Episode Five: The Reunion of Jack
and Jennifer Part III: Jennifer Fantasizes
about Jack Rescuing Her.

[Air date July 7th, 2004]
Scene One: Replay of the previous show. Jack is horrified seeing Jennifer dangling from the vine over the ravine. Jennifer is twisting in mid-air, her grip on the vine is slipping. She looks down terrified. She slips more. Jack drops to the ground at the edge of the cliff. Jennifer slips, she is near the end of the vine. Jennifer falls. Jack tries to reach. Just as she falls Jack catches her wrist. Jennifer is flush up against the wall of the cliff, on a ledge, she cannot believe it. Jack is straining trying to hold her. Jennifer cries from the joy of seeing him.
JENNIFER: Jack, I can't believe it.

JACK: I love you. (Reaching with his other hand) Listen to me, take my other hand.

JENNIFER: (Sobbing) I can't.... I can't reach, Jack.

JACK: NO, don't say that! Fight! Jennifer, fight! We didn't come this far to be separated now.
Jennifer grimaces. as she tries to hold on. Jack tries to reach with his right hand, while her grasp on his left hand slips.

Scene Two: Jack continues to try and keep Jennifer from falling. Jennifer cannot reach up to Jack. Jack's grip on her starts to slip.
JENNIFER: Oh.... (gasping).

Jennifer nearly loses her grip but Jack is able to catch hold of her hand. Jennifer tries to hold on. Jack desperately tries to give her the strength to hold on. It is a great strain on him trying to keep her from falling.
JACK: Hang on there, Jennifer.

JENNIFER: (Shaking her head)I can't. I can't believe it Jack that you're alive.

JACK: Yes, I'm alive!

JENNIFER: And I.... and I found you and we're together.

JACK: Yes, (trying to hold her and talk is a strain) forever!

JENNIFER: I can't.... I can't hold on. I can't hold on!

JACK: (Jack is sweating and straining, trying to hold and and desperate that she does not give up) YES YOU CAN! You Can!

Jennifer is crying. [It sounds like she says "no" but I am not sure, it ju st could be a noise.]
JACK: Just do it! Grab my hand! Take my other hand.

JENNIFER: (Sobbing and shaking her head in fear and frustration) I can't, I'm sorry....

JACK: (Gritting his teeth, straining to hold her) Jennifer....

JENNIFER: (Talking at the same time, sobbing) ....so sorry, Jack.

JACK: ....reach up and take my....

JENNIFER: (Crying) I love you!

JACK: (Straining, desperate) No!

JENNIFER: Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Jennifer screams as she finally slips from Jack's hand.
JACK: (Gasping in horror) Ah! (Looking down distort) No!

Scene Three: Lexie and Celeste are at the police station. Inside his office Bo is questioning Bonnie about her son Patrick. She refuses to give information. Then she lets it slip that Patrick is not what he seems. She flashes back to him telling her about the men and how they forced him to get Jennifer.

Scene Four: In the plane, Patrick is trying to convince Hope to let him go. He keeps on saying that he is the only one to save Jennifer. She has to let him go now to save her. If she is still alive. Hope seems to waver.

Scene Five Jack is lying on the ground, exhausted. He cannot believe Jennifer is gone. Just the we see Jennifer, she has fallen onto a very small ledge, still a long way to the rocks and water below. She calls to him.
Jack looks down and sees her.
JACK: Jennifer, (thrilled) I can't believe it, you're alive.

Jennifer seems okay, but shaken. She half-smiles and nods yes.

JACK: Ar.... are you hurt? Are.... the baby, how's the baby?

Jennifer looks at herself.
JENNIFER: Ah, I think.... I think that we're both okay, thank God.

Jennifer looks up lovingly towards Jack. Jack is looking down with great love and concerned for her and their baby.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) Ah Jack, I can't.... I can't believe that you're alive, I can't believe that I found you.

JACK: (Shaking his head equally confused) Well I am, and you did.

JENNIFER: (Crying, putting her had to her head for a moment, confused) How can that be, how is that possible?

Jack keeps shaking his head, and watching her.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) You had massive brain damage. We discontinued your life support (gesturing with her hand). Your organs were donated! I mean, (sniffling from her tears) I was there when you died, Jack! We had a funeral! We buried you!

JACK: It's a long story. And a lot of unanswered questions, but.... I am very much alive. I did not die! All I know is (gesturing with his hand) one minute I was walking out of that alley in Salem and next thing I was here on this island.

JENNIFER: God, Jack, and when I.... I saw you I thought.... I thought I was dreaming.... I.... I... . (putting her hand back to her forehead) thought we were both really dead, and I was in heaven with you.

JACK: (Jack makes an ironic laugh) Well, you're not quite back with me yet. I've got to figure a way of getting you out of there. Hang on! Hang on! I'll be right back.

Jack gets up, nodding at her, indicating that he will find a way to save her. He wipes his hands together, and then walks back into the jungle.

Back on the ledge, she is looking up to where Jack was. Jennifer then lovingly rubs her stomach, and begins reassuring their baby, as she leans against the rock wall of the cliff.
JENNIFER: Ah, ah, don't worry Baby, (she closes her eyes for a moment, smiling, then looks down towards her stomach) your daddy's alive (smiles).... Ah.... And you don't know him yet, but you know what, he is sooo brave, and he is sooo strong. And he's gonna save us, he's gonna save both of us.

Just then a portion of the underside of the ledge falls off. Jennifer anxiously looks up, waiting for Jack to return to them.

Scene Six: It is now dark, Jack returns carrying the plane's seatbelts.
JACK: I couldn't find any rope.

JENNIFER: What are we going to do, Jack?

JACK: It's all right, look I got seatbelts from the plane (Jack is trying to attach them together to make a secure rope) I'm going to attach them together.

JENNIFER: (She seems a little dubious) Okay.

Jack is lying at the edge of the cliff still trying to attach them together. Then he realizes something.
JACK: Well.... (he stops working) wait a minute (he looks down towards her) Ah (looking back at the seatbelts), (looking down and talking to Jennifer) even if I attach all these together and lower them down to you, are you going to be able to.... climb up in your.... in your condition?

JENNIFER: (She looks down at her stomach, and the rubs it, shaking her head) Jack, I don't think so.

JACK: All right, all right, I'm just going to tie this up here, climb down, and bring you up.

Jack looks down, shocked by her protestation.

Scene Seven: Back at the police station, earlier Bonnie demanded that Celeste tell her the future, worried that her son Patrick was to die. Celeste says she needs something from Patrick. Bonnie remembers that she has an elaborate silver hair brush Patrick gave to her, he had told her it was pirate treasure. Celeste performs the required spiel and then they appear at St. Luke's, and there is a casket at the alter. They notice Bo seated. Terrified Bonnie follows as Celeste nears the alter. She opens the lid of the casket and they are both horrified to see Hope. They pop back into the present and Bonnie realizes that Hope hand lent her her brush the night of Alice's opening. Now, she and Lexie talk, Bonnie wants to know about Patrick. Celeste is frightened saying that she is sorry that it does not look good for Patrick -- nor Hope, *and* Jennifer.

Scene Eight: Back on the island, Jack is confused by Jennifer's reaction to him coming down to help her.
JACK: Are you okay?

JENNIFER: Yeah! Yeah!

JACK: Then why don't you want me to climb down there and bring you back up?

JENNFIER: (Reluctant) Ah, look, Jack, Jack, no offense but you're hardly Tarzan. I mean, don't you remember the last time we tried this....
Jack rolls his eyes.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....how.... how long were we on that ledge together [a reference to the time Jennifer fell of the ledge after Jack kidnapped her from her wedding to Emilio, and Jack falling off with her as he tried to help her up].

JACK: (Slightly annoyed) I don't see a lot of (forced smile) alternatives.

JENNIFER: Except that I'm pregnant, and there's a few added pounds here!

JACK: (Trying be macho) I can do it! I've seen it done!

JENNIFER: In the movies!

JACK: (Annoyed) Well, let's hear your ideas!

JENNIFER: Well, you probably wish your friend Patrick was here right now.
Jack is completely confused, he obvious has no idea who he is.

JACK: Patrick? Who's Patrick?

JENNIFER: Your friend, Patrick Lockhart. This sort of thing would be right up his alley.

Jack is completely confused.
JACK: (Firmly) Jennifer, I don't know who that is! I don't know any Patrick Lockhart.
Jennifer looks up at him confused.

Scene Eight: Patrick still is trying to take off, but Hope tells him she will shoot if he moves. He does not believe her, just then her gun goes off.

[Air date July 8th, 2004]
Scene One: Jennifer is on a narrow ledge above a ravine. Jack is above trying to figure out a way to get her to safety. Jennifer has just mentioned Patrick, whom Jack does not know. They are in mid-conversation. Jennifer wraps her arms around her stomach.
JENNIFER: (Confused, calling up to him) Jack, Jack just think. Patrick Lockhart, think!
Jack is too busy trying to figure out how to rig a rope using the seat belts from the plane. He tries snapping together the belts, and it does not seem to work. He is frustrated.
JACK: I don't know who any.... I don't know who.... any Patrick Lockhart is!

JENNIFER: (Speaking at the same time) Okay....

JACK: Who is he?

JENNIFER: Y.... You met him ah.... (trying to remember) ah.... i...in Chicago. Y... You spent the whole.... an entire day with him.
Jack is not making any progress. He does not care to talk about Patrick, he is too intent on find a way to rescue Jennifer. Throughout the conversation he holds onto a small vine with both hands, and continues to examine it.
JACK: (Frustrated Ahhhh.... (Disgusted he throws down the seat belt) Damnit (he throws down a second one)! (Nibbling on his finger nails, in thought) It's not going to work. Ha.... (Motioning) Look, (putting his hand to his face, bending down to pick up some vines) Jennifer, I don't remember spending any day with (motioning, and examining the vines, getting an idea) any Patrick Lockhart in Chicago, even when I was pretending to be gay. (He continues to fiddle with the short vine)

JENNIER: Listen Jack, you.... you're just tried an.... an.... and you're stressed, and that's probably why you can't remember him.

JACK: (Motioning, annoyed) It'snot important! (Looking down) Jennifer, we're going to talk about it at another time. (Fiddling with the vine and examining it ) Later. In the meantime, I do have an important question for you, you and Abigail (looking intently at the vine).... did Girl Scouts together, right?

JENNIFER: Y.... Yeah, yeah why?

JACK: What's the difference between a square knot and and a granny?
Just then a large chuck of rock falls from the underside of the ledge upon which Jennifer is resting.

Scene Two: Jack now has a very long and thick vine which he is working on.
JACK: (Emotional) By the way, did I ha.... tell you how much I missed you?
Jennifer is flush up against the cliff wall, she looks up smiling. Breathing a little heavily.
JENNIFER: Oh Jack, (exhaling) Ah.... I've missed you so much. An.... And I have so much to tell you. Y.... You can't believe everything tha.... that's happened since you've been gone.
Jack is still working on getting the large rope vine ready.
JACK: I'll tell you something I've learned since being dead, death just isn't worth living without you (emotional).

JENNIFER: You know what Jack, you're our whole (smiling) life.
He stops working, very moved by what Jennifer said, and a little embarrassed by her show of affection -- much like the old Jack. He pats the vine, his voice emotional.
JACK: Yeah! (Getting up) Well, ah, ah.... I (looking at the vine) bet Abigail's changed a whole lot since I've been gone.

JENNIFER: (Smiling and laugh) Yeah, she.... she has (she looks down).... She.... she's grown up so much. She's.... she's so mature. (Looking up towards Jack with great love) But you know deep in her heart she's still your little girl, Jack.
Jack stops again. Overcome with emotion.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) And you know she's been so strong for me, and when I go to bed at night I hear her crying in her room and she doesn't think I hear her, but I do.
Jack is looking around trying to figure out how to rescue her. He is also trying to hide how overcome with emotions he is.
JACK: Well, (He notices something) does she (doing something behind some vegetation) know that you came looking for me?

JENNIFER: No, no (panting) sh... she's at ca.... camp and hopefully we'll get back before she gets back. (Very emotionally) Gosh Jack, I have missed you so much I felt like my heart was going to burst sometimes.
Jack continues to work on his plan. He tries to hide his emotions, but he is greatly moved by what Jennifer has said.
JACK: Well, we just got a lot of catching up to do. (Testing the vine) All right, (putting his fist to his face in contemplation) I've got some good news....
Jennifer looks up towards him.
JACK: (Cont.) Jennifer, (exhaling) I'm not coming down there to get you, I've got a better idea.


JACK: I'm going to take this loop (picking up the end of his rope vine, showing it to her) of this vine... And throw it down.... And you're going to wrap around your waist.... And I'm going to pull you up. Here it goes.

JENNIFER: Okay, okay.
Jack tosses the loop end of the vine rope down to her. It falls on her. She grimaces and keeps her eyes closed.
JENNIFER: Oh, I got it, I got it (grabbing it)!

JACK: Good! (Rubbing his hands together) Just a minute baby.... or (indicating by pointing with his hand) should I say babies. (He bends down and takes hold of a portion of the vine) I'm going to pull you up, and you're going to be in my arms (He inches back grasping the vine) and I'm never letting you go! (His voice catches, he pauses and looks heavenward, speaking softly) Oh God, (he pats the vine) God please give me the strength to save Jennifer.
Jack sighs, and looks around trying to get the strength to carry on.

Scene Three: Jennifer has the loop end of the vine wrapped around her. Jack is walking toward the cliff edge, gesturing with his hand.
JACK: I'm going to pull you up (bending down) nice and slow (Jack mouth the words) I hope.

JENNIFER: (Looking up, with full confidence in Jack) Okay. I... I.... take what I said about you not being Tarzan, Jack.

JACK: (Chuckling) Hahaha (shaking his head still laughing. He stops and becomes intent, focusing on pulling her up). All right, hopefully this is going to work out better than the last time we tried this
Jack stops, he is obviously thinking about something.

The scene flashes back to the time Jennifer was stuck on the ledge in the woods after she rain away from Jack when he took her to the cabin in the woods during the firetruck rescue from her wedding to Emilio.
Episode 139 TJDS scripts
JENNIFER: So Jack, I suppose that you have a way of getting me out of here, right?

Do I detect a note of doubt?

Doubt, no, no. If you can get me out of this, please do.

I certainly will. Alright, I'm going to get my little rope which is
actually a bedspread.


And make sure it's tied tight around this tree.


And take the end, put it up over the edge, down to you and you'll
be out in....

I got.....

....no time.
JENNIFER: That is the most stupidest, most ridiculous, inept, incompetent....

Watch it! I'm all you've got.

Jack, call the Park Ranger right now. Call him here.

I don't want to call any Park Ranger. We don't need....

Jack we need help, okay. I don't want to be here anymore.

Look just relax. I don't know what it is about the woods that makes
women panic. It must be the trees. Alright, okay, I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll just save you again, okay. Here we go.

What? What are you doing Jack?

I'm gonna....don't you worry. I'm gonna....

Jack, Jack!

Okay I want you to give me your hand.
JACK: Okay, come on give me your hand. Give me....give....stop slapping it, give me your hand.
JENNIFER: Jack I can't reach.

Come on.


You can reach.

This is no good Jack. I want to get out of here.

Alright, alright, we'll try another way, okay. Here we go. This
time I want you to grab onto my leg.

Jack what are you doing?

Don't worry I got everything well in hand here.


What do you want me to do, Jack?

I want you to grab it.

Grab your leg?

My leg, right.

Wait! Wait, wait, wait.

Coming down.


Tell me when you've got it.


Tell me when you've got it.

Okay, okay.
JACK: Wait a minute, I think that's my....

Jack, wait, wait!
JACK: (With an embarrassed smile) ....my pants!



The Scene cuts back to the present. Jennifer is on the ledge beaming with great love for Jack, remembering their past. She obvious shared the remembrance.
JENNIFER: That did not turn out so badly. I LOVE YOU, JACK DEVERAUX!
Jack gain tries to hide how much her words mean to him.
JACK: I love you right back. You ready?

JENNIFER: (Trusting yet a little nervous) Yeah, yeah I'm ready.

JACK: All right, remember use your feet (gesturing with his hand) keep yourself from banging into the wall. (Apprehensive) You sure you're ready?

JENNIFER: (Nervously) Yeah. Okay. Jack, don't drop me!

JACK: (Almost a slight hint of sarcasm) I'll do my best! (Preparing to pull her up) All right, here we go (standing up to get more leverage; grunting slightly) Here we....
We see Jennifer looking up and she gradually starts lifting up.
JACK: (Cont.) .... go!
Jennifer is raising more and more. She notices something and lets out a blood curdling scream.
Davies the pilot is in back of Jack, startling him. He touches Jack on the back. Jack loses his grip on the vine. Jennifer is still screaming
JACK: Oh! Ah.... Ahh. Help me! (He tries to keep control of the vine) I'm trying to save Jennifer. Hu....
Davies looks strange. He has his hand on Jack's arm and is doing nothing. Then he puts his hand around Jack's throat and begins to strangle him.
JACK: Huh, arrgggh, arrgh.

DAIVES: (Still choking Jack) Help me or I'll kill you!
Jack tries to break Davies' grip on his throat and still hold onto the vine to keep Jennifer from falling.
JACK: Arghhh.... arrghh... arrrrrggghhhh....
The vine slips and Jennifer slips back down. She is twisting in mid-air. Davies has both his hands around Jack's neck and Jack is trying to break the hold. He is gasping for breath.

JACK: Arrrggh.

Jack continues to try and break free, gasping for breath.

(gasping and panting) huh.... huh....


Scene Four: Jack is still being strangled by the pilot Davies. He is desperate to break free because Jennifer is dangling over the ravine. Finally, Jack is able to throw Davies off him,
DAVIES: Auggh.
Jack falls to the ground gasping for breath, and choking. He crawls towards the cliff edge and calls down to Jennifer.
JACK: Jen.... (gasping) Jennifer, Jennifer hang on. (His voice is hoarse) I'm going to pull you back up on the ledge.
Jennifer is dangling from the vine over the ravine. Jack does not notice Davies who is trying to get up.
JACK: (Cont.) Hang on! Hang on.
Jack is grunting as he pulls on the ledge.
JACK: Auggghh. Augggh.
Jennifer gradually is lifting up. Davies has taken out a pocket knife and begins to cut the vine. Jack is too intent on pulling Jennifer up that he does not notice what Davies is doing. Davies succeeds in cutting the vine, it slips from Jack's grasp, and horrified he turns around.
JACK: Uhhhhh.... Ahhhh?!
Jennifer screams and Jack loses his balance and falls off the cliff.

Jennifer continues to scream. We do not see Jack. Davies crawls towards the edge of the cliff, looking pleased.
DAVIES: (Laughing) Gotcha both!
Davies chokes and then passes out -- or dies dead on the spot.

We see Jack's hands trying to grasp the edge of the cliff, they slowly slip. Jack pants, trying to garner the strength to pull himself up. He looks down at Jennifer, who is now back on the small ledge. She throws down the vine, and looks up at Jack, concerned for his safety. She slowly stands up.

JENNIFER: Jack, Jack just hang on. Hang on!

Jennifer is able to reach Jack's foot.
JACK: Grab onto my feet!

JENNIFER: No, NO! You're not going to be able to hold me Jack, just go! You have to save yourself! Go!

JACK: (Trying to hold on) Do you think I'd ever leave you and our baby? (Grunting) Come on (Grimacing)!
Jennifer slowly reaches for Jack foot, groaning, she cannot reach.
JENNIFER: Jack, Jack.... I can't... (she tries again) I can't reach you.
Another chunk of earth falls from under the ledge. She watches it crash to the rushing waters below.
JENNIFER: My God! My God Jack the ledge is giving way! JACK!
Another large chunk crumbles off.

Scene Five: Patrick has finally convinced Hope to let him fly off to try and save Jennifer. Hope insists she comes along, begrudgingly he agrees.

Scene Six: Bo and TEK have been able to track down Hope and Patrick to the airfield. They call for backup. However, when they approach the airfield they hear the police sirens. Bo is furious, he told the cops to arrive quietly so as not to tip off Lockhart.

Patrick is taking off as Bo and TEK drive onto the runway. Bo wants to cut them off but TEK advises him against doing that. They watch as the plane Hope and Patrick are on takes off. They cannot understand why Hope let Patrick take off -- using binoculars that had seen that she was holding a gun at him.

Scene Seven: Back in the jungle, Jack's right hand loses its grasp. Jack groans. However, Jack is able to stretch and grasp the ledge. Jennifer reaches for Jack's foot, looking down watching as another chunk of the ledge falls.
JACK: Reach up!


JACK: I can't lose you now, we just found each other.

JENNIFER: (Crying) Jack, I can't do it, I'm really scared. I can feel the ledge moving beneath me.

JACK: (His voice is strained) All the more reason to huurrrry!

JENNIFER: No! Listen to me, you just have to go, you have to save yourself! One of us has to be there for Abby!

JACK: (Looking down at her) You can do it Jennifer! You have to!
Jennifer lunges and grabs hold of Jack's ankles. The rest of the ledge has collapsed. Jennifer screams. Jack looks down, not knowing what to do.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]