TJDS II: Long Way Home Title

Episode 1: "A Patrick Duffy Moment."
[The Return of Jack Deveraux Part I]

[Airdate February 5th, 2001]


Alice is in the back seat, she seems agitated and in a hurry. Finally, she tells the driver that she has to be at the airport pronto, she has to get there before Jennifer's plane takes off. Talking more to herself, she says that she has an important letter to give her. The driver does not appear interested, so she offers him a $20 tip if he gets her to the airport on time. The driver, takes notice, and agrees, putting pedal to the metal.

Jennifer is sitting in her seat, reading a book, waiting for the plane to take off for Greta von Amburg's coronation in Paris. A guy sits next to her. He tries to come on to her, but she is uninterested. The stewardess comes over the loud speaker telling them to prepare for take off. However, a short while later they still have not taken off. Jennifer looks out the window as the stewardess comes back on and tells them there will be a short delay. As she says this Alice boards the plane, calling out Jennifer's name. Jennifer is surprise and slightly worried to see her, fearing something is wrong with Abigail. Alice assures her Abigail is fine. With a wise look, Alice hands her a blank envelop, telling her she could not let her leave without first giving her this. Jennifer holds the envelop as if it is something precious. She is overjoyed, and thanks Alice. Her seat mate is not at all happy that they delayed the flight for a letter, but Alice shuts him up by telling him to "Chill." Alice wishes her well, and leaves. It is obvious that the letter is special to her, she is thrilled and holds it lovingly close to her body.

JENNIFER: (Thinking) It's from Jack.
The obnoxious passenger tells her it must be important; and wonders if after all her grandmother did to get it to her why is she not reading it. Jennifer just holds it to her, with a look of indecision on her face.

The cabbie tells Alice he is impressed that she was able to stop the plane. She thanks him for his help, and he shrugs it off, it was the most fun he has had in years. He wonders if she has anywhere else she needs to get in a hurry. Alice, talking mostly to herself, says she does not. But she has something else she needs to do. She takes out her phone and calls a number.


ALICE: Jack, I've got to get to you before Jennifer gets to Paris.

Thinking to herself, and holding the letter, next to her lips.


JENNIFER: Oh Jack, we had so many years together; and shared so many memories.

Jennifer fades into a memory. It is from the night of the big storm in 1990. The night of her first assignment for the TV station, after Jack fired her. Jack has just rescued her out in the storm. They are in his car, both are soaking wet, and she is wearing his Fedora.


JACK: No, you looked (Stopping before he lets on that he was watching her).... I mean, I mean, I mean..... I'm sure you looked great.

JENNIFER: Jack I'm sure I looked like a collie.

JACK: No joking, but Lassie had a very good career in television.

JENNIFER: (She kind of hits him) Jack, shut up.

TJDSII  1, Flasback, the storm JackJACK: I'm serious. You look, you look..... well you look.... you look good wet. Jack takes the hat of her.


Jack begins to stroke her hair. He is looking at her affectionately, and full of love.

JACK: I mean.... kinda.... kinda cute, yeah.


Yeah, kinda..... wet.

She moves closer to him.


JACK: I mean I'm wet.... and you're wet.... They move in for a kiss.

Fade to present. Jennifer is thinking wistfully.


JENNIFER: (Smiling, thinking to herself) I knew we had something special, long before you did.

She smiles to herself, closes her eyes, and remembers another special moment in their lives. It is the time she locked Jack inside his bedroom.


JENNIFER: Why do you keep fighting me Jack? Why can't you just give in to what you want?

She walks towards him and he backs away from her.


JACK: I want you to go.
JENNIFER: No you don't.


JACK: I want to be alone.

JENNIFER: You want me to be with you. You don't want to be alone. You want me to be with you. You're just too afraid to say it Jack.

TJDSII 1, locked in his room, Jennifer seduces JackJACK: You're putting words in my mouth.

JENNIFER: Oh really! Then let's see if your body can do the talking Jack, okay.


She walks up behind him and puts her arms around his chest running her hands up and down. Jack is nervous, and tries to struggle, but he does not do that good a job. He does not mind it all, despite what he says.


JACK: Oooooh! While your fingers do the walking.

She spins him around to face her. What do you want?

JACK: I don't want this.

TJDSII 1, Jack can't resist, they kiss passionatelyJACK: Yes!



JENNIFER: You don't want this, really?

JACK: Yes, really! I mean no.

Jennifer begins to kiss him, and Jack responds instantly. Jack is protesting some, but continues with the kiss, which gets more passionate.

Fade back to the present. Jennifer is enjoying her memories.


JENNIFER: Once I got you to admit what you wanted, there was no stopping you!

Jennifer smiles again, as she relives another precious memory. They are in the cave, just before they made love.


TJDSII 1, Flashback J&J in the cave, Jack tells her he loves her

JACK: You know I don't.... I don't express my feelings very well. I don't put into words.

JENNIFER: It's okay. It's alright because you already said it.

JACK: No I didn't. You said it. I just agreed with what you said. (Very emotionally) I just.... love you.... Jennifer. I love you.


Jennifer smiles. Jack takes her in his arms and begins to kiss her passionately. Jennifer He lies her down in front of the fire. They begin to make love for the first time. Jennifer smiles.

TJDSII 1, Flasback, J&J make love for the first time

Fade to present.


JENNIFER: (Thinking of what was, and no longer seems to be) Oh, Jack.

Jennifer has the letter closer to lips, as if kissing it.


JENNIFER: You never took things seriously, even when you should have.

Jennifer now thinks back to Christmas 1990, when Jack, worried since she was living with Frankie and rejected his other proposal, comes down her chimney, dressed as Santa.


JENNIFER: Jack I already gave you a gift. I don't have anything else to give.
JACK: A gift, gift. My, my holiday reindeer! What are you talking about? No, no, I'm checking my list and checking it twice to see if you've been naughty or.... well speaking of checking....TJDSII 1, Flashback Santa Jack asks if she would marry Jack oh Mr. Deveraux wanted me to check on my time and see if you had an answer to his.... his little question.

Oh his little finger Santa Jack has the engagement ring. He then asks for Jack if Jennifer had changed her mind, and had decided to marry him after all. Jack is nervous and stutters.

JACK: Ah yes, so I'm asking for him.... ah.... wou.... wou.... wou.... wou.... wou.... would you marry him?


Back on the plane. Jennifer is still smiling over all the happy times she and Jack spent together.


JENNIFER: And the wedding. It made the engagement look positively normal (she laughs).


Jennifer remembers her and Jack's wedding, July 2nd, 1991.


MINISTER: Dearly beloved, we come together today to join Jack Harcourt Deveraux and Jennifer Rose Horton in marriage......

The memory skips ahead to when she recited the poem The Journey. Jennifer reads the poem, a symbol of their past and hopeful future. She is very emotional, her voice slightly cracks with emotion, and her eyes slightly fill with tears of joy. Jack is equally moved and over come with emotion and love.


TJDSII 1, Flasback J&J's wedding, Jennifer recites THE JOURNEY
"Now we will feel no rain,
For each of us will be shelter to each other.
And now we will feel no cold,
For each of us will be warmth to each other.
[portion of the poem skipped]
Old hopes, new laughter, shared tears.
The adventure has just begun."

JACK: (Very emotional) Um.... what she just said.... that.... that goes double for me (Jennifer laughs).



Her memory flashes ahead, the minister has just proclaimed them married. Both Jack and Jennifer are ecstatically happy.

Jack and Jennifer are staring at each other with deep love.


MINISTER: You may kiss the bride now.

JACK: Thank you (Jennifer giggles, over come with joy).

Jack slowly folds back her veil and looks at her with profound love. They move together and slowly he begins to kiss her. She responds, in a loving, romantic, and passionate kiss.

TJDSII 1, Flashback wedding, J&J kiss, they are married


Back in the present.


JENNIFER: (Pensive) Gawd, it was so wonderful for a while.


Jennifer recalls Valentine's Day, 1992, when she told Jack she was pregnant.


TJDSII 1, Flashback, Jennifer tells Jack she's pregnantJENNIFER: So I made an appointment with the doctor and I went to the hospital and he made me take a test and he told me that I'm absolutely positively without a doubt....

JACK: Jennifer, Jennifer.


JACK: Would you stop beating around the bush. Just spit it out.

JENNIFER: (She has a huge smile on her face. Okay, this is my surprise for you. (Beat) I'm pregnant!

Jack almost chokes on his drink. He slowly puts down his glass and stares at her in amazement and terror.

The memory fades to the day Abby was born. Jack and Jennifer were stranded in a cabin, and he had deliver Abby.


JACK: Just a little bit more.... come one just.... just.

Jennifer is panting as Jack's face turns to amazement.


TJDSII 1, flashback Abby's birth, Jack just told Jennifer they had a girlJACK: I can't believe it.

JENNIFER: You can't believe what?


The baby begins to cry.


JACK: I.... I did it. We had a baby. (Beat) A little baby girl.

JENNIFER: Ooooooh.

Jennifer's face melts into tears of happiness.
TJDsII 1, Flashback of Abby's birth, Jennifer is overcome with joy

Jennifer now thinks back to a romantic moment they shared together, shortly after Abby's birth. They had both been preoccupied with their jobs, but vow they would make time for each other. Jennifer is wearing a sexy pink negligée, and Jack is in his robe and pajama's. They are in the middle of a romantic kiss.

[This is the last flashback, and the remarks about neither really having been there for so long seems like a reference to the fact that the past seven plus years have been erased, that pretenders had taken over the rules of Jack and Jennifer, but now they are back together, real Jack and Jennifer have returned]


JENNIFER: I've missed you Jack.

JACK: Well I don't know what to say. I've been right here.
TJDSII 1, Flashback romantic evening

TJDSII 1, Flashback Jennifer tells Jack what she wants, him and Abby

No you haven't. I haven't either. But that is going to change because you know what, my only dream is to be here with you. To be here with you and Abby and to love each other. That's all I've ever wanted.

JACK: Well that's all I've ever wanted too.


Back in the present, Jennifer seems resigned that all that that they are all just bittersweet memories of the past, and that there is no future for them.


JENNIFER: I'll never forget what we had together.... Jack.... But there's no going back. (She shakes her head sadly and speaks sotto voce) There's no going back.

TJDSII Pics 1A, coming out of the shower.Alice is on her cell phone talking to her son Bill -- Jennifer and Jack had been in Africa with him. She thanks him for getting back to her; and especially for the information she wanted. The cabbie wonders if found what she was looking for. She tells him she thinks she did. She then calls someone in Rome. Alice sighs, hoping that she has found him.

TJDSII  1B, Drying himselfThe next shot is of a hotel room, obviously in Rome. A man comes out of the shower, as the phone rings. He is naked except for a towel around his waste. He is drying his hair with another towel, which obscures his face. As he is about to answer the phone we see that it is Jack.





JACK: (Answering in Italian) Pronto (Looking smug and devilishly sly, as if to say "I'm back!!!").

TJDSII 1C first shot of Matt/Jack

Her seat mate leans over and tells her that the person who wrote the letter is a "lucky guy." Jennifer then thinks to herself.


JENNIFER: You know what Jack, it doesn't matter what's in that letter. The fact is you never learn from your mistakes (She looks at the letter, and puts it in her purse). But you know what, I do.

TJDSII 1D, Jack on the phone with Alice

The two are on the phone with each other, but have yet to realize with whom they are speaking.


ALICE: (Speaking slowly and over enunciating, thinking he does not speak English) I'd like to speak to Jack Deveraux please.

JACK: You got 'im. (Finally realizing he is speaking to Alice, yet not quite sure). Hey, this isn't Mrs. Horton, is it?

TJDSII 1E, Jack tells Alice about his new job.

ALICE:(It finally dawns her as well) That's right. What are you doing in Rome?

JACK: (Trying to act cool, yet also maybe a little embarrassed) I.... Ahh.... oh.... I'm trying some new material with the Pope. I figure if I could get the Pontiff to crack up, I'll kill 'em in the Bible Belt.



TJDSII 1F, "New material on the Pope...."

ALICE: (Amused by his bad joke) Are you ever going to grow up Jack?

JACK: I hope not! (Smiling, then getting serious) Actually, Mrs. Horton, I'm here on business, I've started a new company.

ALICE: Your letter arrived. And I gave it to Jennifer.



JACK: (Expectant) Excellent!! Did she say anything about it? TJDSII 1G, Jack wonders if Jennifer read the letter

ALICE: (With a wise expression) Actually she's on a plane.... to Paris. And I don't know if she's read it or not.

JACK: (Surprise, yet hopeful) Paris!? Why's she going there?

ALICE: For a coronation, if you must know. And it's taking place tonight, in fact.

JACK: Right, when did her plane leave?

ALICE: Well, (Alice definitely is egging Jack on to make a move) put it this way, there's time for you to get to Paris before she does.

JACK: Do you think that is a good idea? (Hoping that Alice does).

ALICE: The question is what do you think? (She says with a wise and devious look. She is obviously proud of her work getting Jack and Jennifer together).

Jack flashes a wise and devious look. He definitely has something planned.

TJDSII 1H, Jack has something planned

TJDSII 1I, Jack waits for JenniferA man, obviously Jack, appears, he is wearing a long dark colored trench coat, and beret. He is reading a newspaper, hiding behind it, and is walking around furtively. There is an announcement over the loud speaking about the arrival of the flight from Salem. Jack is in his slightly bumbling Jack mode, nearly bumping into several people and a wall. He peers from behind the paper -- he is wearing a fake mustache. He hides back behind the paper, and continues to creep about, only to crash into a wall.


TJDSII 1J, Jack peers thru the eye holes.He gives an embarrassed look then continues with his spying. He hides behind a pillar, and we see that there are two large circles cut out for eye holes in his newspaper, Le Monde Des Livres [Probably an in joke, "The World of the lives]. Just then Jennifer walks into the waiting area. Jack is thrilled and terrified at the same time. It appears he debates what to do: To talk to her or to flee. He hides behind the pillar.



TJDSII 1K, Jack tries to get nerve enough to talk to JenniferJACK: (Thinking to himself) It's now or never, Jack. No guts, no glory!

She is now right near him. Petrified, he turns his back on her so she does not see him. He gets some courage and is about to make his move when the guy that was sitting next to Jennifer calls her name. He comes over to her, and gives her her purse, which she had forgotten. Jack finally decides to talk to Jennifer, and turns but he does not notice that she has put down her luggage; and he trips over it.


TJDS II 1L, Jennifer trips and falls on JackJennifer, has not noticed this, and she trips over Jack, falling on top of him. Jack does not realize it is Jennifer and first apologizes in bad Italian, then realizing he is in France, in bad French and English. Jennifer still does not realize it is Jack, however. Just then they both look up and see the other. There is an underlining joy, which they both immediately suppress.
JENNIFER:(Shocked to see him) Jack!
TJDSII 1M, Jennifer spots Jack

Jack's eyes are open wide. His fake mustache falls partially off. They are both speechless. Meanwhile the guy who sat next to Jennifer on the plane watches on perplexed at their standard Jack and Jennifer behavior.

TJDSII 1N, Jack realizes it's Jennifer

After being separated for months -- and in real time over seven years -- Jack and Jennifer (Matthew and Missy) are finally reunited. They still are speechless for a few moments. Glad to see each other. Suddenly Jennifer remembers she has decided to move on. They get up. The man still is confused by what he is witnessing.


JACK: Sorry.

MAN: (Talking to Jennifer, still very confused) You okay?

JACK: Look, I.... I.... know this is a bit of a surprise.

JENNIFER: Get away from me, now....
The guy asks her if there is a problem. Jennifer is short with him, telling him she can handle the situation. The man takes off, obviously not wanting to get involved.


JACK: (Watching him walk off, and giving him a look; slightly jealous). Who was that?

JENNIFER: Get a life Jack.

JACK: I'm trying to. Did you read my letter?

JENNIFER: No! I didn't read your letter?

JACK: Why!?!

TJDSII 1O, Jack's says Jennifer just said an oxymoronJENNIFER: Because, I don't want to know, Jack. Because of Africa if you need a little reminding. Because of a few other occasions that are too numerous to mention.

JACK: (Enjoying their familiar word games and bantering): "Few" "numerous"? That's an oxymoron, I believe.

JENNIFER: You're an "oxymoron" I believe!

She says as she rips off the fake mustache. He groans in pain. Then she throws it at him.
JENNIFER: Bye. (She then storms off).

(Trying to chase her) Jennifer, wait.... wait.... wait.... wait.... wait.

Jack cannot catch up with her. She exits the airport. At the door, Jack stops. Though seemingly defeated, he has a smug and victorious look on his face.
TJDSII 1Q, "I still got that old magic!"

JACK: I still get to her. I still got that old magic.

He puts on the mustache. And with determination and optimism he leaves.

TJDSII 1R, Jack is positive he can win Jennifer back


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