TJDS II: Long way home Title

Episode 6: "Hortons' House of
Holistical Holography."

[Airdate late February, 2001]

Everyone is back in Salem. Despite being seriously hurt both John and Greta are fine. Sami has the tape and can use it to keep her son Will -- named for his grandfather Bill Horton. Meanwhile, she plans to get Austin away from Greta. Lexie is determined to keep the secret about Isaac. The police are trying to find the identity of the body that floated up from the river. It is Marlo, the real mother of Hope's son JT. They have put an add in the paper, and a couple notice the photo. He, Glenn Reiber, was married to Marlo. He decides to come to town to tell the cops, and to get his child, who she was carrying when she ran off. He calls the police and identifies Marlo. Meanwhile Stefano's men Rolf and Bart have stolen the body and have dissolved it in acid. Victor faked his death to get back at Kate, and with the help of Nicole and Philip is hiding out.

At a table Greta is sitting and sipping her coffee. She smiles and fades into a happy memory of her and Austin.

A few tables across from her is Jack. He is sitting alone at a table, thinking. A waitress brings him his order, a very large cup of coffee. He takes a a sip and makes a grimace and coughs.


JACK: Bleak.... What, you call this coffee.

WAITRESS: (Smiling) It's our finest, yeah.

JACK: (Being sarcastic and obnoxious) Really?


JACK: Well they obviously are laughing from Rio to Saõ Paolo. This stuff isn't only undrinkable, but unwatchable -- I can't even look at it. (Motioning with his hand) Take it away.

WAITRESS: (Trying to be polite but Jack is trying her patience) I perhaps you prefer our Costa Rican blend?

JACK: (Being even more obnoxious) Perhaps I would. Perhaps this time it won't take you 20 minutes to bring it to me. Perhaps this time the coffee even will be warm.

WAITRESS: (With a fake smile, disgusted with Jack) You know.... you're really cute (beat) until you open your mouth.

TJDSII 6A, Jack worried about Jennifer reading the letterShe walks away. Jack is even disgusted with his behavior, and feels guilty. Obliviously something is bothering him.


JACK: (Talking out-loud to himself) She's right. I'm being a total jerk here. And it's not because of the Brazilian. It's that stupid stupid letter I gave to Jennifer. I can only hope and pray that she doesn't read it.



Jennifer is coming down the stairs, carrying her person. She searches inside her purse for something, but finds the letter Jack sent her. She takes it out and looks at it.


JENNIFER: (Talking to herself) It's just another Jack attack. It's all it is. And I've had enough of those to last a hundred lifetimes.

She stuffs the letter back into her purse. Then walks into the livingroom. Alice is there and is preparing to go shopping. Jennifer volunteers to go, after all she and Abigail have been staying with her. Alice tells her it is her pleasure, she loves having them around. She then asks Jennifer about the apartment she was looking at. Jennifer tells her she turned it down, and she is not even sure that she wants to stay in Salem. Alice knows right away why. She tells Jennifer that she should not leave, just because Jack is in town. Jennifer says that Alice knows her too well, she cannot lie to her. She wants to get her and Abby as far as Jack as possible. Nothing has changed with Jack. She wants peace and quiet and that cannot happen with Jack. She loved the apartment, but she saw Jack popping up to bug her, and it made her lose interest. Alice wonders if she really wants to leave. Yes, she has friends in Chicago, maybe se can go with them and get away from Jack's radar. Alice berates her, telling her that Jack is Abby's father and "he deserves to be apart of her life." Jennifer agrees, "lying low is just talk." Anyway Jack would find her if she were in "Des Moines or Donagal," and drive her insane.

Frustrated the waitress brings Jack another coffee, expecting him to complain.


WAITRESS: Go ahead.

He lifts it to his mouth Jack takes a sip, grimaces slightly, but tries to feign politeness.


JACK: This coffee is.... (trying to find something polite to say).... It's really.... it's very aahh (trying to find a word, then flashing a fake smile) hot.

TJDSII  6B, Jack notices Greta watching himThe waitress rolls her eyes, and then walks off disgusted. Greta has been observing the show and stares over at Jack. As Jack takes a drink he spots her and stares back. Greta, embarrassed, looks away, and counts out her money. Jack continues to stare back.



Greta tries to ignore him. She goes to walk away.


GRETA: (Shaking her head). Ahh.... No, I don't think so.

Jack gets up and walks over to her.


JACK: I do I was at wooooo--

Jack trips and then bounces back shocking her.


GRETA: Are you okay?

JACK: (Acting suave) Never been better.

GRETA: That was quite a move.

JACK: I got a million of 'em.

GRETA: I bet you do, but when you see one of 'em.... Ah, maybe I should say two.

JACK: (Confused) What?

GRETA: After seeing your move with that waitress (shaking her head) I doubt we have anything in common.

Goes to walk away but stops when Jack starts to talk.


JACK: Oh, oh tha... that.... that was just.... I'm just having a bad day.

GRETA: Right.... right and I'm leaving (Starts to walk way).

JACK: Do you really have to go Princess von Amburg?

GRETA: Who are you, and how do you know my name?

Jack flashes her a roguish grin.

Alice and Jennifer are continuing their conversation. She knows Jennifer is upset that Jack is in town but wonders if there is more to it than that. Jennifer says that Jack wants to have a meeting with her, for some harebrained proposal of his. Even if it is crazy, Jennifer is worried, she knows Jack is smart in a legal way, and she is worried that Jack would take Abby away from her.


ALICE: Oh, darling, Jack would never do a thing like that! He would never hurt you.

JENNIFER: Gram, he has been hurting me since the day we met.

ALICE: Never purposefully.

Abigail is standing by the door, listening in on their conversation.


JENNIFER: No never purposefully, Gran, but he has a way of ruining everything -- f.... f.... for me, for Abby, for everybody.

Walks over to them, very hurt and upset.


ABBY: Mommy, stop saying bad things about Daddy.

Jennifer looks embarrassed, Alice watches on.

Jack and Greta are in mid-conversation. Greta wants to get away from Jack, but Jack does all he can to prevent her from doing so.


GRETA: You must have read about my coronation?

JACK: Read about it? Oh, no, no, no, no.... I experienced it (he dramatically places his hand on his chest).

GRETA: (She is a little more interested) You were there?

JACK: Quite the event.

GRETA: Yes.... Yes it was.... (trying to leave) Well, good bye.

JACK: Wa.... Wait a minute. You're going to walk away and leave me after I told you I was there?

GRETA: (Still unimpressed with him) There were a lot of people at my coronation.

JACK: (Trying a new tactic) Did a lot of people take a bullet for you.

GRETA: (Surprised, with renewed interest) What?

TJDSII 6C, Jack pretends to have been wounded at the CoronationJACK: When a woman is about to be shot, what can a man do but leap in front of her and suffer the consequences -- or in this case (getting melodramatic, and touching his shoulder) consequence right to the shoulder (he turns slightly for dramatic effect).

GRETA: (Slight gasp) I had no idea.... I thought only Austin tried to protect me that way.

JACK: (Rubbing is shoulder) There are many unsung heroes in the world.

GRETA: Oh my god. I am sooo sorry. Where you hospitalized.

JACK: (Not wanting to answer the question) Hmmmm.

GRETA: Where exactly were you hit?

She touches his arm. Jack sighs. She can feel no wound, and it finally dawns on her that he is full of it.


GRETA: Wait a minute. You look fine to me. You weren't shot.

JACK: Technically, no.

GRETA: (Get disgusted) So what was this all about so many "unsung heroes?"

JACK: I didn't say that I was one of them. I would have leapt in front of a bullet to save you if I had been there.

GRETA: I thought you said you were there.

JACK: I was there, bbbb..... but I wasn't.

GRETA: (Confused) You.... You're giving me a headache.

JACK: I left the ball before the big shoot out began.

GRETA: Ah, so all this stuff about being heroic?

JACK: Just a little humor.

GRETA: (Angered by his remark) Nothing that happened in Europe is funny!

JACK: Oh, lighten up. You didn't die, I didn't die, Austin didn't die. All-in-all it was a bang-up coronation.

GRETA: (Completely stymied by Jack) What bizarre world are you from? Who are you? And how do you know me?

JACK: You want the answers in that order?

GRETA: I don't want them at all.

She is about to leave; but Jack stops her.


JACK: Oh, no, no, no, no, no.... You asked for it, you got it (making a grand gesture with his arms), my whole life story.

Greta laughs and it is apparent she wants to get away.


JACK: Chill.... Chill, just the Cliff Notes version.
TJDS II 6D, Jack is going to tell her the Cliff Notes version of his life
Greta shakes her head not knowing what to do; her eyes widen. She is about to say something, but realizing it is futile, says nothing.

Abby is upset that Jennifer was talking about Jack. Jennifer feels terrible that Abby heard. Jennifer looks at Alice, and then walks over to Abby, she bends down to be at her eye level.


JENNIFER: Ahh, Honey, look.... look you don't understand.

ABBY: You said bad things about Daddy.

JENNIFER: Well.... I didn't mean it that way.

ABBY: (Looking very hurt and sad) It made me sad!

JENNIFER: Honey, (hugging her) I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. You're right I shouldn't have said that. We shouldn't say anything bad about anyone -- especially your daddy.

Jennifer lets go of her and looks at her. Abby appears not to be so positive about what Jennifer is saying.


ABBY: So why did you?

JENNIFER: (No knowing how to make her feel better) Well (beat) because you know grown ups, they fight too sometimes.

ABBY: Like Ken Miller and I did over the Pokémon card?

JENNIFER: Yeah. You know.... something like that. (Slightly stuttering) A.... And then we end up saying things that aren't very nice.

ALICE: Well, I think you two need to be alone.

She is walking away. Jennifer is grateful that she understands.


JENNIFER: (Talking to Alice) Thanks Gram


Jennifer then turns back towards Abby to help her understand.


JENNIFER: Baby, you know (beat) that Mommy and Daddy we love you more than anything in the world, and we always will? Are you going to be okay now?

ABBY: (Still not sure) Maybe, where's Daddy.

Jennifer does not know how to answer that question.


JENNIFER: (Sigh) Where is he right now?

ABBY: Yes!

JENNIFER: (Slightly stalling) I..... I don't know exactly.

ABBY: I wanna see him. (Begging) Please Mommy, can I?

Jennifer looks at her not knowing what to say or do.

Jack begins to tell her a truncated story of his life -- whether Greta wants to hear or not. He recites this very rabidly and practically without taking a breath. As he talks he takes his drink and walks over to Greta's table. He eases her down in a chair and sits next to her. Throughout the conversation Greta is completely confused. She obviously thinks Jack is very strange.

JACK: I use to live in Salem my father was Harper Deveraux -- have you heard of him?


JACK: Oh, no no matter no matter at all he was a senator before he became a serial killer -- but that's another story, never mind anyway -- (not pausing he shouts for the waiter) MORE TEA PLEASE (again without missing a beat he continues with his story) actually, the fact is, he wasn't my father after all.

GRETA: He wasn't?

TJDS II 6E, Jack is telling her his life historyJACK: No, no my real father was a wife beater and I had a brother and sister who I didn't know about until I was an adult -- but that's another story for another time ---I use to own a newspaper here in Salem -- I admit that was after I ran for assembly and lost but these are other stories I for other times.

Jack finally stops and takes a breath, then loses his train of thought.


JACK: Where am I?

GRETA: I'm sure I have no idea.

JACK: Oh.... oh.... I saw you sitting all by yourself, all alone -- and I thought how nice to walk over and say "hello."

GRETA: Well, you've done a lot more than say "hello."

JACK: Maybe it's the news hound in me, it's not every day you get to chat with a princess -- a bona fide princess -- unless of course she's pushing some kind of diet program, then of course you can't get rid of 'em [a pop cultural allusion to Princes Fergie].

Greta cannot help but laugh at this joke. She seems to be slightly charmed by Jack's quirky personality. Jack is pleased that he won her over.


GRETA: (Cannot stop laughing) Okay, can you stop.

JACK: See, see, I am funny.

GRETA: Yeah, but I'd work on my routine before heading to Vegas.

JACK: Ouch.

GRETA: Oh....

JACK: Oh a double threat, a princess and a critic.

GRETA: (Laughing) Well, I hardly call myself a critic.

JACK: What would you say about yourself? Did you grow up in a castle

Greta smiles and rolls her eyes.


JACK: And what did you do before you became a princess, Princess?

GRETA: (They laugh. Jack raises his eyebrows) Another tale for another time (raising her eyebrows).


She laughs and Jack is rather impressed.

Abby still is not sure that Jennifer was not talking badly about Jack. Abby has asked about Jack, and Jennifer does not know how to answer her. Not know what to say or do Jennifer fusses over Abby, adjusting her sweater.


JENNIFER: Well Sweetie, I am.... not really sure how to get ahold of your daddy right now. Okay, I'm sure he'll call you very soon.

Abby does not seem to believe her and is slightly hurt and angry.


ABBY: You don't want me to see him!

JENNIFER: Honey, no! It is not like that, okay. I never want you to stop loving your daddy like that. I never want that to change.

ABBY: (Somewhat relieved, yet still not sure) Promise?

JENNIFER: Yes.... yes (hugging Abby tightly) I promise.... I promise.

Jennifer continues to hold Abby tightly, and she seems worried about something.

The waitress brings Greta her tea.


WAITRESS: Here you go.

GRETA: Thank you.

JACK: (Reaches out his hand) Hmm.

The waitress ignores him and leaves before he can tell her what he wants.


JACK: So, your past is off limits?


JACK: You're the mysterious type?

GRETA: Maybe I am.

JACK: I can relate.

GRETA: Really?

JACK: Yes I can be very mysterious myself.

GRETA: I think the ship sailed on that one.

JACK: (Pretending to be offended) What?

GRETA: I'm so.... you've already told me more about yourself than I ever will want to know.

JACK: But I haven't told you the most important thing of all.

GRETA: Which is?

JACK: Why I have come back to this town.

GRETA: Okay?

JACK: It all has to do with my ex-wife.

GRETA: Oh, well that's not so mysterious.

JACK: It also involves a certain girl.

GRETA: (Disgusted) That's not mysterious, that's just disgusting! I don't want to hear about your mistress!

JACK: I said "girl." She's my daughter.

GRETA: (Embarrassed) Oh.... you have a little girl?

JACK: She's perfect! She's adorable! (Sounding not so sure) And she loves me very much.

GRETA: (Picking up on this) You don't sound so certain about the last part.

JACK: Well, my ex-wife is trying to drive a wedge between us. But it's not going to happen. You see, because I'm her father. I always will be.

GRETA: Well, I hope it works out for you.

JACK: (With a knowing look) Oh, it will.... It will. You see, I have a plan, a perfect solution for the whole problem.

GRETA: What's your solution?

JACK: Well, that's the mysterious part. I have a secret plan that I can divulge to no one -- well.... I can divulge it to you, but then I will have to kill you.... and you've already been shot... and that would be a waste and it wouldn't be fair in the first place.

GRETA: (Even more befuddled by Jack) Are all your conversations this convoluted.

JACK: Always.

GRETA: (Laughs) Whatever floats your boat.

JACK: I tell you what (beat) I want my daughter back in my life. And when I sell my ex-wife on this plan -- and I will -- she's going to fall for it, and then I'll have her just where I want her.

[Airdate late February, 2001]

Later that night, Jennifer comes down the stairs, she stops when she hears Abby's voice, Abby is by the phone waiting for her daddy to call.


ABBY: (Begging) Daddy, call us, call us, call us, please! (Now talking to God) God, I know I shouldn't ask for things, but.... this isn't really a thing, if you get Daddy to call I'll really, really try to be better.

Jennifer watches sadly, her heart is about to break.


JENNIFER: (Thinking to herself) Oooh, how could you be better. You're perfect already, Baby.

ABBY: (Still hopeful) Please!

Abby is looking up towards heaven. Jennifer starts to walk towards her. just then the phone rings. Abby is all excited, she knows it his her daddy.


ABBY: (Thanking God) Thanks! (She answers the phone) Daddy!

Jack is at a pay phone at Salem Place.


JACK: (With a faux-British accent) Hello, is this Hortons' House of Holistical Holography?

ABBY: (Excited) Daddy!

They both are extremely happy and emotional hearing each other's voice.


JACK: (Continuing with the accent, slight laugh) I am calling to inform you, a Miss Abigail Deveraux, that she has won a lifetime subscriptions to Molar Monthly, the magazine dedicated to lovers of back teeth.

ABBY: When am I going to see you.... I miss you soo much?

TJDSII 6F, Jack is emotional talking to Abby on the phone JACK: (Affected by her love for him) Tout de suite, mon sweet. I'm bringing along your first issue along with a complimentary hot fudge sundae with no icky whipped cream and extra cherries, right now.

ABBY: Daddy, can I ask you something.... for real?

JACK: Sure.... (His voice cracks a little) sure.

ABBY: Are you going to stay in Salem.... can we be a family again?


Abby is hopeful that he will say yes, but slightly worried too. Jennifer listens on sadly, it obviously breaks her heart seeing Abby so hopeful; yet, knowing that it will never be, she and Jack will probably never reunite and Jack will just leave again.

Austin has dropped by and Greta is happy, she feels that especially after their time in the virtual Garden of Eden and the Coronation that she and Austin have grown close. However, Sami drops by and is able to use her son Will -- also the son of Lucas Roberts, Bill Horton's son with Kate Roberts -- to have an excuse for Austin to go with her. She is determined to take him away from Greta. Austin believes her rouse about Will and goes with her. Greta is depressed and upset with Sami, she fears she lost another man. Later Sami is successful in seducing Austin, and the have sex.

Jack and Abby are on the phone, Jennifer watches from the doorway.


ABBY: Please Daddy, say you'll stay?

JACK: (Very emotional) Sweetheart I.... I want us to be a family again more than anything.

ABBY: Me too!

JACK: I miss you so much it's like I'm.... I'm missing a piece of my own heart (beat). (Speaking with profound love) I love you Abby.

ABBY: I love you too Daddy.

Jennifer walks closer to Abby, she is practically in tears.


JACK: So Toots, ahh.... is your mommy around?

ABBY: Just a second.

Jennifer tries to walk off so Abby does not know she was listening near by. Abby calls to her.


ABBY: Mommy, Mommy!

Pretending she just came because Abby called her, and feigning ignorance to what Abby wants.


JENNIFER: Yeah, hi Baby, what's up?

Abby is hopeful that when Jennifer talks to Jack things will get better for them.


ABBY: Daddy's on the phone.

JENNIFER: (Trying to sound glad, trying hide the fact that she is not that happy) Oh, Great, great. (Picking up the phone) Ahh, hello, Jack.

JACK: (Trying to sound unemotional) Jennifer.
TJDS II 6G, Jack is emotional talking to Jennifer on the phone
Abby pleads with Jennifer, and as she talks to Jack Abby grabs her arm.


ABBY: Tell him to come right over, that we can't wait to see him.... Tell him Mommy! Tell him.

JENNIFER: (Not thrilled but trying to make Abby happy) Okay, okay Baby J....

Jennifer is reluctantly on the phone with Jack, who wants to come over and see Abby. Abby is listening and looking towards heaven, expectantly hoping Jack will come over and that he and Jennifer will make up.


JENNIFER: Eh, uh.... Abby's been waiting for you to call.

JACK: (Angry) I've been waiting to call her. You told me to wait, that you had to talk to her first!

JENNIFER: And you have no idea why you think that I may have doubted you do what you said you'd do!

Abby listens on, unnoticed. She is sad hearing hear parents argue.


JACK: Like I'd ever not call Abby, I wanted to see her as soon as we landed.

JENNIFER: Out of the blue, with no warning!

JACK: But you said you had to have time to decide when I could see my own daughter. That it would happen on your schedule, with your permission.

JENNIFER: (Angry, speaking softly so Abby' will not hear) Listen I am not going to do this right now in front of Abby. Do you understand me. (Calling Abby) Abby, Sweetie...

Turns around to see that Abby is no longer there.


JENNIFER: (Talking to Jack) Oh great she is not even in the room anymore, Jack. So I am sure that she just heard us fighting.

Abby is hiding in the hall, still listening in sadly to her parents arguing.


JACK: Then let me come over, let's work this out.

JENNIFER: (Not wanting him to come over, tries to make up excuses) You know Jack, it's late. Abby has a swimming lesson in the morning. Ah I--

JACK: (Interrupting) I have a proposal to make.

JENNIFER: Oh really, what kind of "proposal" do you have?

JACK: I'll be there, I'll tell you in person.


JACK: (Interrupting) So I can't see Abby?

JENNIFER: I didn't say that you couldn't see Abby, alright. You know, I have a life. Do you think that you can just pop over whenever you feel like it?

JACK: (Frowns, concerned) Is someone there?

JENNIFER: What? Oh, (laughs) okay Jack, that's fine. That's just fine. (Reluctantly she gives in) Alright, why don't you come over.... come over in an hour.

JACK: I'll be there, but Jennifer, we have to stop doing this dance, tonight for Abby's sake we make some decisions.

Angry he shuts off his cell phone. Jennifer holds on to the receiver, looking worried as to what Jack has planned.

Sami has just been able to get Austin away from Greta. Greta is now walking around Salem placing, carrying a coffee, and muttering to herself, not looking where she is going.


GRETA: Manipulative little bimbo (shaking her head in frustration).

Jack is also walking around Salem Place, and is also carrying a cup of coffee, muttering to himself, angry over his recent conversation with Jennifer. He is not looking where he is going.


JACK: Controlling, judgmental, moral arbiter (he shakes his head in frustration).

Just then they both bump into each other, and both spill their coffees on the other. Both are irritated.


GRETA: Aaahhh.

JACK: Ohh. Why don't you look where you are going?

GRETA: Why.... do y--

They finally see each other, and are surprised -- they were just talking together earlier that evening.



Jennifer is straightening out magazines on Alice's coffee table. Abby, shuffles into the room walking over towards her mother.


ABBY: You're mad at Daddy, aren't you?

Jennifer sits down, and then takes Abby by the hand bringing her towards her.


JENNIFER: No Sweetie, I am not mad.... at Daddy. He just caught me by surprise.

ABBY: (Hopeful, yet not quite convinced) That's it?

JENNIFER: (Trying to persuade her, though it's obvious it is not quite the truth) That's it.

ABBY: (Happier) That's great, because I hear he say he had a proposal.

JENNIFER: (Flashes a worried look, not knowing how to answer the question) That's right.

ABBY: So when he asks you to marry him, you're gonna say yes (beat) aren't you (hopeful)? Aren't you?

Jennifer does not know how to answer that. She looks very worried.

Jack and Greta have just literally bumped into each other, and spilled the coffee they each were carrying on the other. Jack is frantically trying to clean Greta.


GRETA: So we meet again.

JACK: Yeah, at least this time I didn't fall down

Continues trying to clean her up. She is short tempered because of the run in she had with Sami who was able to get Austin to leave her (Greta) and go with her.


GRETA: You know what, it's alright. I said, "It is alright!"

They look at each other and Jack stops.


JACK: Sorry Princess.

GRETA: You know what I'm sorry. I am. I'm just in a horrible mood.

JACK: (Imitating the Queen) "We are not amused," right?

Jack smiles and she cannot help but smile back.


GRETA: Yes, something like that.

JACK: Well hey, I'm in a terrible mood too. Us running into each other and spilling coffee was actually an improvement on the rest of my day.

GRETA: Yes, I heard right before our little collision, you were muttering something, ex-wife again?

JACK: Yes, a Jennifer inspired mutter. But I wasn't the only one muttering, was I, what's bugging you?

GRETA: Nothing, just the nicest, best looking guy just gave me the.... "See you around?"

JACK: (Looking at her horrified) I did not!

They both sit down on a bench.


GRETA: (Laughing) You're not lacking in self-esteem now, are you?

JACK: Now listen I have a question for you.

GRETA: (Not sure if she wants to be asked the question) Hmmmm.....

JACK: Is this guy blind, comatose, because point of fact, you are.... a quite a nice looking princess.

GRETA: Well, first of all, he is not my boyfriend; secondly, I don't even know that he even knows that I think of him like that.

JACK: Is he among the living, because if you are even thinking of thinking about like that, he'd be lucky if you were thinking about thing about like that, I think.

GRETA:(Trying to follow Jack's babbling) And I think I know what you're talking about, which scares me (laugh)

Just then a reporter with a camera pops up.


REPORTER: Princess.

Jack posses with Greta, he puts his arm around her and smiles.


REPORTER: Thanks, Princess.

JACK: (Looking at the reporter) Hey, who are you calling a "Princess?" Oh..... oh..... oh. (Greta smiles, he looks at her) Price of fame.

REPORTER: This will make great copy, "Princess Greta back in the States." (He takes off)

JACK: (Looking wistfully) Now that's something I really miss.

GRETA: What, having your picture taken with coffee all over (looking at her blouse) your blouse?

JACK: No, that's something I hardly ever will miss. I'm talking about being a reporter.

GRETA: (Cannot believe that) You, a reporter?

JACK: One of the best, the Michael Jordan of journalists.

GRETA: (Still cannot believe him) You talk like you talk and make your money with words?

JACK: You know, no one likes a sarcastic princess. But maybe it'll give me an exclusive "The sardonic princess."

GRETA: (Laughs again) I hate to tell you this, but journalistically.... I don't see you having much of a future.

JACK: "Oh, future?" (Looking at his watching) Speaking of futures, I better see if I have one at Chez Horton. Now If you excuse me au revoir. It's very nice to run into you again.

Jack runs off.


GRETA: Bye. (Thinking, something dawns on her) HEY.... WAIT! "Jennifer." "At Chez Horton." Jennifer Horton is your ex-wife.... Hmmmm...

Abby is excited having heard Jack use the word "proposal" she is sure that he is going to ask Jennifer to marry him again. Jennifer does not want her to get her hopes up. Jennifer sits Abby next to her.


JENNIFER: Ah Sweetie, sit down. When he was talking about a "proposal," I don't think he was talking about marriage.

ABBY: But he could have been, couldn't he? (Hopeful) Couldn't he? O, Mommy please say yes, please.... Please!

Jack has just bought a stuffed tiger from a vender.


JACK: Thank you.

VENDER: (Talking to vender) Thank you very much. Have a good night.

Jack walks off for his meeting with Abby and Jennifer. He is admiring the stuffed tiger he bought Abby, and is talking to himself. Though optimistic about meeting Abby, he is less so about Jennifer's reactions.


JACK: Oh, Abigail's gonna love you -- course she has and always will love me. It's just her mother that needs convincing.

TJDSII 6H, Jack is worried how to deal with Jennifer

Jennifer and Abby are on the couch, Jennifer is trying to get Abby not to get her hopes up about Jack wanting for them to marry again. Jennifer is lovingly caressing Abby's cheek.


JENNIFER: I just don't want to your hopes, okay Sweetie.

ABBY: I'll gotta go change before Daddy gets here.

Jennifer sighs. She does not want Abby to be hurt. Abby walks up the stairs and stops on the first landing. She looks up towards heaven, and talks to God again.


ABBY: You can see what I'm up against, can't you. So if we want to get them back together I'm really going to need your help. Thank you


Abby walks up the rest of the stairs.

It is not clear if Jennifer has heard her or not. However, her heart seems to be breaking for Abby. Her feelings for Jack are unclear.

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