Episode Thirteen: Tony Reveals to Bart
How He Faked the Serial Killings and Framed
Marlena; Jack, Jennifer, Baby Deveraux and
Victor Wander the Jungle to Find Tony's Lair.

Background: [Matt was off camera again for a couple of weeks] At Tony's faux-di Mera mansion Tony was with a Zen master. Then Bart arrived. Tony got a call and referred to the person as father. H told Bart that whomever made it to jungle was to be killed. He told Bart that the people in New Salem cannot know about the others on the other side of the island, and vice-a-versa. Bart wanted to know how Tony was able to fake it all. Tony told him that Marlena was drugged and implanted with false memories. He made sure that she was at the scene of the murders, and drugged to believe that she killed them in the manner in which they were believed murdered. However, Tony was at all the crime scenes and shot a drugged dart at the victims. The drug simulated death. With the help of others the victims bodies were made to appear that they suffered from the victims people believed they died from. The mortician was working for him, and he would not embalm them, but would put them in coffins and bury them. Then someone would dig up the bodies, transport them to New Salem, and inject them with another drug to revive them. Jack was the hardest because they had to find some body similar to Jack's to have the organ harvesting. Tony then told Bart how his death was faked. His scars from the tiger are fake. During the attack he wore body armor. The paramedics working for him were able to take him to the hospital. As for Marlena, the sharpshooter was working for him, instead of shooting her with a bullet, he shoot her with the doctored dart. He told Bart that the first part of the plan had been the murders. The second part had been the island. The third part was about to take place. Just then Hope was the door so Bart did not hear about the third part.

Meanwhile the Salemites got mixed up again. Bo was with Billie. Hope wanted Tony's help to get outside to look for Bo. Once outside she found Patrick, alive. She and Patrick are caught by Bo in a compromising position, and she found Bo and Billie in a similar position. Was this done by Tony the same way he manipulated the victims into seeing their loved ones with others? Was he manipulating Bo and Hope? Was Billie or Patrick or Both working for him?

Meanwhile in Salem TEK and Brady went to the island on a boat. Nicole tagged along, worried that with Victor alive he would tell Brady that she blackmailed Jan into trying to kill him.

Patrick admitted to Hope he was a soldier of fortune, that was how he got mixed up with the di Meras. He insisted that he had given that up. Billie explained that she was working with the ISA when she discovered that Marlena was being framed for the serial killings. Stefano's goons stopped her before she could do anything, and brought her to the other side of the island. Though she had never seen him, she had heard Stefano's name mentioned.

John and Roman go looking for the power source to the island. Bo, Hope, John, Patrick and Billie were captured by Tony's men. They discover that they were being held underwater. Bo accused Patrick of being a di Mera spy, as Bart and Tony were monitoring. Patrick was taken from the group; later Tony told Bo that Patrick had betrayed them. Meanwhile the others escaped, but they got into more trouble in the process. Patrick slipped into the control room and did something to the computer. Apparently it was to blow the island up, or was it.

Nicole, wandering around, found a very much alive Colin. Before Nicole could return with Brady to prove Colin was alive, Tony had him removed. Eventually Colin was found. Nicole was thrilled that she was proved innocent of Colin's murder. Colin came too and explained that he had been hired to cure Tony. However, Tony betrayed him. Colin told them that Stefano had wanted him create some drug to simulated death. Colin then explained to everyone how the "murders" were simulated.

Meanwhile, Tony entertained a mysterious guest, whom he offered a Cuban Cigar. The island began to experience tremors from the very active volcano. Apparently Tony's plan to blow up the island was about to begin.

[Air date October 25, 2004]
Scene One: Jack, wearing another hat like the Australian military hats, Jennifer, carrying Baby Deveraux, arrive at the barrier. They see someone coming behind them. Jennifer gasps.
JACK: (Pointing to some vegetation) Quick let's go this way. (They hide amongst the vegetation). This way.... quick....
They move farther into the compound portion of the jungle away from the path, and the person. Once they feel they are well hidden, they kneel down to further hide themselves. Jack tries to see who it is.
JACK: (Cont.) Shhh.... (Jack sees that it is Victor) It's Victor.... It's Victor.... (Calling to him louder but still quietly so as not to be heard) VICTOR! OVER HERE! Victor!
Victor comes over to them.
VICTOR: I'm glad I found you.

JENNIFER: (Concerned) Is everything all right?

VICTOR: No! Caroline just told me that one of di Mera's henchmen took Abe and Marlena away a gunpoint.


JACK: Wa.... wa..... wait a minute, wh.... wh.... wha.... what did they think, do you know where they went?

VICTOR: I have no idea--
Victor stops in mid-sentence when the ground begins to shake. Jennifer shouts out. The shaking has short circuited the power to the barrier, and it shuts off.

JACK: Well.... (it stops shaking) look, whatever happened it just completely disabled the island's power.
Just then they hear someone walking towards the barrier. They try scrunch down to hide themselves.
VICTOR: (Motioning for them to be quiet) Shhh.

JACK: All right.
A man walks through the disengaged barrier, as the trio watch.
VICTOR: It matches the description of the henchman who took away Abe and Marlena.

JACK: Let's go after him.

JENNIFER: (Putting her hand on his should to stop him) NO! (Jack stops) Remember what happened the last time we went out there!

JACK: Right! I'll go after him. You stay here with the baby.

JENNIFER: NO YOU'RE NOT! (Jack flinches at her forcefulness). I'm not going to be separated from you again!

JACK: (Realizing it is futile to argue with her) Right, we'll all together.


VICTOR: Let's go!
They come out of hiding and stop in front of the barrier. Jack picks up a dead palm branch and waves it up and down a couple of times where the force field used to be. There are no sparks so they realize it is indeed deactivated. He looks around to make sure no more of Tony's men are around, and then throws away the branch away, and tells them to go through.
JACK: Okay, okay, let's go! Come on!
They quickly run through, as Jack motions with his hand to follow him. Jack helps her hold the baby. Victor follows behind.
JACK: Come on!
Once they have gotten through a noise emanates from the shields it appears the force field may be re-activating.

A moment after they pass, Bart appears carrying a gun. Apparently he has been following them all along.

Scene Two: Tony's henchman continues to move through the jungle, obviously heading for Tony's secret Lair. A few seconds later, Jack, Jennifer and Tony follow. They stop before the clearing, and Jack peers around to make sure the coast is clear.

04Ep013A: J&J & baby, & Victor try to find Tony's Lair

VICTOR: I think he's heading back to the control center.

JENNIFER: (Breathing heavily) Maybe.... Maybe that's where everyone else is being held.

JACK: There's only one way to find out, keep on this guy's tail. (Nodding to them to continue) Come on!

They continue to move through the jungle, hoping that they are being lead to the others.

Following seconds behind is Bart with another henchman. Bart is pleased they are doing just what Tony wants them to do, go to him. If they intend to turn back, Bart will use his gun on them. He and the other man continue to follow them.

Scene Three: The trio are stopped. Victor is watching the first man through binoculars. Jack is caressing Jennifer.
VICTOR: I think he is on to us. He must have heard the baby cry.

JENNIFER: Ohhh, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!
Jack places a hand on her shoulder to reassure that it is not her fault.
JACK: Oh, it's all right.

VICTOR: He pretended he didn't hear.
They continue to look in the direction where the henchman went.
JACK: (Gesturing) Victor, If he keeps moving when he knows that we are here--

JENNIFER: Oh my gosh, that means that someone is following us.

VICTOR: Maybe we ought to split up--

JENNIFER: No! We can't slit up! We have to stick together (nodding her head towards Jack) Jack and me have been out in this jungle, it's so to get lost, Victor.

VICTOR: Don't worry about me, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. I'll keep track of the lead guy with the binoculars., and as long as I stay close to the path I should be all right.

JACK: Okay Victor, good luck!

VICTOR: (Walking off) You two be careful!

JACK: Right!

JENNIFER: Oh my gosh, I hope he is doing the right thing, Jack.

JACK: (Looking down at her) We have no choice, we got to get off this island before it is too late!
They look around, anxiously.
JACK: (Cont.) Jennifer, those tremors are getting worse.
Turn to look at him even more concerned. Jack gestures with has hands.
JACK: (Cont.) Not that earthquakes are my.... my field of expertise or anything, but these could be a preview of bigger things to come. Come on! Come on!
Jennifer anxiously looks behind her. Then takes off following Jack, who is leading her by her elbow.
JACK: (Cont.) Right over here.
After the are out of sight, Bart appears. He is pleased, and he says so will "The Boss," for they are "walking right into his trap.

Scene Four: Jack and Jennifer, carrying their son, continue to walk through the jungle. They come out into a small clearing. They have just seen the henchman disappear through a dead end.
JACK: (Whispering and pointing) What, did you see that?


JACK: (Stopping) It's a.... he slipped through some opening in the wall.

JENNIFER: Jack, that's it, that's it, tha... that's the entrance to the di Mera compound.

JACK: All right!

JENNIFER: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

JACK: Yes! let's--

JENNIFER: (Interrupting him) You we can't, we can't, it's not the right to do. I mean, Jack we have to protect this baby! He doesn't.... he doesn't even have a name yet. He hasn't even met his sister.

JACK: (Stroking his baby's head) Jennifer, nobody's going to harm a hair on my baby's head! We can do! You and me. And the baby.
Jennifer looks around, not knowing what to think or do. Jack lovingly caresses his son's head.
JACK: (Cont.) We're going to get through this together, I promise! Okay? Let's go! Come on.
Jack leads her by the arm to the rock wall, to try and find the secret door which the henchman used. He finds it, and opens it.
JACK: Here it goes.
They go through the secret door and disappear.

Scene Five: In a passageway Bo and Hope turn the corner just as Jack and Jennifer come from the other direction. They are all thrilled to see each other and run up to each other. Jennifer and Hope hug.
HOPE: Jen! (She stops Bo) Bo! Jennifer!

BO: What are you guys--

JACK: (Gesturing) We're looking for you! We're looking for anybody!

JENNIFER: I'm soo glad to see you! Ha.... Have you seen Victor? He.... He was with us and then (looking at Jack) because we thought we were being followed.
Just then the lights go out and there is another earthquake.
JENNIFER: WWhha whhaa--
The lights come on again, but the ground is still shaking.
JACK: Wha.... what is going on with all the these tremors?

HOPE: Di Mera is about to blow up the island.

Just then another door opens, and Patrick joins them.
JENNIFER: Patrick?
They turn to him. Jack puts his around around her, it is obviously he does not trust Patrick.
PATRICK: Look, you have to get off this island before it's too late!

JENNIFER: Why? Wha.... wha.... what is going on?

BO: He's not going to tell you the truth! He works for Tony!

JENNIFER: What? No, no, he doesn't!

BO: Yes he does.

HOPE: I know, I don't want to believe it either. He admitted it.

PATRICK: Believe me, I know I have alot of explaining to do, but right now, you have to get off this island!

04Ep013B: Jennifer is shocked to descover Patrick is working for Tony

Jennifer looks at him confused and hurt. Jack looks angry. Hope talks, and Jack and Jennifer turned their gaze from Patrick to Hope.
HOPE: Patrick's right. We'll settle all accounts later. Bo and I will stay and look for the others. Jack, take Jennifer and the baby back to New Salem as fast as possible. When you get there, take everyone to the docks!

JENNIFER: (Her voice showing her concern) Okay.

JACK: All right!

JENNIFER: All right!
Hope kisses Jennifer. Patrick appears to be walking away. Bo, with hatred in his voice, tells him to stop.
BO: Lockhart, you're not going anywhere! I don't want you telling Tony what we're doing!
Just then Bart appears.
BART: Or Stefano!
They all turn to him in horror. Bart is a few feet away, pointing a machine at them.
BART: (Cont.) None of you are going anywhere! Not until you say "hello" to the Count.... (pausing) and his father!
Jennifer and Jack look over towards Bo and Hope, terrified. Bo furious looks at Bart. Hope is shocked; they all are, they thought Stefano was behind it, but hearing that he is there still is startling.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]