Episode Fourteen: Tony Reveals That He Is
the Mastermind; the Captives Frantically
Try to Escape When They Learn He Has
Rigged the Island's Volcano to Explode.

[Air date October 26, 2004]
Scene One: The sun is setting on the horizon it is night. [A repeat of the end of the previous show yet the dialogue and action different] Bo and Hope, Jack and Jennifer and Baby Deveraux and Patrick are in the passageway in the di Mera compound. There passage way is filling up with smoke. Hope coughs.
PATRICK: Look, you have to get off this island. Save yourself before it's too late!

JACK: What the hell are you talking about?

(Exhales) There's a Volcano that's set to go off. This whole compound and all New Salem will be buried under tons of molten rock!
Jennifer looks at him confused.
PATRICK: (Cont.) There won't be a shred of evidence that any of you were ever here if you don't get out of here now!....


PATRICK: (Cont.) While there's still time!

JENNIFER: Oh my gosh!

BO: (Hatred for Patrick in his voice) Jen, there's something you should know about your buddy, here! He's been working for di Mera the whole time.
Bo is glaring at Patrick. The smoke is still in the passageway, causing Hope to cough. Jennifer is confused and cannot believe what Bo is saying. Looking at Patrick to get him to deny this.

JACK: Bastard!

JENNIFER: (Her voice pleading) Patrick?--

PATRICK: Jennifer, I'm sorry, I wish I had time to explain, but right now you really need to listen to what I'm telling you! !

HOPE: He's right. If we don't move fast, we're all dead! Bo and I will stay and look for the others. Jack, take Jennifer and the baby, and get the hell out of here!

BO: Go back to New Salem and get everyone together and get down to the docks! !
Patrick appears to be walking away. Bo, with hatred in his voice, tells him to stop.
BO: PATRICK! You're not going anywhere! I don't want you telling di Mera what we're up to!
Just then Bart appears.They all turn to him in horror. Bart is a few feet away, pointing a gun at them.
BART: None of you are going anywhere! Expect to say "hello" to our hosts! Or should I say (laughing) "good-bye"?
Bart Continues to laugh maliciously.
JACK: "hosts?" As in more than one?

BART: That's a fact, Jack! Count di Mera and his father are waiting, let's go!

HOPE: (Her worst fears are true, sotto voce) Oh my God, it's true Stefano is alive.
Just then a stronger tremor is heard. Jack tries to brace Jennifer and the baby.

Patrick goes over to help Jennifer, despite the fact that Jack is doing fine. He grabs her other arm.
JENNIFER: Oh my God!

Scene Two: The shaking has stopped. Bart still has a gun on them. Jack is holding Jennifer, and protecting her and the baby. Bart watches. Bo has his arm around Hope.
BART: (Indicating to Bo and Hope) Move it! Join your friends!
Hope goes next to the others, Bo stands in front of Bart.
BO: If Stefano di Mera is here, I'd like to see him.

BART: (Motion with his head) I'd like to see him too. (His voice cracking) I miss the Big Guy! NOW, MOVE! COME ON, ALL OF YOU!
Hope and Bo go through the door. Jack and Jennifer, and Patrick stay behind. Patrick takes Jennifer's arm.
04Ep014A: Jack cannot believe Jennifer trusted PatrickPATRICK: (Speaking softly so Bart cannot hear) I swear I'll find a way to protect you, the baby, everyone!

Jack looks at him, not believing what he is spewing. He puts his arms around Jennifer.

JENNIFER: I really wish I can believe you.

JACK: (Sarcastically to Jennifer) I can't image you'd be making that mistake any time soon (Glaring at Patrick).
Jack and Jennifer go with Bart. Patrick mutters to himself that there is not much time left.Then he follows them

Inside Tony's apartment, Jack and Jennifer join Bo and Hope, and the others, John, Marlena, Abe and Roman; Tony is smug, and is enjoying his power over everyone, and is smelling a rose. Bart informs him that he has brought them. [The following scenes is a mix of a bunch of different dialogue, I will synopsize the major points, and type out the Jack related material -- which is not much]

Tony has his hand over the top of a fine leather chair, which is turned away from everyone. Every so often a puff of cigar smoke can be seen. Bo wonders if that is "his father." Tony nods yes. Tony says that he, not Stefano was behind it all. Stefano was a "silent partner." As Tony tells them everything that happened was his doing, Jack and Jennifer look at each other; while Patrick hovers right in back of them. He tells them that "his father" was impressed. Bo cannot believe he went through all this trouble for that. John adds that that was part of the reason, but the main reason Tony did everything was to get revenge him. Roman adds that Tony not John, Stefano's trained mercenary was the true di Mera soldier. They were his game, his chess pieces. They were just practice for his ultimate goal, Roman tells them; the goal, world domination. Bo cannot believe how stupid that sounds, and asks if he thinks he is "Dr. Evil " [from the Austin Powers movies]. Hope thinks he is mad, that even Stefano would not do that. Abe cannot understand how Tony could put his sister Lexie through allt his pain.
JENNIFER: (Disgusted) You are so sick!

JACK: (Angered) You could have killed my wife and child!
Marlena thinks he is in need of help. Bo wonders how many more people's lives will he destroy. Tony replies more than he can think.

Scene Three: Meanwhile in the passage way, Victor has found Nicole. Furious over her trying to kill him and what she is doing with Brady he begins to strangle her. However, he is interrupted by Brady. They are then interrupted by another tremor

Scene Four: Back in Tony's apartment, the gang try to brace themselves as everything around them is shaking. Like a cartoon villain Tony tells them that the shaking is just a preview. So the real thing will occur. They will all *really* die this time. Tony enters something into his lap top. Hope, Bo, John, Marlena and Abe gather together trying to formulate a plan. Marlena feels guilty, she tells them she should have seen Tony's mental state deteriorate, and thus prevented everything. Bo does not believe Tony is doing it without Stefano telling him to do it. Hope does not think so, she tells them Stefano would "never go this far." John thinks it is not worth trying to figure out the "whys" he is sure it is because Tony is seeking revenge on him for believed injustices. Bo does not care about the "whys" all he cares about is for everyone to escape before the island is destroyed.

Jack is massages Jennifer's shoulders to calm her. Patrick is still hovering around her. Jack bends down, reassuring her. She looks up at him.
JACK: (Gesturing) Not to worry, Jennifer, we'll do whatever it takes to protect you and the baby.

JENNIFER: Listen, don't talk like that! Please! I can't bare to lose you again.
As Jennifer is talking to Jack, Patrick tries to make her listen to him.
PATRICK: (Interrupting) Jennifer, I'm going to help you! Jennifer, U'm going to help you! Make sure you're all safe!

JACK: (Annoyed, pointing to himself) Am I not standing here?! I think I can protect my own wife!

PATRICK: And how are you going to do that? You're going to need at least an extra body to overpower the guards.
Just then Bo walks behind him. He taps Patrick on the should, and Patrick turns towards him.
BO: Excuse me!
Frustrated Patrick leaves Bo to talk with Jack and Jennifer. Though Patrick does watch them from a distance.
BO: Listen you guys, we've got a plan. I need you to (motioning towards Patrick with his head) keep an eye on him. I don't want him pulling in fast ones.

JACK: Alright (keeping his hands protectively on Jennifer) I'll do it. What's the plan?
Bo motions for Jack to move a few steps away so he can tell him; Jack follows. Jennifer is concerned.
BO: Come here!
As if on cue, Hope begins to complain about not being able to breath, she says she is having a panic attack. Marlena tries to help her and leads her to the couch. As John and Roman remain by Tony's desk. Bart is sitting on the arm of anther couch near where they have sat down. Bo asks if she is okay. Just then Patrick knocks the gun from Bart. The men try to subdue Bart. Jack runs to the door, so does Patrick. Jennifer watches on startled. Bo goes over to the door too, protecting Jennifer. Tony pulls out a gun. He tells them to freeze, "Looks like our heroes have bungled it *again! This time they have no where to go but *up*" Just then the room begins to shake again.

Scene Five: Tony watches amused as Jack, Bo and Patrick try to jar the door.
BO: (Throwing his fist in frustration) DAMNIT!
Jack is still by the door. Patrick is standing a few steps away trying to figure out what to do. Bo too, frustrated, figures out what their next step will be.
BO: (Talking Patrick, sarcastically) Hey Man, I thought you said you could help?

JACK: (Equally annoyed with him) Can you get us out of here, or not!

BO: I think "not!" Since that's not what di Mera paid him to do.

PATRICK: I said I'd do anything I can to get you all to safety, and I meant it!
Jack watches from by the door.
BO: Okay, you want to prove whose side you're on? Go distract Tony for as long as you can. (Cocking sarcastically his head) Do you think you can handle that?

PATRICK: (Angry at their lack of trust) Consider it done!

BO: Okay.
Patrick walks off. Jennifer is with the baby, and watches him pass by her.

[Air date October 27, 2004]
Scene One: [The following scenes is a mix of a bunch of different dialogue, I will synopsize the major points, and type out the Jack related material -- which is not much] The room begins to shake again. Jennifer is looking around frantically. Jack is with Jennifer and the baby, his arms around them. The chair, which everyone assumes Stefano is sitting in, is still turned away from them.
JACK: It's okay. It's all right. It's okay.
The couples hug and try to protect each other. Tony, enjoying the spectacle, tells them that the moment they have been waiting for will soon occur. Bart stands next to him, aiming his automatic at everyone. "Armageddon to all those who cross Tony di Mera." Jennifer looks terrified and she stands close to Jack, who is trying to comfort her. He looks down at her lovingly. The others do the same with their loved ones.

Marlena tells John that she is going to try to stop "this madness." John thinks it is too dangerous. Marlena tells him that Stefano is their only hope, he is the only person to get through to Tony. John realizes Marlena's right. He agrees and tells her that he will be behind her all the way. They kiss. She walks towards the desk, trying to reason with Stefano. "Stefano, this is Marlena. I want to talk to you. Shots of everyone watching and listening. Jennifer watches, leaning against Jack, Jack watches intently. She gently pulls the chair around. 04Ep014B: Jack and Jennifer are horrified to see the decomposed corpseEveryone screams in horror. In the chair is a decomposed corpse, dressed as Stefano used to dress. Jennifer puts her hand over her mouth, Jack holds her his mouth agape. Marlena continues to scream and sob. Jack, squinting trying to figure if what they are seeing is real; Jennifer, her hand still over her mouth. She buries her face into Jack's chest; Jack draws her closer to him and holds her more tightly, as he continues to look at the corpse. Patrick tries to contemplate what it all means.

Bart stands behind Tony shocked. Tony, obviously cracked, tells them that he did not want his father to "miss out o the festivities." He wanted them to witness their demise. Hope tells Bo that without Stefano around to stop him, "they are just as good as dead."

Just then there is another earthquake. Jack tries to protect Jennifer and the baby, he catches them, and tries to reassure her.

JENNIFER: Oh my gosh.

JACK: It's all right.

04Ep014C: Another earthquake

Scene Two: Things calm down, and the gang try to regroup. Jack takes Jennifer by the arm, gently, and leads her back to the couch.
JENNIFER: Oh my God.

JACK: let's go sit down.
Bo takes Hope aside to talk to her. He tells her that the volcano is about to erupt and they are all locked in with a mad man.

Jack is holding Jennifer, and she is kissing their son. Jack tries to reassure her.
JACK: It's all right. (Putting his lips to her head) Jennifer, it's all right!
Jennifer holds their son even more tightly and rocks him. Jack runs his hand up and down her arm to sooth her.

Abe tells Roman that they cannot be sure that it really is Stefano. Roman agrees. They agree that it may be just another mind game. They continue to talk about needing scientific proof. Abe says they had no proof that the ashes in the mansion in Salem were really his, and Celeste never sensed Stefano's presence in the urn.

John examines the corpse as Marlena watches. "My God!" He notices the Phoenix ring on the corpses finger. He tells Marlena that he knows for a fact that Stefano *never* removed the ring from his finger. Marlena tells him that as a doctor she prefers scientific fact; however, she has a feeling that the corpse really is Stefano.

Bart cannot understand how he had heard Tony speaking to Stefano. Tony tells him that he has always and will always talk to him. Even Bart is shocked by Tony's mental state. Tony addresses "Stefano" and everyone looks on in shock. During Bart's chat with Tony Jack was watching from the couch. He taps Jennifer on the shoulder. She is still holding their son tightly
JACK: I've got an idea.

JENNIFER: (Frantic with worry, turning to him) No! No, don't do anything!

JACK: (Waving his hand in the negative) No.... No.... No! Thi.... This is good! We'd be able to use this situations to our advantage.
Jennifer looks over towards Tony. Jack lovingly rubs her arm with his hand.

Scene Three: Still in the apartment, Patrick has his arm around Jennifer. She walks off worried about Jack. Patrick goes to Bo and Hope who are trying to figure out how to get through the door. Patrick goes to them and tells them that he knows how they can get though, but Bo does not trust him. He tells them that they can apply pressure from both sides. Bo reminds him that they are all stuck inside. Just then Brady calls Bo from the other side. Brady goes looking for something to work on the door.

Bo tells John and Marlena to keep Tony distracted. John asks Tony how long he has been planning everything. He tells him that he started planning before "his father died." He had discovered that Stefano was not going to make him heir to the di Mera power, Stefano wanted his "Pawn" John to take over. Tony tells how John stole Kristen from him, for that Tony declares he vowed to be revenged. John tells him that he still can stop it all. Tony tells him no way. He set up too much. He had it set up that John was to pay for his death, but "Watson and Holmes" indicating Jack and Jennifer who found his diary years before and saved John. John mentions his "incurable blood disease." Tony tells him, "I *cheated* death!" Tony tells him that he could not rely on his father to help him. Then he chuckles, and tells him that Stefano actually did help. He needed a blood transfusion, Stefano was his only possible donor; however, to help "Stefano had to die!" John, shocked, realizes that Tony killed and drained Stefano of his blood! Everyone is sickened. Jack looks disgusted. In distaste Jennifer looks away. He tells them that he looks pretty good for someone "exsanguinated!"

Scene Four: They discover that Stefano's will from 2002 was his doing. Tony continues to tell John that his plan was to cause him pain, to get rid of those people he cared about and to make him believe that his beloved Marlena was a serial killer. John tells him that he could not tear him and Marlena apart. John tells him he knows about what happened in the jungle between her and Roman. Then he asks John if he told her how close he and Kate came to betraying their marriage vows.

04Ep014D: Jack tries to convince Bart to help themJack is trying to convince Bart to join them. Jennifer, worried about Jack, hovers in the background.

JACK: (Trying to be manipulate him) Come on Bart. (Gesturing) You can see it. Your boss is going crazy. Look what he did to Stefano.
Bart seems like he is thinking over what Jack has to say.
JACK: (Cont.) The only way that you can be able to save yourself (seductively) is to turn that gun on Tony. (Motioning with his head) and help all the rest of us get out of here.
Bart exhales as he tries to figure out what to do.

Hope goes over to sit with Jennifer, who concerned for his safety, has been watching Jack from the couch. She puts her arm around Jennifer, helping to calm her.
HOPE: How are you two doing?

JENNIFER: (Still focusing all her attention on Jack) I haven't lost faith, yet.

HOPE: Good!

JENNIFER: I haven't lost faith yet!

HOPE: Yet?

JENNIFER: Not in Jack.... or Partick.
Hope tells her that at least they know he was on their side after all. Meanwhile Patrick and Bo are trying to find a way to break down the door. Bo tells him that hopefully Brady will find something to help pry open the door. Just then another tremble, much worse, occurs. Parts of the mansion begins to fall onto the gang.

Tony tells them that it will not be much longer.

04Ep014E: Jack is shocked when Bart refuses to join themBart points the machine gun at Jack threateningly. Jack holds out his arms in a futile protective stance.
BART: Back up! BACK UP!

JACK: (Pleading) Come on Bart, it's now or never! Now or Never!

BART: It's never then, Deveraux! I.... (Shaking his head, keeping the gun pointed on Jack) I can't betray the di Meras! They.... they gave me a home!
This time the shaking continues. A big shock nearly sends Bart falling backwards, yet he keeps his balance and the gun pointed at Jack. Jack tries to stay on his feet. He cannot believe that Bart is so determined not to help him.
BART: Ugh! See (pointing upward, gesturing) that's what happens if you even think about betraying them!

JACK: (Trying) Think about this! (Gesturing trying to convince him) Is this what the rest of your life is going to be like?!
Thinks calm down. Bart looks around.
BART: I've got nowhere else to go

JACK: Bart--

BART: No! (Shaking his head) No deal!
Jack cannot believe it. Frustrated, he takes off his hat.
JACK: Damnit! Damnit! You--

BART: (Puts up a figure to silence him, gritting his teeth) Find yourself another turncoat, Jack! It ain't me!
Bart gets tough again and threatens Jack with the gun.
BART: (Cont.) Come on! COME ON!
Jack continues to try and convince him, while following him.
JACK: Bart! Bart!
Jack is about to say something else, but Tony calls out to him. Bart continues to hold the gun on him.
TONY: JACK! You don't look very well! Are you feeling, all right?

JACK: Go exsanuinguate yourself!
Jack walks off in frustration and disgust. Tony laughs. Tony then addresses everyone. There are tons of secrets in the room and he knows them all. He tells him that Colin was not the only corpse he brought back from the dead. Jack, Roman, John and Marlena listen. He says there are others he resurrected, that even "his father" wanted to be resurrected too. Abe says, "You can't trust a word he says." Tony assures them that they can trust these words, "Death is at hand."

Just then Jack, Bo and Patrick call out that the door is opening. The others rush to the door. Everyone uses all the force to get the door open. The grunt and groan, straining.
JACK: Lift off the hinge.
Tony assures them that they are wasting their strength.

Scene Five: Everyone is talking at once it is hard to know who is saying what, and what is being said. The men continue to strain trying to get the hinge off. Someone encourages them to "Come on!" Bart asks if they should let them go. He tells Bart that it is time for "Plan B!" He turns around, shocked, "B! As in the Big Boom?" Tony sets off the explosives. Everyone is concentrating on the door. Hope is the only one to see what Tony is doing.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]