Episode Eight: Jack's Fever Worsens
and He Will Not Wake up. Jennifer
Gets Lost Trying to Help Him.

[Air date July 15th, 2004]
Scene One: The Plane Hope and Patrick is on wanders into a top secret US military instillation in the Caribbean. The commander threatens to shoot them down if they do respond. Unable to hear the message they continue. Bo and TEK are listening on and try to convince the commander not to shoot. However, he does. Immediately Bo and TEK fly to the site of the crash [They some how arrive immediately despite the plane being in the Caribbean thousands of miles from Salem. I am not sure if this is a clue or just sloppy writing].

Scene Two: Hope and Patrick are floating on the water, encircled by killer sharks. Hope cuts herself on a piece of wreckage which she uses to float with. Patrick is able to fight off the sharks.

Scene Three: Bo and TEK arrive at the crash site. The wreckage is strewn for miles. Bo jumps into the water, and he too is surrounded by sharks. He finds the piece of wreckage with Hope's blood. TEK forces Bo to get back into the plane. Once back home they learn that the search has been called off. Hope's blood was on the piece of wreckage and the authorities believe that she and Patrick have died. Bo refuses to believe this he knows, he can feel, she is still alive.

Scene Four: On the FauxSalem pier Marlena and Roman are talking about things. There is crate which has the same logo as the plane and the towers, a palm tree. Marlena acts oddly when she talks about her feelings for Roman -- is it a test, does she really feel that way, or is she somehow being manipulated or drugged. Roman notices that there is a storm brewing (this is happening about the same time as Jack and Jennifer are in the cave). He takes out a pair of binoculars from the crate -- again how does he know they are there. They hear thunder, but it actually is the sound of the missile hitting the plane. After a while they are shocked to see two people come from the river, Hope and Patrick. Hope is in shock seeing both Roman and Marlena alive.

Scene Five: Jack is still unconscious in the cave. His fever is much worse. Jennifer has her arms wrapped around him, She tries to wake him but to no avail. This makes her fear the worst.
JENNIFER: Jack, Oh Jack y.... you have to wake up. (Her voice cracking) Oh gosh, you're.... you're really scaring me now. Can you hear me?
Jack does not respond.

Jennifer flashes back to earlier when Jack first brought her to the cave, and their wonderful reunion. She remembers their passionate kiss.
JACK: I tell you.... (Holding her face in his hands)


JACK: ....the angels.... are looking down on us, because I don't know you survived that crash.

JENNIFER: No, no the angels, the angels and you, Jack....
Jennifer comes out of her flashback. Sick with worry for Jack's safety. Near tears, she stay bent over Jack's face trying to get him to respond.
JENNIFER: Jack, you listen, I ju.... just got you back, you are not going to die (giving him a gentle shake)! Do you hear me? (Crying and resting her face against his) I am not going to lose you again!
She wraps both arms around him, and rests her face against his, and softly cries.

Scene Six: Jack has a high fever, and is shaking. Jennifer is trying to keep him warn.
JENNIFER: Jack, oh Jack. We just.... We just got you back, okay, we can't lose you again. You have to get well.... you have ge well for me.... and Abby, and the baby, okay.

JACK: (Delirious and mumbling in his sleep, shivering and stuttering) J.... J.... Jennifer....

JENNIFER: What, what?

JACK: Jenn....

JENNIFER: Listen, I'm right here. I'm right here.
Jennifer is frantic, Jack is delusional from the fever, and she does not know what to do to calm him down.
JACK: Abigial....

How do you feel? Okay?

JACK: (Frantic) Abigail, sch.... sch.... sch... school. We need to.... pick her up.... sch.... sch.... to keep her.... wai.... waiting.

JENNIFER: Okay, all right.

JACK: Wait.... wai....

JENNIFER: You know what.... what.... I'll do that. I'll pick her up. You know what I'm going to.... uh.... I'm going to get some water.... okay.... because you are burning up.
Jennifer is touching him, holding his arm which he has clutching his neck. She grows more and more concerned.
JACK: The baby.... the baby's coming.

JENNIFER: No, the baby's not coming. No, listen, the baby's fine. The baby's fine, okay? I'm not in labor. It's just.... it's just cramps, all right? (She tries to calm him and hold him down) And I haven't had any since. So it's fine. (Caressing his face) You just stay right here, and I'm gonna go get that water, okay? Stay right here.

JACK: (Getting up, frantic) No, no, no no! (Staggering Jennifer tries to hold him. She has a hard time trying to get him to lie down) Don't go without....

JENNIFER: No! Jack! Oh, my gosh, Jack, it's fine. Please lay down.

JACK: I'm okay.

JENNIFER: You're not okay, Jack. Just lay down, please. Please lay down. (Caressing him) Let me take care of you, please. Let me take care of you. Okay?

JACK: (Holding her) Don't.... don't go.

JENNIFER: It's okay.

JACK: Don't go.

JENNIFER: Listen to me. You don't have to worry. Don't worry.

JACK: Don't go.

JENNIFER: Remember? (Looking down and reaching for the locket) Look, look. The locket.(Showing it to him) Look at the locket you gave me. Remember? (Holding his head) Okay, this is, uh.... this is, uh.... this is gonna be our lucky locket, (in tears) okay? And I know.... I know that this locket saved your life, and it's gonna protect us. (Grabbing his jaw trying to calm him) It's gonna protect me and you and the baby, okay? (Kissing his forehead) And don't you go anywhere.

JACK: (Desperate, almost in tears) Don't go.

JENNIFER: (Caressing him) Oh, gosh, (very worried) you are burning up, jack. You are burning up. I got to get you water.

Jennifer quickly gets up and runs out the cave.

Jack is tossing and turning. Suddenly odd music begins to play. He is breathing hard.
04Ep008A: In the dream Jack finds he bloodied locket
Is it a nightmare, a premonition or is someone manipulating his dream. Jack is wandering around in the jungle, looking for Jennifer.

JACK: JENNIFER! (Moaning and groaning, stumbling) Jennifer! Jennifer! Jennifer! Where.... where are.... where are you? Jennifer, where are you?

Jack frantically looks around. Then he looks down and sees the locket. He picks up, and notices that there is blood on it. He stares at it dumbfounded, terrified, and groans.

Back to the present. Jack is muttering in his sleep.

JACK: No. No. Oh.... No. No, Jennifer, don't g.... don't go. Don't go. Don't go. Don't.... go.
Scene Seven: Jennifer is wandering through the jungle trying to find water. She marks a tree to use as a guide. She then cuts her hand, she touches the locket with her body finger, leaving blood on it.

04Ep008B: In the dream he sees Jennifer's and the baby's gravesScene Eight: Jack is tossing and turning, and muttering in his sleep. He still is very ill from the fever.

Jack is still hallucinating, or having a premonition, or whatever it is. He has just found the locket with Jennifer's blood on it.

JACK: Jennifer's locket. Jennifer? Where are you? Jennifer? Haha, (stumbling, and frantically looking all around) Jennifer, I got to find you. I've got to find you! Where are you?! Ha.... ha.... ha....
He stumbles into a clearing. He bends down and is horrified to see two mounds of dirt, graves with make-shift crosses made of drift-wood, one has "BABY DEVERAUX" and the other has "JENIFER DEVEAUX" written in white. Jack lets out a a anguished scream.
JACK: No! No! No! No!
Sobbing he falls on to the graves.

Jack suddenly awakes up in a start.
JACK: Jennifer? (He sits up, frantic) Jennifer?

04Ep008C: Jack wakes from the nightmare

Scene Nine: Jennifer is stumbling around the jungle. She collapses against a tree, and then notices a small pool. She runs over to it, bends down and begins to drink the water, using her hands. In the water are several lotus flowers. She washes her face. A short time later she has a coconut and is putting water in it. She takes a palm branch to just as a stopper. Then she wraps her jacket around it for protection. She tells Jack to hold on, she is on her way.

Scene Ten: Back in the cave, Jack is delirious, and is frantically stumbling around looking for Jennifer.
JACK: JENNIFER! WHERE ARE YOU? (Wandering around, stops) Where are.... (Believing all if was a dream) Could it be? It was all just a dream. You were never really here.... (Sobbing)
Jack thinks back to their kiss in the rain.
JACK: (Cont.) (Gasps) Was it just a dying man's desperate hallucination? It had to be. (Almost sobbing) It was too good to be true. It was just.... (collapsing to the ground) if I could just.... if I could just have you here.... one more time.... (Crawling on his hands and knees) I would tell you.... ahh! I would hold you. I.... I.... I'd tell you (gesturing with his hand, sobbing) I love you, and tell you.... I'd tell you....(lying down) goo.... good-bye.... (drifting back into unconsciousness) good-bye.
Scene Eleven: Jack is unconscious in the cave. Still muttering Jennifer's name and reaching for the locket.
JACK: Jennifer?! (Gasping, breathing heavily) Locket.
04Ep008D: Jack can't find the locket & realizes Jennifer is no dreamJack wakes up, he feels around his chest for the locket, but cannot find it.
JACK: (Cont.) It's gone.
Gasping he thinks back to giving Jennifer the locket.
JACK: (Still feeling for the locket) It's gone! Of course it's gone, (shaking from the fever) because I gave it to you! Jennifer! Jennifer (his voice catching you are here! (Gasping, breathing heavily) Or you (gesturing with his) were here. Now you out there (tries to get up, but is only partially up).Out there in the jungle. You and the baby. I've gotta.... I've gotta find you. You're in danger and I've gotta find you.
He is crawling on his hands and knees, picks up his hat, puts it on and stands up.
JACK: That's what I gotta do. (Stumbling out, but weak) I'm com.... I'm coming.... Jennifer.
Just outside the cave he stumbles, and grabs hold of a vine and swings, out of sight, screaming.
[Air date July 16th, 2004]
Scene One: It is dark in the jungle, Jack has not fallen, he stumbles from out of some jungle vegetation. He is feverish, and delirious. He is barely able to keep awake because of his exhaustion and his fever.
JACK: (Sounding out of breath) Ah, come on, Jennifer. (He is gasping for breath) ah, ah....
Jack trips, his hat falls off.
JACK: .... Ah, Jennifer.
He grabs it and puts it back on.
JACK: I have to find you.... and the baby!
Barely holding on, he stands up and stumbles again.

Scene Two: Meanwhile Jennifer is wandering around the jungle trying to find her way back to Jack. She is having a difficult time too, and also sounds weak, and sick. She is concerned because she has to get the water back for Jack since he is so ill. She moves aside some vegetation and notices the Bird of Paradise she put on a log as a marker. She realizes that she has been going in circles. In frustration she hits the branch, and begins to cry. Suddenly she looks down and gasps, her pant leg is soaking wet. She fears that her water has broken and that she is about to give birth; alone, lost in the jungle. She bends over sobbing.

Scent Three: Back at the Brady Pub Hope has been reunited with Maggie and Alice. She tells them about Jennifer's plane. They tell her about Jack, and how they fear that he was killed once he escaped. Sadly they all cry fearing the worst for Jack, Jennifer, and their unborn baby. They also tell her and Patrick about how they believe that Tony and Stefano is behind their captivity. Patrick is surprised hearing that Stefano is alive. Though it is hard to tell if he is surprised about the dead being alive.

Scene Four: Jack gets up again, still gasping as he tries to continue on, but extremely ill. Jack stops and looks very strange. He begins to mutter about being cold. Jack staggers backward, panting, he rubs his arm, to warm himself.
JACK: I'm so cold. Why is it so cold?
He tries to wrap his arms around his body to warm him.
JACK: I'm ou.... out in the jungles. It's burning up. Why.... (gasping) it's freezing.... It's like.... it's like a sign....
He keeps trying to warm himself by wrapping his arms around his body.
JACK: ....it's like someone's.... creeping across my grave.
Jack realizes something, there is a look of terror on his face, and he gasps. He remembers his hallucination -- or was it prophecy -- of seeing the grave markers and shallow graves for "Jennifer Deveraux" and "Baby Deveraux."
JACK: Ah! Jennifer's grave. Ah..... Noooooo! (shaking his head) Nooo, I've got to find you! I've got to find you! Nooooo!
Jack stumbles off, determined to find Jennifer and not make his vision come true.

Meanwhile Jennifer is stumbling around the jungle too. She seems weaker, as if she also is ill. She is also screaming in pain, it appears she is in labor.

Scene Five: Jack is calling out to Jennifer.
JACK: Jennifer where--

Just then Jack hears Jennifer shrieks. But between the jungle and his delirious state he is confused and is not able to find her. He turns around in circles, desperately trying to locate from which direction her screams are coming.
04Ep008E: Jack hears a piercing noiseJACK: I ca..... where.... I ca.... what's happening? WHERE ARE YOU?....
Just then Jack hears her screaming in pain.

JACK: (Desperately) ....I can't find you.... I can't.
Jack continues to stumble around Mumbling as he goes.
JACK: (Incoherent) I know you.... WHERE ARE YOU?!
Jack is still unable to locate Jennifer. He is still in a small clearing and walking in circles. [The perspective is from above Jack as if Jack is being observed from some camera which is video taping him from above]
Jack freezes in his tracks with a wild look in his eyes. The jungle sounds seem loud. Jack throws his had to his head.
JACK: Jennifer!? (Looking around frantically) Jennifer!?
Jack shrikes out in pain and throws but hands to his forehead. He doubles over from some strange pain which seems to be effecting his head. He is rubbing his head as if to ease the pain, in doing so his hat slips back. He grits his teeth and squints his eyes from the pain.
JACK: Ahh, Oh-Ah.... Ah.
Meanwhile, Jennifer is doubled over from pain. She is distraught and keeps repeating that she cannot be in labor and she cannot have the baby now. She then looks at the coconut which she filled with water, and which is wrapped by her jacket. She notices that the jacket is soaking wet. She mutters, thanking God. She realizes that the water on her trouser leg was from the water which leaked from the coconut. She is also grateful that there is still some water left. She needs to get it back to Jack. She prays that he is fine. She gets up with some difficult, and walks off trying to return to Jack.

Meanwhile the strange, piercing pain is still afflicting Jack. Jack groans, and tries to walk. Jack weaves, his head rolls back. He tries to walk, but falls down in a faint.

Scene Six: Jennifer weakly calls out for Jack. It is obvious she is lost, and is wandering around the jungle. Jennifer is sweating, she rubs her forehead, and tries to focus her eyes. She mutters about being dizzy. Whatever illness has been afflicting Jack seems to now be afflicting her as well. She wanders into a clearing, and stops in shock. Her vision is blurred, but she sees a body on the ground -- looking very much like Jack. She blinks a few times.
JENNIFER: I must be hallucinating.
She tries to clear her vision. The gasps in horror when she sees that it really is Jack. He is lying on the ground, and he looks as though he could be dead.
JENNIFER: Ah.... Oh....
Seven: Jennifer realizes she is not hallucinating and that it really is Jack, unconscious. She is horrified. He is not moving, and she fears the worst. She Bends down to his body. He is on his side, facing away from her.

She she turns his body so the he is now lying on his back. He looks terrible. Jennifer collapses next to him. The tops of their heads touching. The angle of the last shot is from the air [again is there a reason for this? Is it just a camera angle, or is it meant to give impression that Jack and Jennifer are being monitored from some camera above them].

04Ep008F: J&J, together, unconscious in the jungle

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]