TJDS II: Long way home Title

Episode 3: "You gave me the quivering lip;
I am not giving up now."

[The Return of Jack Deveraux Part III]

[Air date February 8th, 2001]

Several plots are unfolding at once. Sami is in disguise, trying to spy on Austin and Greta, and is getting help from Brandon Walker to get back a tape so she can fight Kate for custody of her son Will -- Brandon married Angela Moroni to help Sami and to also get close to her father wanting to be part of his family -- but Brandon is in love with Sami. Lexie has come to discover that her adopted son Isaac, is not the child of drug addict/alcoholic Margo, but is in fact Hope's. She knows her father Stefano had Margo murdered, and had the babies switch, so that he could raise John Black's son, and mold him to be grandson and man. Kate has teamed up with the gangster Moroni to get rid of Victor. Moroni and his men are also planning on attacking the Coronation guests. Charles, one of Greta's people, has turned on her and plans on assassinating her, feeling she is unworthy to take over the title -- she was not the biological daughter of the former prince; her mother is Gina a thief who had had a hot and heavy affair years before with John. Gina for a time took over Hope's identity. And it was through memories of Gina and John's past, implanted in a brain chip, that Hope had sex with John on a sub, during his honeymoon to Marlena.. All hell is about to erupt, one Greta is official crowned. All hell is about to break loose.

TJDSII 3, Jack asks Jennifer to danceSCENE TWO : PARIS, THE CORONATION.
Jack has just surprised Jennifer by appearing at the Coronation. He has asked her to dance. Jack extends his arm out, in invitation to dance. He is sure that he can win over over with his charm.

JACK: Dance with me Jennifer.

JENNIFER: Wow, you do a very convincing imitation of a gentleman, Jack. Too bad I know better.

JACK: Is that anyway to talk to your ex-husband, love of your life, father of your child--

Jennifer flashes him a look.

On the other side of the room, Hope walks up to Lexie Carver.


HOPE: Is that Jack?

LEXIE: If it is (Both watching Jack and Jennifer, confused) Jennifer doesn't seem too thrilled to see him, does she.

They continue to observe Jack and Jennifer, but are interrupted by Stefano, Lexie's father. Hope is not happy to be in such close proximity to him.

They are still arguing.


JACK: Be mad, be upset, but don't treat me like a stranger.

JENNIFER: Don't you treat me like a fool (she slightly raises her voice; then looks around embarrassed, hoping no one heard her). Did you think that it would warm my heart to have you show up in Paris out of the blue, stalk me at the airport, and drive me completely nuts?Did it ever occur to you that I'm here to have a good time and that you may ruin that good time. And if you think about it, it's pretty rotten considering if anyone of us deserves a good time, it's me.

JACK: (Unaffected by her remarks, not believing she is as mad as she appears) Could you repeat that again, please.

Jack listens and watches her intently, not believing anything she has to say.


JENNIFER: (Frustrated) Oooh, that's very funny, Jack. But you know what? I am not laughing anymore. I am in Paris to enjoy myself, to open myself up to new, and exciting things. If you think I'm going to fall into your lap like some lovesick teenager, you are out of your mind (turning away from him).

JACK: But how do you really feel?

JENNIFER: (Flabbergasted) Oh, yo.... you till think you're god's gift to the world, don't you, Jack?

JACK: Well, actually--

JENNIFER (Interrupting him) No, don't even answer that, because I know the answer. Just leave this party, okay. Go see the Eiffel Tower; maybe even jump off, and then go to wherever you are living, and don't ever bother me again!

The are interrupted by Hope, who seems genuinely happy to see Jack.


HOPE: Jack?!? Oh, my gosh. I can't believe it.

TJDSII 3, Hope is glad to see JackJACK: (Answering her question that he is in fact Jack): Yes!


The give each other a big, warm bear hug.

JACK: Yes, someone's (looking at Jennifer) happy to see me.

HOPE: Well of course I'm.... (Looking at them realizing something's up) happy to see you. Maybe I should give you two a few moments alone.

JENNIFER: Alone.... with Jack. No I'm fine, Hope. Thank you very much [?].

Jennifer walks off.


JACK: (To Hope) She's just crazy about me, can't you tell?

Jack rushes off to find Jennifer. Leaving Hope alone, both confused and amused by their behavior.


HOPE: (To herself) Some things never changes. Do they (she walks off too).

Jennifer is trying to get away from Jack. She finds an empty room, a library or study. She puts her had on her stomach, muttering to herself, affected by her recent interchange with Jack. She sits down on a couch, to think about the situation. At that moment, Jack enters the room.


JENNIFER: (Stands up) Oh come on. You just don't get it do you, Jack.

JACK: Just because you finished mouthing off with me, doesn't mean I'm finished with you.

JENNIFER: Oh, please.

JACK: (Taking her arm) Wait a minute--

JENNIFER: Take (beat) your hands off me, right now.

Jack immediately removes his arms, showing her he is no longer touching her.


JACK: I pull out all the stop to come to see you. I send you a letter, which you don't even bother to read.

JENNIFER: Oh, pleeeaassse, as if that would make a difference, Jack (walks away).

JACK: (Getting angry) If we can't have a CIVIL conversation that is (Getting louder) FINE. BUT WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT OUR DAUGHTER. WHERE IS ABIGAIL ANYWAY?

JENNIFER: (Angered by his implication) Where do you think she is anyway? Do you think she is holdup in some hotel on the Left Bank, Jack?

JACK: I want to see her now!

JENNIFER: Then hop on a plane to Salem. That is her home.

JACK: (Furious) Not anymore!

JENNIFER: What is that suppose to mean?

JACK: You had no right to take our daughter and leave Africa.

JENNIFER: (Getting furious) I had every right to leave Africa. You damn well know why.

Jack just stares at her. Did he do something wrong? His expression is hard to read.

TJDS II 3, Jack is furious that Jennifer said she had a right to leave with Abby

Jennifer has just told Jack he knows why she left Africa, implying it is something he did over there.

JENNIFER: The whole time we were living in Africa you were just trying to come up with a sure fire way to get rich without doing a lick of work Jack.

JACK: That's not fair....

JENNIFER: (Interrupting him) Oh, yeah, let's see: You sold some shares in a copper mine in Zimbabwe, right; but so what that it went bust in the 70s, 'cause that's not a problem. 'Cause then we just move on to South Africa.

Jack tries to get a word in to give his side of the story, but she does not let him.


JENNIFER: (Continuing with her list of grievances against him) Where we market scuba gear. Which worked out really well cause then you could do your surfing in Capetown, which I know you really enjoyed.

Talking over each other.


JACK: Can't I enjoy myself, occasionally?

JENNIFER: Oh, then you went to, where? Pretoria! Did you make any money in Pretoria?

JACK: Well (About to answer her)--

JENNIFER: (Interrupting) Or perhaps you did but were gone before anyone could ask questions, right? And you criticize me for taking our daughter out of the country (though she neglects to mention the other reason she left, to Colin to Ireland)? When her father's off gallivanting around, god knows where. Everytime I turned around (She turns from him).

JACK: I was trying to support our family.

JENNIFER: You were (facing him) living the high life and ducking out of your responsibilities.

JACK: (Clasping his hands) Same old song, isn't it. I tell you something, the lyrics are getting very old. I'd recommend you download new material.

JENNIFER: Oh, I see. Oh, I see. This is the not so charming Jack Deveraux (as she talks he becomes angrier, his eyes flare up in suppressed anger). Because the argument is not going your way, is it Jack. Because I am not laughing and smiling at just how cute and adorable, and just plain lovable you are.

JACK: (Being flippant to mask his feelings) Is this what the future holds for us? Trading insults whenever we see each other at coronations.

TJDS II, 3 Jack tells Jennifer he doesn't want her backJENNIFER: I have no idea what your future holds, Jack. But I am certain about mine and Abby's. And now that we have unloaded a major piece of baggage. There is no going back.

JACK: Did I say I want you back. That's the last thing I want.

Jennifer is shocked by his statement. It appears she thought that her remarks would hit Jack hard. She does not seem all that happy by his remarks.

Hope and Lexie talk about Jack and Jennifer. Hope tells Lexie that there was a great deal of tension between them. Lexie hopes they can settle their differences; especially for Abby. Hope thinks that there should be other reasons for a couple to want to stay together. Lexie then gets worried, she knows that if anyone found out the truth about Isaac they would take him away from her. She is also worried about her growing tensions with Abe, who does not like her growing closeness to her father Stefano.

Jack has just told Jennifer he does not want her back. This shocks Jennifer. She was certain that he would argue with her about what she said.


JACK: I am not here to get you back, Jennifer. I came to tell you I want to see my daughter. You cannot keep me away from Abigail.

Jennifer does not believe what he is saying. She is sure that all he did was because he wanted to get back together.


JENNIFER: I.... Is that why you asked me to dance, Jack? Because you thought I would let you see Abigail? Is that why you called my hotel room pretending to be security? Is that why you crashed this party?

JACK: (Not wanting her to know she is right) In fact, yes!

JENNIFER: You are so transparent Jack.

JACK: Are you saying that I don't.... love my daughter?

JENNIFER: Of course not. I'm saying you love yourself. You are the most self-centered, egotistical, infru... does one have... Do you have any idea now much I hate you.

JACK: (Hurt and furious) Did you say that to our daughter? Did you (raising his voice) TELL ABIGAIL THAT YOU HATE HER FATHER.

TJDSII 3, Jack wonders if Jennifer told Abby she hates him

Jennifer does not answer. She realizes she has hit him below the belt.


TJDSII 3, Jack shouts Jennifer hates peopleJACK: I.... I.... tell you what.... I'm going to make an announcement out there. I am going to make a royal proclamation (puts his hands next to his mouth, forming a megaphone): JENNIFER HORTON HATES PEOPLE!!!!!

JENNIFER: No, I hate you. (Beat) And I am not doing this anymore. I am done; we are done.





Walks off. But Jack begins to mimic her voice and mannerism.


JACK: Just walk away (he hums something indistinguishable).

JENNIFER: (Stops, her mouth agape) You had better stop, imi..... Jack Deveraux. I am warning you. Stop that.

JACK: (Imitating her) " Stop that!"

Jack sees Jennifer's lips are quivering. So he imitates TJDSII 3, Jack mimicks her givering lipher quivering lips. And is excited, since he sees that as a sign that despite all she has been saying, she still cares and he affects her. He mimics her quivering lips by using his fingers to make his lips quiver.

JACK: (Mumbling something) Don't do the lip. I mean it. You gave me the quivering lip.

Jennifer runs out.

JACK: I am not letting up now.

Jack runs after her.

Jennifer goes into another room at the palace, trying to run from Jack. But Jack is hot on her trail, and follows her in.


JENNIFER: Would you please just leave me alone.

JACK: Jennifer, you did it in Africa, and you're doing it again now.

JENNIFER: Sheesh. Would you quiet down!

JACK: You are taking the coward way out.

JENNIFER: I am a coward?.

As they argue the man she danced with earlier that evening enters the room.


JACK: Yes.

JENNIFER: Are you kidding

They are talking over each other. Trying to out do the other. They continue to talk over each other [It is difficult to get the exact wording].


JACK: You are taking the cowards way--

JENNIFER: I am not doing this. I cannot have this conversation.

JACK: Stop!

MAN: (Referring to Jack) Is this man bothering you?

Jennifer flashes Jack a smug expression.

The man tries to be Jennifer's white knight. Much to Jack's frustration.


MAN: Has this man been bothering you?

JENNIFER: Only for the last ten years. But I have finally come to my senses. I realize now I can't even stand to be in his presence.

MAN: (Talking to Jack) The lady would like you to leave her alone.

JACK: (Hurt but defiant) Then she's going to have to say it to my face.

JENNIFER: Like I haven't been saying it all night.

JACK: I am not going anywhere, Jennifer. Until we work this out.

TJDSII 3, Jack stares at her defiantly

They each stare at each other defiantly; neither wanting to give in.

Jennifer are still stubbornly holding their ground. While the man watches on confused.


JENNIFER: I am going to say this I hope for the last time.... I want you to leave-me-alone! You are out of my life forever, and that is how I like it.

JACK: This isn't over yet Jennifer.

Jack storms off. Jennifer watches him, not sure what he has planned.

The man asks Jennifer to dance again. She agrees. As she walks out onto the dance area, she scans the room for Jack. Who is nowhere to be seen. Jennifer and the man start to dance as she nervously continues scanning the room -- she she worried he will show up and do something, or is she (despite what she says) worried that he really has left, and does not want her anymore?


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