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Episode Three

Background: Things have been relatively silent regarding the killings. The police have traced fibers found at a couple of scenes to Statesville prison. Later Gabrielle admits to seeing Troy and tells Bo that he has told her he is out on passes and is taking drugs to curtail his psychotic behavior. They check up on Troy and discover that a nurse at the prison was found dead, injected with drugs; it appears Troy has escaped. We see him out and about at another dive bar. Nora decides to smoke Troy out and does an on-air press conference asking him to give himself up.

(Air date Wednesday, December 31st, 2003)

Scene One: It is New Year's Eve and there are parties taking place all over town, but people are on edge because of the killer and the fact that Troy has escaped. As John McBain and Antonio Vega are discussing the killer, Jessica Haver is talking to Haver, she seems a little in awe of her professor. Haver is in a Tux, with a black and with bow tie and matching cummerbund.

JESSICA: (Fiddling with the shoulder straps of her purse) You know I have some reservations about doing a feature article on these murders, you never want to feel like you are fanning the flame.

OLTL003A: Jess asks for his adviceSTEPHEN: I agree, but ultimately, making sure the public is aware is the most important thing for everyone involved.

JESSICA: I know you've done a lot of research on homicides such as these, and I was wondering if I could run some ideas past you?

STEPHEN: Sure, call me at my office.

JESSICA: (Seems a little taken by the good professor) Great! And you know, I'm really enjoying your lectures, a lot.

STEPHEN: (Nodding) Good.


STEPHEN: Good, I'm glad to hear that.

Rea Cummings walks up to them.

REA: Happy New Year, Jessica!

Happy New Year--

STEPHEN: (Leaning in and kissing Rae's cheek, she leans in for the kiss and places her had on his chest) Rae.

RAE: Hi Stephen.

Excuse me I have to go.

STEPHEN: We'll see you. Happy New Year.

ANTONIO: (He walks up) Dr. Cummings (walking away with Jessica on his arm).

RAE: (Watching them walk off) Oh, hi. (Talking to Haver) So, I've been meaning to ask you,did.... has Bo Buchanan....


RAE: asked you for any more profiling help in the Music Box Killer.

OLTL003B: Haver talks about TroySTEPHEN: Not since you and I were there together.

RAE: Really?

STEPHEN: Seems like they're focusing on one suspect now, though.

RAE: (Intrigued) Ohhhh, yoouu... you do know Troy MacIver, I mean fairly well, right?

STEPHEN: Well, I've.... I've interviewed several times several times at Statesville for my new book, but'uh it's rather fascinating really borderline but isolated psychosis especially about his twin brother.... the bad doctor.

(Air date Friday, January 2nd, 2004)

Scene Two: Later in the evening everyone is enjoying the party. Lindsay Rappaport arrives and goes to talk to David Vickers. She tells him about a high profile insurance investigator he is in the room. David becomes nervous since Dorian Lord Hayes is wearing a stolen piece of jewelry. He heads off to warn her.

OLTL003C: Haver & Rae watch David VickersRae and Haver are enjoying themselves talking just as a preoccupied David bumps into her.

RAE: Oh, David.

DAVID: (Preoccupied) Sorry, sorry.

The watch him as he goes over to Dorian.

New Year's Eve, Rae flirts with Haver;
25 sec; 680k

RAE: (Turning to Haver, making a face) Wellll, maybe I should have worn shoulder pads and a helmet tonight, huh?

STEPHEN: Tell me, shall I punch the man out or shall we just rise above it.

RAE: "Rise above it!" Should be our New Year's resolution. Or maybe we should just give up New Year's resolutions altogether, what do you think (Laughing)?

Meanwhile the insurance investigator is watching Dorian, interested in her jewelry. David comes up and slips off her necklace, and walks off. He later tells Dorian what occurred.

Scene Three: Parties continue at the Palace Hotel and the club Ultra Violet. At the club Flash, Sarah, continues to perform, but the place is filled with police and undercover agents.

The D.A., Daniel Coulson arrives at the Palace already drunk, he joins Lindsay his date. Rae and Haver continue to talk, and chat with Bo and others. Later on Gabrielle Medina tells Bo that she is ready to move on with her life, and start living after her son Al's death. He is thrilled and proposes, she accepts. They set a Valentine's Day wedding. Later she finds Michael -- Al is in his body; though she does not know this -- and she tells him the news. He is very happy for her.

Scene Four; Meanwhile, Nora convinces the police tail Bo has put on her that it is okay if she enters the restroom alone. However, once she goes in she is grabbed by Troy MacIver who is wearing a tux. He grabs her and puts his hand over her mouth so she cannot scream for help. He is not acting as rationally has he had during his encounters with Gabrielle. He tries to convince Nora that he is innocent, he believes he is being framed. He shows her a red pair of leotards and tells her they were planted in his cell. She tries to calm him, pretending she believes him. She promises to find Bo who will help him. He lets her go, but does not remain in the restroom as planned but runs off.

Scene Five: At mid-night party goers at both locations celebrate with their dates. Despite the specter of the killer everyone is happy. Except Todd who has come there searching for Blair, who unbeknownst to him is upstairs in Kevin Buchanan's room -- Kevin his his nephew, and Kevin's wife Kelly is Blair's cousin.

OLTL003D: Haver & Rae toast in the new  year
Haver and Rae are seated, and laughing, they really seem to be enjoying each other's company.
STEPHEN: I've had a wonderful time tonight.

RAE: Good!

STEPHEN: Thanks for inviting an old colleague.

Scene Six: At Ultra Violet everyone is having a good time, but then someone finds a music box, playing Tchaikovsky'sRomeo et Juliet ballet. Frantic that the killer is there and about to get Flash he calls all the police there, and phones Bo on his cell phone. Bo takes off to see to his niece.

Finding nothing he returns to the Palace Hotel. Nora finally finds him and tells him that Troy is waiting for him in the Ladies' restroom. When he looks in Troy is not there but he does hear a music box playing the familiar ballet suite. Just then he notices someone in one of the stalls, when he is opens the door to the stall he is horrified and heartbroken to see Gabrielle, lying on the floor, a red pair of dancer's leotards around her neck, and a total of seven heart shaped tears painted her cheeks.

(Air date Monday, January 5th , 2004)

Scene Seven: Bo frantically tries to revive Gabrielle. He finds Michael McBain, really Al Holden whose soul is in Michael's body, he asks Michael to help. Since it is Al he is horrified and frantic seeing his mother strangled. He desperately tries to revive her and will not give up, but eventually both he and Bo realize she is dead. Michael goes out in the hallway and breaks down. He calls for his guide, his step-mother, Luna for help. He wants to sacrifice his second chance at life to save his mother Gabrielle. Luna cannot do this, but lets him see a vision with a little girl, who is called Gabrielle. The spirit-child tells him everything will work out, and that his mother is at peace finally, and is in a safe place.

Scene Eight: Kelly's questionable brother Paul, who only recently and out of the blue came to town saying he was her brother and a Cramer, is at the hotel bar. He calls Kelly on her cell phone and tells her he is doing as she asked, he is spying on Kevin. He tells Kelly that Blair had gone to his room and has not returned. Blair is furious. Todd spots her and she tells him what she knows. Later Kevin is thrilled with what transpired between him and Blair, but she says it was a mistake, and leaves. She goes to Dorian's house, where she has been staying since she left Todd upon discovering he was not Walker. Todd has followed her there, and breaks in. He chases her throughout the house and breaks into her bedroom. Some time later she comes running down the stairs, disheveled and her lipstick is smeared and with a cut, Todd follows her also disheveled. Just then Dorian and David return home. Dorian believes Todd has hurt her niece so she kicks him out with the help of David. However, Todd returns and his and Blair's daughter Starr runs off with him. Meanwhile, though Blair says nothing Dorian surmises that Todd has raped her -- since he had raped in the past.

Scene Nine: At the Palace the police announce to the party gathers that they are looking for Troy. The Daniel Coulson, the D. A. walks up to Nora and wonders where Bo is as all this is going on, he snidely accusing Bo of being off with Gabrielle. Nora informs him that Gabrielle was the latest victim of the Music Box Killer. He actually seems shocked, or does he.

Meanwhile, Haver and Rae are talking to each other about what has happened, and stop Daniel who seems flustered.

STEPHEN: (In mid-conversation with her) Nice--

RAE: Daniel, Ah.... Dr. Haver and I were wondering could we be of any help at all?

STEPHEN: We might be might be able to provide some insight on Troy MacIver's next moves (motioning with his hand), we both have had sessions with him.

DANIEL: (Acting oddly, and not appearing to want to talk with them) Ehh, great, great, ahh (stuttering) yah.... you two wanna help--

RAE: Yes!

DANIEL: Fine, (making a motion with his hand) excuse me.

He walks off. Both seemed confused by his behavior. Rae is annoyed, OLTL003E: Haver seems preoccupied by D.A. Coulson

and Stephen watches as Daniel walks off.

RAE: (Sarcastically) Charming, isn't he? Okay....

STEPHEN: (Still look in the direction the D.A. went) Yes....

RAE: Let's go, let's go and try find the Commissioner.

STPEHEN: (Still pre-occupied looking at something) Right.
Even as they walk off, Haver continues to look in the direction in which the D.A. went.

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