TJDS II: Long way home Title

Episode 4: "Jack has a past life exprience,
when he is in the same room with his
brother from his previous life."

[The Return of Jack Deveraux Part IV]

[Air date February 9th, 2001]

All the plots are about to explode. Moroni and his men are setting up to fire on some of the guests, and kill Victor. Victor meanwhile is plotting with Nicole. Charles is trying to take aim at Greta, at the moment she is crowned.

Jennifer is dancing with the man who "rescued" her from Jack. Though she is not paying much attention to him, she is scanning the room looking for Jack. He leaves. She continues to scan the room for Jack. However, she does not notice Jack, who has just walked up near her. He hesitates but then continues to walk on.

Austin and Greta have discovered that the millions of dollars for the orphans has disappeared. They do not know what to do. Austin decides to talk to the compassion of the guests and tell them what happened, and hope that they will donate money. Jennifer is listening, deeply moved and saddened.


JENNIFER: That's awful (speaking softly)! I just can't believe it.

TJDSII 4A, Jack tells Jennifer he knew she missed him; with David Forsyth A hand puts out a handkerchief to her. She looks over to see who offered it to her. It is Jack.


JACK: (Pleased with himself) I knew you'd miss me.

Jennifer hits him with the handkerchief, and then runs off. One of the guests, stop and stares [he is played by David Forsyth -- seen in background of photo -- who played Hogan McCleary and Matthew's character's brother, on Search for Tomorrow].

Jennifer is shocked to see Jack standing by her, she had thought he had gone home and she was safe. Jack is looking at her, pleased with himself. He is positive she is glad that he did not leave, and that she is upset because of him.


JENNIFER: Oh, I know, have you been in Africa so long that you do not understand English? How many times do I have to tell you, you are not charming, you are not funny, and most of all, you are not wanted. Alright, so go, leave; go away from here, leave me alone; go out of Paris, Vay con Dios. Hasta la vista. How many different ways do I have to tell you?

JACK: How many ways (putting his handkerchief away) do I have to tell you I want my daughter in my life?

JENNIFER: Ah, that's all very poignant. But in case you haven't notice, she is not here. So, if you are so anxious to see Abby, get on a plane to Salem. She will be delighted to see you.

JACK: Why are you doing this?

TJDSII 4B, I made you cry, JackJENNIFER: What, rejecting you?! Did you think I would act otherwise, Jack? I came to run away from my problems, not run smack into them. I came her to have a good time.

JACK: (A thought comes to him) And I made you cry.

JENNIFER: (Surprised by his arrogance) You what?

JACK: Jus.... just now, I made you cry.

JENNIFER: You made me cry, you think that you.... Ah (laughing).... my gosh.... oh my gosh. I can't believe your huge, oversized ego, Jack. I hate to bruise it, but all you do is make me laugh. (Beat)

Jack is confused, but does not completely seem to buy into what she is saying.


JENNIFER: No, I take that back.... you don't even do that anymore, 'cause you have ceased to be even remotely funny to me. I was crying because there is no money for the orphans.

JACK: Oh.....

JENNIFER: All you do.... all you make me feel is completely insane. All you make me want to do is SCREAM!!!

Jack just raises his eyebrow, not believing her protestations.

Jack and Jennifer are still arguing. Jennifer turns her back to him.


JACK: It's not you....

JENNIFER: Oh, it's not me, okay then who is it, Jack?

JACK: Th.... th.... the sarcasm, the belligerence. It's like you're putting on some kind of act.

JENNIFER: Oh, no Jack. It's not an act. In fact, you really should take some credit for it, I mean all those years with you, I learned from Mr. Selfish and Belligerence himself.

TJDSII 4C, I love my daughterJACK: (Trying for a new tactic, he puts his hands up) Bu...., ah... Okay, how about we just, un.... set aside this for a moment, the sparing, the trading of insults, just long enough to get down what's really important here, and that is the fact (beat) that I love my daughter.

JENNIFER: When it is convenient, yes.





TJDSII 4D, Jack upsetJACK: Always--

JENNIFER: (Interrupting him) When you can fit her into your schedule. It's wonderful (mimicking Jack) "Oh Abby, my little playmate, let's go play." Yeah, for ten minutes, and then you're gone, and you're selfish and irresponsible, and no one knows where you are, and then it is, "Abby who?"

Jennifer goes to leave.


JACK: No, that.... that is not true. That is not true.

JENNIFER: It's "Abby who?" The Child.

Jack follows her. Jennifer stops outside the door.


JACK: That is even not REMOTELY FAIR!

JENNIFER: "The Child." She doesn't even have a name, Abby.

JACK: No.... no.... and while we are talking about selfish and irresponsible? How about you, taking a daughter away from her father. Running away to who knew where -- though I happen to know for a fact that it was Ireland -- without even so much as a farewell note. YOU TOOK MY DAUGHTER AWAY FROM ME.

JENNIFER: And for a very good reason. And believe me, I have more than one good reason.

TJDSII 4E, Jack is angry, why did Jennifer take AbbyJACK: (Talking over her, angry, and talking loudly) NO, NO, NO.... THERE ARE NOT "GOOD REASONS" TO DEPRIVE ME OF MY DAUGHTER. MY FLESH AND BLOOD. NOW INTEAD OF CRITCIZING ME, AND ATTACKING MY FAULTS, WHY DON'T WE LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING FOR A MINUTE. TELL ME HOW THE HELL you can do this, what were you thinking? I.... I think you owe me that, at least.

JENNIFER: (Slightly ashamed, but not giving in to him) I don't owe you anything. I am not your wife anymore, and I will never be your wife again. In fact you make me sick.


Jennifer goes to leave, but Jack's body is in the way, stopping her. She steps back.

TJDSII 4F, Jennifer goes to leave, Jack blocks her way

Jack and Jennifer are in a heated and hurtful argument over Abigail.


TJDSII 4FF, Jack is hurt by Jennifer's blowsJACK: (Trying to calm down, speaking more calmly) This is not about (trying to calm down, speaking more calmly) how I effect you, Jennifer. That is irrelevant at this point--

JENNIFER: No, you're irrelevance, at this point. Well, except to yourself, obviously to whom you are the center of the universe, larger than life, the star of the movie, Jack; where all of us are mere extras in your world.




TJDSII 4GG, Jack is hurt.

(Affected by her hard blows) I.... I would like to set aside some time, where we could sit down and have a civil conversation about our child, regarding custody of Abby.

JENNIFER: (Shocked) Are you kidding me.... are you kidding? Do you think.... Do you think that if you speak in this tone of voice, and if you put on this mature act -- and believe me, I know that you are acting....


Jennifer becomes sarcastic again, hurting Jack. Though she seems worried that Jack may in fact sue for custody.


JENNIFER: (Sarcastic) ....then I'll whip out my datebook and go, "Oh, yes, Jack, I'll meet a week from Tuesday at Tuscany, at 5 PM." But the problem is I will have been sitting there until 9 PM -- wait, no. I wouldn't, I will have left at 5:05, because I have learned my lesson. So, is never good for you? NEVER!

Jack is trying to remain calm. He is trying to hold back his emotions, his anger. But he is angry, and most of all hurt by her words.

TJDSII 4G, Jack tells Jennifer Abby needs him

JACK: Abby needs me. I love her; and she loves me.

TJDSII 4H, Jennifer tells him he gave up his rights as Abby's father

Then you better find yourself a good lawyer, because as far as I am concerned, Abby is my child, you have given up you're rights as her father.

Jack is furious, but holds back his anger.





Jennifer and Jack's fight has grown more nasty. Jennifer has just told Jack he has given up all rights to Abigail, Jack is livid.



JENNIFER: (With an annoying tone) Oh my goodness, you're deciding to take the moral high ground, aren't you? You are sooo offended--

JACK: Abigail is our daughter, not just yours, no matter how much you you like it. She has a mother and a father. And if I have to get an attorney to work out a custody agreement. In fact, I'll go as far as to return to Salem with you.

JENNIFER: What? In your dreams, Jack. In your dreams.

Jennifer turns away from him.


JACK: NO.... NO.... I will make it a reality. All I have to do is get a plane ticket.

JENNIFER: (Trying to pretend this does not bother her) Okay, that's fine. That's just fine. But you know what, I will not be on that flight with you, because if you think I would get on a flight home with you -- on a flight anywhere with you -- you are certifiable.

Jack say nothing. Jennifer storms off.


JACK: (Thinking out loud) Her flight number.... gotta get her flight number.

Jack is determined to follow her back to Salem, and be on the same flight as she is.

TJDSII 4I, Jack is determined to follow Jennifer to Salem

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