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Professor Stephen Haver Files
Episode Twenty-three

(Air date Wednesday, March 10th, 2004)
Scene One: At the police station, Antonio and Jessica hear what is going on at Angel Square Hotel. Mrs. Haver had been to the hospital and was given a clean bill of health, despite her ordeal. Jessica prays her sister Natalie is fine. Just then Bo leads Mrs. McBain into the room. They  tell Jessica and Antonio  how Haver kidnapped Mrs. McBain to set a trap for Natalie.

Scene Two: [Somewhat of a repeat of the previous episode, but there are some differences]. Angel Square Hotel, McBain  is holding a gun to Haver's  head. Haver is at the piano in the lobby and toying with some sort of device. Meanwhile the S.W.A.T. Team is surrounding Haver.

JOHN: Where is she?

STEPHEN: (Calmly, his voice sounding strange, gravelly) Get Control of your people, John! If I press this button, you'd be scraping up pieces of Natalie all oooovvverrr Angel Square!

JOHN: (Looking over towards one of the cops) Stand down! (To Haver, still holding the gun to his head) Now, where is she?

STEPHEN: John, you disappoint me. It's exactly where Caitlin was when she died. In your bed (looking up at him), John! In your bed.

John glares down at him. Stephen looks up at him, believing he is in control.

Scene Three: The police station, Mrs. McBain explains how Stephen Haver forced her to call Natalie to tell her that here husband Cristian was still alive. Bo adds that of course Natalie, believed it and went to the airport to fly off to where she was told to find him, and that it was at the airport where Haver captured her. Jessica fears for her safety. Bo reassures her that he is sure Natalie is alive. He continues to tell them that Haver then got in touch with John and told him to meet him at the hotel.

Scene Four: Back at the hotel, John is walking behind Haver towards John's hotel room, his gun pointed at Stephen's back.
STEPHEN: John, I want to thank you for leaving the S.W.A.T. Team downstairs.
They stop in front of McBain's room.
JOHN: Just you and me, Haver! Open it!

STEPHEN: (Motioning to the door knob and acting as if it is a normal situation) All right! (Looks up at him and then opens the door) After you!

JOHN: Move it!

STEPHEN: (Walking inside) Trust, it's a beautiful thing.
Natalie is tied to the bed and gagged; several sticks of explosives are taped to her body. John looks over towards her.
JOHN: (Motioning to her to be quiet and calm) Shhh! (He looks around the room, then turns back to her) are you okay? (He walks over to check on he.)

STEPHEN: I would suggest you don't touch anything. I would suggest you be veerrry, very careful.
Meanwhile John is trying to calm her. She looks around terrified. John does not know what to do.

Scene Five: Back at the hotel. John is sitting next to Natalie; Haver is pacing around,  his fingers on the remote.
NATALIE: (Sobbing) Why.... why are you doing this?

JOHN: (Trying to calm her) Shh, shh, ignore him. Ignore him. (Looking over towards Stephen) Nobody's doing anything. Right, Haver?

(Turning around, pretending to drop the remote) Oh, oh, ohh!
Natalie gasps and whimpers. John fumes at Haver's sick joke.
STEPHEN: (Cont.) I'd better be careful. The keypad is (looking down at it) extra sensitive.

JOHN: Ahh, come on, you know it can't be this easy. Why don't you just share with us your bigger plan.

STEPHEN: "Share?" Ha.... (walking closer to them) that's a therapist word, John. Are you ready to share with me? Quid pro quo? Psychiatry with a psychiatrist?

JOHN: Can't beat you at your own game.

STEPHEN: Hmm.... Is this the same John McBain who stood in front of the press five years ago vowing to bring down the White Rose Killer, but still.... still, John, here I stand (looking at him).
Natalie is terrified, she and John look at each other. John turns towards Haver.
JOHN: You're confessing? You know, you probably could've kept this going for another.... five years.

STEPHEN: (Shaking his head) Nooo, (looking down) I'm tired, John. I'm tired. (Sighing) Haa.... (Looking up, emotionally) I'll move on.

JOHN: (Chuckling) "Move on?"

STEPHEN: "Move on!"
John laughs ironically again.
STEPHEN: It's time to move on.

JOHN: Even if you get past me (motioning with his head) you got to get past the S.W.A.T. Team. Make one mistake with those boys--

STEPHEN: (Looking down, he is obviously more upset and uncertain than he lets on) I (extending the word) don't make mistakes (Looking at John with a dead certainty)!

JOHN: (Confident, pushing Haver's buttons) Oohhh, but you did, Haver! You made a big mistake!
Scene Six: The Hotel Lobby, the members of the S.W.A.T. Team are waiting with guns drawn. One member goes over to tell Bo that the team is in place. He tells someone, we only see the person from behind and just partially, "You know what to do." The person walks off.

Back in the room.

STEPHEN: (Exhaling deeply, and bending down on his knees at the edge of the bed) Ahhh, All right, John, your move.What mistake did I make?

JOHN:  (Confidentially) One of your victims is still alive. Did  you know that, Haver.

STEPHEN: (Slightly nodding) Sarah Roberts, yes, yeess. But she can't identify her assailant. Not that she has a voice to testify with.

NATALIE: (Defiantly but breathing heavily) Yeah, but a lot of other people do!

JOHN: (Turning towards her to silence her) Natalie! (To Haver, confident) Oh, I'm not talking about Flash.


Haver gets a surprise visit
2:45 min; 6.2 Meg.

STEPHEN: (Haver looks at him his head cocked, his mouth partly open, squinting, then he partially smiles) You're bluffing. Right? None of the others survived.

Just then, on cue, Rae Cummings enters the room, very much alive.
RAE: Except one!
Natalie gasps. Haver blinks in shock. Then he stands up suddenly.

Scene Seven: Back in the room, Stephen still is silent as he gazes at the very much alive Rae.
RAE: You're  not hallucinating, Stephen.
Stephen takes a few steps, it looks like he is limping some.
RAE: (Cont.) I didn't die. I crawled out from the fire. When the door blew off and someone rescued me.

STEPHEN: (Obviously upset but trying to affect a calm imagine, he seems to be thinking) Ahh. (Slight smile) The door. Blew off (frowning). When it blew off. And the gas tank--

RAE: No, I got out before you blew the explosion.

JOHN: (Taunting him) I thought you were a protectionist, Haver.

STEPHEN: (Dazed) What?

JOHN: But hell, you can't even walk a straight line without that heel device in your shoe, can you?

STEPHEN: Wha....

JOHN: What?


JOHN: Is tha.... Is that the reason the girls didn't like you? Was it (waving the gun) because you were a gimp? Or was it something else?

STEPHEN: Haa.... you don't know anything.

RAE: (Walking around) You know John (clearing her throat) is.... (taking off her coat) is right, Stephen.
Stephen is upset, he mouths something, apparently trying to regain his composure. Rae continues to walk around, confidently, her arms over her chest, using her psychology to further fluster him into losing it. In the background, Haver is leaning against the wall, almost withering from the words.
RAE: (Cont.) He's right! Wha.... what about that girl you.... you loved soooo much in college. Penny McIntyre. What happen to that? Why did she break it off?

STEPHEN: Ah, I (extending the word).... I broke it off. She.... (struggling) she was.... (panting) sh.... (his voice deepening, swinging his head) she was a.... sllluuttt! She was a whoorrre! (Nodding and slightly smiling) I broke it off! I (Again extending the pronunciation) didn't like her! I didn't like her!

JOHN: That's not what she told us when we called her.

STEPHEN:  (Panting heavily, becoming more and more affected by their taunts) I--

JOHN: (Cont.) She said that you were just toooo....

STEPHEN: I.... I'm what? I'm too what?

RAE:  I talked to your mother, Stephen.

STEPHEN: (Panting even more heavily, growling) ah.... (sniffs) ahh.... ahhhh

RAE: (Cont., turning towards him) She left you.

STEPHEN: (Putting out his hand, as if to block her words) Ha.... ha.... Rae.
He walks towards her, his eyes squeezed shut, his hand outstretched. Natalie and John watch from the bed. John knows their plan to get at Haver is working.
STEPHEN:  (Cont.) Please.... please understand, ha.... this isn't about my mother. I don't care about my mother. (Gesturing with his hand) I don't care about my mother. (Turning towards Rae, pleading) Please....

RAE: It must be (her voice overcome with emotion, almost in tears) terrifying when someone leaves you....

STEPHEN: (Speaking simultaneously as her) I don't care about my mother....

RAE: Right?

STEPHEN: (His eyes still closed tightly, his hand out gesturing for her to stop) Please....

RAE: (Cont.) And when it is a woman, it must be really unbearable....

STEPHEN: I.... I....

RAE: (Cont.) So what did you do, you stopped them....

STEPHEN: Rae.... Rae....

RAE: (Cont.) ....you (frowning) made sure that no other woman (questioningly) would ever leave you again?
He tightens his eyes and puts up his hand towards his mouth, to stop her, to block out her words.
RAE: (Cont.) ....until now.

STEPHEN: (Almost pleading) Rae....

RAE: (Becoming more angry) You didn't kill me!

STEPHEN: Rae, please....

RAE: (Cont.) Here I am, Stephen! Here I am!
On the bed, John caresses Natalie's hair, he mouths something to her, as he watches Haver and Rae, waiting to make his move.
STEPHEN: Please! Don't say another word. Please....

Scene Eight: The Palace's bar, Viki meets up with Jessica, who tells her mother about Natalie.

Scene Nine: Back in the hotel room, Rae is continuing to get at Stephen, and it is working, he is losing more and more control.

Rae continues to play with Haver's mind
2 min; 4.6 Meg.
JOHN: Face it, Haver, you're done!

RAE: John's right, you're never getting out of  here alive.

STEPHEN: (His head turned down and away, his hand up to stop the words) You think.... I'm going to give myself up to you.

RAE: Oh.... (covering her face with her hand).
Suddenly he points his hand towards the bed, but keeps his head turned away. Natalie gasps. Then he slinks away. As John talks Rae has her hand to her face.
JOHN: You're right. This is personal. It's between you and me. So, look, I'm going to put this (showing his gun) away....
Rae then sighs, and takes her hand away. She nods her heard surruptiously. We see Bo at the door his gun ready. She signals him.
JOHN: (Cont.) I'm going to put this away.... So why don't you do this....
Bo motions and Antonio sneaks into the room, unnoticed. Rae exhales, fidgeting, trying not give them away. John has his hands outstretched to show he is not armed.
JOHN: (Cont.) ....why don't you let Rae and let Natalie go.

STEPHEN: Nooo (shaking his head).... John, your (putting out his hand) hostage techniques.... are so tedious to me!

JOHN: Hey!  Listen to me! You got a problem with me deal with me!
Stephen keeps putting up his hand to block out John's words, and continues to turn his head away, cringing. Like a child who is being punished and is worried about what will happen.
JOHN: (Cont.) Be a man for once in your life!

STEPHEN: John!--

RAE: You're my Little Man (obviously imitating his mother, Marlena, she turns towards him).

STEPHEN: What?! What?! What did you say?!

RAE: (Walking towards him, and looking up at him) You're my Little Man, Stevie!

As she walks towards him, he continues to step back, to get away. He continues to try and prevent her from saying more.

RAE: (Cont.) Come here!

STEPHEN: (Putting out his hands as if in defense) No....

RAE: (Cont.) Give me a kiss, Stevie!

STEPHEN: (Begging) Rae, Rae, no! Rae, please no, don't say anymore--

RAE: That's what your mother....

STEPHEN: Don't say.... don't say....

RAE: (Cont.) ....isn't it?

STEPHEN: (Cont.) ....don't.... don't....

RAE: But she was lying....

STEPHEN: Don't talk like that.... Don't use that word to me.

RAE:  (Cont.) ....you know she was lying....

STEPHEN: ....don't talk like that! Don't sa....

RAE: (Cont.) ....she had alot of men in her life!

STEPHEN: Don't sa....

RAE: (Cont.) Didn't she?

STEPHEN: No.... don't talk like that....

RAE: (Cont.) ....and she gave them all more attention than...


RAE: Listen, for all of them.... everybody and....

STEPHEN: (Cont.) ....a Whore.

Natalie is sobbing. John has his fist to his mouth, biding his time to react.  Stephen puts up his fingers to silence them.
RAE: And you were last on the list. Isn't that true?....

STEPHEN: (Cont.) ....she was a whore.

RAE:  (Cont.) ....her own son.
Meanwhile, Bo and Antonio are waiting to react.
RAE: (Cont.) ....and then she got to a point....
Stephen mumbles something unintelligible, he is almost crawling to get away from the truth, from his past.
RAE: (Cont.) ....where she couldn't stand the sight of you.

(Shaking his head) Noo.

RAE: (Cont.) Isn't that right? That's what she told me!
He continues to mumble, denying what she is saying.
RAE: (Cont.) ....and (squeezing her eye shut tightly) you knew it too because you could hear it in her voice.
She leans against the door. He crawls up holding the remote for the explosives. Rae is against the door. Bo is ready to strike. John is waiting for the right moment. Natalie is freaking out.
RAE: (Cont.) She was... hal-low. No feeling.... about when she said, (almost in tears) "You're my Little Man!"
At that instant John lunges for his arm. Natalie shrikes out. John and Haver fall to the floor struggling for the remote. The remote falls out of his hands, and as it does so Antonio runs in and drops to the floor getting it.
ANTONIO: I got it!
Bo storms in to help John who has Haver pinned to the floor his gun to Haver's head. [Everyone is talking at once, it is hard to hear who is saying what].
STEPHEN: (Groaning) Ah! (A mix of taunting to get John in trouble but also it seems to get himself out of his misery, begging) John! Do it! Please!

BO: NO! (Grabbing John's arm).

STEPHEN: Just do it, John!

BO: NO! (Grabbing John by the collar to stop him).

STEPHEN: (Egging him on) Do it! Do it!

BO: John! It's okay we got him.We got him!

STEPHEN: Don't listen to him! Do it! Do it, John!
Bo and Antonio are having a difficult time trying to subdue Stephen.
BO: (Cont.) Put his hands back! Cuff him!

STEPHEN: (Still trying to get him to react) John! John!

BO: SHUT UP, Haver!

They finally subdue him and pull him up to his feet. Meanwhile John walks around, he seems to be shaken and affected by what has happened.

STEPHEN: (Back to his weird gravelly voice he seems back in control, trying to manipulate them) Johnny!

[or] B0 [it is difficult to tell]: Get out of here!

STEPHEN: I'm still here!

As they are dragging him away.
STEPHEN: (From outside the door) IT'S NOT OVER YET!

Rae is checking on Natalie. She tells her uncle Bo that she is fine. Bo comforts Rae. John says nothing and shuts off the device. Bo tells him that he will go with Antonio; He does not want to take any chances. Rae tells him that she is going with him. John notices Natalie is still terrified and wonders what is wrong. She informs him that Stephen set up a secondary device to go off. Despite some tension he manages to deactivate it. Natalie falls  into his arms.  He comforts her. Though it is obvious that he is flashing back to his finacée Caitlin's death at the hands of Haver.

Scene Ten: The police station, Viki and Jessica are waiting for word. Just then Bo arrives. Bo assures a worried Viki that her daughter is fine and that she will be coming with John. Viki is shocked to see Rae. They had all thought she was dead. Rae tells her that Haver had thought the same thing. Bo informs Viki that Rae helped save Natalie's life. Viki thanks her, and she replies that she was glad she could help. Rae asks Bo a favor, could she give her statement later, she has someone special she is meeting. He agrees. Antonio goes off to check on Haver. Just then Haver is being escorted by several police down the corridor. Jessica sees him and stares at him. He has regained his composure, and stops and looks at her, obviously trying to regain his control over her. They stare at each other for a few moments, and then Antonio pushes him along. She is obviously upset at how Haver was able to manipulate her so easily.

Bo takes Mrs. McBain into his office, and just then Natalie and John arrive. Natalie assures her mother she is fine. "John saved me."

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