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Professor Stephen Haver Files
Episode Nine

(Air date Thursday, January 29th, 2004)
Scene One: The camera pans across a desk, there are two small statues of Rodin's The Thinker, placed back to back -- they look like book ends. The camera pans across the desk, there are a series of newspaper clippings, all of which deal with Agent John McBain -- "McBAIN CAPTURES MOST WANTED FUGITIVE," "McBAIN SIDELINED BY BUREAU," Johnny-On-The-Spot: McBain Nabs Samon and Gang," "EXCERPTS FROM McBAIN'S PRESS BRIEFING," "AGENT JOHN McBAIN LOOKS TO THE FUTURE," "FEDERAL AGENT J. McBAIN CRACKS MONEY LAUNDERING RING," "McBAIN'S STAKEOUT PANS OUT," "FBI Agent Sees Clues Where Others See [obscured by other clipping]," "AGENT McBAIN, [word obscured] JUST THE FACTS." The last article is from the Atlantic City Sentinel, "CATLIN FITGERALD DIES FROM A GUNSHOT WOUND: Victim Was Engaged to FBI Agent Injured in Burglary Attempt," There is a photo of McBain; A gloved hand, obviously the killer's, picks up the clipping, and moves his finger over John's photo.

Scene Two: At the police station Rae is talking to Nora Buchanan about the Todd Manning trial. She is worried how it is affecting Nora. Just then Stephen walks up to them.
RAE: (Looking past Nora) Oh Stephen, hi!

STEPHEN: (Looking serious) Nora!

NORA: (She beams with pleasure, seems she is taken by him) Hi!

STEPHEN: I just got a call from the hospital, Troy MacIver is up, and he wants to talk to you.
Nora is upset, and turns away. She obviously does not want to see Troy.
STEPHEN: (Noticing her reluctance) I could go along with you if you like?
Is his offer motivated by concern and wanting to help, or is there another reason.
NORA: I think I'll take you up on that.

RAE: Good.


Ah, let me just go and uh check in with John and uh Antonio first.

She leaves, leaving Rae and Stephen alone.

Rae asks why Haver lied;
55 sec; 2 Meg.

RAE: Hey, you know I'm glad we have a minute, I.... hmmm


RAE: I was talking with Jess.... Jessica Buchanan yesterday (Haver nods) and she was talking alot about your mother, and.... well, how amazing she was....

Rae seems confused. As she talks Haver seems upset by it but tries to hide it.

RAE: (Cont.) I.... it was so surprising that I didn't even say anything.

Haver seems angry, but hides it.

RAE: (Confused) Obviously you don't want to tell her the whole truth about your mother?

OLTL009A: Haver doesn't like Rae's prying

Haver has a weird expression.

Scene Three: Rae has just confronted Haver about his lying to Jessica about his mother. She notices Haver's odd expression.
RAE: If you don't want to talk about this we don't have to.

STEPHEN: (Almost defensive) No! No, no it's okay, and you're right I um, I don't like to talk about my mother.

RAE: (Nods her head understandingly) Oh.

OLTL009B: Haver glares at her
So, I uh.... just fudged things a bit with Jessica.

RAE: Yeah, I know. Well, I understand that, I do. (Nodding) It just surprised me.... a little. I mean coming from your background, and everything you've accomplished? My god you should be so proud of yourself!
Haver has a strange look. He tilts his head, his eyes flash and almost nasty glare. Rae notices and is confused?
RAE: Stephen?


Immediately his expression changes. He is about to say something, but stops when Nora returns. Rae looks confused. Stephen remains silent.

NORA: Hi, am I interrupting?

RAE: (Turning towards her) No.

NORA: Oh good.

STEPHEN: No.... no.... not at all, actually ready to go?

NORA: (Throws up her arms resigned) Sure! Absolutely. Hopefully Troy is ready to tell me who the killer is.

RAE: Yeah!

STEPHEN: (Acting sincere) I Hope so (smiles or is it more of a smirk).

NORA: (Walking off) Yeah!
He follows, still flashing a pleased expression, then looks back at Rae. Rae remains, apparently something is bothering her about that exchange.

Scene Four: At the prison hospital, Troy is strapped down, and is sleeping. A guard is hovering over his bed, the guard turns when he hears Nora and Stephen enter the room. They stop at the door.
GUARD: I'll be outside if you need me.

NORA: Thank you.
They guard walks out. Nora goes to the bed. Haver remains back by the door. He watches intently. Nora looks at Troy, then looks over towards Haver.
NORA: Troy?
He stirs, and the opens his eyes a little.

TROY: (Sedated though glad to see her) Nora?

NORA: I heard you want...
Troy lifts his hand, there is a blood pressure sensor on his finger, she looks down at it. He makes a sound.
NORA: I heard you wanted to see me.
He raises his hand towards hers, she reluctantly touches it, then holds it.
TROY: (Out of it) You're here. (Sighs relieved, smiles weakly).

NORA: I'm sorry Troy! I'm soooo sorry....
Troy makes a noise as she talks.
NORA: (Cont.) ....that I thought you killed those women.

TROY: (Having difficulty talking) I didn't do it, it wasn't me.

NORA: I know, but Troy, do you know who the killer is?
Troy appears to nod.

Scene Five: Troy appears to have drifted back into unconsciousness. Nora tries to awaken him.
NORA: Troy? Oh, Troy, don't go to sleep. No, you need to need to wake up. Troy?
Haver comes towards the bed.
STEPHEN: He's going in and out. Probably going to be a couple of days before the drugs are completely out of his system.
Nora watches Troy sleep. She appears to feel sorry for him. She then gently brushes a strand of hair from his forehead. Haver stands, watching Troy.
NORA: Okay. Alright, we should probably go. Let him get some rest--
She starts to walk off, but Troy stirs and groans, Nora is about to say something else, but Troy awakens, stopping her.
TROY: Nora, (gently taking her hand) Nora?

NORA: Yeah, I'm right here. I'm here Troy.
Haver watches on.

TROY: (Mumbling) Nora, I didn't.... I didn't.... I didn't....I didn't.

NORA: (Trying to reassure him) I know you didn't.

TROY: (Still mumbling) I didn't.

OLTL009C: Haver watches as Nora  interrogates Troy

Haver watches intently. He looks strangely at Troy, almost with a hint of maliciousness.
NORA: I know you didn't! I know you didn't. (Bending down over him) Troy, why did you take an overdose?
Troy appears to be thinking, and about to say something. Haver seems nervous.
TROY: I don't remember?

HAVER: He's probably still under the influence.
Is he trying to stop Troy from saying too much? Or is he just stating a fact.
TROY: (Still muttering) I don't remember.

STEPHEN: It.... There's probably suffering from some short term memory loss. (Nora looks over at him) Just relax Troy (Haver is speaking softly and calmly, almost hypnotically) you don't have to answer everything right now.

TROY: (A little more awake, but still muttering) Why....what? I....I didn't kill my.... I didn't kill myself.... I.... I don't wanna die. (Getting more agitated) I don't wanna die.... No.... No Colin....
Nora turns away and looks at Haver. As Troy continues to mutter.
TROY: I don't wanna die.
Scene Six: Troy continues to mutter that he did not try to kill himself. Nora tries to calm him down. Haver watches on at the foot of the bed.
TROY: I.... I.... I didn't kill myself.
As he mutters she touches his hair to calm him.
NORA: Okay.... Troy--

TROY: No, I didn't do it (She takes his hand)....

NORA: You need to calm down---

TROY: ....kill myself....

NORA: Calm down. Alright calm down.

TROY: Nora, I didn't kill myself.

NORA: I'm going to get some help.

STEPHEN: Alright.
Troy mumbles something and tries to stop her from leaving.
NORA: Alright, I'll be right back (leaves).

HAVER: [Can't get what he says possibly is] Let me.

No don't go.
Nora, don't.... (throws his head back down on the pillow) don't go.... I didn't do it.
It almost appears as if Haver waits until she is gone before he starts talking to Troy.
OLTL009D: Haver is alone with TroyTROY: (Mumbles) Nor..... I....
Haver is leaning over the railing of Troy's bed. He begins to talk to Troy, again calmly, softly -- almost hypnotically. Stephen continues this throughout his time with Troy.

STEPHEN: There was another murder, Troy.

TROY: I didn't do it.

OLTL009E: Haver and TroySTEPHEN: Of course you didn't do it. You were locked up. (Troy groans) You were locked up in Statesville. Everybody knows you didn't do it.

TROY: (Repeating) Statesville.... (Mumbles sounds like) that's where I was.

STEPHEN: What you need now is, just relax.

TROY: Uh, I'm confused.



Haver and Troy;
30 sec; 1 Meg.

STEPHEN: You've been thinking about Colin again, haven't you?

TROY: (Nodding, as if hypnotized) Colin.

STEPHEN: Now, people might be making comparisons between the two of you, because of what you've done --

TROY: (His eyes closed) I'm not Colin.

STEPHEN: (Cont.) .....in your life.

TROY: I'm not Colin.

STEPHEN: Of course you're not.

TROY: (Licking his lips, he seems to have a hard time talking) Colin.

STEPHEN: Just because Colin was a psychopath, does not mean you're a serial killer.

TROY: Colin made me kill Claire. Colin made me, I.... (opening his eyes) I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I didn't kill those women....

Haver listens. He seems to be trying to help Troy.
TROY: I.... Tell Nora, I didn't kill those women. Oh....
Haver watches, his expression is hard to decipher.

Scene Seven: Some time later. A guard is trying to restrain him as a nurse is trying to calm Troy. It looks like the nurse is giving him a shot. Nora has returned. Stephen and Nora watch from near the door.
TROY: I didn't kill them. Nora, listen to me. Please, I'm innocent. (He is more upset now).

NURSE: (She has given him something to calm him down) There we go.

TROY: Nora! (Trying to tell her something) I know Nora.

STEPHEN: (Whispering into her ear; he lies) After you left the room he became hysterical.
Nora looks at Haver. Troy is trying to say something. However, the drugs seem to be taking their effect.
TROY: I.... I know who.... I know who the killer is. Nora (he tries to fight back the drugs) I know who the killer is. I know. I know.
Troy begins to fall to the drugs. Haver stands there, watching.

OLTL009E: Haver watches

(Air date Friday, January 30th, 2004)
Scene Eight: At John's hotel room, John and Antonio are talking about fooling the killer with the false reports stating that Flash and Troy were able to give information about him.

Scene Nine: At her and Antonio's apartment, Jessica is watching his daughter, Jaime. She hears some noises; it appears as though someone is outside her door. She goes outside to look. She looks around the hallway and sees nothing. She then goes towards the elevator. From around the other corner we see a figure of a man. It is Steven Haver. Jessica calls out. Haver stops and says nothing, watching her for a moment.


STEPHEN: Jessica?

Strattled, she turns around and walks towards him.

JESSICA: D....d....did you see anybody in this hall?

STEPHEN: (Looking around) Me? Me, no.

JESSICA: I just (shakes her head confused) I....I could have sworn that I heard somebody, but Jaime and I are here alone, so....

STEPHEN: Do you want me to call the police?

JESSICA: Nah! No, no, no, it's just being jumpy, (rubbing her forehead and temples) and crazy. Um, what are you doing here? How did you know where I live?

OLTL009F: Jess wonders how he knew where she lived

Haver says nothing.

Scene Ten: He hands her some folders he has. She still is perplexed as to how he knew where she lived.

STEPHEN: I wanted to give you the rest of the research material for the next chapter in the book.


STEPHEN: (Charmingly) I was looking you up in the-uh, student directory, I hope you don't mind.

JESSICA: No, no, not at all. Um, (motioning) come in.

STEPHEN: Certainly.

He follows her inside, and looks around. She shuts the door.

JESSICA: I, um, was looking through the (pointing to papers on the counter) research that you gave me....

STEPHEN: Uh hmm.

JESSICA: Um, before, and I came across some of your correspondence.

STEPHEN: (Bending over the counter, looking at the papers) Really?

JESSICA: Yeah. (Looking through a folder).

STEPHEN: I understand that Sarah Roberts is related to your mother.

JESSICA: Yeah, um, her niece, she was my cousin.

STEPHEN: (Sincerely) I'm very sorry.

JESSICA: (Continuing to go through the papers; she knows Sarah, Flash, is alive) Me too. (Finding what she was looking for) I-uh, I..... I thought they were research. I'm sorry I read these letters. I, uh (handing them to him, and he looks at them). I don't know why anybody would ever turn down one of your papers.

STEPHEN: Yeah, the journal editor used to be department head at-uh Capital University. We never really got along.

JESSICA: Why not? (Opens her mouth, and places her hand to her forehead, embarrassed at being so nosey) I'm soo sor-ry (nervous laugh). I'm prying, it's just uh (nervously parting her bangs) journalist genes, I guess .

STEPHEN: (Still looking at the letters) No, no, no, no, no (chuckles) it's okay. Ummm, the world of academia is just vicious, when I was teaching there (motioning) at Capital U., well, that's when I got my first big book contract. Which is just wonderful, until the sen-ior faculty found out.

JESSICA: (frowns, obviously sorry for him) And they were jealous?

STEPHEN: (Chuckling) Uh, green, positively. (Slightly bitter) They started picking me apart: My teaching methods, my writing; course the head of the department was the worst, blocked my tenure review.

JESSICA: That's awful!

STEPHEN: (Nodding in agreement) Well, I thought so at the time. But-uh, enabled me to come here. And I like to call this place home.

JESSICA: (Smiles) I hope so. And so does my mom.

STEPHEN: Good! Well, thank you very much. (Pats the papers) And you let me know if you have any questions about that. (Puts the letters into a file).

JESSICA: (Points to a file)This one.

STEPHEN: About this (correcting her, he points to the other file).

JESSICA: (Chuckles) Ohhh, okay.

STEPHEN: (Chuckles) Okay. (Walks towards the door to leave, turning around at the door. ) I'll see you around campus, okay.

JESSICA: Have a good day.

STEPHEN: (As he walks out the door) You too.

Jessica locks the door and sighs.

Scene Eleven: At the Palace Hotel bar. Haver arrives, Rae has been waiting for him. She is carrying a drink, white wine. He apologizes as they walk over to a table.

STEPHEN: Rae, I.... I really am sorry that I'm late.

RAE: Oh, now would you stop it.

STEPHEN:A I had to drop off some research papers with Jessica Buchanan.

RAE: (Knowingly) Ohh, Jessica.

STEPHEN: Well, look my (chuckles) my editor says I've got to have these footnotes (motioning with his hands) on his desk by the end of the week. Plus, after the murder of that young girl on campus, I got to admit, I feel alot better seeing that Jessica was alright.

Rae looks surprised, confused.

RAE: (Leaning forward) So the police didn't tell you?

STEPHEN: (Frowning, confused) Tell me what? Did something else happen?

OLTL009G: Rae says Flash is aliveRAE: The killer didn't succeed in....in killing Sarah. Sh....She's alright, she's alive.

Stephen looks glad about it -- though does he: Is he thrown by this statement and trying to hide it.

STEPHEN: That's..... well that's wonderful!

RAE: Yess! But you know I.... It was supposed to be kept under wraps, so maybe I shouldn't have said anything. I.... just don't say anything, alright.

STEPHEN: (His expression is hard to interpret, is he truly concerned, or is he reacting because Flash is not dead.) Ooh.... No! But S....she's going to be alright?

RAE: Yes, they think so. Ummm, they're a little worried about her voice.

STEPHEN: (Is he pretending to be upset, or is he really? He almost seems to be exaggerating and faking his concern) Ah, poor girl! B.....b....but what th....th....the newspaper reports that said she'd be able to identify the killer?

RAE: Oh, no, no, no, no. That was a ruse. She didn't even see him.

OLTL009H: Smiles when he learns she didn't tell the police anything

Haver looks almost pleased about this. But why?

Scene Twelve: McBain is at his hotel room when the phone rings.

JOHN: McBain.

There is a shot of the campus, and the pay phone. There is a tall figure on the phone. It is night.

THE KILLER: (Device to distort his voice) Agent McBain, not working on my case tonight? You taking the night off or.... are just afraid?

McBain touches a button to get a trace on the call.

JOHN: I'm not. You should be.

THE KILLER: Sad about your little (pauses for a moment for effect) fiancée lost, so long ago.

McBain seems affected by this. But tries to hide it.

THE KILLER: (Cont.) And Daddy McBain, cut down in the prime.... butchered by a drunken surgeon.

JOHN: (Trying to control his emotions, but obviously disturbed by what the killer is saying) That's right. Tell me something, how do you know all this?

THE KILLER: Don't want to make you late to your dinner party.

John tries to hide his surprise that the killer knows so much about his life. He wants to stay in control.

Scene Twelve: The killer is still on the phone, trying to taunt McBain to get him to lose it.

THE KILLER: Ohhh, Johnny Boy, a stranger in a strange land. Nothing to keep you company in your rat hole of apartment, but pictures of your poor young victims....

The camera pans onto the killer's left shoe, which he is tapping, it is either scuffed, has yellow paint on it, or has mud on it [it is hard to tell]. Through their phone conversation, the camera cuts back and forth between John, and the killer's foot, and obscured body.

JOHN: Yeah, you know what Man, I was just admiring some of your graffiti. (Smacks his lips) Hey, you know, you and I should get together. I'll come alone, unarmed, anywhere you want, just name it.

It's not polite to interrupt.

JOHN: Oh, you screwed up with Flash, my friend. She told us what you look like. (Smiling, smug) and MacIver, he told me all about you. Told me how you gave him drugs to hallucinate. But his mind is clear now, Man. And he told me all about it.

THE KILLER: I don't think so. You don't know who I am; and you never will.

John seems shaken. The killer hangs up the phone, and walks away.