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Professor Stephen Haver Files
Episode Twenty

(Air date Friday, February 27th, 2004)

Scene One: Clippings from all the Music Box Killer murders are being laid out by Haver. Around the photos of each of the victims there is a large red heart. Next he has a photo of Rae from some newspaper article. Haver picks up and holds it. The same music is playing in the background.

STEPHEN: Technically.... not part of the Music Box Killer's plan, but.... (sighs) Ha.... Rae, I'm sorry you just got in the way.

He puts down her photo on top of the others. He sighs again.

STEPHEN: Haaa. So.... (he roles his chair to the monitors, he puts two clips by the two monitors) eight down, two to go.

One is of Natalie and the other is of Jessica.

Scene Two: Jessica has been rescued, Antonio wants to know if Haver hurt her. Jessica is confused, she tells him of course he did not. She says that Haver just asked for her help and she gave it to him. She insists he is innocent. He wonders who she was talking about when she called him, locked in the cabin if it was not Haver. She said she did not mean Haver, she meant the Music Box Killer. She dropped off Stephen at the police station. She does not know who brought her to the cabin. He leaves her in her place, in bed. A guard is outside the door. She is sitting up in bed when the phone rings. She answers.


It is Haver in his control room. He punches in a few keys and the music plays. He moves his hand in time to the music, as if he is conducting it.

STEPHEN: (Sighs) Haaa, Jessica,.... do you know who this is?

JESSICA: (Under hypnosis) Yes, hi! Dr. Haver, you're my friend! You're the only one I can trust!

STEPHEN: That's right! And now I need you to do something for me.

Scene Three: John is watching over Natalie. She wants to know the truth, is she in danger. John cannot lie and tells her he thinks she is. They talk about the games Haver is playing. She tells him he cannot blame himself for Caitlin's death, Stephen Haver is a psychopath and he is to blame. He tells her that this time he is not taking any chances.

Scene Four: It is later, outside their apartment, Antonio is talking to John about how Jessica is refusing to admit Haver was the one who brought her to the cabin. He knows that for some reason she will not or cannot admit this.

Meanwhile, inside Jessica is sleeping restlessly. She is dreaming.

It begins with Antonio talking to her, asking her about Haver, what he did to her. He is holding her hands in his, trying to comfort her. Then his hand morphs into Haver's; he is talking to her, soothing her, telling her what to do. The music is playing.

STEPHEN: Trust me! Trust me! Trust me!

She looks at him, he at her. There is a noise, the sound of glass breaking, Antonio shouts out at him.

ANTONIO: HAVER, (pointing his gun at him) you're under arrest!

Haver is now wearing handcuffs, he has his hands extended to show her.

STEPHEN: You see what I mean?!

He lowers his hands and sighs, she stares at him.

STEPHEN: The police are wrong! (Turning to her) I'm not dangerous! Antonio is! And John McBain is dangerous! They will hurt you, Jessica! They will hurt you!

We see two hands grasping a pair of red leotards, and tightening it as if ready to strike, the hands raise up and we see Antonio's face, looking as if he is about to strike. He tightens the grip, making it taunt, and turns towards where Jessica should be, he has a killer look in his eyes.

Just then Jessica awakes, and sits up; frightened, she looks around the room. No one is there.

Scene Five: John wants to get Natalie out of the way before Haver has a chance to do anything. He refuses to give her too many details because Haver is very good at finding out information. She agrees to his plans. He also tells her that everything is set up for Cristian's memorial, there will be surveillance throughout the church to make sure Stephen does not do anything.

Scene Six: It appears to be the morning now. Antonio wants Jessica to go in hiding with Natalie. She somewhat agrees. She says she does not remember anything, but she thinks John is right about Haver. Antonio thinks that maybe away, safe and resting she will remember more. Antonio leaves. He has to leave to check on the church for the memorial service. After he leaves she thinks back to Stephen's conversation from the night before. She is in a daze, the music can be heard.

STEPHEN: Make Antonio think you've turned on me. So the polices won't be suspicious of you. Let them think you trust them. When.... really.... I'm the only one you can believe.... and trust, Jessica!

Scene Seven: A while later, she has changed, the phone rings.


It is Haver, in his control room, he has the music playing to hypnotize her.

STEPHEN: Hello, Jessica! This is your friend, Stephen.

JESSICA: (In a daze) Hello!

Did you do what I asked?

JESSICA: I told that I didn't trust you anymore.

That's right. So now John and Antonio will believe in you. But they're the ones who can't be trusted. You know that don't you?!

JESSICA: Yes! I pretended to go along with their plan.

STEPHEN:Good! Tell me, tell me about their plan!

Haver smiles knowing he will be about to beat John at his game.

(Air date Monday, March 1st, 2004)

Scene One: It is Cristian Vega's memorial service. The Vega's, his widow Natalie, Jessica, friends and family are there. The police have searched the church and there are guards everywhere because John, Antonio and Bo fear that Haver may do something, they are worrying for the safety of both Natalie and Jessica.

John tells Bo that the FBI office in Seattle just called him, they picked up Stephen's mother, alive. They a flying her over and sending a report. Bo leaves to check the grounds. Just then John's cell phone rings.

JOHN: McBain!

(Voice distorted) She's crying!

JOHN: What?

STEPHEN: Natalie, she's crying.

Throughout the episode we never see Haver. John turns to see Natalie, she is sitting next to Carlotta, and her mother Viki. She wipes her eyes.

STEPHEN: (Voice distorted) You should take better care of her!

Scene Two: The conversation continues.

JOHN: You figured out a widow would be crying at her husband's funeral, you're a real genius, Haver.

STEPHEN: (Voice distorted) Aahh, you know who I am. I'm Poe!

JOHN: Oh, whatever. You still can't see her.

STEPHEN: You aarree a clever booyy, Johnny! But how can you be suurre?

John looks over towards Natalie, as the service continues and another person eulogizes Cristian.

Scene Three: The service continues, and John and Haver are still talking.

STEPHEN: (Voice still distorted) Have you checked every inch of the church, John?

JOHN: If you're here prove it, Haver!

STEPHEN: Then, the game would be oovver!

Scene Four: They are still talking on the phone. John is not taking the bait, not wanting to play the game.

JOHN: If you're here show yourself! Otherwise you and I got nothing to talk about!

STEPHEN: (Chuckles) Hahahahahahahahahaha.....

The laugh continues as the scene cuts away.

Scene Five: The conversations continues.

STEPHEN: Let's see? Where could I be? Did you check the confessional? Maybe I'm waiting to hear your sins.

JOHN: Oh, I've got plenty of sins, I'll meet you there!

STEPHEN: But that wouldn't be my rightful place now would it, John. I see all! I know all! Sooo, where would I be?

JOHN: Oh, I don't know Haver, (annoyed) where?

Simple, John, simple. With the omnipotent! The aalllll powerful! Up on the altar!

John turns an looks up at the altar, up at the the full sized Crucifix.

(Air date Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004)

Scene One: It is later that day, John has taken Jessica and Natalie to a "safe house." It is a dive. Also, they finally were able to put Haver's picture in the paper as a suspect, so if he goes out he may be detected by someone. Natalie thinks it is silly hiding out like this. She thinks it would be better if they were bait to lure Stephen out. Throughout this time Jessica is under the effects of the hypnosis still, though they do not notice. John leaves, saying that they are being well protected, there are two agents next door monitoring them, and two down the hall.

Scene Two: Bo and Antonio try to reassure Viki that her daughters are safe. Antonio is worried by her aloof behavior at the memorial, she was "distant." Viki is upset, Jessica "idolized" Haver, she trusted him, and he betrayed her. She probably was acting oddly because she was hurt and "confused."

Scene Three: Back in his secret room, Haver is seated and holding a newspaper clipping of Natalie in his left hand.OLTL020A: Haver contemplates who to kill 1st Natalie or Jessica

Victim Number One, (in his left a clipping of Jessica) Victim Number Two. (Nodding) Victim Number Two (looking back at the other clipping) Victim Number One. (Sighs) Haaa (swings his chair around) Either way, one mother will be planning two separate funerals!


Scene Four: At the police station, John and Bo get the police reports, the cameras they found were from the same store. He also has a linguistic specialist checking out tapes of Haver's voice and the voice the killer uses when he calls, the specialist should find similarities between the two to proof it is Haver. Bo wonders if they can feed Haver false information about the location of the safe house and then trap him. John does not think it would work. Just then his cell rings, he answers it. It is Stephen, it is from his perspective so the voice is not distorted, but obviously for Bo it is.

Haver taunts John again;
1.4 min; 1.2 Meg.

STEPHEN: "Once upon midnight dreary" while John pondered "weak and weary"--

JOHN: (Bored looks at his watch) You're boring me already, Haver!

STEPHEN: I told you, call me Poe!

JOHN: Poo, Poe, whatever, look, you know, I don't have time for this today.

OLTO20B: Talking to John about Caitlin and NatalieSTEPHEN:
You're doing a very impressive job, John, you've managed to keep Natalie and Jessica alive.... for now!

JOHN: (Sighing) Haaaa, are you trying to say something is gonna happen to them?

STEPHEN: Do you know The Raven?

JOHN: I've a funny feeling you're going to tell me about him.

STEPHEN: Our hero, let's call him.... (thinks) John -- for argument's sake -- pines for his lost love, Leonore. More poetic than Caitlin, but you get the point.

JOHN: You know what, enjoy yourself, Man, because this is coming to an end, and when it does when it does you're going to end up in little, tiny pieces.

STEPHEN: You're the one who is going to pieces, I can see that right now. But please, please, don't give up! It be such a disappointment!

JOHN: You know I'm coming for you!

STEPHEN: I hope so, for both our sakes. I don't know if you could survive another failure like.... Gabrielle Medina, Karen Reeder, Madison Kensington, Rae Cummings.... (pauses) Caitlin Fitzgerald! Do you remember the look on her eyes, when she left this world? Profound disappointment!

JOHN: Eh, you know, no more! No more calls! No more nothing, you know! (Gesturing) This is just you and me and one bullet! I want you to hear this and to hear it good! (Puts down the phone) LISTEN TO THIS, HAVER!

He smashes the phone, Bo watches, his mother Eve, brother Michael and newly arrived cousin Shannon enter the room shocked by his actions.

Haver takes the phone from his ear, and does a somewhat eye roll, unemotionally.

Scene Five: The student union of Llanview University, Jennifer Rappaport and Marcie Walsh are talking, and should be studying. Marcie mentions that Jessica told her that the police think Haver is a suspect. Jennifer says she does not like the guy, she tells Marcie he always looked at her strangely. Marcie tells her that she agrees with Jessica, she does not believe that he could be the Music Box Killer. Just then Jennifer has a flashback to the time she was attacked, waking up, the red leotards wrapped around her throat, and nearly being strangled.

Scene Six: Back at the safe house, Natalie is trying to clean up the place. They talk about how nice Cristian's memorial was. Jessica says that John thought the killer was watching them. Natalie gets angry, lashing out at her for not saying Haver was watching him, since he is the killer. Natalie wonders why her sister keeps doing that. She wonders if Jessica really believes Haver is the killer. She protests saying of course she believes he is the killer, though it is obvious she is lying. Natalie does not believe her. Jessica says that of course she believes it because John and Antonio tell her to. The way she says it makes Natalie even more suspicious.

Scene Seven: Awhile later, Natalie calls John to tell her that Jessica is acting strangely. She tells him that she is acting weird, like she is "not all here." Antonio is listening in, John tells him that he is sure that Stephen has gotten to Jessica.

Later on Antonio says he had Jessica tested for drugs. John wonders if she was hypnotized, it is part of Prof. Haver's M.O. Antonio wonders if Stephen is using her to feed him information about their investigation. Just then the phone rings. He is pleased, it is the linguistic specialist Haver's voice matches the voice the killer has been using him. They have him now.

Scene Eight: Back at the safe house, Jessica is resting in bed reading, Natalie is in a chair reading something, watching her. Just as the phone rings. Jessica answers trying not to be heard. Natalie sits up and leans over trying to listen in.


The classical music, is playing, it is Haver, speaking calmly.

STEPHEN: Hello, Jessica! (With a pleased, smug smile) It's time for you to help me.

Jessica is in her trance, says nothing. Natalie realizes something is wrong.

Scene Nine: The scene and conversation continues. Stephen is telling her what he wants her to do.

STEPHEN: I need to know where you and Natalie are hiding.

Meanwhile at the police station, Antonio and John are listening in and taping the conversation.

STEPHEN: And make sure no one finds out what you are doing!

John and Antonio look at each other. John is pleased.

JOHN: Gotcha, Haver!

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