little baby in my arms, and I'd stare down at her and wonder how I was ever going to keep her safe. And I couldn't. But I still tried.  And I finally came to understand that most everything is out of my control. And now there's Monica, who saved my daughter's life, and she's dealing with the same thing, with her own son.

Tom: Pffftt.... I feel like scrubbing my patients, grabbing Tommy out of school, and taking him sledding. Unfortunately I have to be a responsible adult.

Felicia: (Thinking, then it seems she thought of something) There's the alternative. What time do you get off?

Tom: (Thinking) 2:55, shrink time? (Frowning) Why?

Felicia: (Excitedly) Can you be home by 4?

Tom: I can make a gigantic effort.

Felicia: Do! I'll have the kids all bundled up, we'll go to the park, and play for an hour, before it gets dark.

Tom: And then chili at Ruby's!

Felicia: I love Ruby's chili.

Tom: Good! Good!

They get up to go.

Tom: (Cont.) You know, the prospect of this is starting to make the whole day seem good already!


Scene Three: Another day, Tom is pacing around Kevin's office.

Tom: I'm not psychotic, (sitting down) and despite appearances, I'm not a neurotic jerk.... (gesturing) I'm as neurotic as the next fellow, but.... not a total jerk. (Gesturing as he talks) I simply took a little detour from the straight and narrow of life and career, onto a power trip. The resulting fall-out trashed my marriage, traumatized my six  year-old son. But, hey! Nobody's perfect.

Kevin: (Seated on the couch) Weelll! If I thought you were this close to self-forgiveness, I'd suggest that you no longer need my services.

Tom: That's a problem shrinking a shrink, isn't? He knows where he is suppose to be going, he gets there ahead of you.... whether he truly is or not.

Kevin: Obviously it's a waste of time to pretend you have feelings pretending you have feelings you don't have.

Tom:  What are you trying to do, put us all out of business.

Kevin: You know you don't have to entertain me.

Tom: Yeah. But you've got to admit, it's one of the better avoidances.

Kevin does not laugh. Tom realizes he is not fooling him.

Tom: And a waste of time for both of us.

Kevin does not answer.

Tom: (Cont., becoming more serious) Okay, why am I here? I'm trying to get through my wife's marriage to another man.... (correcting himself) my  ex-wife. (Gestures) That is y.... you see I still have a little trouble.... getting past that.

Kevin: But you have alot of self-awareness about it.

Tom: Which makes you wonder how serious I am about.... (making a hand motion) conquering this.

Kevin says nothing, but gives a slight nod.

Tom: (Cont.) Dead serious! (Exhales) I'm going to get through this and get on with the rest of my life.... whatever that may be. Without causing anyone any more grief.

Kevin: Okay. Where do you plan to start?

Tom does not answer immediately but it appears he is thinking about the question, not sure he knows the answer.


Scene Four: Tom is still in Kevin's office. He is a little nervous and jittery.

Tom: Where to start? Where indeed (getting up)? (Pour himself some water) I could gain some gut level acceptance, I suppose.

Kevin: Of?

Tom: (Blinking) Of the (chuckles) fact that this wedding is gonna happen.... whether I like it or not. I.... I can't control it. Uh.... I'm not in charge. (Looking at the glass) Ouch!

Kevin: Where does it hurt?

Tom: Ego, mostly. No.... no.... no (pointing and walking) i.... it's more than that. You see,  (putting his finger to his mouth, in thought) intellectually, (sitting) I'm there.... (laughs, gestures with his hand then moves it back to his mouth) Justus is marrying my wife.... in one week. I hate it. (Fidgets with his hand to his face) But it is happening.

Kevin: How do you feel when you think about it.

Tom: (Brushing his neck) Angry. Defeated, like a loser.

Kevin: It's interesting that you speak in terms of the competition.

Tom: Well, it makes sense. (Gesturing) I've lost the prize to another man. (Fidgeting) He has the woman I want.

Kevin: I also notice that you don't refer to anybody by name.

Tom: I'm assuming that you know the players. If you're suggesting that I have a generally competitive spirit, (gestures) that's no surprise either.

Kevin: Do you mind if we don't play "Can You Top This Insight?"

Tom: I left myself upon for that one.

Kevin: This competitive spirit, what do you think is behind that?

Tom: I like to win!

Kevin: But who are you competing with?.... Besides me, at the moment.

Tom: (Smirks) Whoever happens to be there.

Kevin gives him a silent look.

Tom: (Chuckles) Sorry.... Sorry! (Continuing to touch his face) Ah.... (That threw him and he gets serious) Actually, that's a very good question. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Kevin: (Nodding his head) That's fine (Getting up).

Tom: Fine (laughs, and gets up).

Kevin has walked to his desk.

Tom: (Cont.) Fine for you, perhaps. (Picks up his coat) I get the feeling I'm not going to attain gut acceptance this morning (takes another sip of his water). (Putting the glass down) So, the question remains. How to get through this whole thing. Gut wrenching, though it may be. (Frowns) Wha.... wha.... what's that... that saying about.... uh.... (putting his finger to his mouth, thinking) "accepting the things you cannot change?"

Kevin: It's a prayer, actually. (Clears his throat) "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference." That's the colloquial version, the original is a little bit stuffer.

Tom: (Smirks) I guess you'd know.

Kevin smirks back. Tom smiles back, and walks off. He stops and the door, and pauses and nods.

Tom: Still.... it's a helluva concept, isn't it.

Kevin looks and him, with a slight smile Tom shuts the door.


Scene Five: Tom is walking around, his head bent down, and he almost runs into Simone.

Tom: Ooooh.

Simone: Ah!

Tom: (Awkward) Excuse me. Ah.... Good morning.

Simone: (Awkward) Good morning. Ah.... it's early for you, isn't it?

Tom: Ah.... I had a meeting with Kev.... Kevin.

Simone: Oh! A consult on a patient?

Tom: I suppose you can say that. I.... I was the patient.

Simone: (Shocked) Ohhh?

Tom: It's a modest attempt at getting my life back together.

Simone: Ahh, it's terrific.

Tom: Well, i.... it's very slow, Simone. I.... I.... can see a little bit of progress. Can you?

Simone: Yea.... yes, actually. Um.... I have noticed a change.

Tom: Well, it's early for you too, isn't it?

Simone: Yeah, I had a sunrise call from Felicia. Georgie's gotta.... running a fever that won't break.

Tom: Is she okay?

Simone: Hmm, Georgie's fine. Felicia's not so great.

Tom: (Concerned) Felicia's sick?

Simone: I.... I think it's just your garden variety cabin fever, you know.... working taking care of children all by herself. You know, single parenting is tough.

Tom: Guess you'd be in a position to know. I left you alone with it long enough.

Simone: (Impressed) You are making progress.

Tom: Well, you'll be getting parenting reinforcements next week.

Simone: Right. (Exhales) All of a sudden Tom's got more male role models than even he thinks he needs.

Tom: He'll be okay.... in time.

Simone: I'm sure.

Tom looks at her, saying nothing. It is obvious this is difficult for him. Simone is silent as well. It seems she is affected as well.

Simone: (Cont., shrugs) I guess I better get back to work.

Tom: (His voice catching) Me too. (Swallowing, emotional) I'll see you.

Simone: (Looking at him, nods) Yeah.

Simone smiles and walks off. Could it be that she may have a slight twinge of second thoughts. Tom watches as she walks down the hallway.



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