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Professor Stephen Haver Files
Episode Seven

Background: Everyone is devastated to discover that the victim is Flash, Sarah. Asa is crushed, and Riley breaks down, and shaves his head. Only the family, and the authorities, and Riley are told who the victim is. Later it is discovered by the forensic pathologists that she is in fact alive. Though she is in a coma, and no one knows if she will recover, and if she does if she would ever sing again, much less talk. To protect her, the public is not informed who the victim is, nor that she was not killed.

(Air date Monday, January 26th, 2004)
Scene One: Jennifer has been sexually harassed by Professor Barnes. So she agrees to go on Marcie's campus talk show and discuss the matter. Another student who also was harassed also agrees. However, before the show the other student changes her mind. That just leaves Jennifer. Since it is a tricky situation, Jennifer is warned that she cannot mention the professor by name, nor provide details which will give too much information. Marcie, Jessica, and Jennifer are talking when Rae and Stephen arrive to take part in the segment.

MARCIE: Hiiiii!

RAE: Listen, I brought those notes, you want to see them?

MARCIE: Oh great, let's get started, come on.



Marcie takes Rae into the studio to talk further. Haver watches as they walk into the studio. He remains out in the hallway with Jessica and Jennifer.
JESSICA: (She seems pleased to see him): Hi, Dr. Haver.

STEPHEN: Hello, how are you?

JESSICA: Very well.

STEPEHEN: Good! How's the article going, are you ready to name the real serial killer?

OLTL007A: Real killer's still out thereJESSICA: Well, I'm going to leave that to the experts.

STEPHEN: I see, well just so you know, Rae and I have been discussing that whole situation--

JESSICA: (Fishing for information) Annnddd, does she think that Troy's the killer?

STEPHEN: Well, she still has lots of questions.

JESSICA: And no answers.

STEPHEN: As long as there aren't any answers you have to ask yourself, maybe the real killer is still out there.

Jessica appears trouble by this idea.

Scene Two: The talk show is about to begin. Out in the studio union students are gathering around the radio, including the one student who back out of the show. Marcie Walsh begins the show by introducing her guests. Al stops to listen, beaming with love and pride for Marcie.

MARCIE: I'm pleased to welcome two very special guests with me here today from the Llanview University psychology department, we have Dr. Rae Cummings and Dr. Stephen Haver.

STEPHEN: (Talking into the mike) Hello, good morning.

MARCIE: Good morning, hello, I'd actually like to start with you Dr. Haver, you know alot of people still joke about the problem of sexual harassment, but it actually is a very serious problem here currently on campus.

STEPHEN: (Sounding very profession, and concerned, is this an act) Well, my question is, if it is a joke, who's laughing, and why? Uhh, (looking at Jenn who looks nervous and embarrassed) sexual harassment in an academic setting is just a.... nightmare waiting to happen. The.... the symptoms are psychological and physical for the victims uh.... insomnia (Jessica and Rae are listening to him intently), loss of self-esteem, depression--

MARCIE: And some of the examples of sexual harassment can be uh a sexist comment, (motioning with her hands) or another student coming onto a student in a way that is unwelcoming....

STEPHEN: (Agreeing) A-huh.

MARCIE: Or even, let's say, a professor who offers a good grade in exchange for a sexual favor.

STEPHEN: At the same time it's important not to create an environment where the professors are so worried about sexual harassment that they feel that they feel that they can't express their concerns about a student's well being, or.... or express an interest in their work.

Rae agrees.

Scene Three: Jennifer loses her nerve, but they convince her to talk. Marcie reassures her, and she agrees to talk. Jennifer tells the listeners that she was having personal problems which affected her ability to keep up with her classes. Rae wonders if she went to any and they them about her problems. She says she wanted to but was embarrassed. She relates about not turning in a paper for a class, but she makes her first mistake by saying which class it was -- journalism. Rae and Marcie try to silence her to stop her from saying too much and causing legal problems. She starts getting overly emotional and saying too much. Haver tries to silence her as well. Then she lets it slip that all the women know about professor Barnes and his classes. Marcie asks if that is what happened to her. Meanwhile the other student who was harassed listens to the the discussion with other students. Jenn explains that Barnes told her that she could get an "A" for the class and not do any work. She states further that he suggested he come to his place, and they could work on a solution -- and he informed her that he was not "too kinky." Just then a man walks into the studio.


One of the radio technicians tries to stop him but the man silences him.


Rae tries to silence him. But he takes the mike and starts talking. Haver stands up, frustrated, scratching his head. Barnes tells them that he heard the rumors all day, he knew that he was going to be maligned. He is determined to tell his side of the story. He accuses Jenn of lying about everything, and that she is the problem, and threatens her.

Scene Four: Barnes has left. Marcie tries to apologize for what has happen. Marcie assures Jenn that Barnes will not get away with it.

RAE: In fact D....Dr. Haver is not only on the board, the grievance board, but he chairs it.

MARCIE: Exactly.

STEPHEN: (Acting caring, he tries to reassure Jenn) Listen, maybe now that you've come forward, other young women will come forward too.

Frustrated Jennifer walks out. Rae follows her. Jessica, Marcie, and Haver remain. Marcie is frustrated and does not know what to do.

STEPHEN: I'll be blunt, we need to find at least (emphasizing each word) one-more-woman to testify against Prof. Barnes.

Jessica and Marcie look at each other not knowing what to do.

The other female student who was harassed leaves the student union, and Al sees her. He convinces her to tell her story.

Scene Five: Marcie tells her listeners that this radio show is not the place for a hearing on any particular case of sexual harassment. She also tells her audience that after listening to what occurred on air they can see how difficult it is for victims to come out and talk about their situations, and report about it.
MARCIE: Dr. Haver you are actually the chair of the harassment grievance board here on campus, and that is where a student should go to make a complaint about sexual harassment.

STEPHEN: Yes, (bending his head and talking directly into the mike) Jenn Buchanan should bring her complaint to the board, and we'll give it a full investigation. Uh, of course (Jessica listens on, watching him) our mandate is to remain fair and impartial, (sounding spooky, and looking intense) but I'll tell you from experience most upstanding people in public can have deep, dark secrets in private.

OLTL007B: Deep Dark Secrets...

Jessica looks at him strangely. As Marcie talks she appears to be deep in thought. Marcie goes on saying that she has heard from far too many women on campus who have had the same experience. It is a "deep, dark secret" that has gone far too long. Jessica, still seems disturbed by what Haver has said, interrupts. She replies that it is also a teacher's life and career, the grievance committee cannot go by gossip. Marcie agrees but cannot see why harassment has to go on. She states on air that if they could find one other person to back Jenn up it would make a huge difference. Just then the other student appears, and agrees to tell her story.

Scene Six: Jessica and Haver are walking to his office. They have received word that Barnes has resigned without a fight. Barnes opens the door, and they enter his office while they are talking.

JESSICA: So do you think Prof. Barnes is going to going to resign even though he is tenured?

STEPHEN: Well, I'd say Prof. Barnes wants the university to fire him so he can sue the university, (chuckles) but.... it's pretty much a done deal, I say he is on his way out, and, uh, we all have you to thank, because it was your article in The Banner that set this whole thing in motion. Congratulations.

Haver's office is very neat and tidy.

JESSICA: Weeellll, really it was Marcie's show that brought that brought the whole thing together. I don't know. I don't know, I really felt we did something today, so I'm really embarrassed--

OLTL007C: Acting charmingSTEPHEN: (Pointing to her) No, you did something.

JESSICA: Well, you did it too. How great was it that you were on Marcie's show.

STEPHEN: (Sits at his desk, acting really charming) I'm the chair of the HGB, I should be doing that show far more often. You tell me our next big cause and point me in the right direction, and I'll be there with bells on.

JESSICA: Well really I guess my next big cause is getting rid of this psycho that's terrifying everybody.

Haver's expression is hard to interpret.

STEPHEN: (Is he interested and wanting to help, or is he pumping her for information) You know I asked you before about your article and you didn't tell me how it was going, so tell me now.

JESSICA: I'm just.... I'm procrastinating. I.... I'm writing about everything but the murders.

STEPHEN: Well, murder is very difficult thing to deal with whether you are writing about it or anything else.

JESSICA: How do you deal with it?

STEPHEN: I.... I just focus on the.... the uh (pauses) the psychoses of it and uh.... (shrugs) I don't really focus on the personal side of it, that's all (he smiles at her).

OLTL007D: Very sad about GabrielleJESSICA: It's just I'm trying to be this super investigative reporter, and.... I just.... I can't deal with thinking about those women and their lives being snuffed out. Every time I look at my uncle (shaking her head) I can only think about Gabrielle.

STEPHEN: (Seems affected, or is he faking it) His fiancée. Yes, it's very sad.

JESSICA: The first article that I wrote about this for The Banner it was more of a recap of the murders, you know, with a couple of the things you told me about what drives serial killers. But I just really wanted the second article to be better, ahh, with more insight, you know?

STEPHEN: (Listening intently) Right, so you're saying (getting up) if it isn't original (walking around his desk) you (thinking of the right words) you (motioning with his hands, walking towards her and sitting on the edge of his desk) you just don't want to go there, is that what you're kinda saying, right?

JESSICA: Uh, yeah. I guess.

STEPHEN: So, don't go there, follow your instincts. Do something original. (Pointing to his chest) write how you feel (then points towards her).

JESSICA: You mean fear?

STEPHEN: Fear, yes! If that's how you feel, then write it. Admit to yourself that this guy scares the hell out of you, and start writing. Just see what comes out.

JESSICA: (She appears to see his point) Mmmmm.... maybe (nodding her head in agreement) Yeah.

Just then someone opens the door. Stephen looks up and sees that it is Rae.


JESSICA: (Standing up), Rae, hi, did you find Jenn?

She looks upset. Jessica notices she is upset.

JESSICA: Rae, what's the matter?

RAE: There's been another murder, a student at the university.

Jessica is upset. Haver is standing a couple of feet in back of her and he looks upset too.

Scene Seven: Outside at the crime scene (Princeton University in New Jersey was used as the outside shots for Llanview University) Haver is talking to a policeman. Jessica is behind the crime scene tape looking upset. Haver thanks the cop and walks towards her, lifting up the tape and walking under it. He is wearing a dark leather jacket, and dark leather gloves.

Haver consoles Jessica;
20 sec; 840k
STEPHEN: They won't tell me anything.

JESSICA: Did you tell them who you were, and that you're helping with the Music Box Murder investigation?

STEPHEN: Until they notify the families they won't anybody who the victim is.

JESSICA: (Shaking her head, very upset) I can't believe this is happening again.

Haver takes her in his arms, and innocently comforts her. She falls into his arms for comfort.

OLTL007D: Haver comforts Jess OLTL007D2: Jess

STEPHEN: I know, it's okay.

(Air date Tuesday, January 27th, 2004)
Scene One: While at the pathologists one of the doctors notices that Flash is breathing, she is alive, however she is in a coma. The family is informed but they are to keep it secret. They hope to smoke out the killer. The police have yet to say who the victim is. Everyone else is kept in the dark as to who the victim is.

Scene Two: Al (Michael) is talking to Marcie at the Student Union, she seems receptive. She thanks him for helping her get the student to come forward. As they are talking, Viki and Kevin arrive. As the president of the university she is there to tape a public announcement about what has happened. As she is talking to Marcie and Michael , Haver enters the room. Is he limping?
VIKI: (Seeing him) Oh good! (Speaking to them) Excuse me. (Calling over to Haver) Dr. Haver, may I speak to you for a moment.

STEPHEN: Certainly.
She goes off to talk to Stephen. We do not hear their conversation. Kevin stays and talks to Marcie and Al.

Scene Three: A little later they leave. We just hear the tail end of Haver and Viki's conversation.
VIKI: (Patted his shoulder) Call me. Alright.

STEPHEN: Certainly.

VIKI: Thank you so much! (Talking to Kevin, and pointing) Honey, I'm going to go and record that announcement, can you wait?

KEVIN: Yeah, I'll be right here.

VIKI: Thank you (she walks off).

KEVIN: Alright!
Haver walks over to Kevin and introduces himself.

STEPHEN: Mr. Buchanan, (offers his hand to shake; they shake) Stephen Haver.

KEVIN: Oh, yeah.

STEPHEN: Professor at the university.

KEVIN: Yeah, nice to meet you. My mom's talked alot about you. Umm, I understand you're helping the FBI and the police with this murder case?

OLTL007E: Haver goes on and on how intelligent the killer is

STEPHEN: Oh, I'm just doing what I can.

KEVIN: Listen, um (folding his arms over his chest) about this killer what's up with him? I mean, how come he's able to stay one a head all the time?

STEPHEN: Well, I.... he's very intelligent, he's methodical, the authorities keep underestimating him, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a genius IQ.


Scene Four: Examining the crime scene the police discover that the killer has left two footprints. They get lucky when they notice that the right heel print is deeper than the other. The realize that the killer is wearing special shoes because he is lame.

Scene Five: Meanwhile, Rex Balsom, is searching through his apartment, when he finds an expensive black satchel. He calls the police since it looks exactly like the one the killer dropped after his unsuccessful attempt to kill Jennifer. Since the basement apartment belong to Troy MacIver, they realize that this satchel is in fact Troy's, and the one found by the pier belonged to the someone else, possibly the real killer.