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Professor Stephen Haver Files
Episode One

(Air date Wednesday, Decemeber 10th, 2003)
Scene One: Llanview University, student commons. The police are investigating the sixth killing by the Music Box Killer. Bo Buchanan and FBI Agent John McBain are there. DA Daniel Coulson arrives trying to weld his power; Bo is annoyed by his presence. Bo tells him that it is not up to him to investigate crimes. Marcie Walsh is there, since she found the body.

Scene Two: At Rodi's a bar, Ron Walsh arrives, he had been called in a about two weeks ago after the previous murder. He is agitated and looks odd. He orders a drink and becomes jumpy when he sees a young man come in. The man looks around, making Ron more nervous. The man notices Professor Haver sitting with two women and walks over to them.
STEPHEN: Mr. Thompson, welcome. Please join us.

Meanwhile Jessica Buchanan walks in and sees Ron. She talks to Natalie Vega, who is bartending. Looking around the bar Jess sees Haver, "There's Prof. Haver" -- pointing him out to Natalie. His three colleagues seemed to be interested in what he is say, they are drinking and laughing. Jess tells Natalie that she took "Analytical Approaches to Abnormal Psychology " from him and really enjoyed the course. He is a great professor. She realizes that he can help her so she walks over to his table. Everyone is engrossed in the story he is telling.

Matt's first scene as Prof. Stephen Haver;
50 sec; 1.2 Meg
STEPHEN: I'm telling you.... the woman pulls out a gun, into the courtroom, and shoots the lover right there in front of everybody....PSHF001A: Telling a story to his adoring fans

WOMAN #1: Oh, my god!

STEPHEN: It's something out of a bad TV movie.

WOMAN #2: That's amazing!


JESS: Excuse me Dr. Haver, I'm sorry--

STEPHEN: Oh, Ms. Buchanan, join us if you dare! I'm just sharing some war stories about the old days covering trials up in Boston.

JESS: Well, I don't want to interrupt what's going on, ummm, I was wondering if I can drop by during your office hours and ask a couple of questions.

STEPHEN: Why don't you ask right now, if you have the time.PSHF001B: They can't keep up with me Besides, they can't keep up with me at this late hour, (looking at the others) right!

WOMAN #1: Not in the wine department, that's for sure!


WOMAN #1: We've got to teach class at 9 AM, unlike a certain professor who gets to sleep in!

STEPHEN: Bingo! (He makes a salute with his wine glass).

THOMPSON: Yeah, I've really got to take off.

STEPHEN: Ohh, okay abandon me.... they're all abandoning me (they get up and are leaving) and leaving me with the bill.... but that's all right.

THOMPSON: Tomorrow.

STEPHEN: (To the students)Tomorrow. (Motioning to Jess) Alright. Okay Ms. Buchanan, join me.

JESS: Thank you (sitting down).

STEPHEN: What can I do for you?

JESS: (A bit nervously) Actually, I.... I was , I was hoping you could, uh, help me. I am writing this article, uh, on sexual harassment on campus, and I.... I could use your help.

STEPHEN: On the psychology of it?

JESS: Well, that, and, well you are also on on the Ethics Committee, and there's been a couple of incidents.

STEPHEN: What do you want to know?

JESS: (Trying to get the nerve to ask him a question) Well, a student came to me and PSHF001C: Haver reacts to what Jess saidinformed me that there's a professor who.... that's been, that's been trading grades for sex.

STEPHEN: That's a very serious charge. Has she made an official complaint?

JESS: No, and that's why I have to be extremely careful about what I write. I could really use your advice.

STEPHEN: Well, I could certainly try. Oh, I think I need a refresher first. (Calling for another drink) PLEASE!

JESS: (Chuckles) Sure.
Scene Three: The student commons at Llanview University, the DA points out that the victim had six heart shaped tears on her cheek, Bo is impressed [She is the sixth victim, I gather the other victims had as may tears as they were the number victim. This was not mentioned before. Also, is it possible the DA knew because he is the murderer, or because of the other cases]. He wants to check out the crime scene and Bo warns him not to touch anything or else. Bo and McBain talk, they found the victim's person outside in the garbage, and like the other victims she did not have her student ID. Just then he gets a phone call, the tail they had on Ron Walsh lost him. A male student comes in and says he saw her arguing with some guy. Marcie over-hears and says she knows who it was, telling McBain that it was *his* brother.

Scene Four: Antonio Vega is outside Rodi's just as Ron Walsh leaves. They look at each other. Just then he gets a call telling him about the latest victim in the Music Box Murders. He enters the bar and notices Jess talking to Haver.
PSHF001D: Haver and Jess go over her article
Haver is looking over her notes and they are commenting on what she has written. He asks Natalie who Haver is and she tells him that he is Jess' professor, "Professor Somebody." Is he a touch jealous???

STEPHEN: The good professor is exhibiting a need for control. Sleeping with students is about power far more than sex (closes the binder). Like rape, one person making another person vulnerable, the only real enjoyment, if you can call it that, is in the domination. Now you should tell this young lady please bring the professor to the attention of the university. (Antonio walks up) And then you (he stops seeing Antonio) --PSHF001E: Haver sizes up Antonio

ANTONIO: Excuse me (bending down kissing the top of her head).

JESS: Oh hi, you made it. Uhm Dr. Haver, this is Ahh... ahh.... Antonio Vega.

STEPHEN: (Getting up to shake his hand; looks like he is sizing up Antonio) Antonio, pleasure to meet you.

ANTONIO: Same here.

JESS: Umm, sit down.

STEPHEN: Please.... please, join us.

ANTONIO: Sure (sits).

JESS: (Haver sits) Ummm.... I was just discussing umm... with Dr. Haver this new article I'm writing on sexual harassment. (She notices Antonio is upset) Is everything OK?

ANTONIO: (Whispering to her) I'll tell you later.

Just then a guy walks up to their table. PSHF001F: Haver is shocked about the recent murder

GUY: Jess, did you hear what happened?


JESS: No!?

GUY: Maddy Kensington was found dead at the Student Union. It's another one of those Music Box Murders.


Jess looks towards Antonio. Haver looks shocked, surprised (??); he then looks over towards Jess.

Scene Four: The police Station. Michael McBain (Al in his body) is there for questioning. His brother John and Bo are about to question him but the DA gets tough. He gets testy when they ask about his fight with Maddy. He Admits to her being his ex-girlfriend. They wonder why then he had the fight with her. He wonders what is so against the law about that. They tell him about her murder. They ask him why the fight he tells them that she and her boyfriend hurt Marcie Walsh and Al, and because of hurting Marcie Al died. They wonder why he cares if he did not know Al. He blurts out that he is Marcie's friend. Marcie overhears, she works at the police station, she then shouts out "NO YOU'RE NOT!"

Bo meanwhile tries to get in touch with Gabrielle but cannot find her. He warns her about the recent murder.

Scene Five: Meanwhile, she is out at some dive bar drinking a Martini, and has obviously had a couple before that one. Just then she looks horrified and sees Troy MacIver who supposedly is in prison after going psychotic. She wonders if he has escaped.

Scene Six: Back at Rodi's Jess is shocked to hear about Maddy Kensington's murder.PSHF001G: Haver reacts to the news

ANTONIO: I'm going to get you some water.

JESS: Okay, (He gets up and goes to the bar). (Taking to Haver) Madison Kensington -- I mean, it's hard to believe. I don't even know how I feel about this.

STEPHEN: I had Ms. Kensington in my Psych 205 class last spring, but I thought she was expelled.

JESS: Yeah, she got reinstated. Her parents are tight with the trustees, they're big donors. Frightening to think there's a killer loose on campus. (Antonio returns with the water) What would make someone do something like this. Who is this guy.

Act Seven: Back at the dive bar, He wants to talk to her when he saw her, he may never have a chance to apologize for all the horrible things he did to her. He is now on anti-psychotics, and has never been more lucid. He now realizes what he did. She cannot be so sure. She tells him he tortured her, locked her in a drawer in a morgue.

Act Eight: Back at the police station, Al in Michael's body, is arguing with Michael's brother FBI Agent McBain. McBain does not know why Michael would get into an argument with Maddy over two people he barely knows. Michael is angry that he is a suspect. Just then another cop brings in Ron Walsh who is being belligerent about being dragged into the police station. The DA shifts his questioning from Michael to Ron. Ron accuses the cop of being overly rough, the cop denies it. Marcie is there, she works at the police station, and she defends her brother. They want to know why he ditched his tail. Ron tells them he noticed someone was following him and thought it was a mugger. The DA does not believe his story. He tells him he better get a lawyer. The DA keeps hounded him. Ron grabs his throat, he appears to have trouble breathing; then collapses. John calls for Michael who is an intern at the hospital, Al not having medical training does not know what to do.

Act Nine: Back at Rodi's, Natalie brings very a dish of peanuts to the table, and sits down.

NATALIE: Maddy Kensington, what was she doing back in Llanview?

Haver is thinking intently, and playing with his wine glass.
JESS: Well, she got reinstated at L. U.

NATALIE: Man, this is happening every couple of weeks (she gets up and goes back to the bar).

STEPHEN: Yes, there's definitely a pattern (Antonio and Jess look at him he notices their reactions to his remarks and explains). I'm writing a book about the psychopathology of serial killers. I just got back from Oregon (bragging???) as a matter of fact--

ANTONIO: Green River?

STEPHEN: Forty-nine young women. (Seems somewhat proud of this) The FBI has contacted me several times. I do most of my work with killers closer to home, of course, Leesburg, Allentown. In fact there's a very interesting patient across the river in the secure hospital section of Statesville Prison. (He pauses for a few moments. Looking even more intense) I may not have the answer yet, but I am determined to find out what makes the sexual predator tick.

Act Ten: As if on cue, the next scene is of Troy and Gabrielle. Troy is at Statesville, was Haver talking about him? Troy assures her he has not escaped. Gabrielle cannot believe he did not escape. The drugs are really helping him, he explains. Troy tells her that he did not know she would be at some dive, out of the way roadside bar. He now wants to take responsibility for what he did. He tells her he saw her alone, looking sad and thought it was because of what he had done to her. She tells him not to flatter himself. She is sad because of her son's death, Al is her son. He apologizes, he had read that in the paper, but forgot. He is sorry, Al was a good man. He wonders where Bo is, and if he is with Nora -- is he taunting her. One of the things he did was go after Nora. Sad Gabrielle tells him no, but she is sure that somehow they will get together. Very bitter, or maybe more than that, he says that Nora *always* gets what she wants. Troy also has a tattoo on his neck, it appears to be a heart, and maybe even tears falling from it -- the victims all had heart-shaped tears on their cheeks.

Scene Eleven: Al/Michael work on Ron. He notices that he was eating and believes he is suffering from anaphylactic shock from the shrimp he was eating. He works on him and eventually saves him. Marcie sees him in another light now, could she be warming up to him -- Al has until Valentine's Day to get her to love him as Ron. Later he and his brother John have a good talk. John is proud of him. Al lets it slip that he wanted to be a lawyer, then covers when John said that he had always wanted to be a doctor. Al tells him he is just joking.

Scene Twelve: Back at Rodi's Haver is continuing his theory about the Music Box Killer.
PSHF001I: Haver discusses his theory about the killer
Matt's first scene as Prof. Stephen Haver;
30 sec; 580k

STEPHEN: My theory is that each victim represents something lost from the killer's life or taken away.

ANTONIO: Like what?

STEPHEN: Well I'm not sure. But this man is definitely killing the same person over and over again. I.... It... It's someone he has an intense bound with--

JESS: What drives a person to do something like this?

STEPHEN: Intense hatred or love or both....

Haver looks very intense.

Scene Thirteen: The next day John goes back to Rodi's and talks with Natalie, who is decorating the bar for the holidays, she still cannot accept him after he used her. Natalie tells them that her mother, Roxy -- thought her biological mother is in fact Viki -- used to take her to the casinos Christmas because she believed it was the best time to win money. He tells her that he spent time in bars too, his mother is a singer. Though when his father died she left, not physically but emotionally. She is a very good singer he tells them with pride. He admits that it took a while to deal with her -- also it appears that Michael still cannot deal with something their mother did.

Scene Fourteen: Later that day John is on the phone with the DA and balls him out for taking her guard off her. He reminds the DA that because of him the information about her being in the hotel when Karen was killed was slipped to the news, now the killer knows about her, and she is in danger.

Scene Fifteen: Jenn has been in bed with Rex. She does not want to continue with this and wants to go back to Joe. Later she gets drunk. She goes to St. Andrew during a Advent service Joe is performing. She tells everyone present that she is going to leave him, it is the best thing for him, she is only ruining his life, and hurting his career as a minister. She gives him back her ring and stumbles off.

Scene Sixteen: The killer is scene preparing his satchel.

Scene Seventeen: Jennifer returns to Rex' place, and he places her on his couch, and puts a blanket over her. He is overjoyed at what she has done. He has always loved her and in his heart they have continued to be married. Meanwhile a shadow is seen outside the window, it is the killer. Rex leaves. Sometime later she awakes and as she sits up, a pair of hands appear, it is the killer. He throws a red pair of leotards around her neck and starts to strangle her.

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