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Professor Stephen Haver Files
Episode Eighteen

(Air date Monday, February 23rd, 2004)

Scene One: The trial is over and Nora goes visits Bo. Nora asks if there is any news about Rae and Haver. They tell her that there is no news. However, Jessica tipped off Haver. They also catch her up on Troy, and how they discovered that Haver took advantage of his mental instability, befriended him, and then hypnotized him into confessing.

Scene Two: Outside Jessica's apartment. Haver was sneaking around and as he was locking up he was caught by Jessica. He worms his way out of the situation. He plays the poor victim.

JESSICA: What are you doing here.

STEPHEN: I'm looking for a sympathetic ear, I'm afraid.

JESSICA: Did you talk to the police, I know you didn't go the other day.

STEPHEN: Yes, ooohh, yes! I'm afraid your suspicious were correct.

JESSICA: (Rolling her eyes in disbelief and disgust) They think that you're a suspect.

STEPHEN: I'm (raising his hand) trying to look at it from the police point of view, but.... I'm afraid that John.... ah, John McBain is becoming unglued. I think he's trying to frame me (he sounds very sincere and believable).

JESSICA: (Gasps) Haa.... (closing her eyes) wooow! I.... You told me he was going off the deep-end, but I.... (shaking her head) What can I do?

STEPHEN: Well, I think your uncle is a little more leveled headed about all this, so (gestures)I was hoping you could help me to get through to him. Ah, (looking towards the door) could I.... (feigning humility, acting embarrassed to even ask) come in?

JESSICA: Of course! Sure!

She turns to the door and starts to open it. He flashes a self-satisfied and evil smile.

Scene Three: Inside Jessica's apartment, short while later. Stephen is pretending to be preoccupied and upset. He has his hand to his mouth, pretending to be thinking about his situation. Jessica is swayed by his act and is concerned for him. Jessica is fixing coffee for them.

JESSICA: I've never seen you this quiet before.

Haver tries to get Jessica to believe him over John McBain;
1 min; 990K.

STEPHEN: I'm sorry, (gestures) ah this.... ha.... this is just so.... inappropriate. You're a student of mine, and I'm.... Is, ah, Detective Vega going to be coming home any time soon?

JESSICA: No, I'm sorry, he's still away (frowns).

STEPHEN: (Sighs pretending to be disappointed) Haaa.... He seems like a good man, I'm sure.... he.... could, ah.... I-I.... I just can't understand how Agent McBain could come up with this vast theory connecting my work to the actual murders (acting upset, looks away for affect)!

(Frowns and shakes her head) Must be horrible to be accuse of crimes like this.

STEPHEN: (Paces around holding his own hand in fake frustration) More than you know. (Sighs again) Haaa, wha.... a smear like this could cost me my entire career (Adjusts his jacket)!

JESSICA: Oh, here, why.... why don't you relax, and take your coat off, I mean....

STEPHEN: I (starting to do so)--

JESSICA: (Cont., walking around) ....Look on the bright side, if the police (throws out her arms in gesture) were completely convinced you'd be arrested, right?

STEPHEN: (Puts his hand to his mouth in frustration, then takes it away) They don't have (taking off his jacket, not paying attention) any evidence! That's the thing (annoyed smile) they....

JESSICA: No, evidence? (Frowns, confused) Well, then, can't you prove that you're innocent?

STEPHEN: Ah, proving a negative is next to impossible. Especially in the court of public opinion, but is no evidence! You see (holding his jacket, not paying attention)!

He throws it to the couch and puts his hand back to his mouth in thought. Something falls out of the pocket of the jacket, and Jessica notices. She bends down to pick it up, it is an ID.

JESSICA: You dropped something, ah, wha.... wait.

It is Rae's university ID card.

JESSICA: (Runs her fingers through her hair, confused) Ho.... How did you get Rae Cumming's ID?

Stephen is surprised too, he has to think of a way of a believable excuse, and quickly.

Scene Four: At the police station, Bo shows John and Nora some interesting information. One of the White Rose suspects was interviewed by a psychiatrist from Windham Clinic. They remember that Troy mentioned the clinic. Nora wonders if the psychiatrist could have been Haver. John goes over to investigate.

A while later, John calls Bo. After Bo gets off the phone he tells Nora what they learned. The clinic caught fire mysteriously a few years ago and has been closed ever since. They found no information that Stephen was involved with the clinic. Nora wonders if Haver could be holding Rae there. They do not think so.

Scene Five: Back at Jessica's apartment, Rae's ID has fallen from Stephen's jacket, surprising Jessica.

OLTL018A: Haver is caught with Rae's ID

JESSICA: Rae wouldn't go anywhere without her ID. And especially not now my mom's increased security on campus (gesturing) since the Music Box Murders, and you can't get anywhere (sits down and waves the ID) on campus without one of these!

STEPHEN: That's why Rae called me from Boston (slight chuckle).

JESSICA: She's in Boston? John's been looking for her.

STEPHEN: (Sits) Yea.... (points) I put him in touch with her there. She's helping a suicidal friend in the hospital (gestures). And she realizes that she was missing her ID she asked me to check her office, and she was (chuckles) very relieved when I found it. I'm (motions) airmailing it to her tomorrow.

JESSICA: Oh, (fiddling with it) that's.... that's nice of you (smiles).

STEPHEN: (Scoffs) Ah, you (shakes his head) won't tell anybody about this, she'd be very (chuckles) embarrassed?

She shakes her head, could it be that she is a little dubious.

STEPHEN: Ha, ah, may I?

JESSICA: Yeah, sure, (handing the ID to him) of course.

Looks like she still is naively trusting. Gets up and walks around.

JESSICA: (Cont.) You know, I'm really, I'm glad that you came by, actually. I think.... (makes a little gesturing motion with her hands) between us we can ah.... (claps her hands together) we can really convince, um, my Uncle Bo (picks up two cups) that, ah, John is completely wrong about this.

Stephen has an sinister smirk, pleased he was able to dupe her. He surreptitiously puts the ID

OLTL018B: Haver is smug, Jessica believed his story about the ID

into the pocket of his shirt. Then nods.

Scene Six: Natalie with her guard in tow goes to Jessica's. She knocks on the door and calls to her, but no answer. Natalie is someone concerned. Suddenly Jessica comes to the door, but makes sure to keep it barely open, and stands in such a way that Natalie cannot see inside. She tries to brush Natalie off and tells her a story about interviewing someone. Natalie wonders if it is about sexual harassment. She tells her sister that it is not that but it is a kind of harassment, and because her subject is "publicity shy" she cannot let her in. She finally manages to brush Natalie off, and she leaves. However, it appears as though Natalie is suspicious

Haver is still inside, still sitting on the couch; Jessica returns to him.

JESSICA: Sorry about that it's just umm whe.... when she heard I w--

STEPHEN: (Putting up his hand, pretending to feel bad) No, no, no I-I.... I'm sorry. I just.... I, uh, I just faced all the questions I can handle for one day.

JESSICA: And Natalie's John's friend, I-I.... I know you must feel bombarded wherever you go.

STEPHEN: (Spreads out his arms in feigned frustration) I can't believe it's come to this. (Sigh) Haa... Yo... you didn't tell her I was here, did you?

JESSICA: No, no, of course not, (shakes her head) no!

STEPHEN: (Sigh of relief) Haa, thank you! I-I.... I'm.... I just want to be the one to find the time when to tell people about this mess. This....

JESSICA: (Nods sympathetically) I understand.

STEPHEN: (Cont.) ....it's gonna hit my colleagues and and the students (runs his hand over his mouth) like a bomb shell.

JESSICA: (Nods, moved by his act) I understand, of course!

STEPHEN: (Turns to her looking appreciative, continuing to manipulate her) Thank you! I know I could count on you!

Scene Seven: The scene continues, Haver gets up and walks over to Jessica who is straightening out the kitchen.

STEPHEN: Well, I guess I'm lucky that my face isn't splashed over the newspapers yet (putting his hand to his mouth).

JESSICA: Ahh, Dr. Haver, by the time that happens it's (shakes her head) too late.

STEPHEN: I know, what am I going to do? J-John McBain is sooo frustrated because he's two-steps behind the serial killer he will do anything he can to close this case.

JESSICA: Uh.... (putting out her hands) it's okay, we're going to get to my uncle before it happens

STEPHEN: I.... I'm not even sure....


STEPHEN: (Cont.) ....if I'm (throws out his hands in mock frustration) ready to do that now.

JESSICA: A-a... Ah.... I'm come with you! (Nodding) Yeah!

STPEHEN: Jessica, I can't tell you what your faith means to me.

Jessica puts on her coat to leave with him. He goes over to get his jacket. Then continues the manipulation.

STEPHEN: (Feigning embarrassment) I, ah, I don't have my car, it's in the shop, so I had to take a cab, would it be all right (gestures, pretending to be reluctant to ask) if.... if we drove up there together?

She puts on her scarf and adjusts her jacket, he puts on his jacket, pleased his lies worked.

JESSICA: Sure, I'll even let you drive.

Even Haver seems surprised, he looks at her and chuckles.

STEPHEN: All right! All right!

She walks out, he stops scans the room, then with a fiendish, pleased look follows her out.

Scene Eight: Back in Bo's office, John is sleeping in a chair. He then has a nightmare back to the time of his fiancée Caitlin's murder.

She is in bed, he is dressed in a suit, and they are kissing passionately. She tells him she loves him. Then she says she has been hit. There are the sounds of gun fire. He looks at her in disbelief, then over towards the door. He sees a shadowy figure pointing a gun, darken by the darkness in the room, yet also with some light from the hallway. The figure looks like Prof. Stephen Haver. He looks back down at his fiancée but sees Natalie lying dead instead. He hears more shots.

Natalie is knocking at the office door. She tells him that she is having vibes that her sister Jessica may be in trouble.

They go over to Jessica's place. She and Haver are gone. As they search around they find a driver's license, John is stunned to see that it is Caitlin's. John knows that Haver purposefully left it there for him to find. He knows that Haver is toying with him, about being the serial killer and also that he was the one who killed Caitlin and put him in the hospital for months.

(Air date Tuesday, February 24th, 2004)

Scene One: John and Natalie remain concerned about Jessica. Natalie says that Jessica left a message with their mother, Vicki, saying that she was pursuing a story. John tells her that Caitlin's driver's license is proof that Haver was sending him a message, and that he has Jessica.

Scene Two: A rustic cabin somewhere. Haver is alone on a couch with what appears to be Jessica's cell phone. He is fiddling with it.

STEPHEN: (Reading) "All messages deleted." (Under his breath) All right.

Just then we hear Jessica walk into the room. He is still fiddling with her phone when she walks into the room.

JESSICA: Is that my phone?

STEPHEN: (Making another quick save) Oh, yes, Uh, (chuckles) my phone ran out of juice and I burrowed yours, (getting up) I hope you don't mind.

JESSICA: It's no problem, were you calling my Uncle Bo?

STEPHEN: I started to--

JESSICA: Well, what happened?

STEPHEN: Well, I decided to call Rae Cummings instead, talk to her shrink to shrink, see if she could (motions) give me a little courage since I've.... obviously gotten a little scared here.

JESSICA: Yeah, who can blame you! What did Rae say?

STEPHEN: I wasn't able to reach her.

JESSICA: (Lets out a deep sigh) Haaa (then rolls back her head) I wish there was something I can do to help.

STEPHEN: What do you mean, you've been a great help! You let me drive all the way out here! You've listened to me half the night! You've stood by me! Nobody understands me the way you do!

JESSICA: My uncle will! But we have to go back to the police station and deal with this! It's the only way!

Scene Three: Still at the cabin, Stephen is pacing around. Throws down his hand in disgust. He continues to pollute her mind against John.

STEPHEN: Agent Mcbain is like a man obsessed.

JESSICA: I know he just wants to catch a murderer.

STEPHEN: By framing an innocent man!

JESSICA: You have to explain that to my Uncle Bo!

STEPHEN: (Gestures) I've already tried, I told you! It's just John wants my head on a platter (looking vulnerable).

JESSICA: But if you're not guilty then--

STEPHEN: (Interrupting) N-n.... neither was Troy MacIver! Or Marcie Walsh's brother, before that! John (motions) even suspected his own brother! (Gestures) He needs an arrest! The FBI is breathing down his throat, he.... (emphasizes with his hand) There's no talking to the man, you know that as well as I do!

JESSICA: (Getting an idea) Maybe (pointing to herself) I should call my Uncle Bo first!

STEPHEN: Ahh, look I-I.... I.... I don't I don't want to put you in the middle of this! (Pretends to be upset about bothering her, sits down) I don't!

JESSICA: No, please! Please! I want to! Let me help any way I can!

STEPHEN: (Pretending to give in, though it is obvious it was his plan all along) If you think it'll do any good?

She nods.

Back in Bo's office, he is talking to a cop, and gives him a description of Jessica's car, telling him to call around the neighboring counties. Just then the phone rings, it is Jessica. He tells her that they have been worried and ask her about her whereabouts. She tells him that she is with Stephen. As she talks Stephen listens in. John motions to the cop to come over.

Scene Four: The scene continues, Bo is trying to extend the call to put a fix on her location. He asks if Haver is not letting her tell her location. She insist that Stephen is not forcing her to do anything. She says, "he is *innocent"! Bo tells her if that is so for her to get Haver to come and tell him in person. She tells her uncle that Stephen wants to but if he comes down that he has to control John McBain, "You *cannot* let him blow up at Prof. Haver as he did before!" Bo is confused, "before?" Jessica rants that John is "out of control," and she says that she has seen him do it. She tells her uncle that McBain is "too personally involved" in the case. Meanwhile, Haver gets up, and walks towards a lit lamp. Jessica says if he does nothing an innocent man's life will be ruined. Meanwhile, John is on a cell phone, he motions with his hand to Bo to keep her talking. Haver is standing by the lamp, the light casts an chilling and

OLTL018C: Jessica follows his manipulations

sinister cast to his face. Bo again asks her where she is. She refuses to tell him. He tells her that he wants the two of them to come to his office. She glances over to Stephen. She tells her uncle that as soon as he hears Stephen's side, just like her, he too will believe him innocent. He tells her that if he has an alibi for the murders he will "cut him loose right away." Again John motions for him to extend the call. However, just then the connection cuts off. John asks the person on the other line if they were able to trace the call. He is frustrated to hear that they did not. The cop rushes in and says that they could not establish the location, but they do know that it was north of Llanview.

Back at the cabin, Stephen comes into the room with two cups of tea.

STEPHEN: Jessica, I don't know how to (hands her a cup) thank you for this.

JESSICA: I told you that my uncle would be reasonable. But he wants us to go back right away! And as soon as you tell him your alibis he's going to clear you (smiles)!

|STPEHEN: All right. All right. Just (raises his cup) finish up this tea and get back there. This will warm us up.

He puts the cup to his lips. He makes a slurping noise, but the camera is not on him so we do not see him drink. Jessica laughs, she sits down and drinks.

Scene Five: Back at the police station, Bo and John are putting a APB on Haver, they remind the cops to be cautious since Jessica is with Haver. They worry that she and Haver did not make it, if they were really coming that would have been there by now. John says if it was up to her, implying Haver had other plans for her. Just then Haver is heard.

STEPHEN: I assure you your niece is quite all right, Commissioner. (Motioning with his hand) Commissioner Buchanan, Agent McBain (he turns and motions to a well dressed blackman, black and with a goatee who is behind him) this is Nelson Kendall, my lawyer.

Nelson Kendall nods.

STEPHEN: (Cont.) I'm sure you know of him. He's here to try and help me clear up this terrible misunderstanding--

BO: (Furious) Where the hell is Jessica (leaning into Stephen)!

He says nothing.

Scene Six: Meanwhile at the cabin. Jessica is lying unconscious on the floor. There are no pair of leotards around her neck, nor music box by her body so she is obvious just unconscious from something Haver put in her tea. A little later, she gradually comes to, confused. She cannot figure out what is wrong with her. She calls out to Stephen, but of course there is no response since he is not there.

Scene Seven: Back at the police station, Haver, Bo and his lawyer walk into Bo's office.

STEPHEN: (Gesturing) I.... don't know what else I could say. Jessica kindly dropped me off outside the station.

BO: (Furious) Where is she?!

STEPHEN: Huh, my best guess is that she's (shrugs) head home.

John McBain is calling on his cell. He makes a face and shakes his head.

JOHN: Not at home! (Takes the phone from his ear for a moment) Not on her cell!

BO: (Talking to Stephen's lawyer, knowing he did not) Did you see a young blonde woman drop him off?

NELSON KENDALL: I met my client inside the building.

JOHN: Hey, you know, why are we even messing with this, all right, (pointing to Haver) let's arrest this psycho right now, we'll deal with this other stuff later.

NELSON KENDALL: I'd be very careful about remarks like that, Agent McBain!

McBain smiles not believing what he is hearing. He turns around, and says nothing. Haver remains calm. He says nothing letting his lawyer speak. Though there seems to be an underlying smugness.

BO: You're here to confess, Haver?! 'Cause I'm ready to hear a confession you son-of-a-bitch!

NELSON KENDALL: My client is here to cooperate with the authorities! You wanted to question him in regard to the so called Music Box homicides?

JOHN: Oh, you're damn right we want to question him (smiles and nods his head)!

NELSON KENDALL: Well, here he is!

Haver looks over at John with an almost gloating expression.

OLTL018E: Haver gloats over the fabricated alibis

NELSON KENDALL: (Cont.) He has confirmed alibis for the times in question.

Bo frowns, not believing what he is hearing.

NELSON KENDALL: (Cont.) Volunteered by people of established reputation. We have come prepared with their signed affidavits. It's all there!

Kendal hands a folder to Bo, who frustrated walks to his desk, and takes out the papers inside.

NELSON KENDALL: (Cont.) As you'll see here, at the time of the Elyssa Collins' murder, Dr. Haver was a poll watcher for the town board of elections here in Llanview. On the night of the Madison Kensington homicide he was in Philadelphia at the Academia of Music for the Messiah.

Haver continues to pretend to play innocent, but it is obvious he is enjoying pulling it over on Bo. Bo, is annoyed knowing it is a set up.

NELSON KENDALL: (Cont.) The second document is a statement from the woman beside whom he was seated.

McBain gets on his cell to check out the alibis.

BO: Where's Rae Cummings?

STEPHEN: (Feigning ignorance and concern) You haven't heard from Rae yet (frowns, looking worried)!

BO: You know we haven't heard from her! Now, what did you do with her?!

STEPHEN: This is so unlike Rae, I'm really getting worried (frowns, again feigning concern)!

JOHN: (Getting off the phone, disgusted) The old broad's willing to give him an alibi for the night (paces around).

NELSON KENDALL: You have questions for my client we're happy to cooperate.

JOHN: (Seems to get an idea, smirks, and pulls Haver's arm to turn him towards him) Hey, you know what? I don't know what you're pulling here today, but, uh, it's not gonna matter. You're not going to get away with this

Scene Eight: The police station, some time later. Bo, John and Haver's lawyer are still chatting. Bo is frustrated to discover that Haver's "alibis" checked out, despite knowing that there is no way that they could. Nelson Kendall tells them that they have been interrogating his client for hours. John wants to know how they got the alibis. Kendall insists they are legitimate. DA Daniel Coulson comes in and says he has spoken with a judge who wants them to release Prof. Haver. Nelson Kendall wants them to either formally charge his client or to release him. John furiously tells them they cannot release Haver. Bo says to charge him for "something!"

Scene Nine: Back at the cabin, Jessica is looking through her purse for her phone. She cannot understand why she cannot find it. She tries to use the phone in the cabin, but is disturbed to discover that the line has been cut. She goes to the door, but discovers it has been locked from the outside.

Scene Ten: Back at the police station, Coulson tells them they cannot indict him since he has alibis for the times of the murders. Bo is furious, he says that "this bastard" choked seven women to death, including Gabrielle. Coulson accusing him of taking it too personally. Nelson Kendall tells them that they better not put a tail on his client, or he they will sue. John goes outside as a officer walks Haver over.OLTL018E: Haver toys with John


JOHN: (Whispering to Haver) You know, I'm going to break you. I'm going to break you into so many pieces your mother won't recognize you!

STEPHEN: (Almost sadly sincere) John, I don't think that my mother would recognize me at this moment anyway. But then, she never was one to pay much attention. Still, I wish you luck, in your hunt for the killer. It would be a terrible shame (now it appears he is making a veiled threat about Jessica) for someone else to die.




He walks away with his lawyer.

Scene Eleven: Back at the cabin, Jessica continues to try and open the door. She bangs on the door and calls out to Haver. She goes to a window which is boarded shut, she moves a panel of wood, but it appears it does no good. She goes over to a cabinet and goes through it. Inside she finds a satchel, she pulls it out and as she goes through it. She is horrified to find a music box inside.