Background for 2003 and 2004

After over two years Jennifer and Jack made up Christmas 2002. However, when Jennifer discovered that Colin Murphy was planning on killing Jack, she slept with him to stop it from happening. New Years Eve, Victor Kiriakis and Nicole Walker were to marry. However, Nicole and Colin were having an affair, and Colin was blackmailing her for five million dollars; Victor knew of the affair and the blackmail. Meanwhile Bo had become suspicious of his cousin, and Colin came to hate Bo. Larry Welch after twenty years in jail was freed, and after unsuccessfully trying do away with Hope, and being believed killed by Bo, and secretly hired Colin to kill Bo; Colin thought it was part of the will from Stefano di Mera. Colin was treating Tony di Mera for a rare blood disorder which caused Tony to black out. Was he helping Tony, or double crossing him as well. New Year's Eve Jennifer and Jack wormed their way into the wedding. While there Colin let it slip that he had slept with Jennifer, infuriating Jack. Jack confronted Jennifer but she was too upset to tell him why she slept with Colin. Bo eventually told Jack. Everyone was unaccounted for when later Colin was discovered murdered. Jack in turn confessed fearing that Jennifer had in fact killed Colin. Jennifer remained quiet fearing Jack had killed Colin to protect her. When none of Jack's confession jived with the facts Bo and Abe set up Jack and Jennifer into revealing the truth. Jack was freed. Eventually it was discovered that Shawn Douglas had heard what Colin had planned for his father, and he killed him. Though it was in fact Nicole. Victor had a tape, and used it to blackmail her into being his dutiful and submissive wife. He then paid Larry to take the blame. After a series of events Larry escaped and eventually was killed.

Jack and Jennifer made up, but Jennifer begina ot feel ill. She fears edhe worst. Jack vows ted stay by her ev side en if she was pregnant by Colin. He convinced her to take a pregnancy test which revealed she was not pregnant.

Jack and Abigail set up a romantic Valentine's Day for Jennifer. They Abigail was dressed as cupid and shoot an arrow at Jennifer. The whole house was decorated, and Jack has prepared her breakfast. He then gave her a heart shaped watch telling her that she has all the time she wants to think about them moving further in their relationship. Jennifer does not want to think, she runs up stairs and comes down, shocking Jack, dressed as Santa. She then proposed to Jack, and he accepted. They made love for the first time in several years.

Jack and Jennifer got caught up in a big story involving the DA, who was so quick to first convict Jack, then the Bradys for Colin's murder. It appeared the DA is mixed up with a prostitute, her drug ring, and a men's club. Jack and Bo investigated. Jennifer had to save Jack from a fate worse than death from a buxom woman working at the club, who flirted with Jack, after he was beaten up investigating the club. Jennifer and Hope are kidnapped by the prostitute running the organization, but are saved by Jack. Eventually the thugs are all arrested. Bo and Hope decided to become bounty hunters.

Bill Horton wrote toJack and Jennifer telling them that he has some gifts for them. One of which is a Binturong, and odd animal from Asia. Abigail names him Horace, but Jack and Jennifer insist she send it to a zoo. For Jack Bill has a special gift, a talk show for him and Jennifer, In the House. The talk show unfortunately is silly and prevents Jack and Jennifer from doing what they do best, investigative reporting.

Jack and Jennifer remarry, on their show, in May. Bill's third gift was Laura who attended the wedding. They had no honeymoon and the next few months were just filler.

Bo and Hope discovered that Tony, with the help of Lucas Roberts (Horton), were trying to buy this strange substance, goo, from a tribe of Native Americans. Instead of letting them get hold of this dangerous substance Bo and Hope blew up a cave which was its source.

Jack started to get antsy and he wanted to go back to reporting. He wanted to do something worth while and make himself worthy of Jennifer and Abigail. Jennifer told him that he can but first they needed to host a charity fashion show for the hospital. During the fashion show Hope and Bo are brutally attacked, but miraculous recover. This caused Jack and Abe to start investigating. Jack and Abe investigated Colin's death, and Jack thought that Victor and Tony were involved in some nefarious deeds. Jennifer and Lexie became worried for their safety. Meanwhile, Alice Horton began to hear children sing a song like the one about Lizzy Borden. She then started seeing Tom. However, Later Abe also saw Tom's ghost which mentioned his name, and while at Salem Place heard someone say "he's back" and then saw something on the wall about Stefano. Later one of Abe's informants was discovered murdered. Jack refused to stop investigating. On one occasion Jack disguised himself as a phone repair man and bugged the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole almost spilt the beans about her involvement in Colin's murder, but Victor discovered the bug. He went out to the van where Jack was listening in, and threatened Jack. Meanwhile at Alice's Jack's photo mysteriously caught fire. Jennifer saw this as a sign. On his way home Jack was shot. Jennifer was terrified when she could not reach Jack; she then heard about a reporter being shot. Jack comes home and Jennifer laid into him, but they made up. Abe and Jack had asked Mickey to write up their wills, and Jack told Abigail the secrets to his Deveraux famous burger recipe. (At this time Abigail is slightly aged) further worrying Jennifer. Abigail began to cause Jack and Jennifer some trouble when she tries to exert her independence. Jack and Abigail have a very cute relationship together though, Jack is a perfect father, and she worships him.

Jack and Jennifer were very close throughout, despite Jennifer being upset over Jack's investigation. The day of baby Theo's christening Abe was shot. Everyone was waiting at the church concerned about his deal. Jack and Jennifer went to Salem Place where they met some guy who is his informant. He told them about a guy named Darkside who knows everything that is going on in town. They went to what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, however it was operational, and it is some form of acid plant. Darkside was not there, but they/we see a shadowy figure moving around the plant. Jack and Jennifer gott separated, and Jennifer found herself far above the first floor, on a catwalk, directly over the acid vats. Jack tried to rescue her, but the cat walk he was on collapse. Jack dangled over the acid; Jennifer tried in vain to stop him from falling to his death. He told her to save herself, to think of Abigail. Jennifer reminded him that he did not leave her when she was dangling after the bridge was blown up. She will not leave him. At the last minute the informant showed up and conveniently saved Jack. He tells them about Abe. Everyone is at the hospital keeping vigil for Abem, however Abe dies. Terrifying everyone, Jennifer is certain if Jack does not stop the investigation he is next.

That night he vowed to stop investigating, Jennifer erased his hard drive to make sure he remained safe. The next morning Jack and Jennifer have a show dedicated to Abe. Though while on the air, upset at Abe's murder, Jack pretended to know more about the killing than he did, hoping to smoke out the killer. Jennifer is angry and storms off. John tries to convince Jack to stop the investigation, but Jack tells him that he has to do it, to protect his family, and other people he cares about. At the Brady Pub Alice and Caroline Brady tell Jennifer that Jack is like Tom Horton, they both love deeply and do anything to protect those they care about. The tell her to trust in Jack, and let him do what he wants. Jack enters the Pub and is terrified when Jennifer tells him they have to talk. They went to Tuscany and Jack is certain Jennifer plans on taking Abigail and leaving him. She tells him instead what Alice and Caroline had told her. She then tells him that she wants to start a family. They share a very romantic night at Tuscany, Jack writes a special note on the napkin promising his love for her and Abigail, and their future children. Back home they make love and are awaken by a blood-red moon. The next day they were caught necking by Abigail who warned them about hickeys. Jennifer told Jack to have a talk with their daughter, which he does. Jack and Abigail have a very cute chat about boys and other things. Abigail goes off to school, and Jack and Jennifer planned on spending the day together, but each ha an errand. They vowed to meet up in few minutes and continue working on another Deveraux. Jennifer went to pick up an album in which to put all Jack's articles, from when he was a kid through the present. Jack meanwhile exited from a jewelry store, carrying his gift for Jennifer. Jack cut through the alley, noticing his watch has stopped. He looked up, and was bludgeoned with a brick by someone. At that moment, while talking to Hope, Jennifer has a sharp pain in her head. Maggie discovers Jack's body and shuts for help, Roman and Bo arrive. At the hospital, Lexie told Jennifer that Jack is in very grave condition. Jennifer goes to talk to Jack before he goes to surgery. She tried to remain optimistic, but as she kisses him alarms go off. Jack has a stroke and is brain dead. She is told there is no hope, and he has requested to hve his organs donated for transplantation (though Jack has had cancer and his kidney was donated by Steve [is this bad writing or a clue]. Abigail arrived and was furious when she discovered Jennifer was contemplating pulling the plug on her father. Lexie meanwhile seems a little too pushy. Finally Jennifer agreed, and Jennifer, Abigail, Bo, Hope, and Roman are in the room when Jack's life slips away. Spirit Jack slipped from the lifeless body and kissed Jennifer and Abigail and then winked at the camera. Meanwhile all the suspects which include Kate, Tony, Lucas, Sami, Nicole, Victor, and Rex were there at the hospital to be tested and matched to the brick used to hit Jack. In the chapel, Jennifer is slightly relieved when she hears a woman thank God that her husband now will live thanks to the organ donation. Abigail vowed to never forgive Jennifer for killing Jack. Later Jo and Vern arrived as everyone is there to support Jennifer. Jack has a weird request, he wanted to have his casket lay in wait at their home. Jack's "ghost" appeared to Jennifer and he spends some time with her. They shared a last dance, and he nestled by her in their bed. He tells her that he cannot tell her who killed him, but he does tell her he has left her a special last gift.

Meanwhile, Maggie began to hear children singing a twisted song about Abe and Jack's death. Just before Abe's death he pointed to Maggie, the police think that she may have seen the killer somehow. Shortly after Jack's death, on Halloween night, Maggie let someone into her house. The person has a bottle of whiskey and Maggie tells the person she is a recovering alcoholic. Later Maggie was found dead bludgeoned to death by the bottle. There is a joint funeral for Abe, Jack and her. The day of the funeral a fourth casket is brought out, with Caroline Brady's name on it. That day Bo finds Caroline poisoned. Everyone in town is terrified. Gradually the various suspects all can be eliminated. However, more deaths occur. Rex has known he really is not Tony and Marlena's son but in fact Roman and Kate's. This is eventually revealed. Roman and Kate's relationship is tested because she is a suspect in the killings. Cassie believed she has discovered who is the murderer, but Thanksgiving day some kids are playing with a piñata and when they hit it out drops the bloodied corpse of Cassie.

Christmas time comes around. While walking around Jennifer saw a mysterious Santa, who then whispers in her ear. Horton Christmas is somber this year. Though Jennifer anxiously waits for a phone call. She continued to see the mystery Santa. Eventually the phone call occurred, and she joyously told everyone that she was pregnant with Jack's baby.

Later, Jennifer is given bad news from Lexie, her baby may not survive, and if she does not abort she too may be in jeopardy. Since the news of the baby has brought Abigail close to her again, and since the baby is Jack's final gift to her Jennifer does not want to abort. In February, Jennifer nearly ran over a mystery man. He is Patrick Lockhart, a con-man. He is the son of Bonnie Lockhart, a boozing, bimbo, who is Mimi's mother, and who cleans house for various Salemities -- including the dead, Jack, Abe, and Maggie. Bonnie has latched onto grieving Mickey and wants to marry him for his money. Patrick lied to Jennifer saying he had met Jack the previous year. Jennifer feels guilty for nearly killing him, and is drawn to him because he is a link to Jack. To keep Jennifer in check he investigates Jack's past, and uses it to further the scam about knowing Jack. Meanwhile he has a special "pirate" coin he tells Abigail. Various times Jennifer started having complications with her pregnancy, but Patrick cured her with his magical coin. Julie began to suspect both Bonnie and Patrick. Mickey brought over bonds for Jennifer as part of Alice's will. They are stolen and Julie accused Bonnie and Patrick. Patrick does not trust his mother since she has stole from him, and took the 10,000 dollars Mimi won in that realty dating show. Patrick then discovered that the men who hired him to watch over Jennifer stole the bonds. He gets them back, and tells them he wants out, in turn he is beaten up. Jennifer finds him and does not want him to go, she thinks he is her guardian angel sent by Jack. The men continue to threaten him and Jennifer. They want her for some reason.

In later 2003, Kate and Roman eventually are to marry [I believe New Years]. Though after the service, a bloodied cake is found, and Roman is then found murdered by a Samurai sword. The killer has struck again. At various times the grieving Salemites see ghosts of their loved ones. A special benefit circus was to take place -- [I believe] Doug and Julie brought in a tiger. During the circus someone let the tiger loose and it mauled Tony di Mera. In the hospital someone leaned over Tony's IV, it was Marlena. She then injected it with something and Toy died, becoming he latest vicim. Marlena is the Salem Stalker. Later on Marlena began to stalk Doug for something he had discovered. Doug is then killed by her, stabbed in the throat. Just before April Fool's Day Marlena went to visit Alice, who has her suspicions. Alice tried to call for help, but it was too late, Marlena killed Alice by choking her with her own donuts.

Victor had died earlier, but he was killed by Jan Spears, who had returned to town, Nicole blackmailed her into killing Victor for her. Jan threw a radio into the tub when Victor was bathing and electrocuted him. Jan is out to get Shawn Douglas away from Belle, and she is very psychotic

Marlena was eventually captured, and she weny to jail. Under truth serum, she related all the killings and why she did them, Abe had discovered that she still was in love with Roman and wanted him back, the rest got in the way of this occurring. Bo and Hope were her first attempts at murder, and since it was the first try she failed. Nicole fearing that Marlena would reveal that she did not kill Victor, hires a former porn star friend, to get rid of Marlena. In jail there is a riot but Marlena lives. Things have also gotten weird in Salem Marlena survives a fall, and Roman dodges a bullet; Mickey is becoming more and more smitten by Bonnie and gives her Maggie's beloved Tuscany to make into a Country bar.

After a series of events Marlena is recaptured, and when the police have their guns drawn something occurs and she is killed. Marlena is placed in a coffin, while still alive. Marlena went on a weird coffin ride, then awakened in an empty Salem Place. There she was startled to find a very much alive Alice. She fainted and came to in a replica of Alice's home. Roman is there and he tells her that she killed no one and everyone is alive, living this weird replica of Salem, all their homes exactly duplicated. She later met Abe and Maggie. Victor arrived and told her about Nicole killing him. Despite not being killed by her [Marlena] somehow whoever set it up took advantage of what Nicole and Jan had planned, faked his death and brought him there as well. Marlena and Victor fear for the safety of Brady and Belle, they know that Nicole and Jan would hurt them. In a replica of her and John's penthouse she finds everything exactly the same. Roman stays with her for her protection, and they realize that was how they fell in love years before, when he was protecting her from the Salem Strangler. They think that their captor is trying to relive that past, especially when they find John's monogrammed pajamas now with Roman's initials. A few days later Abe returns and tells them that Jack is missing, he was trying to escape and got lost. They fear because the barrier continuously changes, and Jack may not find the original point of exit. While at the penthouse they hear a siren. Abe and Roman tell her that that sound is hear before a new arrival, but first that person's house pops up. They go searching around and see Jack's abandoned house. Then they noticed something, it is a replica of the plaque Belle made for Jack and Jennifer, it now has Jennifer's name on it. They now know she is next. Later Abe discovered Jack's backpacked, bloodied. They think it is a warning from their captor. They fear Jack is dead, just when Jennifer is coming to meet him.

Back in Salem Jennifer began to get messages from Jack. She is thrilled that he is alive, Patrick, Lexie, and Julie are worried that she is imagining things. Patrick knows the truth though, that the men who hired him are doing it to smoke out Jennifer, to hurt her. He vows to them that he will kill them to protect Jennifer. Jennifer thinks she hears Jack's car, and on his birthday his cake arrives and the frosting is eaten off. She knows Jack is there. She then gets a message, with her and Jack's wedding vows from both weddings, she sees that as proof the person sending her the message is Jack. The message tells her to meet him at a small air field, that he is in trouble and for his safety not to tell anyone. She vows to meet Jack and bring him home.

It is the night of the opening of Alice's honkey tonk bar, Hope is concerned because Shawn was going to go traveling but has not reported back. She does not know that Jan is imprisoning him in a cage. Meanwhile Philip is worming his way into Belle's lives. Sami and Lucas continue their battles, as Sami vows to destroy Kate who is trying to undermine her relationship with Lucas. Lucas sees her flirting with a guy, and gets the wrong idea, she is using the guy to find a way to get Kate into financial trouble. At the opening, in retaliation, Lucas flirts with another woman. Nicole's porn friend Crystal has moved in with Nicole, and she is trying to get close to John. John is playing along because he suspects she had something to do with Marlena's murder. Nicole tries to smooze up to Brady, who is suspicious of her role in his grandfather's death. Julie is furious over the closeness between Bonnie and her uncle Mickey, and that he let her turn Tuscany into such a dive. Lexie goes to the opening with TEK, who works for the cops and who I think is ISA. She has grown interested in him. Patrick has escorted Jennifer to the opening, she is pretending everything is normal, but is planning on sneaking off to meet Jack....

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]