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Professor Stephen Haver Files
Episode Twenty-one

(Air date Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004)

Scene One: The scene continues from the last scene of the previous day, Stephen has called Jessica at the safe house. He is in his control room. The trigger music for her hypnosis is playing.

OLTL021A: Haver tells Jessica he'll see her soon

JESSICA: Did you get that?

STEPHEN: (Writing it down, repeating what she said) "1452 First Street," I got it! Thank you, Jessica. I can't thank you enough for all you've done. But remember, don't tell anyone. Not John McBain. Not even Antonio. Only me.

JESSICA: (Nodding, in a daze) I know that.

STEPHEN: I'll see you soon.

Jessica hangs up, and is startled by Natalie who offers her something. Natalie is suspicious and asks her with whom she was talking. Jessica says nothing.

A while later, Antonio and John are at their door, they brought along Dr. Paulsen, John thought he would be able to detect if Jessica is being controlled by Haver, and if so how to deprogram her. Immediately Jessica recognizes him, and is offended that they brought him there.

Scene Two: Back in Haver's lair, he is still looking at the two clippings, still trying to decide in which order will he kill Jessica and Natalie -- his two final victims.

STEPHEN: Jessica will be next, (he glides Natalie's clipping around that of Jessica's. Then puts it in the second position) the last (put Natalie's clipping on top of the Jessica's) and far from least, (tapping his finger over Natalie's).

OLTL021B: He chooses Natalie for his next victim

Scene Three: At the safe house, John, Antonio and Natalie try to convince Jessica that she can trust them. Natalie pleads with her sister, trying to get to believe her. She tells her she loves her and would not hurt her, but Haver has, and has hurt their family, and they have to stop him. Dr. Paulsen gives her sodium pentothal, to relax her. He then asks her about what happen with Haver at the cabin. She says he asked to help her, that she called her Uncle Bo, who told her to bring Haver to the police station. She was going to do it. However, before the left, Stephen gave her some tea, and after she drank it she started getting dizzy. After that she remembers nothing; when she woke up he was gone, and he door was locked and the windows were boarded shut. She then tells them that while searching for a key she found Stephen's knapsack, and that she was shocked to find a music box inside. John takes over and asks her why she did not tell them about seeing the music box. She tells them that she cannot remember. He asks if Stephen did anything to her, before she can answer the phone rings again. They tell her to answer it, realizing that it is Haver. As she answers, Natalie, John, Antonio and the psychiatrist watch her and listen in.


It is Haver, again he is playing the music to control her.

STEPHEN: Jessica, it's me, your friend! Can you talk?

Jessica freezes.

Scene Four: The scene continues, Jessica has not responded.

STEPHEN: Jessica, did you hear me?Can you talk?

JESSICA: (She shakes her head the answers) No (She appears to be back under his control)!

STEPHEN: The police are there?

JESSICA: (Nods again the answers) Yes.

STEPHEN: Go ahead and call me back after they leave.

Jessica looks confused.

STEPHEN: (Cont.) And remember, don't tell them anything. You can't trust them. At all! They're not just out to get me, they're out to get you too!

Mechanically she nods in agreement. They hangs up.

Antonio wonders what he said, that she could trust him. She does not believe him, she asks if that were true why are they trying to get her. Antonio mentions hearing the classical music, he asks if that was "the trigger." Dr. Paulsen thinks it is. He asks if Stephen ever played that music for her before. She then flashes back to the cabin.

JESSICA: Why are you doing this?

STEPHEN: Shh.... (as if starting a post hypnotic suggestion) I trust you,.... Jessica. Always!

Jessica looks as if she is under hypnosis.

OLTL019E: Haver hypnotizes/brainwashes JessicaSTEPHEN: (Cont.) And you, you trust me, too! I'm the only one you really can trust!

He walks towards her, her head is buried in her hands. He sits next to her, and continues his calm, soothing act.

STEPHEN: (Cont.) It's okay. Just relax. If you feel any confusion, if you feel any worry my voice will always calm you. (Motioning to the music) This music will aallwaays calm you!

Back in the present.


JESSICA: He told me that he was the only one he could trust and that John and Antonio would hurt me.

Upset and hurting for her sister, Natalie shakes her head, nearly in tears. The other watch and listen. She is near the door as if trying to escape them.

JESSICA: (Cont.) And he was right! That's what you guys are trying do, you're trying to hurt me!

Antonio tells her they never would. Natalie says that Haver is the one trying to hurt her, and "*all* of us!" She goes on to say that he "is using you to do it." Jessica, confused, rushes over and throws herself upon a cot. John asks if there is a way to counter Haver's commands. Paulsen believes that he knows "the stimuli" which Haver used to hypnotize her. Paulsen says that he will have hypnotize her again, and then the next time she hears the music it will have no effect on her.

Scene Five: Back at the safe house, Paulsen is telling Jessica that the next time Haver plays the music to her it will mean nothing to her, and his words will not effect her. He then plays her the same music. He asks her about John and Antonio, and she breaks down asking them to forgive her. They stop playing the music. She agrees to help John, that next time Haver calls her she is to pretend that she is still under his spell and will help him. They motion her to call him back as he asked.

Haver is waiting in his control center, the music is playing, he walks over to his phone and answers.

STEPHEN: Jessica?!

JESSICA: (Trying to sound like she is under his spell) Hello.(Hesitate) Hu.... Sorry I-I.... I couldn't talk before, the.... the guard from outside was in our room, but he's, ah, he's gone now.

STEPHEN: So you can talk?

JESSICA: (Nodding then answering) Yes!

She looks over to John who nods that she is doing fine.

JESSICA: (Cont.) Are you coming here?

Have just looks, and says nothing.

Scene Seven: Haver has not answered her, and Jessica tries to get him to come over, to trap him.

JESSICA: I really need to see you! Ar.... are you.... you going to come here?

STEPHEN: Not with the police all over the place. We can't risk it. But I need you to do something for me!

JESSICA: Okay, a.... anything that you want.

STEPHEN: Keep playing with the police, and then slip away, (bites his lower lip) tomorrow night, 7PM, meet me at Pier 57! When you get there, call me!

JESSICA: (Hesitates) Okay, I'l.... I'll do that.

STEPHEN: (He appears on to her) Aanndd, Jessica, you do trust me, don't you?!

JESSICA: (Again hesitating) You're the only one I trust.

They hang up. Antonio and Natalie walk over to her to comfort her.

Back in Haver's control room he has an odd expression on his face, he definitely realizes something is up. He uses his remote to lower the music. He has a very sinister look on his face.

OLTL021C: Haver realizes something is up.


Scene Eight: Back at the safe house, Antonio has set up a team for the following night to trap Stephen at Pier 57. Natalie is thankful it soon will be over. Jessica berates herself for being so foolish. Antonio is grateful she is not hurt. Natalie notices John's expression and asks what is wrong. He says it was all too easy, "Haver is up to something."

Scene Nine: Eve McBain, John's mother is walking to her car. She is just about to get in when Haver pops up behind her.

STEPHEN: (In a friend and charismatic voice) Hello!

EVE: (Stunned gasp) Oohhhh (turns towards him in panic).

STEPHEN: How nice to see you!

OLTL021D: Haver captures John's mother Eve

(Air date Friday, March 5th, 2004)

Scene One: Eve McBain calls Natalie desperately looking for John. She eventually tells Natalie that she has been receiving calls from "Moore General in Mountain Springs, Nevada." Eve tells her that it appears her husband Cristian is very much alive, in a coma, at that hospital. Natalie is thrilled, and tries to get in touch with John, but is unable to do so. Natalie is determined to sneak off and fly to Vegas to be with her beloved husband.

Scene Two: Everyone is preparing for the trap to catch Haver on Pier 57, where he set up the meeting with Jessica; there are police everywhere and the SWAT team is prepared. Jessica insists that she be the bait because she knows Haver would not fall for a double. The time has come for the arranged meeting. Time passes, and it appears he is not coming. However, suddenly Jessica sees someone. Jessica calls out to Haver. At that moment Haver is surrounded by police.

However, we they look at him it is not Haver. The man is the same body type and of a similar appearance to Haver. He tells John, Bo and Antonio that a guy matching Haver's appearance paid him to met "a blonde woman named Jessica" at that location and time. The man also tells them that the name -- Haver -- gave him a box to give to Jessica. They discover that it is a child's Jack-in-the-box. John winds the crank and the Jack-in-the-box pops out with a note attached to him, written in caps "YOU DIDN'T REALLY THINK THE MUSIC BOX KILLER WOULD SHOW UP, DID YOU? THE COUNT DOWN CONTINUES, JOHNNY. FIRST TWO. THEN ONE. BUT WHO? WHERE? WHEN?

The man tries to defend himself, he insist he did nothing wrong, only tried to make some money. After the cops take him away, Bo tells the others cannot understand how the guy could be stupid, Haver's picture is all over the TV and in all the papers. Just then they get a call, it appears that the FBI have arrived with Haver's mother. They rush off to the police station to interrogate her.

Scene Three: In Prof. Stephen Haver's control room, Stephen has Eve McBain tied to a chair.

STEPHEN: You're not still upset about your performance, are you? Trust me! (Walking over towards her) Natalie believed every line that you read! After all, you're John's mother!

Mrs. McBain cringes.

STEPHEN: (Cont., sighs) Haa.... Natalie cares very deeply for your son. (He bends down next to her) And the feeling's mutual! Haaa.... (biting his lip, nods) So, if something happens to Natalie, it's going to bring alot of pain to John!

Eve McBain is terrified and disgusted, but tries to hide it.

STEPHEN: (Cont., looking up at her) Relax! I'll take care of you! (A strange, almost hurt expression on his face, he has a hard time saying what he wants, as if remember something painful from his childhood) Hu.... After all..... hu.... you remind (looking up at her with a very odd, disturbed look in his eyes) me of my mother!

OLTL021E: Haver tells Eve McBain that she reminds him of his mother

(Air date Monday, March 8th, 2004)

Scene One: It is not long after the previous episode, Natalie is ecstatic to hear that Cristian is alive. She is determined to get to him. She tricks the guard, and sneaks off. Then she goes to Rodi's and asks her boss to give her her pay check. He agrees and she then rushes off the the airport and purchases a ticket to Vegas.

Scene Two: John and Bo arrive back at the police station after the failed attempt to trap Stephen. They enter Bo's office and Haver's mother, Marlena [a joke at Days of our Lives since at the time it was revealed Marlena was the Salem Stalker, and of her character was Matt's Jack's murderer]. She is smoking and looks like an ageing hippie. She obviously is something else, and it is no wonder Stephen grew up to be so screwed up. She tells them that she has called her lawyer, the way she speaks he is someone well know.

OLTL021F: Marlena Haver, Stephen's mother

Bo informs her that if she had any knowledge that her son was the killer and did nothing she would be "vulnerable to charges of, ah, *necessity* after the fact." She tells them that they are wasting their time "Stephen I aren't close." John tells her that since she watched him grow up she might have "insights in his behavior." She wonders what if she *does not* want to be helpful. "Frankly I don't even want to *think* about that *creep*, who calls me 'Mother'!"

Scene Three: Back in his secret room, Haver is with Eve McBain. It apparently is not long after she has called Natalie. He is tearing up a piece of paper in two, in a very meticulous and freaky manner. Eve is freaked out, but is trying to remain calm and hide her fears.

STEPHEN: Yes, (sighing) haaa, that was very well done, Eve! Haaa, (he is tearing the two pieces in two) very well done.

Eve is disgusted, and is trying hard not to show it.


(Cont.) "We could take it on the road," said the actress to the playwright.(starting to tear the papers again in two) Just think, thanks to us, (stops tearing) Natalie thinks Cristian is still alive. Haa, and she's.... (tears it a little more then stops) she's working as hard as she can to fall into our li..... trap (tears them in two). (Sighs) Haaa, (bends down next to her) a certain.... poetic irony, don't you think?! Natalie's going to die the same way (he looks up, he has completely lost it, and has a calm, crazed look) Caitlin did!

Scene Four: Back at the police station, Bo and John continue to interrogate Haver's freak mother. Bo tells her that there is no sign of Stephen anywhere; John adds that they need her help "before anyone else gets killed.

MARLENA: I don't talk to Stephen! And as far as watching him grow up goes, my mother did that. She was a Right-wing Puritanical old witch! When she died in that fire I figured, hell couldn't wait so it came and got her (she smirks).

BO: (Not believing what a piece of work she is) That's harsh!

MARLENA: Why not! She turned Stevie into an uptight, compulsive little creep, who thought he was better than anybody! Spooky kid! I'm not surprised he's a spooky man!

John cannot believe her attitude. He he raises his eyebrow at Bo, "love it!" He wonders if there was anybody else who had contact with Haver, and became close to him. She tells them that he was "mostly" a loner. They wonder what that means. She tells him that she had a husband, and he had this "crime collection" about serial killers, their drawings, mug shots, "and weirder stuff too." She describes a helmet from the electric chair and the top being burned from the flames of the electrocutions. All the while John is rubbing his forehead and face, completely disgusted by her. She tells them that she did not want that stuff around, "but Stephen couldn't get enough of the stuff." John asks where this guy is now. She does not know. She tells them that the guy once caught Stevie watching him and her have sex, and he just ran off.

BO: Stephen spied on you?

MARLENA: The little pervert! He didn't get it from my side! His father was a real cold fish.

BO: (Taking notes) What's his father's name?

MARLENA: Dennis Peterson. Denny made cash selling Acid, (gesturing) you think you drop all that Sunshine, you'd be Mr. Happy, right.

McBain throws up his hands and sarcastically shrugs.

MARLENA: (Cont.) Must have misplaced his compassion gene on a bad trip!

John, cannot believe it, he cannot believe her lack of compassion and hypocrisy, he massages the bridge between his eyes. Bo asks if she has any compassion. He tells her that they "need help, they want to stop your son from committing any more murders!"

MARLENA: (Smiles) There is one thing, when I left Stephen with my mom, he took a music box, that I'd given him....

Bo is intrigued.

MARLENA: (Cont.) ....it played Romeo and Juliet. I (motioning with her hands for emphasis) put a picture of myself inside it, and I remember I wrote on the picture, "Never forget, you'll always be my little man!"

JOHN: (Annoyed by her attitude) "Your little man".... Lady, did it ever occur to you when (gesturing) this Music Box case was all over the news that maybe your freak show of a son might be our killer?

MARLENA: (Turns to him) YEESS! OKAY! He's evil! How's that!

Scene Five: Back in Stephen's secret room.

EVE: What are you going to do now?

STEPHEN: (Sitting on a counter, rubbing his hands together) My grandparents died in a terrible fire.

Haver freaks our John's mother;
45 sec; 1.8 Meg.


She looks away, trying not to let what he says disturb her so she freaks out and lets him have the advantage.

STEPHEN: (Feint shy) So did a colleague.... Rae Cummings.

EVE: You burned them alive!

STEPHEN: Haaa.... oh, no.... not to worry!

OLTL021H: Haver rests his head on her shoulderHe leans in towards her, and grabs her, then flings her chair around and puts his arms on her, and leans his head against her, it is like a mix of very young child seeking comfort from a mother, and something sexually twisted. She cringes in disgust and terror, and moans.

EVE: Oh, God!

STEPHEN: No! (He rests his head against her shoulder) Haaa.... I have something, much....

He is panting. She puts her hand over her face, nearly in tears. He speaks stilted. He is oddly calm. He is almost crying too.

STEPHEN: (Cont.) ....much gentler in mind for you.

EVE: (Almost sobbing) Please....

STEPHEN: (Cont.) Haaa.... (swallows) Then.... haaa.... I fetch.... I fetch Natalie at the airport, call John.... voilá! (Leaning closer to her face as if to kiss her, he rests his chin on her shoulder) History repeats itself! Haa....

Eve tries to turn away but cannot. She is disgusted, fearing what he will do next.

Scene Six: Back in Bo's office, Marlena Haver wants to leave, saying that she has told them all she knows. However, they tell her that they have only begun talking with her. Bo holds a folder, and tells her that while Stephen was in medical school two women went missing. One of them had been bond and tortured. He wonders if during that time if she heard from her son. She says that he had. She tells them that "his college girlfriend dumped him. According to Stephen for *no* apparent reason. He was *devastated*!" Bo is surprised Stephen turned to her. She shrugs, "Don't ask me why!" She goes on to say that "he never could take rejection. Got that from me, I guess." John tells her that she could help them, all she has to do is to let them make it public that she is in town and wants to talk to Stephen. "Use *me* as bait?" Bo reminds her, "Your son is a *serial killer*!" She tells them she knows. John tells her that she could help them stop Stephen. She wonders what then, "Blame myself for deaths of *all* those women?! How do I go on with the rest of my life after that?!" John turns away in frustration.

Scene Seven: Back in the secret room, Haver reaches over for his jacket and slowly puts it on. He continues to pant, and acting in a daze. It is like he is confusing her for his mother -- like he did with Rae. He seems to vacillate from hating her and wanting her affection.

STEPHEN: It.... should be several hours.... before high tide. Haaa.... Ha.... that should give you.... plenty of time.... ha.... to ask forgiveness for your failings as a mother.... before you die.

EVE: I've done nothing that needs forgiving!

STEPHEN: Haa.... You gave birth to John!

EVE: That was the proudest day of my life!

STEPHEN: Huu, he (getting angry, rushes over to her and grabs her) He insists on killing the things that he loves.... (misquoting Ballad from Reading Gaol) One by one!....

She tries to move away but he grabs her hand. She makes a wimpering noise, and cringes. Is he talking about John or himself? He is choked up with emotion, his pain, his psychosis.

OLTL021I: Haver talks about John being the blame

It insults my intelligence. He abuses his gifts, He tells lies about me in the press. It belittles him, me, us. All of this.... (emotional) ahh.... ahh.... (almost as if he is about to sob) if.... if he.... if you taught him manners. Like my grandmother taught me manners, then Caitlin would still be alive. Natalie would... have a long and happy life.




He looks up to her almost pleading. She looks disgusted and terrified.

Scene Eight: Back in Bo's office, Marlena Haver is looking at the photos of the victims.

MARLENA: (Pointing) This one's name is Sarah?

JOHN: (Looks and nods) That's right!

MARLENA: That was my mother's name. Do you think Stephen would kill somebody just because they had the same name as his grandmother?

JOHN: (Nods) Yeah I do. And I think you do too.

She declares that "it *isn't* my fault!" He tells her that her son killed women in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois and Colorado, "and he needs to be stopped!" He wants her to let Stephen know he is there.

MARLENA: Absolutely not (getting up to leave)! Stephen's not my problem! If you need anything else (makes the phone sign with her hand) call my lawyer.

She takes off, to his disgust. Just then Bo comes in, "I got a call from the safe house, Natalie's missing!"

Scene Nine: Natalie has made it to the airport just as the flight is boarding. She is relieved, and overjoyed at the thought of seeing Cristian alive -- she just returned from his memorial the day before.

Haver captures Natalie;
15 sec; 530K.

When She gets to the gate, we see the body of a guard. She hands him her ticket, and he takes it, but we only see his hands. The camera pans up to his face. His head is bet and his face obscured. Then he raises his head and looks at her, in a cold, chillingly psychotic manner: It is Stephen Haver.

OLTL021J:Haver traps Natalie

STEPHEN: Hello, Natalie!

It takes her a minute to realize who it is. Before she can react he pulls out a gun. He moves closer to her and puts the gun flesh up against her. She gasps.

STEPHEN: (Cont.) So good to see you again!

She looks up at him wit a look of abject terror.

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