Episode Seven: The Reunion of Jack
and Jennifer Part V: Jack Carries Jennifer
to Cave, They Continue Their Poignant
Reunion; However, Jack Is Very Ill.

[Air date July 12th, 2004]

Scene One: Jack is carrying Jennifer inside a cave, reminiscent of their past experience on Ernesto's island. It is still raining hard, and thundering and lightening; and continues to do so throughout the episode. 04007A: Jack carries Jennifer to a cave.Jack, panting, is obviously weak but he is determined to protect Jennifer. They are both soaking wet.

JENNIFER: Oh Jack, you can put me down, put me down.


JENNIFER: Yes, I'm okay.

JACK: (He has stopped) Are you sure?

JENNIFER: Positive.

JACK: (Easing her down on her feet ) You're sure?

JENNIFER: I'm sure.

JACK: (Bracing his hat) You're sure.... (sigh) ahhh...
Jennifer has her arms on Jack, they both are staring into the other's eyes.

JACK: Ahhh.
Jennifer puts her hands on Jack's cheeks. Feeling his high fever. She is very concerned for him.
JENNIFER: Gosh, I'm so worried about you.

JACK: (Too thrilled bing back with her to care) I'm great.

JENNIFER: (Caressing his face) You've a horrible fever....

JACK: (Protesting) I'm great!

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....you're not great.

04Ep007: Jack tells her that seeing her is his cure.

Jennifer places her hands on Jack's chest.
JACK: No, no, just seeing you again is all it takes to cure what ails me. Oh....
Jack puts his hands on Jennifer's shoulders, then wraps her in his arms, and, moaning, begins to passionately kiss her.

04Ep007: A dream come true that Jack is alive

JENNIFER: (Giggling with joy) Oh my gosh, (caressing his face) it's like a dream come true.
Starting to appear more and more effected by his fever, but trying to hide it.
JACK: (shaking his head) No, no if this was a dream you would be warm, and dry (Jennifer laughs), (Jack makes gesture with his arms) and I would have a (walking and gesturing) four poster bed right here, and silk sheets (doing a wrapping motion with his hands) just to wrap you up in--

JENNIFER: (Interrupting, and stopping him) No, no....

JACK: Just like--

JENNIFER: (She pulls him around to her) this is enough! Is is enough!
She pulls him toward her and kisses him. They kiss passionately, wrapping their arms around each other, holding tightly
JACK: I tell you.... (Holding her face in his hands)


JACK: ....the angels.... are looking down on us, because I don't know you survived that crash.

JENNIFER: No, no the angels, the angels and you, Jack. You saved me from falling into that ravine.

JACK: (Looking at her with such great love) Oh, this is the best! It's way better than—
Just then Jennifer grimaces and gasps in pain; she double over in pain, wrapping her arms around her stomach. Jack is deeply concerned.
JENNIFER: Oh, God!....


JENNIFER: (In pain) Ohhhh....

JACK: What's the matter? What!?

JENNIFER: Oh, my gosh.

JACK: (Bending over to her level) Jennifer, (she takes his hand) what? Your not.... You're not starting labor, are you?

JENNIFER: I don't know, but if I am.... (turning towards Jack) if I am.... you better be ready to deliver this baby, right here, right now! Ohhh.... Ohhhh.
Jennifer doubles over in pain. Jack looks at her, his eyes bugging out. Not knowing what to do.

Scene Two: Jennifer has just doubled over in pain. Jack walks her farther inside the cave.
JENNIFER: Oh, my gosh!

JACK: (Tenderly leading her) Just sit down....

JENNIFER: Oh Jack....

JACK: Just keep breathing.

JENNIFER: ....Listen an.... a really difficult pregnancy, and there's been a lot of problems.
Jack gently rests her along the wall of the cave for support.
JACK: Oh...

JENNIFER: (Groaning) Ohhh....

JACK: Jennifer.... listen to me, listen to me, (Placing his hand on her stomach to sooth her, and looking intently) whatever happens, you are strong! You are strong, and you are going to get through this. We're going to get through this! We're going to get through this just fine. Alright?
Jack places his hand back on her stomach, to calm and sooth her, he gently pushes, her back trying to ease the pain and make her more comfortable.

04Ep007E: Jack recalls Abigail's birth

JACK: Just breathe!
Flashback to Abigail's birth. Jennifer is having labor pains, Jack is delivering the baby.
JACK: Just a little bit more.... just.... just....
JACK: I can't believe it.

JENNIFER: You can't believe what?
JACK: I.... I did it. We had a baby. (Beat) A little baby girl.
JENNIFER: Ooooooh.


Back in the present, Jack has been able to calm Jennifer. Jack smiles and even Jennifer gives a weak laugh, remembering their past together.


JACK: You see, after everything we've been through, bu.... birthing a baby is just going to be like a breeze.

JENNIER: Oooh, yeah, my (stretching his hand towards her) birth plan included some sort of (not touching her) big (motioning a shoot) epidermal, Jack.

JACK: (Feeling bad) Ahhh, I'm sorry. Jennifer, I'm sorry that you had to go through all this with the baby bringing into this world--

04Ep007G: Jack is thrilled thinking the baby is a boyJENNIFER: No, no, no, no, I am not sorry. I am not sorry, (leaning toward him) I am so grateful that this baby is going to come into this world and he is going to get to spend time with his father.

JACK: (Excitedly) His?

Jennifer frowns not knowing what Jack means.

JACK: (Cont.) His (getting really excited) you (becoming hyper) mean it's a boy!? It's a boy. You're having a boy. We're having a boy.....

JENNIFER: (Trying to stop him) Oh, no Jack....

JACK: (Cont.) .... It's a boy--

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....or.... or (trying to calm him) .... or her.

JACK: (Equally excite) her, her! Well tha.... I mean (stuttering) tha.... tha.... that's.... that's good too. That's good! A her is good! I mean, we did.... pretty good
Jennifer has put her hand on her temple, remembering something, she moves her hand over her hair.

JACK: (Cont.) ....with a her the first time.

JENNIFER: (looking at Jack) Abby, she.... (sadly) she wanted to be there.... when the baby was born, Jack. (Stuttering) An.... a.... and what about Abby right now, what does she know, what has anyone told her? Do.... does she think now that she has lost her mother too?

04Ep007H: Jack promises Jennifer will return to AbigailJACK: (Determined) No, she hasn't lost her mother! And she won't! She won't!

Jennifer sighs. Jack places his hand lovingly on her stomach to comfort and calm her, Jennifer lovingly places her hands on his.She leans back, more relaxed. She sighs again. Jack watches her with great love.

JACK: (Cont.) I promise! (His voice breaking) I promise!

JENNIFER: Oh thank God, you're here. (Breathing rapidly to fight the cramps).

JACK: (In a soothing voice) breathe.


Jennifer continues to breathe rapidly. She leans forward from the pain. Jack has his hand on her stomach, and on her thigh.
JACK: Breathing, ah.... (Motioning, a little frantic; his eyes are open wide) Breathing we can breathe. All right, let's breathe. (Stuttering) W.... w.... we can do those "he hees" again. Is that right, we can breathe.... (doing the Lamaze breathing) He he he he.
Jack continues doing his "he hes," Jennifer is in pain had has a hard time.
JENNIFER: (Grimacing, in pain) He.... he....
Jack continues his "he hes" but gets dizzy. Jennifer continues her "hes" but slowly.
JACK: He he he he.... Woa.... woa.... woa..... Oh.... (putting his hand to his head) Woa!

JENNIFER: Okay, it's stopping.

JACK: (Bending his head, with his hand it) Woa! [Jennifer is speaking over him so it is hard to hear, and he is speaking softly, I think he says] It's....

JENNIFER: It's stopping. All right, its stopping.
Jack's head rolls, from the dizziness from the hard breathing, and his high fever.
JACK: What's stopping, (a little confused because of his dizziness) wha--

JENNIFER: It's stopping.

JACK: (Raising his had) What? It's stopping? It's stopping!


JACK: Is that good?

JENNIFER: It's good.

JACK: It's (holding out his hand) good?

JENNIFER: It's good.

JACK: Good! Good!
Jennifer finally notices Jack, and is concerned.
JENNIFER: Are you okay?
Jack mumbles something, when she is talking. They are talking over each other.
JACK: Course I'm good. (Swallowing hard, not wanting her to know how he really is) I'm good. (His head is still weaving) I just want to get you out of these wet clothes and into something warm.

JENNIFER: Oh God.... God please don't....

JACK: I'm good.

JENNIFER: .....this can't be labor.....

JACK: No....

JENNIFER: Maybe it's just cramps. (Putting her hand to her head) I've had a lot of a bad cramps....

JACK: Oh no, I tell you, I gotta to get some dry wood. I'm getting dry wood, I'm going to start a fire.....
Jack is a little shaky getting up. He stumbles a little as he walks to where some branches are.
JACK: (Cont.) .... dry wood.
Jack stumbles a little as he tries to pick up a small branch. It is obvious he is effected by the fever, and is more sick than he is letting on.
JACK: (Cont.) ....dry wood.
Jennifer finally notices that Jack is weak.
JENNIFER: (Calling out to him) Jack, what's wrong?

JACK: Nothing! I'm just getting (keeping himself up with a stick, and about to collapse, and motioning with his hand, but obviously weak, having a hard time answering) dry wood for the fire. Just a little (gesturing) off-balance, you know, I need to get my bearings after.... after all that heavy breathing. I'm.... It's getting....
Jack gestures again, causing him to lose his balance and fall. Jennifer quickly sets up, concerned.
JENNIFER: Ja... JACK! Come, over here and sit down! Right now!
Jack is mumbling, he is on his knees, and is propping himself up with his hand, the other hand has some sticks in it. He is out of breath, but continues to try and hide how sick he really is.
JACK: I.... I'm.... Ah....
Jack half-crawls back to her.
JENNIFER: Please! Please come over here.
Jack is moan, and Jennifer reaches for him and pulls him the rest of the way. He collapses. She takes him by the chin, and is concerned by his fever.
JACK: (Moaning) Oh.... oh....

JENNIFER: Oh my gosh, (cupping his cheek with her other hand) Oh, my gosh. Jack, you are burning up! Do you know that?

JACK: (Protesting) No.... no, no, no, no, no, noooo, no, (stuttering and his words effected by his high fever) I.... I.... I.... I'm great, I'm great, it's just the adreline, you know, it's not every day a guy gets to pull a pretty pregnant lady out of a ravine. (Sigh, becoming serious) The baby, though, how's the baby (looking at her stomach, placing his hand over hers) how's he doing now.... (correcting himself) how's she doing now, (correcting himself again) how.... how's our baby doing now?
Jennifer is even more concerned about Jack. She places her hand over his.
JENNIFER: It's good.

JACK: Good.

JENNIFER: The baby is.... wiggly (wrapping her arms around herself) and it's not time to come out yet.
Jennifer is near tears again. She leans back against the cave wall.
JACK: Well look at me, ah....
Jennifer moves her hand over her face. Jack moves closer towards her.
JACK: (Cont.) ....Now listen to me, (talking to the baby) go back to sleep.
Jack takes off his hat. He rests his head over her stomach, and Jennifer caresses his hair.
JACK: (Cont.) .... ah, just, ah.... ah.... please Baby, ah.... ah....

04Ep007I: Jack sings to the babyJennifer moves him so he is now completely resting on her stomach, and she is holding him, caressing his hair. Jack then begins to sing to the baby. Though the fever is making him even more emotional. Jennifer is overcome with emotions by Jack's tenderness, and having him back in her arms, she begins to cry.

JACK: Hush, (he places his hand on her) hush-a-bye, don't you cry, oh, the sleepy little baby.... when you (his voice catches) wake, you will find all the sleepy (she caresses his hand) little horses....

Oh, Jack...

JACK: (Cont.) Hush-a-bye, don't you cry....

JENNIFER: (Talking over him, crying and caressing him) I missed you, I missed you so much!

JACK: (Affected by his emotions and fever, he breaks down and cries too) I love you (sobbing) I love you! (Gets up) I love you. (Looking at Jennifer) I love you so much. I love you.

04Ep007J: Jennifer sees the locketJust then Jennifer notices the locket Jack is wearing. The one Jack bought for Jennifer the day he was attacked, and believed murdered. She takes it in her hand and examines it, confused, because she and Abigail placed it in his coffin.

JENNIFER: Jack, this locket--

JACK: (Repeating) This locket.... it's.... it's (looking into her eyes) the last gift I gave you.

JENNIFER: (Confused, emotional she lets out a sob) No, no, this is what I don't (placing her hand to her forehead, confused by all that has happened) understand! (Jack caresses her check) Your organs, I mean, your.... your eyes we donated them to.... to patients who needed them, how (gesturing) how are you alive? How did you survive, how are you on this island?....

JACK: I.....(He continues to caress her as she sobs overcome by all that has happened)

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....It doesn't make any sense!

JACK: (He is also overcome with emotion) I don.... I can't.... I.... I (shaking his head) can't explain it. I can't explain anything. I can try. I can try, but first I.... (putting his finger to his face) first...

04Ep007K: Jack finally gives Jennifer the locket

He takes the chain in his hand, taking it from around his neck he holds it up. Almost crying, he loving places it around Jennifer's neck, as Jennifer looks down. He holds the heart locket in the palm of his hand.

04Ep007M: Jack says he vowed to return and bring her the locket

JACK: (His voice cracking, filled with emotion) I promised myself I would.... bring this back to you....

Jack wraps his arm around her, and kisses her forehead, as Jennifer holds the locket.
JACK: (Cont.) and we would be together again!

Jack is near tears as he leans against the cave wall next to Jennifer. She lovingly, and crying with joy, caresses his face. They then cuddle, they faces pressed together. Jennifer rests her head on his chest, and relaxing drinks up the feel of being held by him after such a long time.

04Ep007M: Jack and Jennifer relax in each other's arms

JACK: (Crying) And we are! We're here, you're here with me. And now I promise you, I will never let you go! Ever!

Scene Three: Jack has completed a fire, Jennifer wants him to come over to her because she notices that he is very ill. Jack has a hard time walking; he goes back to sit next to her. Through their talk it is hard for him to speak, he rambles some; his eyelids are heavy and his eyes roll back. It looks as if he is trying to stop himself from passing out, and also from letting Jennifer know how ill he really is. He is just so happy to be reunited with her. Jennifer's happiness is dampened by her growing concern for his health.

04Ep007N: Jack wants to know about Abigail

JACK: I want you to.... (gesturing) come over her by the fire and tell me about Abigail.

JENNIFER: (Taking his hand in hers) No, I think that you need to lie down and let me take care of you.

JACK: (His speech slightly slurred, his head is weaving, he barely can keep his eyes open) I bet she's..... she's grown a couple of inches since I've been away.

JENNIFER: (Very concerned for him) She has, Jack. I.... I.... had to (caresses his chin) buy her all new clothes before she went off to camp.

JACK: (Sleepily, his eyes closed, but he smiles hearing about Abigail) Ah, really.... (He moves back a little) You know I missed her, like.... like.... (frowning, something finally dawns on him) Wait a minute, how did y.... (looking at her) how did you get here?

JENNIFER: (Jennifer frowns, and looks at him) Jack, I.... I got your messages, (smiling) I did everything that you asked.

JACK: (His eyes closed, confused) What!?

JENNIFER: (Smiling) The computer! Everything that you sent me over the computer.

JACK: (Shaking his head, confused) I didn't send you (looking at her) any messages.
Jennifer looks confused worried. She does not know what to think, it seems she thinks that in Jack's condition he is so ill he does not remember.

Scene Four: Jack and Jennifer are in mid-conversation.

04Ep007O: Jack denies sending her any messages

JACK: I was just so desperate to contact you I just.... I just couldn't. I couldn't contact you from the island, but you to know (gesturing) I was trying.... trying to get back to you, and to Abigail, and--

JENNIFER: (Interrupting) No.... no, Jack. I.... I.... I had (gesturing) emails, I had, uh, voice messages, phone calls, and, although the line staticy, I was sure (frowning) that it was your voice.

JACK: I wish it was my voice. (Caressing her face)

JENNIFER: (Insistent) No! This person emailed.... me our wedding vows, Jack!

JACK: Jennifer! Our wedding, our wedding was on television. Somebody set you up.

JENNIFER: (Protesting) No! No!....

JACK: (Groggy) The set you up. That's what they did.

JENNIFER: (Continuing her protesting) ....No!, that's what everyone said!....

JACK: (Muttering) They set you....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....bu.... but there were intimate details, Jack. Listen! That only you would have know.
Jack turns to look at her confused. He turns his head, and squints his eyes.
JENNIER: (Cont.) And Davies, the pilot, th.... the one that was going to take me here I insisted the he (gesturing) give me pr.... proof before I even set foot on that plane!

JACK: And?

JENNIFER: And, he showed me a photo of the two of you. And a video clip with you wearing this locket (picking up the locket and gesturing) an.... an.... and telling me that you were going to give me all the answer once I arrived here.

JACK: (His mouth agape, his face showing his confusion) I (shaking his head) never made a video clip--

JENNIFER: No, but Jack I saw it..... I saw it!

JACK: I can't explain it; I can't explain it. All I know is that whoever got you here, whatever happened, I'm just glad to see you. I'm just glad to see you.

04Ep007P: J&J kiss

Jack takes her head in his hand and pulls her into a kiss.
JACK: (As he kisses her) I'm glad. (He pulls back) Even if we're stranded (motioning with his head) I'm glad!

JENNIFER: (Shakes her head) No, (smiling and motioning) but that's the thing, we're not going to be stranded for long.

JACK: What? Why? (Caressing her hair and face)

JENNIFER: Because, before I left, I emailed Hope the registration number that was on the airplane, and I know Hope she'll.... she'll trace it! Th.... th.... the Salem PD will track us, and they will rescue us....

JACK: (Full of pride) Smart....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Jack!

JACK: (Cont.) You're so smart! You're the brains in this outfit. (Smiling, half-laugh) Ha.... I.... I.... (Remembering) I gotta tell you.... I gotta tell you--

JENNIFER: (Concerned; her hand on his shoulder) What? Jack are you okay?

Jack turns to look at her. He looks very bad, and is having a difficult time trying to concentrate and not fall into unconsciousness.

04Ep007Q: Jack tries to tell her something...

JACK: I.... (His eyes are rolling back) I gotta.... (weakly) tell you....
Scene Five: Jack was about to tell Jennifer something important. However, Jack's fever has mad it hard for him to concentrate. Jennifer is very concerned for him. Jennifer cup's his chin in her hand.
JENNIFER: Jack, look at me, look at me. (Gently move his face towards her) Look at me (concern in her eyes)!

JACK: (Groggy) Huh?

JENNIFER: Are you okay?

JACK: I.... I'm just a little sleep deprived that's all.... I.... so much to tell you.
Jennifer brush a strand of hair from his forehead, and then caresses his face. Jack is very sleepy and speaks in a matter of fact way

04Ep007R: Jack has just told her that all the victims are alive

JACK: (Cont.) There's no serial killer.

JENNIFER: (Shocked by the news) What?!

JACK: (Breathing heavily) They're alive!


JACK: Everybody's alive.
Jennifer's mouth is agape Jack's eyelids are heavy, his eyes look as though he is barely conscious. He then nods his head indicating that it is all true.

Scene Six: Jack has just told her about everyone being alive. Jack cannot seem to be able to remain conscious much longer. Jennifer is even more concerned for his health. As Jennifer tries to convince him to relax he half-crawls towards the fire.
JENNIFER: Jack, wh.... wh.... why don't you just.... stay right here and lie down, Jack?
Jack wants to tell her more. However, his illness, and all that he has been trough trying to rescue Jennifer prevents him.
JACK: (Mumbling) H.... It... It's important!

JENNIFER: Jack it can wait!

Jack is now by the fired, he motions to her with his hand, indicating it cannot wait. He turns back towards her.

04Ep007S: Jack is about to tell her about the others but faints

JACK: The others--

Just then Jack's eyes roll back, and he then collapses into unconsciousness. Jennifer is very concerned. She crawls over towards him.
JENNIFER: Jack? Oh Gosh! JACK!?
Jennifer turns him over.
She takes his head in her arms and cradles it. She puts her face next to him. A look of deep concern is mirrored on her face. She presses her lips to his face.


04Ep007T: Jennifer holds Jack, terrified he might die

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]