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Jack leaves, thinking he was the cause of Abigail's illness. He does not want to be like Duke or Harper, and believes that if he stuck around he would only cause harm to Jennifer and Abigail.

NOTICE: These scripts only deal with Matthew's Jack, and since much of what transpired after Matthew left has been ignored, that will not be included as canon to Jack's story.

Sometime later Jack returns. Then after some time he and Jennifer reconcile and go to Africa to be with her father, Dr. Bill Horton, who is running a clinic/refuge camp.

In the summer of 2000 Dr. Evans receives a call from Jack and Jennifer. There is some problem at the camp, and they need her help. When she returns she tells the people of Salem that Jack and Jennifer are very happy and in love, and send their love.

Then in October, Bo decides to go to Ireland to find out about a Di Mera and Brady feud, which is the root of all the Bradys' problems. He hopes that if he discovers what it is then he could finally get the goods on Stefano, and put him away permanently. Meanwhile, Hope's son JT is suffering from heart problems, he has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. In truth, Isaac a child adopted by Lexie and Abe Craver is her son, and JT is the son of a woman named Margo, who was a drug abuser and alcoholic, is her and John's -- Stefano had switched the babies, wanted to raise John's son and use him against John. Bo knows that JT is not his son but not that he is John's. He goes to a factory in Ireland hoping to find the goods on Stefano, but Shawn Brady, not wanting him to get hurt, has his men take Bo hostage. Bo is thrown into a pit.

About this time we see shots of a mystery woman working in a pub, nearby where Bo is. It is Jennifer! She is working at a pub, and using a fake Irish accent. Abigail is with her; but not Jack. Abigail wants to know where her father is, but Jennifer is elusive. She acts as if Jack does not want anything to do with them, and she appears scared about what he might do. Though she does not tell her daughter this. Abigail still loves her father, and has faith he will return to them and that he still loves him. She prays for him. Jennifer does not let her know, but she tells herself she cannot. She has moved on, and is over him. She cannot forgive him this time.

Jennifer is working for the man, Ian, who is holding Bo and is Shawn's long time friend. Jennifer through some means finds Bo in the pit, but does not tell him who she is. She remains mysterious. She does not want Jack, nor anyone to know where she is. However, she eventually helps Bo escape. When asked about Jack she is evasive. Jennifer tries to get Bo to go home and be with Hope, but Bo says he has to bring down Stefano to protect his family. Jennifer says his stubbornness reminds her of someone, but does not finish the thought. He does and says that this is the first time he was connected with Jack. By Jennifer's expression, she may not be as over Jack as she tells herself. They pretend to be married, looking for a job in the factory, as a means to spy. However, they are discovered. They are chased down by the two men who held him hostage, and who seem to have betrayed Ian too. With Abigail in tow they try to escape the men. They meet up with a older woman who has a small dingy boat. She is a friend of Jennifer and promises to help them sail across the ocean to America. But in fact she is the mother of one of the men, and she plans on killing them all. She drills a hole in their boat, and it sinks. However, moments before they drown in the cold Atlantic Ocean a cruise ship appears, rescuing them. To their surprise Doug and Julie are on board.

Jennifer continues to act strangely and avoid any comments about Jack. When the ship captain asks her to dance she gets petrified. She seems to not only be afraid Jack will find them, but is afraid of all men.

Back home she continues to avoid her family and friends' questions about Jack. While Abigail continues to want her father, believing he will return to them. Jennifer and Abigail move in with Alice. She is jobless and says she does not want to go back to reporting since she cannot live that type of life now that she has to take care of Abigail [Abigail is played by older blond twins at this time]. She is does not tell Alice about Jack, but she makes some cryptic remarks about finding out her father did something terrible. She makes some allusions to what he did being part of her and Jack's problem. She then meets Brandon Walker at the hospital. He flirts with her, and she returns it. However, Alice warns her that he is bad news.

At the Horton Christmas everyone puts their ornaments on the tree. Abigail nearly drops Jack's and Jennifer helps her put it on, as if it is priceless. Bo and Hope finally remarry Christmas Eve. Jennifer is maid of honor. At reception Roman Brady catches the garter, and Abigail finds out that the man that catches the garter is the next to marry. She asks Roman for it, she wants to give it to her daddy for luck. When Marlena asks Jennifer about Jack, Jennifer gets short with her. Marlena is confused when Jennifer tells her that she and Jack are no longer together. Marlena points out that just a couple of months earlier they were so much in love.

During this time Greta von Amburg is locked inside a virtual reality world, with Austin Reed. She needs to pass a series of tests to gain her inheritance and title of princess. She succeeds and In February she is to have her coronation.

Jennifer meanwhile confesses to Julie that she left Africa because Jack was off on some schemes, and that while at her father's camp she met a man, who she fell for, and followed him to Africa. We discover the man is Colin Shawn's nephew, who is working to bring down the Di Meras -- but Jennifer does not know this.

Ian comes to Salem and has a secret meeting with Shawn on the pier. They talk about their operation, and how Bo screwed it up. He has a tape of Jennifer helping Bo at the factory in Ireland. He tells Shawn that if Stefano had seen the tape Jennifer would be in grave danger. Shawn wonders why she was there. Ian does not know, all he does is that it had something to do with her ex-husband, he acts as if Jack is bad news. Just them Colin appears and talks about their plan to get Stefano. However, he does not mention Jennifer.

Alice has plans of her own, and she gives Jennifer her invitation to the coronation. Jennifer reluctantly agrees to go. Alice meanwhile tries to get in touch with Bill to find out what is wrong with Jack and Jennifer.

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