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chapter xvi:   the death of mary mae ward
affects the citizens of port charles; it is
tom's turn to have a hot fantasy about felicia.

The hospital, Tom gets off the elevator and sees his mother. She tells him about the newspaper article concerning Damian Smith's disappearance. Tom asks if there is anything about Katherine. Audrey can find no reference to her. Tom tells her how the cops think they can link her to the blood evidence. Just then Audrey remembers that Damian banked his blood recently. Tom is pleased, thanking Audrey, and immediately phoning someone.

Simone and Justus hold their engagment party at the Quartermaines', Audrey and Steve are there. Simone thanks them for coming. They tell her they want her happy, Audrey adds she will always love her. Justus assures them that they still will be part of Tommy's life. Simone is worried that Tommy might pick the wedding to react.

Tragedy has struck Port Charles, Mary Mae Ward, Justus' grandmother, died suddenly [sadly the actress who played her, Rosalind Cassidy, developed cancer and died suddenly -- the actual death was the October, and that was why they did not feature the character in the episode when she was preforming in Philadephia, corresponds to PhotosGH07 ]. At Felicia's, Tom, Felicia and Simone are discussing what to do with the kids while they attend Mary Mae's funeral. Tom tells them Audrey is taking him out for ice cream. Simone says, "whatever works," for apparently Tommy is continuing to cause problems. Felicia volunaters to let them talk alone, but Simone wants her opinion. Tom wonders if Tommy's attitude is a result of Mary Mae's death. Simone tells Tom that Tommy is very sad, and though she is no psychiatrist "it seems to me that he is sublimating feelings over Mary Mae and recylcing them into what he preceives is the good thing to come of all this," which is that this postpones the wedding; only that but Tommy event thinks it means there will be no wedding. Tom, "Talk about your power of positive thinking." Simone admonishes Tom that the situation is serious. "I did not mean to imply otherwise." Simone asks Tom, "as his father and as a professional" what should she do. "It is all about control. The sooner Tommy figures out that he's not always going to have it, the better." Tom assures her that he will "reinforce your point of view." She is grateful, and she just needed to hear it from him. Felicia listens on, and smiles at how Tom is handling the situation. Simone leaves. Tom rubs the back of his neck, after all that. Felicia, smiling, "You never cease to amaze me, Tom Hardy." Tom replies, "That's a good thing, I hope?" Felicia, "Yeah, I guess it can be." Tom smiles. Felicia is impressed how nice and supportive he was of Simone. She is even more impressed "when Justus' name was brought up, you didn't twitch, or anything." "Are you implying that I have been dreadful with Justus?" "I think you know the answer to that!" He tells her that he realized, "what's the point." It only gets people angry with him and it affect's Tommy's "peace of mind." So he stopped. Felicia, "Good for you!" Tom replies, "And you?" Felicia is confused. Her approving smiles inspires him. "Oh, please!" Felicia replies, embarrassed. Tom assures her he is being serious. Embarrassed, she tells him he better get dressed for the funeral.

The Port Charles crowd is in attendance at Mary Mae's funeral, including some famous real people. The minister tells everyone that this day is a "victor of  joy, a victory of hope, a victory of soul, a victory of service.... a mighty victory of love." Her family eulogize her life, as does Luke. Tom sits next to Felicia, and somberly listens on.

Tom drops by the Outback, seeing Felicia he cites Ezra Pound's A Virginal, "As with sweet leaves; as with subtle clearness. //Oh, I have picked up magic in her nearness." She wonder's if he "made that up," he tells her Ezra Pound did. Tom tells her it fits. Felicia thinks he "is in an interesting mood." He tells her that she "makes him recite poetry." Though he thinks it is all the free time he has. She mentions "idle hands." She adds that she should know, because she has to work just to get a little free time. Tom tells her it is amazing "how much time revolves around the needs of those little ones." Just then, weird music is heard and Tom stares, as he starts having an hallucinaiton. Felicia is behind the bar, now wearing a sexy sequeenced silver dress. The bar darkens, she begins to talk in a saultry voice, "Let's begin to take care of each other's needs. I've been waiting sooo long for you!" Tom stares and it is back to reality, and she is talking to Tom about what he just said, that a parent puts the kid's needs first. Though at least she has Betty the Babysitter. Tom snaps back into the hallucination, sexy Felicia is seductively wagging her finger at him to come near her, as she leans towards him, "Run away with me for a wild weekend of," whispering seductively in his ear, "crazy passion." She kisses him erotically just below the ear. She adds, "Just the two of us." She teases him with a kiss but draws back, "I've been aching for you, Tom." Tom's mouth is wide open, and he is practically drooling. Back to reality, getting into the conversation, "Betty the Savior of the Brownstone." He tells her that Betty is always handing out liferafts when they need them. Felicia thinks that is cute. Tom falls back into his fantasy, this time Felicia is sitting on the bar, her legs crossed and she isseductively revealling them for Tom. "Help me Tom, I'm drowning in a lonely sea. Come be my lifeguard of love." Whispering, she adds, "Come sweep me away." Tom stares, and normal Felicia wonders if anything is wrong. Tom tells her nothing, just that he is "suffering from an amazing combination of id and ego." Felicia is confused. Tom, "I'm daydreaming." Felicia thinks that is a good thing. Tom admits, "I seem to be enjoying myself." Felicia smiles and turns back to work, and Tom flashes back into fantasy. Dream Felicia winks at him.

A little later they are still at the bar as Lois Ashton comes running up to them, she wants to book her husband, Ned Ashton,  Eddie Maine at the Outback. Felicia notices that this seems an urgent booking. Lois says that they are doing it to get back and Ned's grandfather Edward Quartermaine. Edward went behind their back and bought out her record producing company, L&B, to stop Ned from performing. They want the Outback booking to show Edward that they cannot be bought. Felicia wonders if Edward would go after the Outback legally. Lois says that Edward prides himself on his bully behavior. Tom tells them the best way to get back at a bully is "to get back at him." Lois tells a story about her brother and a bully and Tom makes a snarky remark; Lois gives him a look. As Lois leaves she tells Tom, "behavior yourself." Tom tells Felicia, "We know the place to be Friday night." Fellicia thinks the real big act will star Edward Quartermaine.

At Ward House Simone and Lois are talking as Tom comes in, right on his heels is Tommy who is excited to see him. Tom picks his son up, "The man I was looking for." Lois and Simone laugh. A little later Simone and Lois are gone and Tom and Tommy are alone. Tom wonders how his day was. Tommy says he played with the little kids. Tom asks does that me he is now "a big kid?" Tommy says it only means he is bigger than they are. Tommy sadly says, "Mom said when people die they don't come back." Tom says sadly that is true. Tom asks if Tommy is sad about Mary Mae. Sadly, Tommy nods. Tommy tells Tom he liked to sit in her lap. Tom tells his son that though she is gone he could still remember how it felt to sit on her lap. Tom tells him that it is fine to cry. Tommy says he does not want to cry. Tom wonders why. "Little kids cry, and she still won't come back." Tom admits she will not but it might helped them feel better to cry. "People do things because they feel a certain way, not because they can necessarily change things." Tom adds that adults cried at her memorial. Tom says that "your mother and Justus" put off their wedding because they were sad. Tom adds that they still will get married. Defiantly Tom gets up, "NO! Tom tells his son that they still will marry. Tommy tells his father he wants his mother with him. Tommy says he wants to stay with him because he loves him. "I love you too." Tom tells him he needs "for you and your mother to be happy." Just then Simone enters the room. Tom continues, telling Tommy that "Justus makes your mother happy." Tom tells his son "try to be happy about that. That would make me happy." Tommy agrees. Simone comes in and makes an excuse to get Tommy to leave so she could talk with Tom. She thanks Tom, but he is not sure Tommy was listening.

A little later Tom is telling Simone about Tommy saying he was bigger than the little kids. She laughs. Justus comes in, they kiss and hug, as Tom watches. They talk about Mary Mae, and read a note and check Sonny dropped by. Tom agrees Mary  Mae was giving and forgave his actions in Philadephia. He tells Justus he will miss her. Justus is grateful for Tom's words. They are ready to leave, Simone calls Tommy who comes running into the room. Justus is friendly with Tommy,  holding out hand to him, but Tommy slaps it away, "NO!"; then runs out the room. Tom comments, "Well, I guess it didn't take."

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