Episode Twelve: Jack Disappears; Patrick
Has to Deliver the Baby; the Others Head into
the Jungle to Rescue Jack and Jennifer, and
Patrick; Tony Tells Them That Jack is Dead.

Background: [Matt is not see for several weeks other than a few seconds] After months on the island the gang decide to rig a signal. Roman uses an old code he and Bo used when they were kids. Miraculously Bo, who is certain his Fancy Face is a live hears the signal, which sounds oddly familiar.

Meanwhile people are all gathered at the Penthouse Grill. Bonnie is with Mickey, they have become very close and have had sex. John is dancing with Kate, they too have grown somewhat close. Brady is with Nicole. Also at that time Lucas proposes to Sami. The Master Mind has the place bugged, and he meanwhile has set up a private dinner party on the island, and is showing the islanders the feed. Everyone is shocked to see their loved ones with others. Victor worries about Brady, Nicole had tried to kill him (Victor) and he fears she is out to get Brady for his money, and then hurt him too. While the party is going on somehow the device is broken, ending the signal to Salem. Everyone blames Tony.

In the jungle Patrick makes it down to the ledge, and tries to calm Jennifer. Portions of the ledge keeps falling. Jennifer is worried about Jack. Then her labor pains become worse. She is going to have the baby at any moment. Patrick, with his wounded arm has to pull her up to safety. He tries to calm her. After a long time pulling her back up they finally make it to safety. He brings her back to the cave, as she begins her labor.

Hope comes to, after being knocked out by Patrick. She goes off trying to find Jack, but cannot. He is no where to be found. Heading back to NewSalem something happens to her. She is unconscious as someone in khakis bends over her. It looks like the person is going to do her harm, but instead it appears the person has helped her. She eventually comes to and makes it back to New Salem, just as the party is going on. she collapses, but first she tells them about Jennifer, Jack and Patrick. Roman and Abe decide to go help them but the coin is missing.

[Air date August 12, 2004]
Scene One: In the cave, Jennifer is sick and about ready to have her and Jack's baby. Jennifer begins to hallucinate that Patrick is Jack. She is breathing heavily. Jack is calm, and soothing, holding her hand.
JENNIFER: Oh Jack, thank God you came back!

JACK: I delivered Abigail in the cabin, remember?
Jack's presence soothes her. Seeing him see smiles back at him with great love.
JENNIFER: Yeah! Yeah, how could.... How could I forget, Jack!

JACK: Well, Baby Number Two can't wait, I just.... bring him into the world as well.

JENNIFER: (Smiling and laughing) We don't know if it is a him or a her.

JACK: Oh we don't? Oh, well, I guess we'll just have to take what comes it will be a (smiling down at her with great love) blessing either way. in good hands.... Jennifer, you're going to be safe.
Jack trusting him, loving him.
JENNIFER: I love you, Jack!
Jack looking down at her, nodding.
JACK: I love you!
Jack bends down to kiss her, she gently pulls him toward her. They kiss tenderly.

It is actually Patrick who is kissing her. Jennifer continues to think Patrick is Jack, she tells him that the baby is coming, now.

[Air date August 13, 2004]
Scene One: Jennifer still thinks Patrick is Jack. She is going into labor right then and there. He tries to relax her. She keeps seeing Jack, and calling to Jack to help. Fantasy Jack is helping her breath, trying to soothe her. He is breathing along with her.
JACK: Stay with me Jennifer. I'm breathing right along with you.
Jack is breathing and smiling to calm her. Jennifer moans, but is more calm now. She begins her breathing exercises.
JENNIFER: I remember you had.... (breathing) you had (closing her eyes, frowning from the pain) sympathetic labor pains (opening her eyes, looking up towards Jack) with Abby.... (she closes her eyes again, experiencing another sharp pain) with Abby too.
The scene jumps back and forth between Patrick and Jennifer's vision of Jack. Jack continues to calmly lead her through her breathing exercises, and smiling down at her.
JACK: It's going to be all right, Jennifer.
Patrick, concerned, tries to calm her. He promises that she and the baby will be fine. Jennifer is gasping from the pain.

Scene Two: Patrick is trying to calm her. She tells him it hurts. She then asks Jack if he loves her. Patrick pretending to be Jack, that of course he loves her. Is he doing that to calm her or does Patrick want her for himself? Jennifer sees Jack looking down at her.
JACK: (Calming her) We're going to get out of this. We're going to have a long and wonderful life together. But I got to tell you, Jennifer.... if we have another baby, can we not, please, have it in a cave or a cabin, but.... but really try to have a real doctor deliver it instead of me (smiling)?

JENNIFER: (Frowning and closing her eyes from the pain, but cannot help but laugh) Ha, oh my gosh, Jack, don't.... (looking over at him) don't make me laugh (laughing then smiling)!

JACK: Does it hurt more when you laugh?

JENNIFER: Eh, (shaking her head) no. (Grimaces from the pain) It hurts all the time.

Scene Three: Patrick does not know what to do. Jennifer still thinks he is Jack and is talking to him as if he were Jack.
JENNIFER: You know, Jack.... even.... (having a hard time talking because of the labor pains) even if we don't.... make it through this at least we'll be going together, right? (Realizing something) Oh my gosh but we can't.... We can't, because.... (almost sobbing) who's.... who's going to look after Abby? Who's going to look after (resting her hand on her stomach) our baby?
Patrick puts his hand on her shoulder, and thinking it is Jack she holds reaches out and touches his elbow.
PATRICK: Just stay calm, okay?

JACK: (Smiling at her) No one's going to die.

JENNIFER: We've.... been through some pretty.... tough situations haven't we?

JACK: (Nodding in agreement) You bet we have!

JENNIFER: Ah, which one.... which one do you remember the most?

(Smiling weakly) You tell me.

JENNIFER: (Straining) Oh, gosh, uh.... (smiling) There've been so many! Uh....
Jennifer thinks back to when Jack rescued her on the bridge in Salem, after the explosions.


Jack is partially lying on the bent post, trying to regain is calm to help ease her to safety.
JACK: Jennifer, you're go.... going to have to.... (placing his hand on hers) grab onto my hand.
Jack tries to ease closer to her.
JENNIFER: Oh, okay.

JACK: Okay.

Jennifer slips, but Jack grabs hold of one hand, but she is still losing the grip on the other.

JENNIFER: Oh, thank God.

The broken portion of the catwalk is dangling. Jennifer gets on her hands and knees and looks down towards Jack.
JENNIFER: Jack! Jack.
Jennifer then thinks back to when Jack was dangling from the broken catwalk.

She reaches over and grabs both his wrists to help pull him up. Jack is panting as he tries to climb up, using the grating to hold on to. Jack looks down at the boiling vats of acid. He then slips, causing Jennifer to scream. She reaches for him, gasping repeatedly, terrified at what might happen. Jack continues to pant, using all his strength to hold on and to try and climb up to safety.

Jennifer thinks back to when she was on the rope bridge.

Jennifer is excited to see him. She turns around and tries to go towards him. The rope is just about to break. She stars slowly walking back to him.
JACK: Jennifer, freeze!
The bridge gives a little, and Jennifer tries to keep her balance. Jack runs towards the bridge.
JENNIFER: Ah, ah....

Jack notices just as the rope finally gives way.
The bridge finally gives way. Jennifer screams.
Jack falls to the ground horrified, reaching out his arm in a vain attempt to save her, screaming in terror, gritting his teeth.
Back to the present.
JENNIFER: We.... We really have had some amazing adventures together.
Patrick tries to keep her occupied, continuing to pretend to be Jack, jokes about them being the "Daring Deverauxes," which he says would be a good name for a circus act. Jennifer laughs, which makes her hurt even more. Patrick wants to know what to do to make her stop hurting. Still believing he is Jack she tells him she wants him to hold her and kiss her. Patrick is reluctant. She wonders why "Jack" is hesitating. Not wanting to upset her he holds and kisses her.

Background: [For two weeks the show is pre-empted for the 2004 Summer Olympics; then when the show returns Matt is not see for several weeks] Bo finally realizes why the code is so familiar, it was his and Roman's when they were kids. He is sure they are alive. He goes over to tell John, who is with Kate. Meanwhile Celeste has a feeling that Marlena is alive. They eventually are able to exhume Abe and find his coffin empty. They eventually also figure out the origin the messages, they cannot find any maps with the island in that location, but eventually find it on an old pirate map, the island's name Melaswen. They realize it is Salem spelled backwards. They take off and go to the island, and suffer the same fate as the others.

Back in the jungle Hope and Abe go in one direction and Roman and Marlena in another. Roman falls into a pit and severely wounds his leg, and gets blood poisoning. Believing he is dying he asks her to make love to him, she is about to agree when Abe and Hope arrive.

Meanwhile on the island there appears to be two figures following the gang. Bo is searching the island when he runs into someone, Billie. However, he is knocked out, and when he comes to she is gone.

In the cave Patrick finally has to deliver Jennifer and Jack's baby, a boy. Jennifer is concerned that Jack was never there. Patrick assures her he is okay. Jennifer has the baby howe she begins to hemorrhage. Hope and Abe arrive and they have to go back for help. A mysterious figure is in the cave with Jennifer, while the others are out talking. Eventually we discover he is Tony. Tony tells them that he can help Jennifer. He finds some plants and gives them to her, and it seems to help. Jennifer talks to Baby Deveraux and tells him that he soon will meet his wonderful father and sister. Tony seems to have some odd interest in Baby Deveraux. After they join up with Roman and Abe. As Hope and Patrick are about to go look for Jack, Roman tells them that they all need to get to safety. Tony then tells them it does not matter, Jack is dead. Jennifer screams in horror. They tell Tony they cannot understand how he could say that after all the pain she has gone through. Abe is certain Tony was involved if Jack is death. He is sure that he and Stefano are behind everything. Tony assures him that he held Stefano in his arms when he died, and that he (Tony) is not behind the faked murders and the island. Patrick and Hope assure her that Jack is alive and they will bring him back to her. Abe, Marlena, Tony and Jennifer and Baby Deveraux on a stretcher arrive back at the barrier. Tony gets them through. Marlena and John see each other; however, the cannot reunite because they are on opposite sides of the barrier fence.

Patrick and Hope are looking for Jack to no avail. Then they see someone, unconscious, on a ledge hundreds of feet below. The way the body is they cannot tell who it is or if that person is alive. Eventually Bo finds Hope. He has told her about Billie and she is not happy, she worries that Billie wants to come between them. Bo does not trust Patrick. However, Hope defends him and says that Patrick did everything to save Jennifer. While Hope and Bo argue, Patrick sets it up for him to go down to rescue whoever is on the ledge. Bo has no choice but to lower Patrick down. However, Bo and Hope are shocked when something happens and Patrick goes crashing to the river hundreds of feet below. They ar sure he is dead.

Back in Jack and Jennifer's home in New Salem, Jennifer is lying in bed. Maggie and Alice are worried sick about her. They know that Jennifer only survived because of the deep love she has for Jack. Jennifer then calls out for the baby, and they bring him to her. Alice assures her that she and Jack will be reunited just as Bo and Hope are.

[Air date September 20, 2004]
Scene One: Jack and Jennifer's living room in fauxSalem. Maggie, carrying a blanket, walks past Jack and Jennifer's wedding photo. Marlena is checking an IV, which is feeding Jennifer with blood. Jennifer is sleeping. Maggie is concerned. She tells Marlena that Jennifer was taking care of the baby, but in her exhaustion was unable to get farther than the couch. Maggie, caressing her hair. Maggie comments on how weak she is. Marlena comes over and sits on the edge of the couch next to Jennifer. Marlena lovingly begins to caress Jennifer's hair. She tells Maggie that Jennifer had lost a great deal of blood. She is about to say more but stops. Concerned, Maggie asks her, "Is there a chance that my niece may *not* survive?" Marlena says nothing, but looks down at Jennifer who is muttering in her sleep.
Marlena continues to lovingly caress her.

Jennifer is dreaming. It is misty insider their house. She is walking towards the door, which is open, a beam of light immanates from the door. There is a bright light, and a figure at the door. To see better Jennifer shades her eyes with her hand.
JENNIFER: (Concerned) Who is it? Who are you?
The figure moves toward her.
JENNIFER: Jack! (Thrilled) You came back! You came back to me.
Jack moves toward her, saying nothing. He walks up to her and caresses her cheek.
JACK: I've come back.... to say `good-bye.'

JENNIFER: (Frowning, and shaking her head) No! (Continue to shake her head, her voice cracking) Noooo! Nooo!
Jennifer shakes her head, beginning to sob.

Back in the present, Jennifer is shaking her head, begriming to sob, muttering in her sleep.
JENNIFER: No! No! No! No!
Marlena continues to caress her to calm her, as Maggie watches on worried sick and feeling helpless.
JENNIFER: No.... No!
Marlena shakes her head, not knowing what to do for Jennifer.

Scene Two: The body on the ledge is Jack. He is unconscious, and does not appear to be moving. He appears as if he is dead.

Bo pulls up the vine rope which broken when Patrick fell.

Scene Three: Back at the fauxDeveraux house. Marlena is continuing to caress Jennifer to calm her, as Maggie watches on. Jennifer is apparently still having the nightmare, because she is mutter and crying in her sleep, calling out to Jack.
JENNIFER: Jack! (gasping) Uh.... Jack! Jack!
Back to Jennifer's nightmare. Jennifer and Jack are in the hallway of their home, it is misty and very spooky Jennifer is holding Jack's arm at his write, and with his other hand he is lovingly caressing her check.
JACK: (Talking calmly and with great love) I'm sorry, Jennifer.... I have to go.

JENNIFER: Ah, bu.... but you can't go! I just got you back. Jack, we have a baby! You have a so.... you have a son!
Jack continues to caress her cheek. It is difficult to see his face because of the mist, but he has been looking down at her with great love. As Jack says good-bye he continues to caress her, and look upon her with deep love. Jennifer looks up into his eyes, confused, and almost in tears.
JACK: I know. I know you'll never let him forget me. (Breathing) You'll tell him how much I (very emotional).... how much his daddy.... loves ( his voice catches) him.... and his (his voice catches again) sister.... and his mommy. (swollows hard) You'll tell him.... that I love you all forever.

04Ep012A: Jennifer's nightmare, Jack's good-bye kiss

Jack bends over to kiss her and Jennifer meets the kiss. He lovingly and gently kisses her three times. The backs way, as Jennifer begs and tries to hold on to his arm.

JENNIFER: Please! Please, don't leave us.

Jack continues to walk backwards away from her. Jennifer's hand slips to his hand, then his finger tips, then his hand completely slips from her grasp. She hold out her arm to stop him, but to no avail.

JENNIFER: (Cont.; begging, her voice cracking from her tears) Please!
Jack continues to walk backwards towards the door, and the bright white light. Jennifer sobs trying to stop him.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) Please!
Jack stops at the door and turns around. As Jennifer calls to him, Jack stops at the door, hesitating.
JENNIFER: Please, don't leave us! Come back back to me, Jack!
Jack then turns and walks into the light. Jennifer continues to sob, trying to call him back.
Sobbing in anguish, Jennifer falls to her knees, she continues to call to him.
Back in the present, Marlena is still caresses her hair, vainly trying to calm her. At her feet, Maggie watches on in tears, as she too is caressing her legs.
JENNIFER: (Muttering in her sleep) No, no, Jack! No! No, Jack. No.
Maggie gets up and whispers to Marlena. They walk a few feet away to talk without disturbing Jennifer.
MAGGIE: Marlena...

JENNIFER: (Sobbing) no....

MAGGIE: (Cont.) Is there anything else you can do for her?

MARLENA: The only person who can help her now is Jack. Maybe if.... she knew he were here.... if she knew he were alive....

MAGGIE: (Shuddering) Ohhhh.... Well I pray they find him soon!

Scene Four: Bo insists that he has to go down and help whoever it is, if it is Jack or Billie. Hope does not seem to happy at his concern for his ex. She tells him that she cannot believe that Billie is somewhere in the jungle. She tells him it is too dangerous, the rope was not able to hold Patrick, she could not bare losing him. She then convinces him that it would be wiser if she went down, she is lighter and he could better pull her and the other person up. He finally admits that she makes sense, he refers to the person on the ledge as " the body." Hope tells him, "don't say `the body'!" He tells her not to take any chances. They have an emotional moment, and then she puts the rope vine around her waist and Bo begins to lower her down. She eventually makes it to the ledge. She tells Bo she is fine. She looks over and sees that the body is Jack. She places her fingers at the pulse point on Jack's neck and keeps it there for a few moments; then she puts her hand on his chest and keeps it there for a few moments, concerned. Then she shouts up to Bo.
She then looks back at Jack, and mutters to herself.
HOPE: Oh my God, he's dead!
Scene Five: Back in the jungle, Bo notices that the vine has cut his hand. He removes his t-shirt and wraps it around his hand. He then causes down to Hope.
04Ep012B: Hope tries to revive JackBO: WHAT IS GOING ON? IS JACK DEAD?

On the ledge Hope frantically tries to revival Jack. She yanks him by his shirt, shaking him, and shouting at him.

HOPE: NO JACK! NO, YOU CAN'T DIE! COME ON! YOU CAN'T! BREATH! COME ON, YOU CAN DO IT! YOU HAVE TO! Think of Jennifer! Think of Abby, and that beautiful little baby you have! DON'T DIE! YOU CAN'T DIE! COME ON, JACK! THEY NEED YOU! (Gently shaking him again, softly) Come on!
Just then Jack moves.


HOPE: There you are! (Tugging his shirt) That's it! (Putting her hands to his face) Oh thank God! Thank God! You're going to be all right! Let me get you out of here! (Tugging on the rope) BO, HE IS ALIVE! HE'S BREATHING, BUT HE'S UNCONSCIOUS.

Hope has put the rope around Jack, and gets out of the way as Bo begins to lift him up. Jack is near the top when the rope slips, Bo musters all his strength to stop him from slipping.
BO: (Muttering) Oh, Jack.
After struggling, Jack's body is safe. He pulls Jack beyond the ledge and holds him. Bo is panting and tries to catch his breath. From below on the ledge Hope sighs in relief; then falls against the wall, she is as exhausted as Bo. Back on the top Bo lies Jack's body down and puts his ear to Jack's chest. He then throws down the rope and calls to Hope, "They are going to have to hurry!" Eventually Bo pulls Hope to safety, too. He asks how she is and she kisses him passionately. Hope tells him that he did it. He corrects her, "*We* did it! We're a team!"
HOPE: Let's get Jack out of here!
Bo pulls Jack to his feet, then he puts his arm around one of Jack's shoulders to prop him up.
BO: Let's go.

JACK: (Mumbling) Jennifer.... Wanna stay for Jennifer. Jennifer.

HOPE: (Exhausted) She's okay.... okay.... we're going to take you to see Jennifer. (Hope stumbles) Whoa!

BO: You all right?

HOPE: Yeah!
Jack is still unconscious and it is difficult for Bo to prop him up. Bo wants to get going but Hope asks about Patrick. He tells her that they will never find the body. Then Bo mentions seeing Billie. She tells him to forget about her, they have to save Jack. Hope takes Jack other arm and they walk Jack to safety, and back to Jennifer.

Scene Six: Back at Jack and Jennifer's, Jennifer is awake, Marlena had taken off the IV for the transfusion. After fixing Marlena fixes her bandage, Jennifer falls back, asleep on the couch. Maggie is pacing around carrying Baby Deveraux, who lets out a little cry every so often. Maggie and Marlena walk over towards Alice who is sitting in a chair by the fireplace. Marlena sits on the arm of the chair and takes Alice's hand, and Maggie with the baby in her arms, stands behind them.
ALICE: (Concerned) How is she? (Marlena shakes her hand for encouragement) Is my granddaughter going to be all right?

MARLENA: (Trying to reassure her, but worried) Well, I hope so.
Alice looks up at Marlena, and Marlena caresses her back.
MARLENA: (Cont.) I said to Maggie, what she needs is a big dose of goodness right now.

ALICE: (Resting her head against Marlena) Oh....
Just then Hope can be heard.
HOPE: Maybe we can help!
04Ep012C: Bo and Hope brings Jack back to JenniferThey all look up to her. Alice's mouth is agape. They all gasp to see Bo and Hope leading Jack into the room, Jack is groggy but awake.
MAGGIE: Oh my gosh!
They smile, Marlena and Alice look at each other thrill. Bo and Hope hold up Jack, who despite being weak, is thrilled to see Jennifer on the couch. He calls to her.
JACK: Jennifer!?
Hearing Jack's voice, Jennifer slowly opens her eyes, and mouths something. Jack calls to her again, his voice weakening, and he is breath hard.
JACK: Jennifer!?
Jennifer slowly turns her head towards his voice, and sits up. She cannot believe it.
Jack is weak, and barely standing up, it is hard for him to talk. Hope looks towards him, beaming, thrilled that Jack and Jennifer are reunited. He smiles and nods.
JACK: Jennifer!

JENNIFER: My gosh! (Putting her hands to her face, they reaching out towards him) Oh my gosh, it is you! You came back to me! You're alive!
Hope and Bo are smiling, they walk Jack to Jennifer on the couch.
JACK: Sorry I'm a little late, but I made it....
Looking at Bo, who then eases him towards Jennifer.

JACK: (Cont.) ....with a little help from my friends.

04Ep012D: Jack hug each other tightlyJennifer is laughing and crying. Jack smiles at Bo, and Bo smiles back. Bo then sits him next to Jennifer, and the two fall into each other's arms. Jack laughs with joy.

JENNIER: Oh.... Oh, I can't believe that they found you!

JACK: (Crying, squeezing her tightly) I can't believe you made it yourself....


JACK: (Squeezing his eyes shut tightly, as he hugs her even more tightly) ....yourself.

JENNIFER: (Squeezing him so tightly,she squeezes her eyes shut tightly) ....Oh, if feels so good to hold you, Jack. I thought I lost you forever!

They hold each other tightly, and continue to cry from joy. They let go, Jennifer takes Jack's face in her hands. Jack takes Jennifer's. They kiss. As the Bo, Hope, Alice, Maggie and Marlena watch on, crying and smiling along with them.

04Ep012E: Jennifer holds  Jack's fact to look at him

JACK: I thought I lost you.

JENNIFER: Let me see you.
The stop kissing, and Jennifer caresses Jack's face with both her hands. They look into each oher's eyes. Just then Jack realizes something.

JENNIFER: Wait a minute (looking down at Jennifer's stomach)

JENNIFER: (Placing her hands on his shoulders) What?

JACK: (Still looking down at her stomach, he becomes more concerned) Where's the baby?! Where's the baby?! (Jack looks from Jennifer's face to the stomach, back and forth, becoming frantic) Where's the baby?!

JENNIFER: (Trying to calm him) The baby--

JACK: What happened to the baby?!

JENNIFER: (Putting her hands on his face, trying to get him to listen) Listen to me, the baby.... he is.... he is fine. He is perfect....

JACK: (Nodding his head in the affirmative) He is fine? Good! He's fine?

Jennifer nods yes. Jack final realizes that he has a son.

JACK: He's a he! He's a he!
04Ep012F:  Jack finds out he has a son Jennifer laughs.
JACK: We had a he!

Marlena, Alice and Maggie laugh at Jack's joy and excitement, they all are happy for them.

JACK AND JENIFER: We had a he!

JENNIFER: We had a he!

JACK: Where is he?

JENNIFER: (Jennifer cups Jack's chin in hand and smiles and laughs) It's time for you to meet him, Jack

JACK: I want to see my boy. We had a he. I had a he.

04Ep012G: Jack wants to see his son

Maggie brings Jack his son. As he watches with great joy. Maggie bends down and shows Jack his son.
MAGGIE: He's anxious to meet his daddy.

JACK: (Taking his son) Oh, oh, there he is!

ALICE: Oh, Jack!

Jack takes him in his arms, and so does Jennifer. They both, wrap their arms around each other, and their son. Maggie, touches Jack's arm, happy for him.

JACK: Oh.... Oh....

Bo grins widely, happy for them. Hope too, and then looks at Bo, with great love. The baby coos.

JACK: (Looking at the baby) He looks just like.... we!

Maggie, Marlena and Alice laugh with joy at Jack's remarks. Jennifer laughs and smiles. They watch the happy family scene, happily. Something wonderful after so many months of pain and heartache. Her and Jack's faces are touch, the baby is snuggly between them. Jack and Jennifer kiss twice.

04Ep012H: Holding their son, J&J kiss tenderly

JACK: My little baby.
Jack looks at his son, and caresses him. Jennifer. Rests her head on their baby and Jack; and rests her arm around Jack.

Scene Seven: Jack and Jennifer are still on the couch. The are both supporting the baby with their arms. Jack has his other arm around Jennifer. They are admiring their son. Jack then looks over at Jennifer.
JACK: How are you, really?
Jennifer looks at Jack.
JACK: (Con.) Are you okay?

JENNIFER: I'm fine. I'm fine, really. (Caressing his face) Especially now that you're here.

MARLENA: (Smiling, happy for them) She had a much needed transfusion, and that combined with having you show up, I think she's going to be just fine! (Getting up and walking towards him) Which is more than I can say for you, Jack! You look like you've been through a terrible ordeal, I'd like to check you out!

JACK: Well, no, I.... I'm going to be okay as long as Jennifer and the baby are.

04Ep012I: Jack, Jennifer and Baby Deveraux

JENNIFER: (Looking towards Marlena) Oh, we know the baby is definitely (laughing) healthy. (Looking at the baby) In fact, I.... I think he needs a change right now.

MAGGIE: Now.... now....

MARLENA: Maggie?

MAGGIE: (Cont.; walking over to the baby) ....don't move. (Laughing and taking the baby) Oh, my job! Ha.... ha.... hah! Sure!

JENNIFER: Thank you so much!

MAGGIE: (Looking at the baby) Come on, Little One.
Maggie takes the baby to be changed.
JENNIFER: (Caress Jack's face) I think Marlena's right, Jack, you.... you're dehydrated an.... an.... and you're exhausted and who knows what else. I want her to check you out! (Her voice cracking) I want to make sure that you're okay!

HOPE: I think that's a good idea, we found him past out in a ravine.

JENNIFER: What! Jack, Wha--

JACK: (Trying brush it off as nothing) I.... I'm alive. I'm here. (Smiling and looking looking at Bo and Hope) Thanks to these two. They risked their lives trying to pull me off of that ledge.
Hope and Bo Smile. Hope looks at Bo, proudly. Jennifer looks at them, grateful for saving Jack.
JENNIER: Thank you sooo much! Thank you for bringing my husband back to me.

HOPE: I promised you I would. (Looking up at Bo, lovingly) But I couldn't have done it without this guy, right here.

BO: Oooh, (Being modest) I am just glad I got Roman's message.... and I was able to find you all.
Bo Caresses Hope's back, as she rests her head on his chest. Alice chimes in.
ALICE: Maybe our luck is beginning to change.

04Ep012J: Alice tells them, their lucky is changing for the good

Scene Eight: Bo and Hope have told Jennifer about Patrick. Meanwhile Marlena has examined Jack and said he is okay. She has giving him medicine. A little Later he is sleeping on the couch, and Jennifer brings him a blanket, and covers him, and he wraps it around him. She sits next to him, and wraps her around around him. As she talks she caresses him.
JENNIFER: Did you hear that, Jack? Did you hear that you're going to be okay. (Taking his hand) And as soon as you're okay, we're going to find our way off of this island, and are going to go back to Salem and we are going to be with our daughter, and it's going to be me and you and Abby and our baby, and we're going to be a family again!
In his sleep, Jack moves his head towards her. She wraps her arms around his neck, and rests her face next to his.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) Sweet dreams my.... love.
She kisses his cheek, then his eye.

04Ep012K: Jennifer is overjoyed to be with their son

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]