Episode Six: The Reunion of Jack
and Jennifer Part IV: Using His
Ingenuity Jack Rescues Jennifer;
Jack and Jennifer Share a Poignant Reunion.

[Air date July 9th, 2004
Scene One: Repeat of the previous episode.... Jennifer is trying to grab onto Jack feet so he can pull her up.
JACK: Reach up!


JACK: I can't lose you now, we just found each other.

JENNIFER: (Crying) Jack, I can't do it, I'm really scared. I can feel the ledge moving beneath me.

JACK: (His voice is strained) All the more reason to huurrrry!

JENNIFER: No! Listen to me, you just have to go, you have to save yourself! One of us has to be there for Abby!

JACK: (Looking down at her) You can do it Jennifer! You have to!
Jennifer lunges and grabs hold of Jack's ankles. he rest of the ledge has collapsed. Jennifer screams. Jack looks down, not knowing what to do.


[New material] Jack, still trying to cling to the ledge, is frantic and calls out to her.
JACK: Jennifer!

(Trying to hold on to his ankle) Jack, (she is only holding on with one hand and grasping with the other) Ohh, Jack!

JACK: Don't you let go.

JENNIFER: (Sobbing) I'm sorry you did your best, Jack.

JACK: Jennifer!

JENNIFER: (Sobbing, no longer able to hold onto Jack) I love you. Please tell Abby I love her soo much.

JACK: (Gasping) Jennifer!

JENNIFER: I'm sorry.

JACK: I won't let you go! I won't lose you!

Scene Two: Jack is just hanging on by his finger tips.

04Ep006A: Jack is barely hanging on

JACK: Hang on Jennifer! Hang on!
Grimacing and gritting his teeth Jack summons all his energy to pull himself up.
JACK: huh.... huh.... Aurggghhh.... Augghh....
Gradually Jack lefts himself, and pulls Jennifer.
JENNIFER: Oh, Jack! Huh.... huh.... Ahhhh!
Jack is slowly rising. He continues to summon all his strength to save her.
JACK: (Grunting and groaning) Auuggghh.... Auggh! Ah.... (His head is level with the edge of the cliff) Auuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh....
He gets all his energy and does one final effort. He gets his arm on the ledge. Jack is now able to climb back up [Matt accidentally steps on Missy's hand].
JENNIFER: Oh.... oh.... (glad he made it) Jack!

JACK: (Climbing) Ah.... ah.... ah.... ah....

JENNIFER: Oh my gosh.... Oh my gosh, you did it. You did it!
Jack continues to moan, but finally is able to drag his body over the edge back onto the safety of solid ground. He collapses on the ground, moaning and panting.
JACK: Oooohhh, aaahhhh.... oh...
Jennifer is flush up against the wall of the cliff, on the tiny ledge. She looks down. Jack realizes he has to save Jennifer.
JACK: No! Not yet! I still haven't figured out a way to get you out of there.

JENNIFER: (Her voice betrays how terrified she is) How, Jack?

JACK: (Gesticulating with his hand) I got a plan! Just don't go anywhere! (Realizing how silly that sounded, he gestures again) Don't move! (Panting) Ha.... ha.... ha....
Jack rolls over, and slides towards a boulder which he uses to get up. He gets up.
JACK: Uhhh....
Jack stumbles into the jungle.

Back on the ledge the sound of portions of the cliff breaking up can be heard. Jennifer tries to hold on, and keep her balance.
JENNIFER: Ah.... Huuuhhh.... huuhhh. Hooo.... Hooo.
More of the ledge collapses Jennifer looks down.

Scene Three: There just is a little portion of ledge left. Jennifer is flush up against the cliff wall for security. There is not much ledge left and in moment the last portion of ledge will fall taking Jennifer with it.
Groggy, Jack stumbles from out of the jungle. Gesturing with his finger and walking towards the ledge.
JACK: Hang on, Jennifer. I got a way to get you out. (Still slightly out of breath, talking to himself) At least I hope I do.
Just then Jack notices something. There is a portion of an overturned tree, with thick vines growing around it. Jack Smiles, because a plan is forming.
JACK: Wait a minute.
He walks over to it and bends down to examine it.
JACK: Just the right size? Just the right length.
He walks around it examining it.
JACK: Okay, all I gotta do is drag it over. (Panting as he tries to lift and move it) Huuhh, ugghh, (trying to lift it) Uuuhhh.... Auuuggghhh.... (it falls) Ooohhhh uh.... Oh.... Oh, come on.... (desperate) come on! (Panting) huuhh.... huuuhh.... One more time! Come on, Jack! Huh.... Huh.... You're her only hope. Huuh.... Huuhh.... One (preparing to lift).... Two.... Three.... Arrrgghhhhh....
Jack manages to lift the tree.
JACK: (Cont.) .... Arrrggghhh. Huh huh. (Straining and panting)
Jack is holding it up but still has to move it towards the ledge. He stops and begins to count again to get the strength to move it to the ledge.
JACK: One, two, (with all his might he slowly carries it) three....
Just then Jennifer screams.
Jack stops his face slows his pain thinking Jennifer has fallen.

Scene Four: More of the cliff has fallen off. Jennifer is all right. She calls up to Jack, because there is very little time left.
JENNIFER: Jack, what are you doing?
Jack has been able to carrying the fallen tree over to the ledge. Part of it is extending over the side, right over Jennifer.
JACK: Heads up!
Jack straddles the log.
JENNIFER: (Looking up) Be Careful!
Jack, Grimacing, takes the thick vine and throws it down to Jennifer.
JACK: (Exhales) Huuuh, I'm coming down to getcha! Uh....
Jack crawls over the log inching his way to the portion which is suspended over the ledge.

JACK: (Moving farther over the log) Owwwwww. Ah haaa..... Ohhhhh..... (Nodding his head) Sure, I'll be careful. I'll be careful. Ha.... I'll be careful. Oooohhh....
Jack lies on the log, wrapping his arms around it, then his legs. He swings around and is dangling from the log.
JACK: Hee.... heee.... (Jack gets some of the vine in his mouth and spits) I know how a koala feels.
Jack swings his legs from the log and grabs hold of the vine. Jack grunts and groans as he lowers himself down the vine.
JACK: I'm coming, Jennifer. I'm coming! I'm coming. Ahhhh.
Jennifer watches as Jack lowers himself down to her. Jack climbs down the cliff wall, holding onto the vine. Jennifer looks down at the ever disintegrating ledge. The final portion of boulder, which is holding up the ledge, breaks way. The ledge collapses and Jennifer falls trying to grab Jack.
Jack is able to grab her. She clings to him. Her eyes closed.
JENNIFER: Oh...... oh..... Oh, God! Oh, my God!....
Jennifer wraps her arm around Jack's neck, and holds on for dear life. Her face is pressed against his, not only thrilled about being saved, but also being in Jack's arms after so long. Jack continues to try and use the vine to pull both of them up to safety.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) You saved.... Oh, my God you saved my life. Oh, Jack! Oh, Jack. Oh....

Jack slowly pulls them up.
04Ep006B: Jack tells Jennifer they are almost to safetyJACK: Augggh, come on. Ahhh....

JENNIFER: Uhhh.... uh....Okay....

JACK: (Sweating and panting) It's just a little bit further [sic].

JENNIFER: Okay....

(Looking up) It's just a little bit further. Look.

JENNIFER: (Her eyes still closed) All right.
There is a flash of lightening and the sound of thunder in the distance. The vine looks like it is about to snap. Jack notices it. He stops climbing.
JACK: Oh, okay. Ha... Okay

JENNIFER: (Straining) Ehhh.

JACK: Jennifer, keep moving.


JACK: Keeping moving. Uhh, I'm going to go again, (grabbing the vine).... Ready, and....

JENNIFER: (Keeping her eyes tightly closed, Grimacing) Yeah!

JACK: ....and, (Pulling both of them up) Aaaahhh.... (straining) Uuuhhhh....

Scene Five: They still have a short distance to go. Jack strains to pull them up. Jack and Jennifer both grunt and groan as they slowly crawl up the vine. The vine is falling apart, and Jennifer notices this.
JACK: One more (pulls up).

JENNIFER: (Becoming hysterical) The vine's breaking, we're going to FAAAAALLL!

JACK: (Jack tries to calm her and continue his assent) Just hang on!


JACK: (Firmly) Just--hang--on!
Jennifer quiets down, and Jack continues his assent.

The shot merges into another shot. Jack is now on solid ground and he pulls Jennifer up by her wrist the rest of the way.
JACK: Come on! Come on! (Jennifer is now almost on solid ground) Good girl! Come on! Good girl!Slow it down, just don't look down.

04Ep006C: Jack has rescued them both.

Jack has lifted her to safety, but they are still very near the cliff edge.
JENNIFER: (Her eyes are still closed) I'm not looking down.

JACK: (Wrapping his arms around her) I'm talking to myself.

JENNIFER: Okay, okay....

JACK: Okay....

JENNIFER: All right....

JACK: (Gently dragging her to safety) We're almost there. We're almost there. Hang on! Hang on!....
It is continuing to thunder and lighten, and it begins to rain. Jennifer is grunting and groaning. Jennifer is holding onto Jack.
04Ep006D: Releaved, Jack laughs hystericallyJACK: (Cont.) ....Okay, Jennifer, We're almost there. We're almost there. Ah, ah.... We're almost there. Ah.... Ah.... Ahhhhhhhh..... They both collapse, Jack throws his head back and laughs hysterically, putting his hand to his hat, releasing all the tension. Jennifer is lying on him. He then takes off his hat. He begins to loving stroke her hair. She is crying. She places her hand, lovingly on his chest. They are becoming drenched by the rain, but they are so preoccupied over being save and finally in each other's arms that they do not notice, or care. JENNIFER: Oh, Jack! You did it! Oh my gosh, you saved us!

04Ep006E: Jack is overjoyed Jennifer is safe

JACK: (On the point of tears; caressing her hair) You're safe! (Panting) The baby's safe.

04Ep006F: Jennifer is overjoyed that Jack is ALIVE

JENNIFER: (Crying) Thank God you're alive! (She puts her had to his face and caresses it) You came back to me. I can't believe it. I can't believe it.
They both continue to caress the other, and look lovingly into the other's eyes.

04Ep006G: Jack tells her he IS ALIVE

JACK: (Crying and caressing Jennifer) Believe it! I'm alive! I'm here! And nobody's ever going to take me away from you again!

04Ep006H: J&J finally reunited, kiss passionately

Jennifer puts her arm around his neck. They reach in and begin a passionate, heartfelt kiss. Jack holds her tightly. They continue to kiss, oblivious to the poor rain.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]