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Episode Twenty-two

(Air date Tuesday, March 9th, 2004)

Scene One: At the police station, John and Bo are trying to figure out what happened to Natalie. They discover that she talked to Eve.

Scene Two: At the airport, the scene continues from where it left off in the previous episode. Haver has tricked Natalie into believing Cristin is alive, as she is about to board the plane to Vegas to see him, Haver appears pretending to be an airport security guard. Haver is holding onto her, pressing a gun to her ribs, preventing her from escaping.

STEPHEN: So good to see you, Natalie.

NATALIE: Let go of me!

STEPHEN: I need to talk to you. If you don't agree, you're going to suffer and awful lot of pain, so please--

Just then his cell phone rings, he and Natalie look down towards his belt.

STEPHEN: Ah, that would be (looking at Natalie) John calling his mother -- I have her cell phone.

NATALIE: (Confused) How.... how did you--

STEPHEN: Shh.... shhhh (puts the gun close to his chin).... he's just figuring out that something's wrong. Very good! Good boy, Johnny!

NATALIE: (Frantic, begging) Listen to me! Listen, I have got to get on this plane!

STEPHEN: No, no, Natalie, Natalie, you need to listen to me, if you and John want to stay alive! You need to play along, right now! It's all up to you!

She looks at him confused.

Scene Three: The scene at the airport continues, Haver pushes Natalie over towards one of the chairs, and shoves her down onto one of them. Natalie continues to beg to let her on the plane, not realizing he has set her up.

NATALIE: You don't understand, I have to get to Nevada, my husband, I just found out he's alive. Please!

STEPHEN: I don't think (frowning) so.

NATALIE: But he didn't do anything to you and I have to see him! I have to get to him!

STEPHEN: Not when John needs you!

NATALIE: (Confused, frowns) Jo.... John doesn't need me!

STEPHEN: He needs you! He's pining away, he's killed the thing he loves once. He doesn't want to do it again. So, let him help you save you!

OLTL022A: Haver drugs NatalieHaver grabs her and takes out a syringe, and sticks it in her, drugging her. As he talks to her he is very soothing and calm.

NATALIE: (Grimacing in pain) Aaahhh! Oohh! Uh.... oh.... (whimpers) now.... let me go!

STEPHEN: It's okay....

NATALIE: (Cont.) Let me go!

STEPHEN: (Cont.) It's all right.

Natalie gasps, the syringe is still inside her.

STEPHEN: (Cont.) Relax! It will all be over soon.

She continues to whimper.

STEPHEN: (Cont.) It will all be over soon.

Scene Four: Still at the airport, Natalie is drowsy from whatever he gave her. Haver puts her onto a wheelchair.

STEPHEN: Natalie, you made this too easy. Needing your husband's miraculous return from the dead so badly. (Caressing her hair) Shame! Shame!

NATALIE: (Effected by the drugs, smiling) It's a miracle. I got a call from John's mother.

STEPHEN: (Trying to get her to realize he set her up) No, Ah.... (slightly frustrated) John's mother.... (takes out Eve's cell to show her, and points at it) from this phone. From (points at it a couple more times to get her to understand) John's mother's phone!

NATALIE: (Drugged up) She said that Cristian was.... trying t--

STEPHEN: (Finishes her sentence trying to get her to understand) To call John, yeesss! Yes!

NATALIE: (Natalie looks, the realization is seen on her face ) Oh, (shaking her head sadly) no.

STEPHEN: (Almost supportively) It's okay, go ahead. You're home.... you're there.... you're almost there.

NATALIE: (Frowns, whimpers) E.... Cr.... Cristian's not really alive!

STEPHEN: (Almost sympathetically, shakes his head) No.

Natalie whimpers and begins to cry, but is suffering from the effects of the drug he gave her.

STEPHEN: (Cont., shakes his head again) No.

Scene Five: At the police station, John is getting apprehensive because he has not been able to get in touch with his mother, and it is not like her not to keep in touch. Meanwhile, he and Bo are also concerned about Natalie. Just then John's cell rings, he notices it is from his mother's number and thinks she is calling.

JOHN: (Excited) Hey, Mom!

STEPHEN: (In his creepy voice) Noo, sorry! Care to guess again?

JOHN: Haver!

STEPHEN: Yeess! Your mother was with me. That's why I have her phone.

JOHN: (Sighing, but not wanting to show emotion so Haver wins) Where is she?

STEPHEN: She's a lovely woman, John. Lovely! But she's (he gives John a clue) in over her head. Ha....

JOHN: (Slightly frantic) Where is she, Haver, and where's Natalie?

STEPHEN: (Looking down at an unconscious Natalie) She's right her with me, at the airport.

John looks over towards Bo.

STEPHEN: (Cont.) She's getting ready to meet her dead husband. You care to join us for one final bon voyage?

Haver flips shut the cell.

Back in Bo's office, John tells Bo that Natalie's at the airport. Bo asks about his mother; John tells Bo that Haver said she was alive, and he tells Bo the clue Haver gave him, about her being "in over her head." Bo tells them they should split up, he will go look for Eve and for John to go to the airport to try and save Natalie. Bo then tells an officer to get back-up at the airport because Haver is there.

Still at the airport, Haver puts a handcuff on Natalie and the other end to the arm rest of the wheel chair. He then puts a blanket over her lap, covering the fact she is handcuffed -- making it look like he is escorting a patient. He leans up next to her to to talk to her without being.

STEPHEN: Ha, I.... want to thank you for making this.... fun, Natalie! Now, are you read to take a little trip?

He furtively looks around, just moving his eyes, and then begins to wheel her away.

Scene Six: A short while later, at the airport, John arrives at the check-in counter. He asks the check-in person if she has seen Natalie. The woman tells him that he just missed her, she tells John that Natalie was in a hurry to go to Vegas. He wonders if she made it onto the plane. She tells him she will check to see, just then his cell rings.

JOHN: McBain!

It is Stephen -- of course -- he is in the lobby of the hotel where John is staying. He is at the desk and is petting the stuffed beaver which is on the reception desk counter, he no longer is wearing the security guard uniform.

STEPHEN: John, (continues to pet the beaver and looks at it) it's time to come home!

JOHN: Ha.... What?

STEPHEN: Natalie's here, at your place. Just like five years ago. We're waiting for you.

JOHN: (In a somewhat pleading, not threatening, tune) Don't hurt her! I'm on my way.

He ends the connection, and walks off.

Scene Seven: Bo and other police men are on Pier 52, he figured the clue "in over her head" referred to water; Bo also made the connection to the pier where Haver set up the fake meeting with Jessica. Bo and the police search around, and see nothing at first, but using his flashlight Bo notices something out in the water. Handing the falselight to a cop and telling him to aim the beam to the specific area, Bo then jumps into the water.

Scene Eight: At the Angel Square Motel, John's hotel, John, cautiously enters the lobby of the dive hotel, and motions for the SWAT back-up team to follow him.

Haver sets up John into capturing him;
45 sec; 1.6 Meg.

Haver is sitting at the piano, without a care in the world, and is playing Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet. He does not turn, and continues to tinker away on the piano. John comes up behind him, aiming his gun to Haver's head; the SWAT guys are in full armor and have their automatic weapons pointed at him. John is a few inches away now, and Haver stops playing. He then pulls out a control device.

OLTL022B: John

STEPHEN: Touch me, and Natalie dies!

Scene Nine: Back at Pier 52, Bo has pulled an unconscious Eve from the water, and is giving her CPR. He tells her to "come on" that her sons want to see her. Finally she coughs and comes to. She asks where Natalie is, and more frantically where her son is. He assures her that everything will be fine.

Scene Ten: Back that the hotel, Haver holds up a remote control device, his fingers on it to use it if John does not do as he says. John remains next to Stephen, but the SWAT guys move out of the way.

JOHN: (Talking to the SWAT team) Hold your fire! What have you got there, Haver?

STEPHEN: This? (Looks at it) This is the end.... for you, Natalie, (fondling it) perhaps even for me!

JOHN: So what is it?

STEPHEN: It's a simple remote control device. It controls the firing mechanism.... of a vest of explosives that.... Natalie is wearing at this moment.

OLTL022C: Haver says Natalie is wearing a vest of explosives

Natalie is tied to John's bed. She *is* wearing a vest which has several charges in it., and is sobbing silently in abject terror.

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