TJDS II: Long way home Title

Episode 5: "Hello, is this Abigail Deveraux who
owes me 3 shillings for services rendered."
[The Return of Jack Deveraux Part V]

[Air date February 12th, 2001]

Stefano, the Blacks, Bradys, and Europe's elite donate money to Greta's orphans.

Jennifer has lifted up her dress so as to walk as quickly as possible, and get away from Jack. However, he is running after her. She stops and turns toward him. He stops dead in his tracks.


JENNIFER: Did I not make myself abundantly clear to you?

JACK: That you do not want to talk to me? So you say. Yet you keep talking.

JENNIFER: Really, "Get lost," is not my idea of friendly conversation.

JACK: I want to help our daughter. Does that make me the enemy?

JENNIFER: If I thought that highly of you. I would stand here and listen to you, Jack.

JACK: (Slightly pleading) Jennifer.

Jennifer walks off. Jack follows. She then stops as does Jack. They look at each other. She turns to walk off, but turns to see if he is following her. He flashes her a look. She raises her eyebrows. Then walks off. Jack, of course, runs after her.

Jennifer dodges guests trying to avoid Jack. She continues to apologize to various people because of this. Jack, trying to keep up, also bumps into various guests. Jennifer stops and turns around. Jack quickly bends down, pretending to tie his shoe laces.


JACK: A Oui, oui.

TJDSII 5A, Ooo la laJENNIFER: (Jennifer bends down to be eye level with him) Excuse me, I am sure you don't have an invitation to this event, so I am going to find a security guard to throw you out on your derrière (getting up).

JACK: (Thinking that this means she is not as mad as she pretends, plays along) You've been studying your French.

JENNIFER: Ah, don't make me demonstrate my explicatives.

She takes off again.


JACK: (Really enjoying their bantering) Ooooo la la. (Following her) ooooooo!

Sami has been talking to Brandon and Angela Moroni-Walker about getting a tape from Kate which will give custody of Will to Sami. They take off to dance. Sami is in the disguise of an old woman, she is wearing a black lace dress, with a black lace mask, black beads, a white wig, and using a cane. She looks onto the dance floor, and sees Austin and Princess Greta dancing together, and being very affectionate. This makes her steamed.


SAMI: (Thinking to herself) Get your paws off him!

JACK: (Not seen) Takes two to Tango -- not that this is a Tango, I suppose. But, I guess what I am trying to say, would you care to dance?....

She turns. Jack's mouth nearly drops open. He stares at her. Confused. She notices it is Jack.


JACK: Madame?

He tilts his head and stares at this strange woman, trying to figure her out.

TJDSII 5B, Jack is perplexed by an in disguised Sami

Bo and Hope are dancing. Hope sees Jennifer standing alone. Hope feels bad for Jennifer, especially since she and Bo are so happy. She wonders if Jennifer and Jack have a chance, despite what Jennifer says. Bo tells her that after all the time he spent with her in Ireland, unfortunately, he does not.

Jack is with Sami. He is motioning as if dancing, trying to spy on Jennifer, who is across the room from him. Sami is talking with a very bad accent.


SAMI: Well, so, perhaps, I think it would be better if I said that we won't be able to dance.

From across the room Jennifer tilts her head to see Jack;

TJDSII 5C, Jack spies on Jennifer

she stares at him. Jack takes this as a signal. He takes Sami.


JACK: Shall we Madame?

Jack takes her and drags her across the dance floor. Causing Sami to moan and groan. He takes Sami to a place where he has a better view of Jennifer, and starts to dance with her. He chuckles.


JACK: (Humming, then thinking to himself) Could I have picked a more unusual dance partner?

Jack tries to be charming. He slightly shudders at her, then frowns. Like Jack, she is preoccupied, trying to spy on Austin and Greta.


JACK: (Talking to Sami) You're very lovely tonight (she chuckles), Madame. I am Jack Deveraux, and you are?

SAMI: Madame De Witt (not wanting to talk to Jack).

JACK: Unusual accent, can't quite place it. You are from?

SAMI: (More concerned watching Greta and Austin) Europe.

JACK: (Laughing) Hahahaha. Quite a sense of humor you have Madame (It takes a moment, but he Gets the pun) De Witt.

They both laugh.


JACK: Perfect name for you -- De Witt.

They chuckle. At that moment she grabs Jack and drags him across the dance floor, so as to be right next to Austin and Greta. Causing Jack to groan and moan.


JACK: Ooooo, wait a minute.... owww... ohhh..

They pull up next to Austin and Greta. She is talking about how much she loves this dance with him. "The most amazing dance of her life." She talks about her relationship with Eric Brady, and goes on and on about how happy she is with him (Austin). This causes Sami to be livid from jealousy.


SAMI: (Speaking softly but loud enough for Jack to hear) Oh, Dammit.

JACK: Did I step on your foot.

SAMI: (Trying to ditch Jack) Oh, yes!

Sami stomps on Jack's left feet, then the his right, causing Jack to groan in pain.

TJDSII 5D, Sami has stoped on Jack's feet

SAMI: I think dancing is not the thing for either of us. Pardone moi.

She walks off, Jack is groaning in pain limping on both feet.


JACK: Thanks, thank you very much.

Kate is getting nervous and having second thoughts about killing Victor. Moroni has other plans. He gives her a doctored drink which knocks her out. He is going through with his plans to kill Victor, and to have a massacre at the Coronation. His men take an unconscious Kate outside, and dump her on the lawn.

John and Austin are talking when the see Jennifer. She and Austin hug. They are surprised to see her at the Coronation. She tries to avoid some of their questions. John leaves. Jennifer asks Austin what is the story with him and the Princess. At that moment, Jack walks up to them, still limping. As they talk it is obvious that Austin is not one of his favorite people (going back to just before Jack left, when Austin was spending all his time with Jennifer). Jennifer is slightly frustrated to see Jack pop up, yet again.



JACK: (Snidely) Austin!

AUSTIN: You're limping.

JACK: I was dancing--

JENNIFER: (Interrupting him) Not wise at your age. You know you should really take it easy.

JACK: (Trying to avoid her barbs) This clumsy old lady nearly crippled me.

AUSTIN: Well, when I saw Jen without you, I, uh, (stumbling over his words, not knowing what to say) I figured (realizing he better leave things alone).... never mind

Jack stares at Austin. Then Jennifer looks at Jack, and they then stare at each other.


AUSTIN: I am glad I'm wrong. So, why didn't I get an invitation to the wedding?


TJDSII 5E, J&J look at each otherJACK: (Interrupting her) There was no wedding.

JENNIFER: And there never ( she looks at Jack and she at him) will be.

AUSTIN: (Confused but not wanting to get involved) I'm sorry, I really am. I mean.... you two were so happy when you left Salem.

Jack and Jennifer look at each other, affected by this; hurting, realizing that they were happy when the left, and that something happened to change it.


JENNIFER: (Emotional) Excuse me (She walks off).

TJDSII 5F, Jack tells Austin to go to hell


AUSTIN: Man Jack, last time you left her with a sick kid. Now what did you do this time?

JACK: (Hating him) Go to hell, Austin (He walks off).



Jack is following Jennifer, he has a glass of Champagne in his hand.


JENNIFER: I cannot take this anymore.

JACK: I can make it end.

JENNIFER: Thank you.

JACK: Can we just (beat) go somewhere.... alone?

Looking at Jack, staring into his eyes.

A short while later, they walk outside.


JENNIFER: Alright this is as alone as I am going to get with you, Jack Deveraux.

JACK: (Sighing) I thought I made my intentions clear, I am here to help our daughter. If you can't bring yourself think of her needs first--

JENNIFER: Wait a minute, why do you think I'm here?

JACK: Okay, I'll bite, why?

Both Jack and Jennifer seem to hope there is another reason that they want to be in each other's presence.

JENNIFER: (Pauses) You go first.

JACK: (Pausing too) Do you think we could go someplace that's not so cold and talk.

JENNIFER: Alright, fine. Fine, let's go.... let's go but some where and then we'll talk.

JACK: Good (About to finish his Champagne).

JENNIFER: Wait a minute, what are you doing with that.

JACK: (Stops before taking a sip) I... suppose clearer heads should prevail.

He tosses his drink over the balcony, not noticing an unconscious Kate, below. The drink lands on her face, causing her to stir. Jack motions to Jennifer, to go first, and she does. He follows. They leave just in time, because moments later all hell breaks loose at the Coronation.

On the same balcony where Jack and Jennifer just had their chat, Bo and Hope are sharing a romantic moment. Greta is about to be crowned princess, when from behind a grate [Interestingly it looks like the same grating where, years earlier, Jack found the gun, on the train] Charles is hiding. He takes aim at Greta. A dizzy Kate enters the ballroom, as Moroni's men bust into the room, spraying the room and the guests with bullets. The guests fall to the ground, some shot, others hitting the deck to avoid being shot. Greta is hit, despite Austin trying to save her; so is Angela Moroni.

[Airdate February 13th, 2001]

Bo and Hope have snuck away from the Coronation. Bo spots Jennifer, but does not see Jack, he just sees his back, so he thinks she is with a man. Hope thinks maybe her cousin found a count afterall. Then they see that it is Jack. Bo sarcastically says that Jack is "A count he ain't." Hope thinks this is a good sign. She wants Bo to tip the waiter to get the accordionist to play La vie en rose for Jack and Jennifer; and then who knows, but the end of the night they will be reunited

Jack and Jennifer are about to be seated at their table, across the room from Bo and Hope. Jack tries to help Jennifer sit down, by helping her with her chair; but she pulls away. He then galantly motions for her to sit, and then sits himself.


JENNIFER: I cannot wait for this night to be over so I never will have to see you again.

JACK: (Jack is not bothered by this) Now you are not making any sense.

JENNIFER: I don't want to make sense. I want to get away from you.

Jack observes her, he does not look like he believes what she is saying, and he obliviously is still very much in love. He then calls for the waiter.

JACK: Garçon, two mineral waters, please.

JENNIFER: (Calling back the waiter) Uno momento!

JACK: That's Spanish, or Italian.

JENNIFER: (Ignoring Jack's comment's, speaking to the waiter) I want Champagne please. The best you have.

WAITER: Mais oui, tout de suite.

TJDSII 5G, Jack tells Jennifer she likes proving him wrongThe waiter is happy over their change in order, and rushes off. Jack looks at Jennifer with a knowingly look.


JACK: You don't want Champagne.

JENNIFER: Don't tell me what I want or don't want.

JACK: You want to prove me wrong.


JENNIFER: I don't have to prove you wrong because you are wrong all the time and will you take off that stupid mustache?

She yanks off the false mustache, causing Jack to groan.

Jack is still hurting from having his faux mustache removed. He is rubbing the area above his upper lip and is also trying to get rid of the theatrical glue.


JENNIFER: You know, you listen, Jack -- or at least you look like you listen -- but you don't really hear me do you?

JACK: That is why we came her, to talk, to listen, to--

JENNIFER: (Interrupting) No, we are here because you manipulate me (Jack sighs). That is not the start of a good, open discussion....

JACK: (Frowning) You know, there's another way to look at it.

She looks at him. He is sincere, and obviously very much in love. She stops sipping her Champagne and looks at him.


JACK: I'd do anything to be with you.

TJDSII 5H, Jack tells her he's changedJENNIFER: You do anything to get your own way, and right now you want something from me.

JACK: I've changed.

JENNIFER: (Sarcastically) And I'm the Queen of Sheba.... Now you listen to me, you really listen, I want you out of my life.

JACK: That can never be, Jen. Abby ties us together forever. (Beat) Unless of course you are willing to give her up.


JENNIFER: (Horrified) I will never.... do you hear me, I will never.

JACK: That's exactly how I feel, never give her up. And I won't let you cut me from her anymore.

JENNIFER: What do you mean "Cut you off," you are the one that left us, do you remember that?

JACK: Excuse me.... you are the one that took Abby and went to Ireland... Which is what we never talked about. What happened in Ireland? And Jen believe me this time I will listen.

TJDSII 5I, Jack wonders what happened in Ireland

Jennifer has not answered Jack's question about Ireland. The accordionist is playing the Vie en rose.


JENNIFER: I left Ireland, because I wanted Abby to be with her family.

JACK: You know I've evaded enough questions in my lifetime to know to recognize the technique.

JENNIFER: Oh, and as true as that statement may be Jack, you still have no right to interrogate me.

JACK: And now we shift to righteous indignation, but you still haven't answered the question, what happened in Ireland?

JENNIFER: Look that is none of your business.

JACK: If Abby needs family you're looking at her father.

JENNIFER: You know, I have been with you for just a few short hours, and I am already tired, do you know that? It's just the same as always, isn't it Jack. It's--

She is going to continue and Jack is about to respond when her cell phone rings. Both are surprised and slightly concerned. Jennifer answers her phone.



TJDSII 5J, Jack beams hearing Abby is on the phoneIt is Abby, she is in her pajamas, in Alice's kitchen, it is the middle of night.

ABBY: Hi Mommy.

JENNIFER: (Concerned) Abby.... Oh Baby, are you okay? I.... Is Granma okay?

When Jack hears that it is Abby his face lights up he is excited, like a little boy expecting a toy.


ABBY: Everything is fine.

Jennifer is relieved. Jack reaches for the phone and begs Jennifer to let him talk to his daughter.



TJDSII 5K, Jack tries to grab the phoneJACK: Jen.... Jen let me talk.... let me Jen, let me talk to her.... come on...

Abby can hear his voice and is expectant and so excited that her father might be there.


ABBY: Daddy? Is Daddy there.

Jennifer is reluctant to let Jack speak to her.


JENNIFER: Ah, yes h.... he is but you know, ah.

TJDSII 5L, Jack talks with AbbyJack is pleading with her to let him talk. Finally he takes the phone from her. He does a Cary Grant imitation when talking to Abby. When Abby hears his voice she is overjoyed.


JACK: (With accent) Hello, is this Abigail Deveraux who owes me 3 shillings for services rendered.

Abigail is enjoying Jack's jokes. Jennifer groans and cradles her head in her hand.


TJDSII 5M, Jack tells Abby he missed herABBY: Daddy, I missed you.

JACK: I missed you Pal. But I'm, coming home.

ABBY: (Hopeful) Really?

JACK: Really. I don't want you dating any of those boys in your class, there is no boy alive that is in your class.


TJDSII 5LL, Abby talks with dad about her boyfriendABBY: There is this boy I like, kind of.

Jennifer cannot help herself, she is moved by the scene. And smiles at Jack and Abby's conversation.


JACK: Ee..... Does he make a lot of money? What does his parents do? Is he really really really really top drawer? Does his chauffeur take him to gym class. Does he uh--


Jennifer gets disgusted by Jack's concern with money, though it is obvious he is just teasing. She snatches the phone away from him before he can say anymore or even good bye to Abby.


JENNIFER: (Talking to Abby) Baby. Hi, it's Mommy Honey, ah, now you remember that it doesn't make a difference how much money someone has, right Baby, right?

ABBY: Of course not, Daddy's just kidding. You know that.

Jennifer looks at Jack, she is still not so sure.


JENNIFER: (Talking to Abby but looking at Jack) Oh of course Daddy is kidding. Baby you go to sleep. I love you. Good night.

ABBY: Okay.

She hangs up. Jack smiles at her, with great love. As he talks to her, he takes her hand. She does not resist.

TJDSII 5N, Jack tells her she should be happy

JACK: It doesn't make sense Jen. We have everything in the world that matters. Doesn't make sense to be unhappy.

She looks down at their hands. But looks a bit sad. Though more receptive.

Jack is trying to tell Jennifer that she should be happy. He is holding her hand, and she has yet to pull back. But she obvious is affected by something. Suddenly she pulls her hand away, and tries not to be moved by what he is saying.


JACK: Do you really want to do this? Through lawyers? Do you think that's best for Abby.

Just then a man stumbles into the café, he is wearing a tux, and is bloodied, obvious one of the causalities from the Coronation.


MAN: (Groaning) Anyone, Help.

Jack and Jennifer turn around, he comes towards them and then go toward him.


JENNIFER: Oh, my word.

MAN: Where are the police?

JENNIFER: Are you okay?

JACK: wait a minute.

MAN: Why won't anyone help me.

JENNIFER: Oh my word. What happened. Bo do something.

Hope and Bo rush over to them. Everyone is talking at once [It is hard to get the exact wording and who says what].


MAN: The Coronation.

BO: What?

MAN: Terrorists, they opened fire.

JENNIFER: What? Oh my gosh we have to help.

BO: Gunfire at the Coronation?

JACK: When?

MAN: It's like a battlefield in there.

JENNIFER: Alright, just hold on (trying to help him).

HOPE: Oh, my gosh, Shawn, Bo (terrified with fear for her son).

JACK: I'm holding.... I'm holding.

The gang try to help him. Shocked and worried about the rest of their family and friends who are still at the Coronation.

[Airdate mid-February, 2001]


At the Coronation Angela Moroni got shot, and died, trying to protect her husband Brandon. Her father, realizing he is to blame commits suicide. Victor was murdered, though it appears he may have figured out what was planned by Kate, and did something. John Black has been wounded and is in serious condition. And Princess Greta was shot several times, and is in critical condition. Scores of other guests are dead or in surgery. However, Shawn, and the rest of the Salemites are fine.

Hope and Jennifer are worried about the fate of their friends and family. Jennifer thinks she should call Alice, but she does not want to worry her. They should think positive Hope tells her. Hope asks about Jack. Jennifer gets defensive. She did not want him here with her. Hope reminds her that Jack is "the father of her daughter." Jennifer tells her that fact "makes her sad for Abby." Hope is surprised by this. She reminds her about all that love for all those years that she and Jack shared. Jennifer says that she and Jack are different than she (Hope) and Bo are. She tells Hope that she and Bo have loved each other all their lives. But she and Jack just do not get along and they have such different views of the world, and how to raise Abby. Hope tries to explain to her that she and Bo have had their problems and that they do not always agree, but they try. And that is important to try, and to make a commitment. She and Bo are not perfect [Of course Jennifer does not realize that JT is not actually Bo, and that Hope Believes he is John's]. Jennifer gets very emotional. Hope apologizes. Though she then tells Jennifer, how would Jennifer feel had she fought with Jack and said something mean to him, then he turned out to be one of the people hurt in the bloodbath. How would she feel if he were in surgery or if she were not sure he would die. Jennifer gets even more upset. She is near tears. Hope tells her that this is proof that she still cares. Jennifer does not want to answer that. Then she starts babbling about always picking the wrong man. And how men always hurt her. She only wants to be happy. Hope finally realizes that Jennifer means someone other than Jack. She wants to know if Jennifer recently was involved with a man who hurt her. Jennifer gets even more emotional and evasive. Before Hope can pressure her more, Shawn rushes in with bad news. He will not tell her, since Bo wants to do so. They rush out following him.

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