TJDS II: Long way home Title

Episode 2: "God forbid that the rich
will be thirsty for 3 minutes, OR sober."

[The Return of Jack Deveraux Part II]

[Airdate February 6th, 2001]

Most of Salem is in Salem are in Paris, preparing to attend Greta's coronation -- Bo, Hope, Shawn, John, Marlena, Belle, Stefano, Lexie, Kate, Victor, Chloe, Mimi, Philip, the Moronis, Sami and Brandon plan on gatecrashing, Austin, Greta -- and of course Jack and Jennifer -- plus all the nobility of Europe (being played by the "nobility" of the soap world.

TJDSII 2A, Jack as waiter eatingThe festivities have commenced, couples are dancing, when Jack appears, in the disguise of a waiter; and still wearing the fake mustache. He is carrying a tray of canapés, which he nibbles on as he dances along with the music and scans the room, obviously looking for Jennifer.


JACK: (Frustrated) Where are you Jennifer?


A short while later, Jack is walking around, still trying to find Jennifer. One of the royalty, Lord and Lady Sheraton [played by Ian Buchanan and Leslie-Anne Down] come up to him, wanting some appetizers, but Jack continues to nervously munch on them, unsuccessfully searching for Jennifer.


LADY SHERATON: Excuse me young man.

TJDSII 2B, Jack with Lord & Lady SheratonJACK: (Not paying attention) Yep. (realizing they want something to eat) Oh.

LORD SHERATON: (Indicating he would like some food) Do you mind.

JACK: Ah, actually I do.... I mean, they're awful. I've been testing them out.... it's part of the job. They're awful (trying to get rid of them so he could continue searching for Jennifer). It's better to stick with the vegetable tray in the long run, anyway.

With that, Jack dances off. Continuing to scan the room for Jennifer.

A while later he is still searching, he comes upon John and Shawn. So as not to be give himself away, he tries to avoid them, furtively walking past them, using his tray of champagne glasses to obscure his faces. John calls out to him, thinking he is a waiter. Jack freezes, not knowing what to do. He then just ignores them, and takes off. John wonders where Greta got her help. Shawn does not know, he too is confused by the weird waiter's behavior.

[Airdate February 7th, 2001]


Jennifer is looking out the window. She talks out aloud, saying she is not in the mood for romantic Paris, nor the Coronation. She then goes to the phone to call someone.


JENNIFER: I am sooo mad at you.

ALICE: Hello, (on the other end) Jennifer Rose, (with a wise twinkle in her eye, and tone) how's Paris?

JENNIFER: Don't you "Jennifer Rose" me. Alright, you ruined my trip to Paris by sicking Jack on me. Now just admit it. You sent him here to find me, didn't you?

Jack meets up with the snob aristocratic couple again. Jack continues to ignore them -- he seems to be ignoring his job as waiter too. He continues to desperately scan the room for Jennifer. Lord Sheraton picks up a glass of champagne for his wife, but there are no more glasses for him.

LADY SHERATON: (Trying unsuccessfully to get Jack's attention) Lord Sheraton needs a glass of champagne.

JACK: (Annoyed by her interruption, continuing to ignore them, finally) Yeah lady, we all need something.

LORD SHERATON: That's LADY Sheraton to you young man. (Talking to his wife) Come my dear (They walk away, haughty and with disgust).

JACK: Yes....

Just then the head waiter arrives. He has seen Jack's less than professional behavior, and is not at all pleased.


HEAD WAITER: (Stuffy)(stops Jack) You, You're here to serve not to stare.

He takes Jack's empty tray and replaces it with one with glasses. Then he commands Jack to go back to work.


HEAD WAITER: Vite, vite (snapping his fingers)

JACK: (Mimicking the head waiter) "vite, vite."

Jack nearly bumps into Bo and Hope.


JACK: Oh, Don't want to see any Bradys right now, thank you very much (He quickly walks away).

Jennifer berates Alice for tricking her. Now that Jack is around she cannot enjoy Paris nor the Coronation, no chance of her finding romance. Alice in turn berates Jennifer -- though it is obvious she is wise enough to realize that "the lady dost protest too much, and Jennifer is not all that upset that Jack is there. She tells Jennifer that Jack is Abigail's father, and Abigail loves him and misses him so. It would not take too much effort to meet him for a few minutes for Abigail's own good, "Put your daughter first," she tells Jennifer. After they hang up Jennifer says, "Ouch," to Alice's remarks.

Jennifer still has not shown up, Jack is desperate. He decides to take things into his own hands.


JACK: (Thinking to himself) Jennifer's not here, and she won't show unless I find some way of tricking her into it.

Jennifer has not taken Alice's advice. She is lying on top of her bed, reading a magazine and eating bon bons. The phone rings. She is sure that it is Alice, so she is short with the caller, "YES!!!". It is a strange man, but the voice is obviously Jack's, trying to disguise it with a fake, nasal French accent.


JACK: Hello, This is securité from the Coronation of (his accent slips a little, and songs almost Swedish) La Princess Greta.

JENNIFER: Yes, I mean oui.

JACK: There was a man here asking about you....

Jennifer's narrows here eyes, and is slightly frustrating, knowing the Jack was trying to crash the party. She does not realize it is actually Jack on the phone. She is not at all surprise that Jack would try to meet her at the Coronation. She is slightly frustrated.


JACK: ....We thought he seemed suspicious. So we took him to the Suerité. Eh please, I have called you to say if you wish to come to the ball, this man will not be here.

JENNIFER: (Pleased, though is she really) Really, are you sure?

JACK: (Knowing that his rouse worked, is please) Oui, oui. Very sure. The man is gone.

JENNIFER: Okay, okay, thank you very much for that information!

Cut to the person on the other end, it is Jack. He has his finger to his nose, to make him sound nasal). He is very pleased his trick worked. Jack is flashes a smug grin.


JACK: You are most welcome, mademoiselle.

Back in in Jennifer's room, she excitedly jumps up, "I'm going to the ball; I'm going to the ball," she exclaims. In a short time she is wearing a beautiful light rust color gown, with jewels, and her hair is pulled back. She is ready to go to the ball, not realizing that Jack is in fact there.

The head waiter notices that Jack still is screwing around and not working. He points out to Jack that another couple has been waiting for their champagne.


HEAD WAITER: Where have you been? People have been waiting for their (giving it a French pronunciation) Champagne.

JACK: (Annoyed by the head waiter's interruption and the couple) God forbid, the rich will be thirsty for three minutes.... (adding sarcastically) or sober (with that he walks off).

HEAD WAITER: Uh, uh, uh (grabbing Jack by the arm) don't make trouble. (he taps him on the chest) Get busy!

JACK: Okay, keep your shirt on, I'm going.... I'm going.

Jack does not watch where he is going and trips in front of some of Greta's orphans. They laugh and clap, "a clown," they want more. Jack is not at all amused.


JACK: (Sarcastically with a phony high pitched voice like the little girls) (Hahaha) More.... more.... Hahahahaha, thank you. Thank you. (Sits up on his knees, putting his arm around him) I tell you what don't you go over there (pointing) and laugh at those clowns too (They leave), thanks (Jack sighs, slightly depressed)Oh, I am a clown (he gets up). Same old tired tricks that got Jennifer sp upset. Maybe I should forget trying to talk to her. (Frustrated) I don't know.

Jennifer finally arrives, and she spots Bo and Hope. They all hug, surprised to see her. She then tells them how she was almost staying in her room. She tells them how Alice set her up with Jack, but she has heard that though Jack did try to gate crash the party, the security called and told her they had picked him up. Then they talk about how wonderful they look, and compliment each other on their gowns, which someone in Salem made, for both of them. Hope kids her about finding a dashing aristocrat to dance with. She is not sure, but just then a man comes up and asks her to dance. She agrees.

A short time later, Jack is wandering around, still searching for Jennifer. He then spots the man, who had been dancing with Jennifer, kiss her hand. Flustered he pushes the tray into the chest of a man, spilling some champagne on him. He tries to clean it up, but is too distracting watching Jennifer.


JACK: Uh, Gotta.... gotta.... gotta, gotta go (He gives the man the tray) thanks (and rushes off).


TJDSII 2C, Jennifer spots JackThe man dancing with Jennifer wanted to get more romantic. Jennifer thanked him but told him she is a mother who lives in Salem. That is not for her. She turns and bumps into someone.

JENNIFER: (Embarrassed) Oh, oh, gosh, excuse me. I'm sorry (she has a look of shock on her face, she sees it is Jack, and gaps) Oh.




TJDSII 2D, Jack has a smug look on his faceJack is wearing white tie and tails, looking very handsome; but still wearing his false mustache.


JENNIFER: ( Jack has a smug look on his face) What are you doing here? You're not suppose to be here, I talked to security they said they threw you out.

JACK: (Talking over her, using the same accent he used on the phone) You thought security got rid of that nasty Jack Deveraux, oui? (pleased with himself) I Scammed you Jen [Yes, he said "Jen" not Jennifer]; scammed you.


TJDSII 2E, Jack gloats that he scammed herJACK: I just thought it wouldn't stop you to dance with me.


Flashing a expectant and smug Jack Deveraux look, knowing she wants to dance with him as much as he wants to dance with her.




Jennifer stares at him. Angry, but with an underlying pleasure, she looks at his face, and there seems to be a hint of desire to kiss him.

TJDSII 2F, Jennifer looks deeply into Jack's eyes.

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