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chapter xv: felicia's feelings for tom become
confused, and she starts having fantasies about him.

Scene One:  Felicia is talking on the phone to someone at the Outback, asking if he could open up for her because Georgie is sick. The person tells her its his and his wife's anniversary; she says she understands. She realizes she will have to go open up, and looks depressed. Just then there is a knock at the door. She walks toward the door even more angry.

Felicia: So, help me if you wake up my baby and you're selling something, (making an angry fist)  I'm going to gee....!

Tom has a special gift to cheer up Felicia;
1:25 Min; 3 Meg

Seeing it is Tom, she smiles.

Tom: (Using a salesman voice) Good morning, Madame. (Speaking fast, and walking inside) Are you bored, tired, listless, or down-in-the-dumps?

Felicia: (Looking worried) Why, do I look it?

Tom: No, no, no. You look lovely. If a little morose. But I have just the thing to change that condition, something that every disheartened parent should have, to brighten his or her life:  A puppy (showing her a pet carrier)!

Tom walks towards the living room.

Felicia: Are you out of your mind!?

Tom: No, no, no (raising his finger) but that's a very good question, I'm going to save that for my psychiatrist, in the meantime (continues on his way to the livingroom).

Felicia: (Desperate) No! NO (running after him). Don't even open it.

Tom: (Spastic) Come on!

Felicia: I don't even want to meet it.

Tom: (Sitting down) Good, good, good.

Felicia: Take it back to the SPCA, or the kennel or wherever it is you got it. The last thing I want is something that pees all over the house uncontrollably.

Tom: Never fear! Never worry! Fully house-trained.

Felicia watches, looking down at him, frantic, as Tom opens the carrier.

Tom: Voilá (taking out a stuffed animal puppy)! Mom's best friend.

It is a winded up toy, which jumps around, and barks.

Tom: (Cont.) The doggy with noooo disadvantages.

Felicia bends down and picks it up, smiling and laughing. Tom watches smiling, and happy he made Felicia happy.

Tom and Felicia are on her livingroom floor, playing with the doggie.

Tom: See, the perfect companion: Undemanding, never barks, never whines, the only thing you have to change is the batteries. (Turning it off) Hmm?

Felicia: Poor me (turning towards Tom).

Tom: (Looking at her) Poor Felicia. (Taking her in his arms) Poor Felicia. Yes. Yes.

She buries her head in his shoulder, and wraps her arms around him. Tom chuckles.

Felicia: It's so good!


Tom gets a look, realizing the situation. Felicia does too. She looks up at him, he down at her. It appears they are about to kiss.

Then she breaks away. She nervously plays with her hair. They look at each other, a little seriously and a little mixed with sensuality.


Scene Two: Later that evening, Felicia is alone on the floor, playing with her stuffed puppy.  Maxie, dressed in her nightgown, comes over.  Maxie wonders if the toy is a surprise for her. She tells her daughter it is for her "from Tommy's daddy." Maxie wonders why. She tells her daughter "kind of a `cheer me up' present." Maxie thinks that is nice. Felicia agrees. Maxie likes Tom. Felicia agrees. Maxie wonders if her mother likes Tom as she likes "Uncle" Mac -- Felicia and Max had been involved. Felicia does not answer, seems like she just may and is not sure how to react. Felicia explains that "Uncle Mac" has a special places in their heart, "he is our best friend." They can count on him, like no one else.  Felicia agrees with Maxie that she does like Tom. Felicia tells her he is a psychiatrist, like Kevin. Maxie wonders what he treats, mispronouncing the word. "They work on your head..... actually....", thinking "what's going on inside your head. And what's going on inside your heart. They help people who feel scared.... and sad.... and mad and.... lonely." "Does Tommy's daddy fix you when you feel lonely for Daddy?" Felicia looks away again, her daughter yet again has come close to the truth. She finally answers that Tom helps everyone, including her. "And sometimes I help him." She adds, that is what friends do. Maxie goes back to bed, leaving Felicia on the couch to think over what happened between her and Tom, and her discussion with Georgie.


Scene Three: Felicia is lying on her sofa, sighing and moaning. Special effects bells are heard and it shifts to a fantasy.

Tom's voice is heard.

Tom: Very interesting.


Felicia's eyes dart about, confused.

Tom: (Cont.) How long have you been feeling this way?

Felicia: I don't believe I said how I felt.

Tom: (With his shrink pen and pad, leans over) Alright, then. So how do you feel?

Felicia: Would you like the condensed version or the five-part harmony with full orchestration?

Tom: Whatever makes you happy, it is your fantasy.


Felicia: (Chuckles) Some help you are. (Looking at Tom) Sometimes I get lonely. But I like being independent. Sometimes I get sooo ticked off that my life didn't turn out to be the way I expected it. But yet (touching her heart) my life is filled with love.... especially for my girls. I get soo tired sometimes (touching her forehead) that I can't put one foot in front of the other. But yet I still get a charge out of making it through each day. I'm abstinate, by choice. And frustrated as all get out.

Tom is now lerring at her. She notices this and sits up straight. Realizing what he is doing.

Tom: Sorry, but you said something about.... ah.... frustrated (frowning intently).

Felicia: Yes I did. Ever since Mac and I broke up everything's been kinda of.... quiet on that front.

Tom: (Nervously clears his throat) You and Mac (looking at his notes to be professional). Ah.... wh.... why is it that didn't work out.

Felicia: Well, because he deserved unconditional love, and I couldn't give it to him. Not then.

Tom: And now?

Felicia: Oh, it would never work for the two of us, too much water under too many bridges.

Tom:  And the "unconditional love" aspect?

Felicia: Oh, I suppose I could do it.... for the right (grinning) person.

She looks over towards Tom, still grinning. Seriously, Tom remains in psychiatrist mode.

Tom: Frisco?

Felicia: (Her had to her face, in thought) Well, of course, Frisco. But he's never home. So, (gesturing) I think it's time for me to know that I deserve more than just a phantom.

Tom: So, you are looking for someone in your life?

Felicia: Yes, but it's (leaning towards Tom) not as if I can slot him in from 4 to 5 on every other Tuesday. He has to understand that I have to be shared with my daughters.

Tom: Well, your daughters need you, but what about you need?

Felicia: My needs? Well, yes "my needs." I.... well, I need stimulating conversation, and humor, and some real, adult fun. A little adventure now and then, and.... (embarrassed) well, you know (nervous giggle).

Tom: Sex?

Felicia: I beg your pardon?

Tom: I said, "sex."

Felicia: Of course, sex! Oh, this is never gonna work.

Tom: No, I think you were doing great.

Felicia: No.... no.... no, don't you see? I fantasized you as my psychiatrist, and you have to be objective about all of this.

Tom: You mean you're keeping me at arm's length?

Felicia: Yes. I can't even do (touching herself) my own fantasies right. I'm really way out of practice, here.

Tom: We'll have to work on this.

Felicia: (Turning around and lying back on the sofa) Please! Please!

Fantasy Tom gives her a smoldering look.

Felicia snaps out of her fantasy, sits up and takes several snips of water. She swallows hard, realizing the implication of what just happened.


Scene Four:  Meanwhile, Damon Smith is believe to be dead, there was a pool of his blood found and no body. Katherine Bell is one of the suspects, and her blood is being tested by the cops to match it with other blood at the site.  She begs Mac to help her.


Scene Five: Felicia's, a little later that evening, the door bell rings, Felicia answers to find Tom there. She stares at him, not sure if it is Tom or another fantasy.

Tom: (Waving his hand) Hello?

Felicia: (Chuckles) Sorry, (opening the door) I wasn't sure if it was the real you or not.

Tom: You mean, you thought that I was somebody who just kinda looked like me?

Felicia: (Embarrassed to admit her fantasy) Ah, no. Maybe. A.... actually I was having this strange interlude.

Tom: I see. (Nodding his head) A.... a.... No, actually I don't see, but I must admit I am intrigued.

Felicia: (Giggles, nervously; after a moment) You must have just figured out that I just put up a fresh pot of coffee with your name on it.

Tom: I knew that.

Felicia: Come!

Tom: (Following her inside) So tell me, what is this about a "strange interlude?"

Felicia: (Getting two mugs) Well, you know, that expression, "Out of the mouth of babes?"

Tom: Uh, hmm.

Felicia: Maxie has this real knack of getting right to the heart of things.

Tom: Whose heart?

Felicia: Mine.  And the three men that she points out as being the men in her mother's life (pouring the coffee).

Tom: (Frowning) Three men?

Felicia: Frisco. Mac. And the man that she refers to as "Tommy's daddy."

Tom: Well, I'm.... (clearing his throat) seem to be in very heady company. Are you going to share Maxie's observations with me, or must I be kept in suspense?

Saved by the door bell.

Felicia: Kept in suspense.

She goes over to answer. It is Mac. He tells her he needs her help with a problem, and walks inside. Seeing Tom he says hi. He tells her that Katherine is a probably murder suspect. Felicia replies, "Really," not sounding upset. Mac thinks she should be more compassionate. She tells him that if anyone could murder, it is Katherine. Tom listens on. Mac is not amused. She wonders who the victim is. Mac tells her, Damian.

Tom: Damian Smith?

Felicia is impressed, "She just went up ten notches in my book!" He tells her that Damian is missing, he rented a lakeside cabin, there was evidence connecting Katherine. Mac tells them that she was at his [Mac's] place but she got scared and ran off to meet him, but then never showed up. She was not seen until the following day. She does not remember what happened during that time.

Tom: That's not very promising. You say that Damian disappeared? Sounds to me that they don't actually have a body.

Mac agrees, he thinks that proves that Damian is not really dead. Mac thinks that Damian is framing Katherine.

Tom: Well, that's an odd thing to do.

Mac tells Tom that Damian is capable. Felicia wonders if Katherine might have done it to get from under Damian's control. Mac knows Katherine is innocent. Felicia agrees to help. Just then Tom's pager goes off.

Tom: Oh, too bad, and things were just getting interesting. I have to go to the hospital.

Felicia:  Go ahead.

Tom: (To Mac) I hope everything works out for you. (To Felicia) And hopefully, we'll be able to finish up what you started.

Felicia: (Flirting) Maybe we will. Maybe we won't.

Tom: (Smiling back) Hmm! (He leaves).

Felicia is deep in thought, Mac taps her back, "I *was* interrupting something, wasn't I?" She admits, "I'm not sure."


Scene Six: A little later, Felicia and Mac agree, that after the police finish their investigation, to meet and search Damian's cabin. Felicia is excited, things have been so boring lately. Mac leaves. Felicia has another fantasy

Everything is in black-and-white, there is sexy music. A sultry woman, dressed in Parisian style, is sensually smoking a cigarette. A man, wearing a beret, a scarf tied around his neck, and a stripped, tight shirt grabs it, and then takes her in his arms. They dance a hot sensual dance. She kisses him passionately, then pushes him away, he grabs her and picks her up,  they dance off. Felicia is at a bar, dressed sexy and sophisticated. Spy-esque music begins, and the camera pans up a man in a trench coat. It is Mac, wearing a fedora. Felicia sees him and sensually puckers her lips, he walks up to her, speaking bad French, which is translated in subtitles.

Mac: "The Eagle lands at midnight."

Felicia: (Also in bad French, speaking in a sexy voice, which is subtitled) "The baby cries at three in the morning.... Did you bring the papers?"

Mac: "Where's the microfilm?"

Felicia: "Men's room. Third stall from the left."

Mac: "They're here. We can't let them see you."

Felicia: "Do something!"

Mac: "You asked for it."

He kisses her neck. Felicia is enjoying it. She pulls away and looks up at him, and does a double take.

Felicia has a black-and-white fantasy about Tom;
30 sec; 1 Meg

Felicia: (In her normal voice, speaking in English) What are you doing here?

Mac has turned into Tom, who is wearing the same trench coat. and fedora.

Tom: Picking up microfilm.

The music swells into a romantic symphony.

Felicia: This caper's supposed to be with Mac.

Tom: Waste of time, Felicia. Mac's in love with Katherine now, so no romantic future there.

Felicia: You're a psychiatrist, you don't know anything about adventure!

Tom runs his hand over the brim of his fedora, a la Humphrey Bogart.

Tom: (With bad Bogey accent) Oh, yeah? Try me some time.



As the music crescendos, he reaches in for a kiss, and she draws toward it.

Just then Maxie's voice is heard, drawing Felicia out of the fantasy just before the kiss. Felicia wonders what is wrong with her. "Mommy, I'm too warn." Disappointed, Felicia replies, "Yeah, me too!"


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