Episode Four: The Reunion of Jack
and Jennifer Part II: Jennifer Has
Fallen off a Cliff and Is Dangling by
a Vine; Indiana Jack to the Rescue.

[Air date July 5th, 2004]
Scene One: Repeat of the previous episode Jack is trying to find the crash site.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is walking around the crash site and discovers her purse with the digital camera. She replays Jack's message and then loving kisses the camera. She takes off calling for Jack, and not noticing where she is going she falls off a cliff and is hanging by a vine hundreds of feet above a ravine. Jennifer begs for God to help her and her baby. She loses her grasp on the vine and now is holding on only with her left hand.

Scene Two: She is now holding on with both hands, but her grasp slips again, and now she is at the very end of the vine. She is quietly sobbing.
JENNIFER: Ahh, Ah. Oh. (Looking up to the cliff) Oh. Jack, I wanted to save you but now I can't even save myself. And we're all going to die, me, you, and this baby. (Straining) Oh God.

04Ep004A: Jack realizes Jennifer was on the plane.Jack stumbles into a clearing. [The camera angle is from above, not sure if that means anything, or if maybe it is as if someone is watching him] Jack looks onto the ground and sees a luggage tag. He bends over and picks it up, then brush away the dirt. He brushes away the dirt and sees, "Jennifer R. H. Deveraux; 1243 Lake View Terrace; Salem." Seeing it is Jennifer's tag he gasps.

JACK: Oh, Jennifer. It was her. She's here. She's here. (Calling out to her, at first not very loudly) Jennifer? (Now louder) JENNIFER CAN YOU HEAR ME? (Now shouting) JEEENNNNIFFFERRR!


Back to Jennifer dangling from the cliff. She is having difficulty keeping her hold on the vine. She twirls around and is terrified seeing how far the drop is. Just then Jack voice is heard, though very faintly.

JENNIFER: (Looking up) Oh God. (She appears not to believe it).


Squinting, and in tears, she continues her struggle to hold on.

Scene Three: Back in Salem Patrick has stolen back his pirate coin, and the pawn shop owner has called the cops. Hope arrives and pulls a gun on him. He tries to explain that he is the only one to save Jennifer but she does not believe him. She tells him to put on handcuffs, which he does. When she is not looking he slips a Swiss Army Knife from his pocket and picks the lock. He then overpowers her.

Scene Four: Still holding on, but barely Jennifer thinks she hears Jack.

JENNIFER: I can't do this. I can't do it. I can't hold on any longer. (Sobbing, she again loses her grip) Ah, ah, ah.
Jennifer then flashes back to the bridge incident. This time it is before the version Jack dreamt. Jennifer is unconscious in the driver's seat, apparently this is just after John Thomas -- the baby whom Hope thought was her, but was not -- fell, still in his car seat, down to the rushing river. Jack is trying to keep the rear end of the car from tipping over.
JACK: Jennifer, (having a hard time talking) Jennifer, come on, Sweetheart, please! You gotta wake up. Oh.
Jack continues to gasp, straining with all his might to hold the car down. Jennifer slowly comes to.
JENNIFER: Jack what happened?
Jennifer looks down and remembers she is dangling over the bridge. She becomes hysterical.

JACK: (Trying to calm her, and hold the car down) LISTEN TO ME. YOU DO WHAT I SAY.

(Talking at the same time) YOU GOTTA GET THE BABY!


(Continuing to talk over him, ignoring him) GO FIND THE BABY.



JACK: (Trying to use reason to calm her down) WHAT ABOUT YOUR BABY? (Straining with the car) ABIGAIL NEEDS HER MOTHER!

JENNIFER: (Realizing what Jack is saying is true, she starts to sob) Oh my God, my Baby! (Sobbing) Oh my God, this can't be happening.

JACK: (Panting) Will you listen to me now?

JENNIFER: (Sobbing) Yes I'll listen to you, just tell me what to do and I'll do it.

JACK: Okay. (Panting, trying to catch his breath, he then swallows; straining) I.... I want you to reach down an.... and move your seat back.

JENNIFER: Reach down? I....

JACK: Carefully.


JACK: I know, I know .... I know, but (straining and struggling with the car) now (emotional because of JT) the car seat is not in the way. Come, come Jennifer Rose, concentrate.
Jennifer sliding down in the seat trying to push it back, she is groaning from the exertion.
JACK: Reach down, and you push that seat back. YOU CAN DO IT! You can do it for your daughter, do it for Abigail.
Jennifer tries to push the seat back, but it is a struggle.

Jennifer then comes out of her memory, and grimaces.
JENNIFER: No, no, I have to. I have to. I have to for Jack, and Abby, (sobbing) and the baby.
Just then Jack's voice can be heard.
JACK: I here! I'm here Jennifer, I.... I'll save you.
Jennifer looks up.
JENNIFER: Oh.... (gasping) JACK!
Just then Jack appears, bending over the cliff.
JACK: I'm here Jennifer, I'll save you!
Jennifer's grip is almost gone, Jack leans forward, gritting his teeth, and reaches out his arm. Jennifer is overcome with emotion.
JENNIFER: Jaacckk!
[Air date July 6th, 2004]
Scene One: Replay of the previous show. Jennifer is dangling from the vine over the ravine.
JENNIFER: I can't do this. I can't do it. I can't hold on any longer. (Sobbing, she again loses her grip) Ah, ah, ah. I'm gonna hold on. I have to. I have to for Jack, and Abby, (sobbing) and the baby.
Just then Jack's voice can be heard.
JACK: I here! I'm here Jennifer, I.... I'll save you. I'm here.
Jennifer looks up.
JENNIFER: Oh... (gasping) JACK!

04Ep004B: Jack appears just in time.

Just then Jack appears, bending over the cliff.
JACK: I'm here Jennifer, I'll save you!
Jennifer's grip is almost gone, Jack leans forward, gritting his teeth, and reaches out his arm. Jennifer is overcome with emotion.
JENNIFER: Oh my God, Jack. I knew you would come.

JACK: (With all his might) I've been through hell trying to find my way back to you (struggling to get to her). There's no way I'm going to lose you now. You (grimacing as he reaches down) or our baby.
Jack is able to stretch down enough to grab hold of her wrist. He pulls with all his strength.
JACK: Aaaaahhhhh. Ah. (Groaning) All right. Come on. (Pulling her up) Aahhh. Come on Jennifer.

JENNIFER: (Groaning) Ah.

JACK: Hold on!
Gradually he is pulling her up towards the ledge.
JACK: Ah. Ah. Ahhh.
She is near the top now. Jack is gritting his teeth, using all the strength he can muster.
JACK: Yeah. Hold on. Come on. I've gotcha.
Jack takes her arm and pulls her all the way up. Jennifer is now safely on solid ground.

JACK: I've gotcha. I've gotcha. I've gotcha.

JENNFIER: (Panting) Oh. Oh.
Jack falls to the ground and Jennifer is on top of him. Jack is heavily panting. They cannot take their eyes off each other. Jennifer straightens her hair. Jack caresses it. Jennifer then caresses Jack's cheek. Both are in shock and overcome with emotion.
JENNIFER: Oh my gosh.


JENNIFER: (Shaking her head in disbelieve) I can't believe it.

JACK: (Repeating) I can't believe it.

JENNIFER: (Still panting from being out of breath) I can't believe that it's really you.
Jack has continue to stroke her hair.
JACK: It's me!

JENNIFER: I can't believe it.

JACK: It's me.
They both reach towards each other and they begin to kiss passionately. Jack wraps his arms around her; Jennifer caresses his neck and face.

Scene Two: Hope meanwhile has caught Patrick again, but he has given her the slip. Meanwhile Bo and TEK have searched the alley for Hope, but could not find her. Patrick had her hidden with him in a trash bin. She tried to scream but he had his gun to her head. Later he knocked her out and handcuffed her to her car.

Scene Three: Patrick went to a warehouse filled with crates. All the crates had the same logo, the shield with a palm tree, just like the towers on the island and the logo on Davies' plane. Patrick seems to know about the warehouse. Earlier he had accessed Hope's palm pilot and discovered the message from Jennifer with the plane's ID number.

Scene Four: Back on the island, Jennifer and Jack are still kissing passionately. Finally she stops.
JACK: Oh, Jack. I've been waiting for you. (Overcome with emotion) I've been waiting and praying that it were really true. That you really were alive.
Jennifer smiles. Jack smiles back. He takes her and holds her tightly. Jennifer giggles with joy. He holds the back of her head, and rests his chin on her shoulder.
04E004C: Jack begins to talk as if he is really dead.JACK: Ooohhh, Jennifer....
Jack looks oddly sad. He begins to talk strangely.
JACK: ....(Exhales) surely you must know I'll always be alive in your heart. (His eyes looking very sad) Always! Always.... (pausing, overcome with sadness) watching over you, and Abigail.... and the baby!
Jennifer starts to worry, she pushes him back and looks at him concerned.
JENNIFER: Wait (shaking her head fearing what she believes) No, wha.... what do you mean tha.... that you'll always be alive "in my heart"? Yo.... you're talking as if you really (almost crying again) are dead.
Jack looks at her without any emotion.
JACK: Be strong, Jennifer!....
04Ep004D: Jack fades away,  Jennifer thinks Jack is really dead.
Jack Slowly begins to fad away, as he does so he continues talking to her.

JACK: ....remember I'll always love you.

There is a flash of light, and Jennifer is still hanging from the vine. She looks around.
JENNIFER: Oh Jack, I need you please! Please help me, Jack. Please!
Jennifer looks up. She is sobbing, and then she closes her eyes tightly.

Scene Five: In the clearing Jack is still looking at the luggage tag.
JACK: Jennifer! Jennifer, I've gotta find you. (Clears his throat) Can you hear me? JENNIFER! (Looking around, trying to hear a reply) JENNIFER WHERE ARE YOOUUU? Jennifer! Jennifer.
Jack begins to run off.

Jennifer's hands keep slipping.
JENNIFER: Ah.... Ah.... Oh.
Jack's voice can be heard, it sounds closer.
JACK: Jennifer!? Jennifer!
Jennifer looks around, confused.
JACK: Jennifer? Where are you?

JENNIFER: No! (Shaking her head in disbelief) No! It can't be!


JENNIFER: It can't be!

Scene Six: Patrick has stolen a plane and is about to take off. Just then Hope comes into the cockpit, with a gun aimed at him. She tells him if he takes one move she will blow his head off.

Scene Seven: Jennifer has just heard Jack's voice, and after her hallucination does not believe it really is Jack. She continues to struggle to hold on to the vine.
JENNIFER: (Panting) Ha, ha, oh God, ha, ha (looking down again), I though I heard Jack's voice calling me, but it's not. It's not just my imagination. (Breathing heavily, exhales) Maybe he really is dead and h.... he's telling me it's okay.... it's okay (her eyes look upward) to g.... to be in heaven with him.
We see a shot of her feet dangling. Her grip slips.
JENNIFER: Oh God, no.... (Gasping) Oh God, no.... (looking up to see herself slip more) Oh God.... (sobbing) I gotta hold on, (breathing hard) he wants me to, and he does, he wants me to hold on for me (slipping, she pants).... and Abby and the baby (her eyes are closed, not want to see herself slip). Hold on! Hold on, Jennifer. Hold on!
She squints using all her power trying to prevent herself from falling.

Jack is still trying to find Jennifer, he comes to a halt. He looks at the tag.
JACK: Jennifer? (Looking around) You must be here someplace, why can't I find you? (He looks at the tag again) What am I saying, she must have been on the p.... plane I heard going down, so she must.... ha.... (not wanting to think that) No! No! You're here! Jennifer? WHERE ARE YOU?
Back at the ravine Jennifer hears Jack's voice.
Jennifer twirls around, she cannot believe that it could be Jack; she groans.


JENNIFER: Jack! (Realizing she is not dreaming) Oh, it's you! Oh my God, it's you! You're really alive! Jack! (Shouting louder)
Jack is getting closer to the edge of the cliff.
Jack turns around hearing her voice.
JACK: Jennifer?
He runs over towards the cliff. He looks down, and is horrified to see her dangling over the ravine.
JACK: Jennifer?!
Jennifer is twisting, her grip slipping. She looks down terrified. She slips more. Jack drops to the ground at the edge of the cliff. Jennifer slips, she is near the end of the vine. Jennifer falls. Jack tries to reach.

04Ep004E: This time it is no dream, Jack arrives, but is it too late.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]