Episode Eleven: Jack, Sick and Broken
Hearted Contemplates "Joining" Jennifer;
Later Hope and Patrick Arrive, Jack
Takes Off to Find Another Way to Jennifer.

[Air date July 28th, 2004]
Scene One: Jack has apparently given up and decided to join Jennifer and their unborn, whom he believes have fallen to their deaths when the bridge collapsed. He still has the locket, wrapped around his fingers. He is not moving. However, his head slips, causing him to move. Slowly his eyes open, but they are dazed and he looks confused, and still very ill. He then flashes back to when Jennifer disappeared when the bridge broke.
JACK: Jennifer!
Jennifer swings around, surprised and thrilled to see him.
JENNIFER: Oh.... Oh, Jack, oh!
She starts to turn around to try and go back towards him.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) Oh.... Oh, You.... You got out?!

Don't move an inch! Stay where you are.

The rope is just about to break. She stars slowly walking back to him.
JACK: Jennifer, freeze!
The bridge gives a little, and Jennifer tries to keep her balance. Jack runs towards the bridge.
JENNIFER: Ah, ah....

JACK: Jennifer!
Jack notices just as the rope finally gives way.
The bridge finally gives way. Jennifer screams.
Jack falls to the ground horrified, reaching out his arm in a vain attempt to save her, screaming in terror, gritting his teeth.
Back in the present, Jack closely examines the locket. He is very weak.
JACK: No, Jennifer..... Jennifer....
Breathing heavily, he is able to sit up after some effort. He sees his belt, and looking at it, pants, in desperation. He lets out a little cry. Then looks down, again seeing how far down it is to the bottom.
JACK: God.... oh....
He weaves, and his head and eyes roll back, he nearly falls over the edge.

Scene Two: He throws his hand over to the post, to prevent him from falling over. Then with a quick effort stands up. Leaning against the post, with a grunt, he puts his belt back on. He looks down again, it notices something. He smiles slightly, whatever he sees makes him happy. He squints trying to see better.
04Ep011A: Jack sees a vision of JenniferJACK: Jennifer?
He blinks again to make sure he is not seeing things. He tilts his head and his face now beams. Sleepily, and with an expression of love he again mentions her name, no longer forlornly but with joy.
JACK: Jennifer, is that you?
Jennifer is floating in the air a ways down the ravine. She is shrouded in a white mist, and is all in white. She smiles back, and raises her hand, her palm out stretched towards him.
04Ep011B: Ghost Jennifer calls to Jack to join herJENNIFER: Jack! It's all right. It's all right, I'm.... I'm at peace now, Jack. I'm so happy!
Jack stares at her his mouth agape, not knowing what to think. Jennifer is obviously a vision, is she really a spirit, is Jack hallucinating her, or is someone projecting her image as most have been down with the victims after the they where believe to have been killed.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) 'Cept of course from missing you soo much! (Again she stretches out her hand to him) Come to me.... Come to me, my love! Be with me forever!
Jennifer smiles at him with great love. Jack thinks for a minute. He then takes the locket and puts it around his neck, and lovingly kisses it. Smiling, he takes a step towards her, towards the edge of the cliff; then another step. He takes a couple more, one of his feet is partially over the edge. He is just about to walk towards her, and in doing so fall to his death.

Scene Three: Meanwhile Hope has followed Patrick who has escaped. He is determined to find and save Jennifer. He refuses to say why but he keeps muttering that he is the only one who can save her. Finally Hope gets him to admit the truth -- or at least part of it. Hope asks him if he knew Jack, he admits that was a lie. He tells her that he had a big debt which he could not pay off. To save himself he had to go and get closer to Jennifer because someone or some people wanted to bring her down. He faked getting hit by her car, having waited for her to drive out. Then he pretended to be hurt and ingratiated himself to her good graces. Furious Hope belts him. He tries to convince her that he now feels guilty about it all. Jennifer's kindness changed his mind, and he is now determined to make amends. Hope is not so sure, but she knows they have to save Jennifer, so she agrees to trust him.

Scene Four: Jack ill, and maybe hallucinating, is about to step off the ledge and fall to his death, trying to follow a ghostly image of Jennifer. Jack hesitates. Again the spirit Jennifer reaches out her hand to him and calls him to join her in heaven.
JENNIFER: Jack! Jack, come with me hurry! I have to be going soon.

JACK: (Weak) Jennifer, I'm coming. (With a big smile) Don't go without me!
Jack's feet are both partially over the edge, Jack then falls forward or steps forward, falling off the cliff.

Scene Five: Meanwhile John is talking to Sami, and Lucas about the teddy bear he found at Bo's. They insist that it was Will's, Marlena had given it to him when he was young, and Will wanted Marlena to have it in her coffin. John tries to convince her that they need to exhume the coffin, she gets violent. He goes to Bo for a court order, and she tags along protesting. John informs her that he was Marlena's husband, and she has not right to protest.

Scene Six: Apparently Jack has fallen off the cliff so as to join Jennifer in heaven. However, Jack is on the side of the cliff wall, just barely holding on. Jack slow pulls himself up. He groans the effort becoming more and more difficult after all he has suffered. He gets a grip, but his hand has nothing grab on to and it slips. He is now only holding on with one hand and that too is slipping. He is grimacing and straining trying to prevent himself from falling to his death. He no longer sees the vision of Jennifer which was trying to egg him on towards committing suicide.
JACK: (Muttering to himself) Oh, no, no, no, no....
He gets a grip again, but his other hand slips, he appears to be completely losing his holding and slowly about to fall to his death.

Scene Seven: Meanwhile, Bo has been able to quickly get a court order to exhume the body. Sami is livid, and accuses John of being behind it all, and that John betrayed Marlena in the end. When they finally open the coffin they discover it empty. Sami really rails into him. John is shocked. He and Bo think that maybe some disturbed people, stole the body out of vengeance since Marlena was the Salem Slasher.

Scene Eight: Back in New Salem, Roman has tried to get Marlena to remember her last days. She remembers being buried alive, and screaming for help, but no one helped her. She then thinks back to being somehow transported; the finally ending up on the island. Abe then remembers that St. Luke's was a way station for the Underground Railroad. That from the church there were underground tunnels where the cemetery is. These tunnels and the church were used to hide the escaping slaves to freedom in Canada. Somehow the church is connected to how they arrived on the island.

Scene Nine: Grunting and groaning Jack is able to get himself back to safety. He collapses at the edge of the cliff. He squints as if he sees something. He strains to see better, and sees Jennifer a long distance below, lying unconscious on another ledge. Jack then lies down again, not sure if he is dreaming or not.
JACK: Jennifer you are there! Thank God you didn't fall into the river. (Weakly trying to shout to here. JENNIFER!
Propping himself up. His voice weak and cracking.
JACK: (Cont.) JENNIFER I'M COMING! I'M GOING TO COME TO SAVE YOU! (Thinking) I just wish I knew how. JENNIFER CAN YOU HEAR ME? (Whispering) Oh, please! Please don't be dead! (Almost in tears) I can't bare to lose you!
SceneTen: Back in RealSalem, at the funeral home, the mortician committs suicide before they can question him. Despite everyone, he believes that Hope is still alive. Things are moving closer to the Salemites realizing that something is up, and hopefully finding the victims.

[Air date July, 30th, 2004
Scene One: Jack has spotted Jennifer lying unconscious on a narrow ledge, over a rushing river, many feet below, on the side opposite to him. He is trying to figure out how to get down to her. Jack tries to get up, using post from the bridge.
JACK: Jennifer! (Trying to shout to her, but his voice is weak) JENNIFER, IT'S JACK! (Standing up) I'M RIGHT HEAR. DON'T GIVE UP! THINK ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU'VE BEEN THROUGH! YOU CAN'T GIVE UP NOW! (Pausing for a while, overcome with emotion). You can't! (Stumbling against the other post, his voice cracking) I'm right here!
Jack flashes back to the accident.

Jack emerges. Jack stops, and crotches, throwing out his hand as s signal to stop.
JACK: Jennifer!
Jennifer swings around, surprised and thrilled to see him.
JENNIFER: Oh.... Oh, Jack, oh!
She starts to turn around to try and go back towards him.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) Oh.... Oh, You.... You got out?!

JACK: Don't move an inch! Stay where you are.

The rope is just about to break. She stars slowly walking back to him.
JACK: Jennifer, freeze!
The bridge gives a little, and Jennifer tries to keep her balance. Jack runs towards the bridge.
JENNIFER: Ah, ah....

Jack notices just as the rope finally gives way.
The bridge finally gives way. Jennifer screams.
Jack falls to the ground horrified, reaching out his arm in a vain attempt to save her, screaming in terror, gritting his teeth.
Back in the present Jack collapses again.
JACK: Oh thank god that ledge caught you. It shou.... in the bottom of the ravine and carried away by the rapids, but.... (wiping his mouth with his hand; he bends over the ledge and tries to call to her again) JENNIFER, CAN YOU HEAR ME? ARE YOU CONSCIOUS? ARE YOU BREATHING? JENNNIFFERR! PLEASE! (Almost crying) Ah.... Please don't.... please be alive! Ah.... CAN YOU HEAR ME? GIVE ME A SIGNAL OF SOME KIND! (Gasping) Ha.... (Looking around) It's all right, IT'S ALL RIGHT, DON'T WORRY! IT'S OKAY, I'M GOING TO GET OVER THERE! SOME WAY OR OTHER I'M GOING TO FIND MY WAY OVER THERE, SOMEHOW! (Gesturing with his hand) DON'T WORRY! I'M GOING TO GET OVER THERE! (Talking to himself) S.... how the hell am I going to do this.
Jack frantically tries to figure out what to do.

Scene Two: Meanwhile Hope and Patrick have found the plane. The pilot's body is now lying dead by the wrecked plane. Hope asks him if he knows who the man is. Patrick says no. However, he flashback to an earlier meeting with him. Patrick then notices a gun and takes it, without Hope noticing. Patrick's shoulder is seriously cut by a portion of the plane. Hope tries to help him. They then argue about helping Jennifer. They then go off trying to find her. [The should be on the same side of the ravine as Jack, since that is the direction Jennifer came from].

Scene Three: Jack is wandering around trying to find something to use. Suddenly he spots something, and points.
JACK: That's it. (Walking towards whatever it is ) That's it! A pole vault. Perfect! (He picks up a long stick) I'm going to do the poll vault. (Trying to size his jump, griping the pole) I'm going to make.... all right, (shouting to Jennifer) JENNIFER, I'M COMING! HERE I COME, JENNIFER! (His voice catches) HERE I COME. (Mumbling to himself) It's not going to work. (Screaming at himself) YES IT IS. (Shouting to Jennifer) I'M COMING! HERE I COME.

Jack is running towards the ledge when Hope's voice can be heard.

04Ep011C: Jack decides to pole vault to save Jennifer

Just then Hope emerges from the jungle on the other side of the ravine, with Patrick behind her. Her shouting has startled Jack. He stops, and nearly falls over the cliff. The pole slips out of his hands, over the side. Jack is lying down at the very edge of the cliff.



Jack seems momentarily confused. He then squints and looks over into the distance, and starts waving and weakly shouting, more like a whisper, to her. He strains to see better.
From the other side of the ravine Jack is barely visible. He is trying to wave his arms to get Hope to see him, and he is trying to tell her about Jennifer.
JACK: (Shouting more loudly now) JENNIFER'S BELOW (pointing downward) YOU! SHE'S BENEATH YOU! (Stilling motioning for them to look down) SHE'S DOWN THERE!
Hope tries to make out what he is saying, but she cannot. She puts cups her hands in front of her mouth and shouts back.


Scene Four: Hope and Patrick finally are able to understand what Jack is saying, and they look down and see her several hundred feet below them. Patrick is holding onto Hope's arm, preventing her from falling off the cliff.
Patrick and Hope argue over who will be lowered down to rescue Jennifer. Hope reminds him that his arm is injured and that it would be easier for her to bring up Jennifer and for him to stay above and use the vine to help pull both of them back cup.

Jack watches frantically from the other side. Hating that he can do nothing to help.
[Air date August 2nd, 2004]
Scene One: Hope has finally convinced Patrick to let her go down. He is trying to securely tie a vine rope around her. Jack anxiously watches from the other side. Meanwhile, Jennifer is still unconscious on the very small ledge, an arm and a leg are dangling over the side.
JACK: (Muttering, looking down towards Jennifer) You have to hurry.... Please! (Looking across at Patrick and Hope, and shouting, is voice still weak) YOU HAVE TO SAVE JENNIFER AND THE BABY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! HURRY YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.
Scene Two: Hope is about to be lowered down. She wants Patrick to tell Bo, Shawn and Zach that she loves them if anything were to happen to her. Patrick refuses to listen. He begins to lower her down but is having problems. Jack anxiously watches.
JACK: HURRY, HOPE. (His voice breaks) HURRY!
It is not working. The vine begins to break. Patrick has to pull her back up. Jack watches, leaning over his side of the ravine, his hands gripping the edge, concerned for Hope's safety.
Patrick is starting to pull her back up: Inch by inch he pulls her up. Then she reaches up and he pulls her back to safety. Jack lies back, relieved, and shakes his head after all that has happened.

Scene Three: Jennifer begins to stir. Jack is overjoyed, leaning over the ledge Jack calls down to her.
JACK: Jennifer? JENNIFER?!
Jennifer regains consciousness and slowly opens her eyes. She grimaces, and closes her eyes again, and puts her hand on her forehead.
JENNIFER: Oh (She appears to have a headache) Jack? (Weak) Uh. (Trying to look towards Jack) Jack is that you?

JACK: (Cannot believe it, repeating what she said) "Is that you?" (Shouting to Hope) SHE'S ALLLLIVVVEE! SHE'S ALLLLIVVVEE!
Hope and Patrick are straining to look down at Jennifer.
HOPE: Oh thank God! (Talking to Patrick) We better get back down there. (Shouting down to Jennifer) JENNIFER! JENNIFER, IT'S HOPE. I'M HERE WITH PATRICK
Jennifer is still dazed. She moans, and stirs, touching her head.
JENNIFER: (Mutter to herself and trying to get up) Hope! Oh (Getting up) Hope (Bracing herself with the walk of the cliff, she tries to call to Patrick) PATRICK HOW DID YOU GET HERE? HOPE: JACK!

Jack looks down in horror, shouting to Jennifer.

Scene Four: Jennifer is standing up and her balance is very shaky, she is wobbling and it looks like she is about to fall.

JACK: (Gesturing with his hand, as if trying to stop her) JENNIFER LOOOOOOK OUT!

JENNIFER: (Moaning) Oh! (She falls but falls against the wall of the cliff).
Patrick tries to reach for her, and Hope holds him back. Jennifer is breathing heavily, realizing how close she came to falling to her death. She moves her hand over her head. Jack is besides himself. He tries to say something but cannot.
PATRICK: (Talking to Hope) Well have to get to her!

HOPE: (Talking to Patrick) I'm going down. (Now shouting to Jennifer) JENNIFER, I'M COMING DOWN. NOW SIT TIGHT! I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!
Jennifer bends over to look down. She notices how far down it is. She does not have much room on the ledge, and stays as flush up against the wall as possible.
JENNIFER: (Panting) Oh! (Shouting up to Hope) HOPE.... DON'T COME DOWN HERE. IT'S TOO DANGEROUS!

Hope turns around, looking for the vine rope.
Jack is on the other side watching.
JACK: (Weak) No! Don't give Up! I won't (his voice cracks) let you! I WON'T LET YOU DIE, JENNIFER!
Patrick tries to convince Hope not to go. He tells her that he will let her go. She reminds him that she is a cop and is more than capable. He tells her that he never liked cops. He then slugs her hard, knocking her unconscious. He then takes the vine rope and puts it around himself. Jack watches confused. Jennifer tries to stop Patrick. As Jennifer calls to him Jack tries to figure out what is going on. [It is not clear if Jack or Jennifer, or both saw him knock out Hope.]
It finally dawns on Jack, Jack mutters to himself.
JACK: Patrick? Patrick! Is that the.... that's the.... the.... the Patrick that you.... you said (Getting worried. He cups a had over his mouth) JENNIFER! (Getting up, shouting) JENNIFER, HOLD ON!
Jennifer looks up towards where Jack is, worried. Jack continues to shout to her. Then she looks towards where Patrick is and back towards Jack's voice.
Jack is now standing up, using the two posts to prop himself up. He motions towards her, and then takes off. Just then Patrick begins to ease himself down.

Scene Five: Jack is wandering through the jungle trying to find his way to the other side of ravine to rescue Jennifer. Apparently he does not trust Patrick. Just then Jennifer calls to him. Though is it her, the voice sounds rather strange.

Jack looks all around trying to tell where the voice is coming from.

04Ep011D: Jack hears Jennifer's voice, as he tries to find her

JACK: Jennifer?! Jennifer?! Uh! No!
Jack takes off, frantic to find her.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]