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Episode Five

(Air date Monday, January 12th, 2004)
Scene One: Todd has his bail hearing, it is refused so he is to be sent to jail until his arraignment. Starr, his daughter, despite Blair telling her what Todd did and explaining what rape is, still stands by her father. She is determined to help him.

Scene Two: Marcie Walsh and Jessica are talking about Marcie's next talk show centered on the sexual harassment of students. Jessica is going to be a guest, and Haver and Rae have agreed as well, as long as they are not busy on the Music Box Killer case.

Scene Three: It is the next morning after Troy's confession. Stephen and Rae are at the police station talking with Nora.
NORA: (Handing Rae a binder) So these are the questions we're going to need have asked in order for us to to build a case Dr. MacIver
Stephen and Rae glance over the questions. Just then his cell phone rings.
STEPHEN: Oh, (reaching in his pocket) ah (looking at the message) oh, I need to take this if you excuse me.

RAE: Sure.

NORA: Thank you.
He walks off and they continue to discuss the case.

Scene Four: A little later Rae and Stephen are talking when Bo comes out of his office.

BO: Rae....

RAE: (Turning towards Bo) Yeah?

BO: Dr. Haver I can see you now.

RAE: Yeah right, (talking to Stephen) Let me have just a minute with him.

STEPHEN: Certainly.

RAE: (Tapping him gently) Okay thanks.

OLTL005A: Haver doesn't seem to like itShe walks off. Haver does not look to happy about this. For some sinister reason could he be worried about not being involved in the discussion?

Rae and Bo talk a little about the case, but then about Gabrielle. Rae tries to help him deal with the loss.

Scene Five: Later at the police station two cops bring in Troy. He sees Nora and again begins to rant about being innocent.

TROY: Nora I didn't do it.


Troy moves towards her and the guards restrain him.
TROY: (Trying to break free) NORA I DIDN'T DO IT.

STEPHEN: (In his calm and soothing voice) Troy....


Nora is terrified. At her desk, Marcie watches concerned by Troy's erratic behavior.

Haver tries to calm Troy, or is he;
25 sec; 720k

OLTL005B: Haver tries to calm TroySTEPHEN: Troy.... (move cautiously towards him) Troy....

TROY: (Still trying to break free, pleading with Nora) Nora, you've got to believe me I didn't do it.

STEPHEN: (Putting out his arms) Troy, look at me. Troy, listen.
Troy is panting, but calms down, soothed by Haver's voice.
STEPHEN: (Cont.) You're going to be all right. (Troy tries to respond) I'm going to make sure of it. I promise. You remember me? Doctor Haver. I promise. Just take it easy. Relax. Everything's going to be all right.

TROY: (Sotto voce) Okay (He is completely calm now).

STEPHEN: (Speaking softly) It's all right.
Without any trouble the police are able to quietly escort Troy away. Haver lets out a deep sigh, clears his throat, and then massages his neck.
NORA: Dr. Haver, thank you.

STEPHEN: (Slight chuckle) Well, I think he probably needed a (motioning with his hand) little stronger sedative.

NORA: (Chuckles) I'm sorry, I allowed all this thing about Troy being the Music Box Killer to..., ah.... I'm having a little difficulty with it. Maybe some day you came give me a little insight.

Well, we could.... we could talk right now. Get a drink.

NORA: (Surprised by his suggestion) Now? Uuuhhh, (thinking) Yeaah, now works.

STEPHEN: Palace Bar!

NORA: Oookay, I just need to check in with the Commission.

STEPHEN: Alright.
He watches her go into Bo's office. He seems a little pleased.

Bo and Rae are still talking when Nora enters. Bo seems a little surprised when she tells him that she is going out or a drink with Stephen.

Scene Six: At the Palace bar, Nora and Stephen are in mid-conversation, sipping their wine. Nora appears charmed by the suave professor.

Haver and Nora go out for drinks;
1 min; 1.1 Meg.

NORA: I should have seen Troy was the Music Box Killer now that you told me all the signs; they were there.

Serial killers could be very charming. They're often the last person you'd expect.

NORA: Yeah. The guy next door who was so nice....

STEPHEN: (In agreement) Hmmm....

NORA: ....played with the dog and the children (chuckles).

STEPHEN: (Chuckles) Until..... Well, that's why they get away with it or so long (rolling his eyes).

NORA: (Confiding in Haver) I was going to marry him (nodding and smiling; then she sips her wine) I don't think I should trust my instincts anymore (slight laugh).

STEPHEN: Ah, I think about it this way, (laughing on the charm)....


STEPHEN: You're never going to do any worse (Smiling).

Takes her a moment, then realizes he is joking, then they both laugh.


NORA: Y'ah, well there you go. I guess I could graduate on down from, OLTL005C: Haver charms Noraoohh, carjackers, bank robbers? (Loooks around the bar as if searching) Anyone around, do lunch.

STPEHEN: How about, uh.... parking tickets?

NORA: (Feigning being flirtatious) Oooh, parking tickets, are you an offender?

STEPHEN: (Raising his hand, as if guilty) scofflawed?

NORA: Ahhh, right up my alley (laughs).

STEPHEN: (Becoming serious) So, how about it dinner?

Nora is taken off balance by his question.

(Air date Wednesday, January 14th, 2004)
Scene Seven : Troy is to be returned to prison. Meanwhile Nora has convinced the judge to send Todd in the same prison vain. Starr discovers that her father is going to prison, so she convinces Nora and Bo's son Matthew to help her free her father. Matthew is a Boy Scout and he tells her that he is an expert map reader. They find a deserted portion of the road that the van is to travel and wait. Meanwhile in the van, Troy appears to be in a trance, Todd notices this and waves his hand in front of Troy's face; Troy does not respond. When the kids see the van, Matthew lies on the road and Starr stops the van, telling the guards that her friend is seriously ill. As a guard tends to Matthew, Starr gets the other guard and opens the van. She tries to get her father to escape but he does not. However, Troy does. He grabs a gun and takes Matthew hostage.

Returned from her meeting with Haver, Nora hears what has happened and is frantic. By this time, Troy has taken Matthew to a cabin in the woods. Since at one time Troy, "Dr. Troy," was his friend he is not scared. Troy tells him that he is innocent, that he did not hurt anyone. Matthew convinces Troy to allow him to call his parents. When he does Matthew lets it slip that he saw a highway road sign. Bo and John try to narrow down his location.

Scene Eight: The next morning Matthew still has not been found. Bo and McBain are trying to narrow down where they could be. Outside, Stephen is trying to reassure Nora, who is distraught with worry, and lovingly caresses Mattew's Boy Scout badge for orienteering -- he was to have received it the night before at an award ceremony.
STEPHEN: It's not likely that Troy's going to hurt Matthew.

NORA: Likely?

STEPHEN: No.... no.... (trying to reassure her) his hostility is aimed at women, not children.

NORA: By women do you me me?

STEPHEN: No, no, his hostility pre-dates you. Although he certainly is fixated on your rejection of him.

(Getting up, not convinced by his words) What if he takes it out on Matthew?

STEPHEN: Look, (he appears to be very sincere and concerned) Matthew is his direct connection to you. But also, the most positive feelings he has for you that's going to keep him safe. He's already reached out once that's a very good sign he's going to do so again.

NORA: (Holding on tightly to Matthew's Boy Scout badge, as if for strength) He is? When? When is he going to do that?

STEPHEN: Soon. Like it or not, you are his lifeline.
Nora continues to caress the badge. Stephen notices this.
STEPHEN: What's that?

NORA: (Shows him the badge, and smiles with motherly pride) Scout badge. His awards dinner was last night, he was supposed to go, he was so excited. He didn't make it so his troop leader came by and dropped it off.

STEPHEN: Really?

NORA: (Nodding her head)Hmmm....

STEPHEN: You know, (puts his finger to his lips in contemplation) my.... my brother was a.... he was a Scout.

NORA: Was he?

STEPHEN: (Trying to take her mind off Matthew) Yeesss, yes he was a Scout and he had all those OLTL005D: Haver consoles Norabadges, I never knew what any of them meant. But.... but-uh, (He gets Nora to laugh) I am sure you do, tell me what that one about?

NORA: (With motherly pride) Ahhh, orienteering.

STEPHEN: (Nodding his head) Orienteering?

NORA: Yes, he's very good at it actually. You know, maps, and globes, and.... (with pride) taught himself to read a compass. (Smiles) I don't think I could have done that. (Haver makes a noise in agreement) He could find the longitude and latitude of any point on this earth. It's nice..... because he'll never be lost (thinking that at this moment is is lost).
Scene Nine: Time has gone by and Matthew has not called back. Nora is pacing around nervously.
NORA: What is he doing? Why hasn't he called?

STEPHEN: My best guess, he's upping the ante. The more desperate you are, the more leverage he has.

NORA: That doesn't sound very stupid?

STEPHEN: No, no, he's very smart. Plus he knows and understands how you work.

NORA: Yeah, whatever Troy is doing it's working, (starts punching numbers on her cell phone) I'm calling right now.
Haver watches, Nora gets no answer. He does not seem surprised.
NORA: (Motioning in disgust) Phone's turned off (Throws it down).

STEPHEN: That way he retains control. The important thing.... when you do talk you have control.

NORA: (Frustrated) Okaay....., how do you suggest I do that?

STEPHEN: I think you should ask to see him (nodding at her).
Just then Starr Manning, Dorian, and Blair walk into the police station. Starr had appeared in juvenile court because of her role trying to break Todd out of jail, and its result in letting Troy escape and getting Matthew taken hostage. The judge gave her community service work and told her she had to apologize to Nora for involving Matthew and getting him kidnapped.
STARR: (Seeing Nora) Miss Buchanan?

Go ahead, you have you have company.

NORA:Thank you.
Haver walks off leaving them time to chat.

(Air date Thursday, January 15th, 2004)

Scene Ten: That afternoon, at the university, Prof. Haver rounds the corner followed by Jessica, Marcie, and four other students, two females and two males. They all are hanging on his every word. They are laughing at what he just said.

Haver is a favorite with his students;
50 sec; 1.2 Meg.

OLTL005E: Haver and his student groupiesSTEPHEN: Wait a minute I just realized I was going to assign the topic to your next paper and you asked me so many questions about the Music Box case that I just ran out of time, (pretending to be upset) so I guess I'm going to have to postpone your project. I am soooo sorry, I know you're disappointed. Have a great weekend.

STUDENT: Thaaaanks!
The students leave, but Jessica and Marcie remain to talk with Haver.
JESSICA: (Fiddles with her hair) Hmm, well I st... still have a lot of questions....

STPEHEN: Really?

JESSICA: Uh hmmm.

MARCIE: Yeah, I do too.... (patting her text books it appears she has a little crush on him) but I have to get myself to work so I'll see you both (nodding her head) next class.

STEPHEN: No, no, we'll see each other when we tape your show.

MARCIE: (Grinning) Right! (Giggling) That's right I wanna thank you again for agreeing to come on the show Dr. Favorite. (Embarrassed by her Freudian slip, frowning) I mean (giggling) Haver.
Jessica is amused by Marcie's behavior. Haver just stands there saying nothing, tilting his head slightly, also amused, he appears to like all the adulation from his students.
MARCIE: And you know you are everybody's favorite professor, everybody's. (Babbles out of nervousness) And I'm not just saying because I want an "A".... I mean I do want an "A".... Ummm.... I'll see you later.
She smiles and walks off. He holds up his hand, trying to refrain from laughing. Jessica laughs at her friend's behavior.
STEPHEN: See y'ah. (Motioning with his hand indicating for Jessica to sit down) Uh.... please....

JESSICA: Ah.... okay

STEPHEN: Right this way.

JESSICA: (Fiddling with her hair) Ummmm.... well, I don't want to take up too much of your.... time--

STEPHEN: (Sitting down too) No, no, no, please go ahead.

JESSICA: Um, I just have a a couple questions for this article that I'm putting together.

STEPHEN: Uh.... ummm

JESSICA: Do you think that it is ever possible to identify a potential serial killer before they kill?

STEPHEN: Well, if they haven't killed how can the be a potential serial killer? (Smiles and holds up his hand) Just a question? Actually that's the.... th.... the basis of a lot of my research, mine and the F.B.I.'s. And uh, this point we've found some markers but unfortunately there's no way to find how (emphasizing with hand motions) a seemingly normal person can turn into a serial killer.

JESSICA: I just.... I'm still trying to picture this article on the Music Box murders....

STEPHEN: Uh... ummm.

JESSICA: I just don't want to get something completely off the mark.

STEPHEN: Well, let's get some coffee, and we'll discuss.
Haver again seems to be throwing out the charm. Jessica smiles at the suggestion, and nods in agreement. She like others seem taken by his suave personality.

Scene Eleven: Haver and Jess are sitting in the student lobby, sipping their coffee's.
STEPHEN: I have to tell you I've read your articles in The Banner and I think you do excellent work.

JESSICA: (Obviously pleased by his praise) It runs in the family I guess.

STEPHEN: Uh.... hmmmm.... So tell me, what can I do to steal you away from journalism and turn you into a psych major?

JESSICA: Well, you're a little late, I'm just about to graduate.

STEPHEN: Well, that's what Grad School is for.

JESSICA: Listen, why don't you read the material I have so far on the Music Box Murders and you can see what you think then.

OLTL005F: Haver listens to JessSTEPHEN: (Oozing with charm) I know what I think!.... Alright it's a done deal, you (motioning for her notes) show me.

JESSICA: (Embarrassed) Ah, I don't have.... it.

STEPHEN: You don't have it, okay

(Jessica giggles a little nervous and a little relieved) Noo.

STEPHEN: Then you drop it at my office and.... uh we'll talk.
Just then his cell phone rings.
STEPHEN: Oh (going to answer it) just a minute.

JESSICA: Uh, (Getting up) you know I have to (putting on her purse) run anyway. I'll drop by that material tomorrow.


JESSICA: (Walking off) Thanks for helping!

STEPHEN: (As he finally answers his call, talking to Jessica) Very good.... Gooo.... (Answering the call) Uh.... hello? Stephen Haver.
Rae is calling from inside Bo's office. In the outer office we see Bo and Nora.
RAE: Yeah, hi Stephen, it.... it's Rae.

STEPHEN: Rae, what can I do for you?

RAE: Well, it's not really for me, but it's for Bo and Nora Buchanan.

STEPHEN: Oh, have they found their kid yet?

RAE: No, no no not yet. But Nora said you talked to her earlier aaannd made her feel a little better.

STEPHEN: (Acting sincere) I wish I could have stayed, I just.... ah, had a class.

RAE: Ah, well do you think you could come back? I just think whatever little bit you can do could help.

STEPHEN: I'm on my way.
Scene Twelve: Matthew calls Nora back, and she talks to Troy. They agree to meet after she convinces him that she would never do anything funny, i.e. bring the cops along, because she would not jeopardize her son's life. However, the cops go in her place and Troy does not show up.

Scene Thirteen:Troy drifts off to sleep, and Matthew takes the opportunity to sneak away.

Scene Fourteen: Back at the police station everyone is frantic with worry. Nora is on her cell phone apparently trying to contact Troy and Matthew. We see Haver in the hallway, he he sees her he beings to run to her was he just getting there, and did he then pretend to be in a hurry to make it seem as if he was concerned.
STEPHEN: (Sounding concerned, though is he being sincere or is it an act) Nora, any word yet?

NORA: No, no I was just checking my voice mail to see if Matthew had called and I missed it.

STEPHEN: When's the last time you spoke to him?

NORA: Ah.... aa.... after you left, actually. You were right Troy did call back.


NORA: And, ah I asked to meet with him, and we set something up and he didn't show.
Stephen looks really upset, surprised, or confused by this -- it is hard to tell.
NORA: (Extremely concerned) So, ah, you said that he wasn't.... (Afraid to as the question for fear of his answer) he sai. ... said he wouldn't hurt Matthew, right it wasn't part of his profile.

STEPHEN: And it is not likely he will.

NORA: "Not likely--"
He tries to say something but she is too upset by his remarks.
NORA: (Cont.) "It's not likely that he wil...." I mean, what does that mean, that there is a chance that he will hurt Matthew?
Haver seems frustrated, he rubs his neck. Bo and John walk up to listen in to what he has to say.
STEPHEN: Uh.... No.... what it means

BO: Give it to us straight, Doctor.
Stephen looks over towards Bo, is the questioning flustering him(??). Is he really concerned, or is he trying to lead them to believe that Troy is dangerous(??).
BO: (Cont.) How much danger is Matthew in?

STEPHEN: All I am saying the longer this goes on, the more desperate Troy will become. I'm not going to mineralize the risks.

JOHN: So you're saying he could lose it?

STEPHEN: I'm saying, it's time to find Matthew, soon. Soon, soon as you can.
Everyone looks concerned. Nora breaks down.
NORA: Oh, God!
Just then Ron Walsh, Marcie's brother, walks in carrying Matthew. He tells them what happened, he was able to escape when Troy fell asleep, and Ron found him wandering by the road. Haver watches on in the background, saying nothing. He appears as relieved as everyone else.

Matthew tells them what Troy said. Matthew views Troy as a friend, and he believes him. Matthew tells them he knows where to find Troy, and convinces them that he should go with them. Reluctantly they agree. Haver is talking with Rae in the hallway, and he watches as they all go off to find Troy.

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