Episode Nine: Trying to Find Some Food
for Jennifer, Jack Falls into a Pit; He Convinces
Jennifer to Leave Him and Find Help.

[Air date July 20th, 2004]
Scene One: It is the next morning. Jack and Jennifer are still unconscious. They are no longer lying side-by-side. Jack turns and slowly wakes up. He faces Jennifer, but his vision is blurred. Slowly he moves over towards her, panting. He puts his hand on her forehead, and lovingly cups her chin with his hand. He is thrilled to see that she is alive.
JACK: You're still alive! (Panting) you're alive. But you're burning up. Oh....
He puts the back of his hand on her arm to check her temperature.
JACK: Oh.... (He touches it again) I've got to do something. I've got to help you (placing his hand on her arm). Jennifer? (One hand still on her forehead) You're on fire. I've gotta....
Jack tries to get up, but he is too dizzy. He begins to mumble.
JACK: ....help. I've.... I've got.... Oh... I'v gotta.... I've got....
Jack collapses again.

Scene Two: Jack and Jennifer are asleep, they both move in their sleep. Jack mumbling in his sleep. He moves and his hands touch Jennifer's jacket, which is still wrapped around the coconut. Jennifer is moaning in her sleep.
JACK: S.... Staa.... St...eve.... [I swear the next word sounds like "Steve," but there is no CC to be sure]. Ahh....
Jack comes to somewhat, and apparently notices the jacket.
JACK: ....what?(Seeing it) Ohhh! Oh. (Picking it up) Jennifer, I gott....
Jack pulls out the branches which were being used as a plug. What little water that was left in the coconut slips out, frustrating him since now he has no water for Jennifer.
JACK: Ohhhh.... Ohhh.... Oh.... (noticing her jacket) Wait a minute, Jennifer....
Jennifer mutters something hearing her name.
JACK: (Cont.) I....
Jack Squeezes the shirt, and is excited to find there is some water there.
JACK: (Cont.) Ha.... ....it's water! Haa.... It's water!
Bringing it over to her.

JACK: (Cont.) ....Jennifer, (twisting over her) feel i.... Can you feel the water? It's water.

04009A: Jack tries to revive JenniferJennifer slowly comes too. Wiping her face where Jack sprinkled her with water.

JACK: (Cont.) ....Feel it? Feel it, Baby. Can you feel it? Can y....
Jack pours a little into the cup of his hand and Jennifer bends over to sip it.
JACK: It's water.
Jack touches his head to hers.
JACK: Good.
Jennifer looks up and finally comprehends that Jack is there and is alive. Though she is still drossy.
JENNIFER: Oh, Jack! Oh, (caressing his face and placing her hand on his arm) oh thank God you're alive.

JACK: Shhhh.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Oh thank God!

JACK: (Shaking his head) No, no, don't talk.

JENNIFER: Thank God!

JACK: Don't talk!
Jennifer places her hand on his elbow.
JACK: (Cont.) Just calm. Calm, we gotta conserve strength. All right?


JACK: (Cont.) Save your strength.
More awake now, Jennifer looks around.
JACK: (Cont.) ....Just save your strength. (Handing her the wet jacket) Hold on to this. T.... I.... I.... I'm going to have to go, I'll get you some food: Bananas or some coconut milk.
Jack caresses her face with the back of his hand.

JACK: All right? Does that sound all right.

(Jennifer nods her head; she in a soft voice, resulting from her illness) Yeah.

JACK: Good. (Looking around) I gotta figure where we are. Find away back.

JENNIFER: (Confused by his remarks) What, back where? Back where?

JACK: Huh?


JACK: (Looking at her, equally confused) Back to.... Well, (gesturing) back where I came from. I gotta f.... f.... find back where we came from. Okay? I'll be back. (Pointing to the jacket) You just hold on to that, okay.

Sleepily she takes the jacket, with Jack's help, and wraps it around her.
JACK: Stay calm, Stay calm. Please stay. All right? Okay.
Getting up to leave.
Jennifer puts her hand on his shoulder, stopping him. Jack turns around to see what she wants.
JACK: What?

JENNIFER: Jack, (leaning towards him; her eyes still closed) Could you, (opening her eyes) could you get me some watermelon. Watermelon sounds really good.
Jennifer is serious. Jack stops, not knowing what to think.
JACK: Wha.... I can't get you.... I.... (realizing there is no use to pointing out the illogic of what she asked) All right, watermelon!

JENNIFER: (Nodding her head, pleased; barely audible) Yeah....

JACK: Got it!


JACK: Okay.... watermelon.

JENNIFER: (Lying back down, sleepy) Okay....
Jack is getting up, but still perplexed as to how he is going to find watermelon on the island to make Jennifer happy.
JACK: Stay right there!


JACK: (Trying to stand up) I've got to find a watermelon. (Standing) watermelon....
Jack is walking off. Jennifer is lying down, half-asleep.
JACK: Watermelon.... watermelon....
A few moments pass and then we hear Jack scream.
The sound of Jack's screaming ends, just as a thud is heard. The sound of Jack screaming causes Jennifer to wake.
JENNIFER: Jack? (Frowning) Jack?!
Jennifer is concerned, she frowns not knowing what has happened to him.

Scene Three: Jennifer has just heard Jack scream and then fall silent.
JACK: Oh, Jack? Ah.... (Getting up) Ugh....
She looks around, and puts her arms out for balance. She walks off trying to find Jack. She looks around but cannot she him.
JENNIFER: Oh, Jack. (Holding her stomach) Jack?
Jennifer notices some broken branches, and becomes worried.
JENNIER: Oh, my.... gosh (she walks around frantically having seen something; moving aside plants).... Jack!
She falls to the ground and looks down, calling Jack's name.
JENNIFER: Jaaaccck!
In doing so she causes some dirt to fall down a hole; she gasps. Below Jack is lying in a pit with some broken branches beneath him. As she looks down she causes some dirt to fall on top of him -- it looks as though it was like some type of animal trap which had been camouflaged. The dirt falling on him causes Jack to stir. He spits, because of the dirt which has fallen on his face. He then coughs, slightly choking as a result of the dirt. Jennifer looks down petrified.
JENNIFER: Jack, are you okay?

JACK: (Sounding funny, probably because of the dirt in his mouth) I don't know. I jus.... Let m.... Let me.... take an inventory.

JENNIFER: (Concerned) Wa.... did you break anything?

JACK: I.... jus.... (his eyes closed; holding his hand out silencing her) give me a chance I'll find out. And.... don't come down (gesturing with his hand and finger) until I do! All right, stay right there! All right?


JACK: All right. Ohhhhh (groaning).
Jennifer watches on, very concerned. Jack moves around both legs, they seem to be uneffected. Then his arms and he twists his wrists, though he grimaces his arms and hands seem okay too.
JACK: Nothing broken. (Still twirling around his wrists) No, (putting out his hand) okay, here I come. I'm climbing up....

JENNIFER: All right.

JACK: (Cont.; the sound of his voice he seems to be talking more to himself to get the power to climb up than talking to Jennifer) I'm climbing up!

JENNIFER: All right... just b.... be.... be careful!

JACK: I know! Be careful.
Jack rolls around to get the power to stand up, and climb out of the pit.
JENNIFER: Be careful!

JACK: (Repeating) Be careful!
Jack groans and falls back, unable to get the strength to climb out.
JACK: (Groaning) Ohhhh..... Oh.

JENNIFER: (Putting her hand out, futilely trying to help) Oh, Jack, Jack I said to be careful!
Lying back down, on his back, exhausted from his efforts.
JACK: I know. I know.... I know.

JENNIFER: All right, listen, (gesturing with her hand)Ah.... I'm going to get a vine and I'm going to try.... ah.... to make a make a rope, like you did for me. And I'm going to rescue you.
Jennifer is about to get up to find the vine but Jack stops her. Motioning her to stop.
JACK: No, no, no, Jennifer, No! You've got to save your strength. You got to go find help.

JENNIFER: (Speaking louder) What are you talking about?.... I am not leaving you! (Stopping, realizing what he just said) Wai.... What do you mean.... find help? Is there someone else on this island?

JACK: (Confused, thinking he had already told her, which he had) Didn't I tell you? (Now uncertain) Wait a minute.... maybe they broke through the force field by now?

JENNIFER: (Confused, thinking Jack is delirious) What are you talking about, Jack "A force field?" Wa.... Listen to yourself, (Concerned) you're delirious, Jack.

JACK: (Still lying on his back, his eyes closed) No, it's true. No.... (thinking to himself) No, I didn't tell you--

JENNIFER: WHAT?! Tell me what?

JACK: They're all alive!

JENNIFER: (More confused and certain Jack is delirious) Who!?

JACK: (His eyes open) All the victims of the Salem Stalker: (Enumerating with his fingers) Abe, Roman, Caroline--

JENNIFER: (Listening, trying to intellectualize what he is saying) What!

JACK: (Cont.) ....Doug, Victor, Alice. They're all--

JENNIFER: (Interrupting, her voice sounds a little upset) Jack, that is not possible!

JACK: Oh, you think that's impossible, you just wait, I'm going to tell you some things that you're really not going to believe!

Jennifer frowns and slightly shakes her head not knowing what to think.

04Ep009B: Jack has fallen into a tiger pit

Scene Four: Jack has just finished telling Jennifer about the island, we do not know exactly what he said or how much. Jennifer is trying to comprehend it all.

JENNIFER: I can't believe it, they're all alive? An.... And they're being kept prisoners in.... in a replica Sa-lem? How is that.... pos-sible?

JACK: (Weak, shaking his head) I don't know. I don't think anyone knows. Unless.... unless, maybe Roman or Abe figured it out since I've been gone.

JENNIFER: (Looking down at him sadly, concerned by his present state) Listen to yourself you.... you.... you're just hallucinating and your getting weaker.

JACK: (Having a hard time remaining conscious) It's true.

JENNIFER: What's true? What, tha.... that you're hallucinating?

04Ep009: Jack tells Jennifer she has to get helpJACK: I'm getting weaker. Ha.... That's why you have to go.... you have to go get help (his eyes close). Ha.... (opening them) look at you,.... you could go into labor any moment.

JENNIFER: Wha.... wha.... (gesturing) what about tha.... tha.... that.... stupid force field, you were just telling me about, Jack, what if I run into that?

JACK: (Trying desperately to stay conscious) You.... just.... ha.... (motioning with his hand, his eyes close) follow the sun.... (trying to talk) keep heading west. 'Til you get to Salem.... or tow.... town that looks like Salem. (More groggy) I don't know, must be the only one on this island. Ha... (Squinting his eyes trying to continue speaking) Tell Abe,....tell Roman (opening his eyes) where I am.

JENNIFER: (Widening her eyes) And.... and where are you, Jack?! Wha.... What do I tell them? To just keep watching the moon and head east? I am not leaving you! Now (firmly gesturing) you.... you climb your butt out of here RIGHT NOW!
Jack makes a fist trying to get the power to get up. He cannot even move a little, he is too weak.
JACK: Ah....


JACK: (Too weak) I....

Jack strains, and clinches his fists and grimaces trying to get the energy to lift himself up. He rolls over towards the pit's dirt wall for leverage.
JENNIFER: (Straining with him) Ah....

JACK: (Huffing and puffing, trying one more time) Okay!

ENNIFER: (Encouraging him) Come on!

04Ep009D: Jack tries to climb out, unsuccessfully

Groaning trying to use the wall to hold on to so he can stand up. Jennifer anxiously watches from above. Grunting and groaning he finally is standing. Squinting his eyes.

JACK: All right!

JENNIFER: (Encouragingly) Okay!
First stretching out his left hand. Grimacing from the excursion, he stretches out his right hand.
JACK: Here I come! Here I come.
Jack continues to muster all his might to lift himself up. Nervously Jennifer watches him from above, frustrated because she cannot help him. Starts to slip and tries to stop him.
JACK: I.... I can't!

JENNIFER: (Not knowing what to do) Jack!.... Wai.... Jack!

JACK: I.... I....
Jack cannot pull himself up, his strength falters and he falls back to the floor of the pit.

(Emotionally, frustrated) I can't.... I can't.... I can't.... (Grimacing) No, you have to go! (Rubbing his eyes) Jennifer.... Nooowww! Goooo! Now! (Panting, raising his had) You're the only chance.... of survival for all three of us.
Jennifer is watching. She grimaces, it is the baby, and puts her hand to her stomach.
JENNIFER: Oh, my baby.

Scene Five: Jack is now standing against the sides of the pit.
JACK: Jennifer, we're both weak; we're both sick. And now you're the only one who can go get us help.

Jennifer lovingly extends her arm towards him. Jack tries to extend his to reach hers but hers is too far away. Sadly the both grunt and groan trying to touch each other. Frustrated, sad, they cannot. Jennifer kisses the palm of her hand and extends it towards him.

JENNIER: Jack, look at me, look at me! I love you. I love you, and I am going to get help. I'm not going to let anything (shaking her head to emphasis what she is saying) happen to you! I swear on my love, Jack!

Jack looks up, moved by what she says, and trying keep up his strength.

JACK: I know! Just go! (Patting he side of the pit, trying to keep a brave front with a slight smile) I'll be okay! (Motioning or waving) I'll be okay. Just go.
Reluctantly Jennifer leaves. Jack then tries once more to get out of the pit. He tries to find a spot on the side where he can get a grip. Grunting, groaning, grimacing he tries to pull himself up. However, it is futile. He falls back down, his body propped along the wall of the pit. He looks as though he has again fallen into unconsciousness.

[Air date July 22nd, 2004]
Scene One: Back in Salem while visiting Bo, John notices Zack playing with the stuff teddy bear which Hope picked up at the pawn shop. For some reasons it seems familiar to him.

Scene Two: Jack is alone in the pit, barely conscious. He is rest against the wall of the pit.
JACK: Jennifer will get us out.... she'll find a way to get us out of here.
Breathing heavily, Jack looks up towards the opening. He raises his arms to get the leverage to try once again to get up and try to get out from the pit. Grunting and grimacing he uses the side of the pit and a boulder to help pull himself up. Eventually he is standing, and tries to find away to climb out of the pit. There is some portion sticking out and he tries to use that to pull himself up. However, in his weaken state he cannot. He falls backward. It is not certain if he is conscious or not.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is progressing through the jungle. She is very tired, but determined to continue. She has to stop and rest, panting for the exertion and the pregnancy. She repeats that she has to find help and that she has to keep moving west following the sun. Just then she doubles over in pain.

Scene Three: It is some time later Jennifer is greedily eating some tropical fruit, moaning with pleasure. Jennifer says that her stomach was probably hurting from lack of food. Looking at her stomach, "All right Baby, you know what that means, you're just going to be a sweet, colorful baby now." She continues to eat. She mutters that no way can she go into labor now. She tries to get up to get up to continue searching for the compound, when she again doubles over from pain. Jennifer vainly begs her baby not to come yet, "until I and your daddy can go get help!"

Back in the pit, Jack's head bobs, waking him.He calls out her name as if he senses something.
JACK: Jennifer!
Jack breaths heavily concerned.

Scene Four: Jack tries again to get free.
04Ep009F: Jack vows to get out  & make the person responsible pay!

JACK: (Determined) I didn't come this far.... (determined to get up) to lose the woman that I love and my unborn child! In some god forsaken jungle.

Jack gets up. Jack finds some weeds and hangs onto them.
JACK: Ohh, (angry) who ever's done this, is gonna pay!
Jack straining, reaches with his free hand, and starts to try and pull himself up.


Scene Five: Jennifer is lying in the jungle, holding her stomach. She is breathing, trying to prevent labor. She stops, and thanks God because the pains have stopped. She finally is able to get up, and continues her quest to find the compound. Suddenly she stops, and lights up, having discovered something.

Scene Six: Back in the compound Hope has been happily reunited with her father Doug. Meanwhile Patrick has unsuccessfully tried to escape, Roman and Abe do not trust him and have tied him to a chair in Jack and Jennifer's fauxhome in fauxSalem. He refuses to answer their questions about Jennifer and they think he is working for the mastermind. After Hope returns from talking to Doug she sees he has escaped again, and she follows him.

Scene Seven: John thinks about the stuffed bear and believes he knows where he saw it. He takes it to Sami's who freaks out upon seeing it. She knows for a fact that it was Will's bear, Marlena had given it to him, and he has prized it since he was very young. At Marlena's funeral Lucas put it in Marlena's coffin. Lucas is there and confirms this. Sami blames John for pulling some sadistic joke. John is more confused then ever. He wants to have Marlena's coffin exhumed. Sami is more horrified than before, and curses John. John is determined to find out what is going on.

Scene Eight: Back in the jungle Jack's arm emerges from the pit, we hear him groan as he musters all his energy to get free.
JACK: Arrrggghhh!
Jack's head is now above ground. He pants exhausted from his efforts.
JACK: Hang on, Jennifer, (swallowing hard, and shaky his head) I'm coming to get you.... and our baby! (Grimacing as he tries to completely get free) I'm going to get us off this.... god forsaken island! (Jack pushes one last time and successfully gets free) Oh.... (Getting up) Here I come!
Jack stumbles into the jungle, into the same direction Jennifer took.

Meanwhile, Jennifer comes out of the jungle brush to a clearing, there is a rope bridge which spans a ravine. Jennifer starts to cross it but stops, seeing that the planks of wood are not at all substantial. She pauses trying to figure out what to do next.

Scene Nine: Jennifer gets the courage to continue, telling herself just not to look down. Cautiously she begins to cross it. The bridge creeks ominously as she slowly walks across its planks. She does not look down and continuously to talk to herself giving herself courage to continue. Just them one plank breaks, causing her nearly to fall, she screams in terror, and tries to hold on to the rope railing. She quickly gets her balance. Terrified she wills herself to continue, she knows that it is up to her to get help. The thick rope holding up the bridge is breaking.

Scene Ten: Meanwhile, Jack is searching for Jennifer.
JACK: Jennifer? (Just then Jack squints as if seeing something) Jennifer! Oh, no!
Jack takes off.

Jennifer is still slowing inching across the bridge.
Jennifer stops.
JENNIFER: Oh my gosh, that sounds like Jack.
Frowning, and closing her eyes and shaking her head as if to wipe the thought from her mind.
JENNIFER: No! No, no, just keep... Keep moving! Got to keep moving!
She stumbles a little. Meanwhile the robe is breaking. Just then Jack emerges. Jack stops, and crotches, throwing out his hand as s signal to stop.
JACK: Jennifer!
Jennifer swings around, surprised and thrilled to see him.
JENNIFER: Oh.... Oh, Jack, oh!
She starts to turn around to try and go back towards him.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Oh.... Oh, You.... You got out?!

JACK: Don't move an inch! Stay where you are.


The rope is just about to break. She stars slowly walking back to him.

04EP009G: Jack tells Jennifer to

JACK: Jennifer, freeze!
The bridge gives a little, and Jennifer tries to keep her balance. Jack runs towards the bridge.
JENNIFER: Ah, ah....

Jack notices just as the rope finally gives way.
The bridge finally gives way. Jennifer screams.
Jack falls to the ground horrified, reaching out his arm in a vain attempt to save her, screaming in terror, gritting his teeth.


04Ep009H: Jack watches in terror as the rope bridge collapses, and Jennifer falls.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]