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Professor Stephen Haver Files
Episode Eight

(Air date Wednesday, January 28th, 2004)

Scene One: The police get word that Troy has attempted suicide. However, when Michael (Al in his body) examined him, he discovered that beyond the drugs he allegedly tried to OD on, he was pumped up with a large amount of hallucinogens. He tells John who realizes that someone must have been drugging Troy for some time, the person who has been setting up the killings to appear as though Troy as the killer. John tries to talk with Troy but he is too hopped up on what the killer gave him to be of any help.

Scene Two: The site where Flash was attacked has become a shrine, with flowers and other offerings. The police have yet to announce who the victim is nor the fact that she was not killed. To smoke out the killer they put out false information that before she died she identified her killer. Viki stands in front of the shrine contemplating. Finally she turns and walks away, standing behind her is Dr. Haver. She walks towards him.

STEPHEN: Extraordinary. All this for somebody most of these students never even knew.

VIKI: (Emtional and upset) Well.... we all knew her, she was in our care, and she died. And she was just a student, you know, she had friends, maybe a brother and a sister. She was somebody's daughter. She could have been my own child.

Viki turns towards the spot where Flash was attacked. Haver watches. She shakes her head.

Scene Three: Flash came out of her coma but is unable to speak. Her larynx was crushed. The doctors do not know if she will ever sing again, or even regain her speech. He father Cord Roberts has come from London to take Flash back with him. Asa is pleased to see his grandson, Cord. They have a nice reunion. Back in London, Clint Buchanan, her grandfather, is waiting; he will perform surgery on her when they arrive. A private plane is waiting to take them away. They also agree that she is safer there since the killer may come after her. She says a tearful good-bye to Asa, and Riley; then she and Cord leave, not knowing when and if she will return.

Scene Four: At the university Jessica is meeting with Antonio. They kiss and she walks off to meet her Dr. Haver. Viki and Haver are still talking when Jessica meets up with them. Haver turns and watches as she walks up to them.


VIKI: Hello, (Kissing her) Sweetheart.

JESSICA: Hi Dr. Haver, I hope that you weren't waiting for too long.

STEPHEN: No, no, no (pointing to Viki) President Davidson's been keeping me company.

Viki smiles.

JESSICA: (Talking to her mother) I'm going to interview Dr. Haver for that series I'm doing.

VIKI: Yes, so I heard. I have to go, I have another meeting. Please be careful! Don't go anywhere alone! No one is safe.

Viki reaches over and gives Jess a hug and kiss.


VIKI: See you later. (Talking to Stephen) Dr. Haver.

STEPHEN: (Almost inaudibly) President Davidson.

He watches as she walks off, and continues to do so for OLTL008A: Haver watches Vikisome time, even as Jessica is talking to him. He seems transfixed with Viki. She gets her purse to get the notes, as she talks.

JESSICA: So, um, Dr. Haver, you said in class the other day that, um, serial killers usually fill (correcting herself) fit a profile, uh...

she reads her notes, and he still is looking away, deep in thought, finally he seems to snap out of it when she starts reading the serial killer profile.

OLTL008B: Supportive familyJESSICA: ....white males, between the ages 25 to 45, um, (flips the paper) usually with high IQs--

STEPHEN: That would including (turning towards her) about a million different men: Several Nobel Prize winners, heads of state, Agent McBain, myself.

JESSICA: And my two brothers, as well.

Haver talks about his mother;
1:10 min; 2.7 Meg.

STEPHEN: Well, one difference with your two brothers, and (pointing to OLTL008C: She's quite a ladyhimself) myself we all had the luxury of a loving, supportive family, and a loving, supportive mother.

JESSICA: (Smiling) That's my mom alright.

STEPHEN: It certainly is (looking in the direction Viki went, looking oddly). She's quite a lady...., reminds me of my mother. (Turning back to face Jessica) Uh, sit please.

He motions to a near by bench. They sit. Haver looks off in the distance, again. Jessica is intrigued by his story.

JESSICA: Thank you.

I'm not saying that my mother was a university president, but she worked very hard.

OLTL008D: Talks about his mother

STEPHEN: (Cont. Looking as if he is remembering happy times) Two jobs, day and night, and still found time to look after my brother and me.

JESSICA: We're lucky.

STEPHEN: (Nodding in agreement) Yes. We are lucky. (Turning around) That's the point, serial killers OLTL008E: Serial killers seem like usare almost always abused terribly when they were children.

JESSICA: Which leads to the abuse of animals or property. I came across alot of juvenile arson.

STEPHEN: (Emphasizing it by raising his finger) This is the thing to remember (slight pause) about serial killers, they may be loners, but they seem just like everybody else. They live in our neighborhoods, they work (motioning with his hand) side-by-side with us. They could be lawyers, (the camera focuses on Jessica) they could be could be postal workers, students, teachers, even a cop .


Scene Five: Awhile later, Haver and Jessica are walking through the campus.

Haver asks Jessic to be his assistant;
30 sec; 1.2 Meg.

STEPHEN: You've certainly done your research on serial killers.

JESSICA: Um, there's alot to look over, but I can hardly wait to read your new book.

STEPHEN: Oh, it's almost finished. Actually (motioning with his hand) maybe you'd like to take a look at it for me, I could use a little proofreading help.

Jessica is all excited, she is beaming.

JESSICA: I'd love to. I.... I.... I was a copy editor at The Banner for a little while.

STEPHEN: Great. Great. You know, actually I've been looking (a little OLTL008F: Agrees to have her as an assistantchuckle) for a research assistant and I just--

JESSICA: (Excitedly interrupts him, the stop walking) I'll do it! (Realizing what she just did) uh.... I'm (embarrassed; clears her throat and nodding her head, hopefully) if that's what you're offering, I'll do it.

STEPHEN: Ah.... oh, yes it is what (flashing a wonderful smile) I'm offering.


STEPHEN: Look, I know your plate is full, but maybe I could find a way to give you some course credit while you're do this work, what do you say?

JESSICA: (Extremely pleased and excited about the prospect) That would be.... greeaat! I.... I'd have to work some scheduling stuff out, but uh, yeah! That would be great! I.... can hardly wait to tell Antonio.

Scene Six: Back at the police station, Bo and Antonio are there. John reports on his none too helpful meeting with MacIver. There is a knock on the office door, Bo tells him that the information stays between them. Bo goes to open the door and it is Haver with some files.

BO: Dr. Haver, come on in.

STEPHEN: Commissioner. (Handing John the file) Agent McBain here's the notes you were asking for on my sessions with Troy MacIver.

JOHN: Oh, thank you Doctor. (Looking through the papers) Maybe there's something in here about his contacts that could help us with something.

Jessica and Rae are waiting outside. Jessica tries to look into Bo's office to see what is going on. Rae looks amused.

JESSICA: IIIII-I couldn't hardly wait to tell Antonio, (pointing to the office) but it looks like I'll gonna to wait.

RAE: Ahhhhh, (looking very intrigued and nosey) you know, you could tell me, maybe I think I would love to hear!

JESSICA: (Giggling) Ahhh... Ooookkkaay, um....

RAE: (Laughing too) Good.

JESSICA: (Chuckles, very happy about her news) So Dr. Haver, um, asked me to be his research assistant for this new book he's writing.

RAE: (Placing her hands on Jessica's arms, really excited for her) Reeeaaallly?!

Jessica nods her head.

RAE: (Cont.) Oh Honey, that's soooo good!

JESSICA: Yeeahhh.

REA: Dr. Haver is an up and coming scholar, you know.

JESSICA: (She obvious has a slight crush on him) And he's brilliant!

RAE: Not bad too look at, huh?

JESSICA: Interested?

RAE: (Chuckles; she also seems taken by Stephen) No, not me! But I bet alot of the co-eds would love to be in your shoes.

Jessica looks a little embarrassed at that remark.

RAE: (Cont) Fact I'm surprised no one has scooped him up yet.

JESSICA: Well, I don't know, maybe nobody can live up to his mother (shrugging her shoulders).

RAE: Ohhh?

The way he talks about her she's a pretty fine lady.

She shrugs again. Just then the door opens, the look over to towards the office door.

RAE: Oh, look. Hey!

Just then we see Antonio and Stephen walk out. Haver watches Antonio and Jessica, his expression hard to interpret.


JESSICA: (Glad to see him) Hiiii!!!

ANTONIO: What are you doing here?

JESSICA: I was waiting for yoooouuu! I was going to go back (taking each other's hand) to campus, and since you won't let me go anywhere by myself....

ANTONIO: Weellll.....

JESSICA: (Act coyling, and flirtatious) You can with me, and I can tell you the news on the way.

ANTONIO: Sounds good.

They walk off hand in hand. Haver is still watching in the back, and keeps his eyes on them as they walk off.

ANTONIO: (To Rae)Okay Doc.

JESSICA: See you in the morning, Dr. Haver.

REA: Okay, kid.

STEPHEN: (Smiling) I'll look forward. See You.

Haver walks over to Rae. He continues to look in the direction they left. They just stand next to each other and smile, but say nothing.

Scene Eight: Troy MacIver is strapped in his hospital bed, and is ranting. A nurse tries to calm him, but he keeps muttering that someone is coming. He tells her that the person says he is a friend but is not. Then hysterically, as she tries to ask who he is, Troy repeats that he is the killer. However, he is too messed up from the drugs to say anymore.

Scene Nine: Back in Bo's office, John and Bo are talking about the case. Meanwhile, we see a figure dressed in dark clothing and dark leather gloves, it is the killer. He is at some pay phone outside. He puts something on the speaker part of the phone, to distort his voice; he then dials a number. Back in Bo's office, John's phone ring.

JOHN: (Answering) McBain.

THE KILLER: Agent McBain, I know who you are!

John gets up and walks to Bo, and silently motions to him.

THE KILLER: (Cont.) But you still don't know me!

Bo stands up and McBain puts the phone so the both can hear. The killer begins to count down, the camera only shows his hand and arm. The scene cuts back and forth between the killer, and John and Bo.

THE KILLER: (Counting down)Ten.... nine..... eight.... seven..... six..... (Gradually the camera pans up to reveal a chiseled chin -- the killer obvious is a white male) five.... four.... three.... two.... one!

When the killer reaches "one" the camera pans to Jessica and Antonio kissing, they are on campus, only a few yards away. The killer is using a pay phone, up a couple of steps where Stephen and Jessica were walking earlier that day. Jessica and Antonio embrace just as the killer hangs up.