Episode Fifteen: Everyone Has Escaped;
After a Large Wave Hits the Boats, Jack and
Many of the Original Victims Are Believed Lost
at Sea; However, Tony Has Taken Them, Again.

Background: [Again Matt is not on for several days] Some have escaped but others remain in Tony's apartment. Victor is unconscious after a beam fell on him. Bo and Hope go look for Billie. Abe wants to know one way or another if Tony is alive or dead. Tony appears dead, or is he. While some regroup in New Salem Jack is working on the raft. Caroline tells them she will not go without Victor. Eventually Brady and Nicole arrive with a wounded Victor. Abe and TEK arrive. However, no Billie, Hope or Bo. Meanwhile Jack, Jennifer and Cassie have been taken to on the speed boat. Maggie, Alice and Doug also have set off already. Patrick keeps babbling about Jennifer, but they tell him that Jack can take care of her, he's her husband. Hope saves Billie from flowing lava, and the trio have some other adventures before making to safety. Caroline and Doug refuse to take off until children are safe, on cue Billie, Bo and Hope arrive.

In the control room, Bart takes the Phoenix ring from the corpse, and puts it on Tony's finger. Tony's hand moves. Bart tells him that the submarine is waiting. Tony and Bart watch as they board the boats. Tony wants Bart to kill Patrick for messing up the explosions. Bart says he cannot kill. After chaos with everyone fighting, Tony holds the detonator. Tony and John have a sword fight. John pierces his neck. Another big tremor knocks John down. John appears to have seriously injured his back, with Roman's help they get him to the dock. Finally the remaining Salemites take off on several rafts.

[Air date November 4th, 2004]
Scene One: The gang are all on separate boats on the sea . It is dark, and difficult to see. Victor, Caroline, Brady and Nicole are on one raft. Victor is hurt. On the second raft is Bo, Billie and Hope. On the third raft is John, Roman and Marlena; John is unconscious from his back injury. The others are apparently on the speed boat.

On the deck of the speed boat, Jennifer is wearing a jacket and holding their baby, looking at him with great love; Jack is wearing on a short sleeved shirt. Jack pulls back the blanket and talks to his son.
JACK: So, what do you think of this old boat, huh?
Jennifer laughs. Jack takes his hand from his son's head. Jennifer looks over at Jack.
JENNIFER: You know, Bo and Hope sailed around the world with Shawn Douglas when he was just a few days old.
Jennifer fixes the blanket on their son.
04Ep015A: Jack tells his son about his parent's cruise
We're hardly the sailor types. (Gesturing, and talking to his son) We were on a cruise though once once. (Jack looks at his son) You kno.... Di.... di.... did you never hear that?
Jennifer laughs, remembering. Recovering their baby and looking at him.
JENIFER: Yeah, we said we'd never do that again, huh.

JACK: The cruise of deception.
Jennifer looks at Jack, then their son.
JENNIFER: Well actually Jack, e.... except for the shipwreck (looking back at Jack) it was one of the best times in my life.
Jack smiles. Jennifer looks back at the son. As she talks she looks out into the night.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) I have had so many best in my life, (looking back at Jack) you know that. And now.... now we are going home! I can't believe after everything we have been through. Grandma, Abe and Doug, and everyone here, we are all going home.

Scene Two: Jennifer and Jack are still on the boat, still admiring their son.
JENNIFER: (Talking to their baby) Ah, just wait until Abby sees you, ha. (Looking at Jack) And you, Jack!
Jack is smiling, thinking too that he soon will be home with his family.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) I do.... I don't even know who's been.... who's been taking care of Abby. (Gesturing) She's been home from camp and she thinks that.... that she has lost everything, Jack!

JACK: Well she hasn't! And she won't! And she never will!

JENNIFER: You know it wasn't until right now that I even thought we were going to make it home.

JACK: I know! I know!
Jennifer looks again at their son. Jack has his hand on her back, and looks at his wife and son.
JENNIFER: I.... I was even (looking at Jack) feeling superstitious about naming the baby.

JACK: I know! I'm telling you something, Abigail's going to want to know her little brother;s name.

JENNIFER: (Smiling) You got any ideas?

JACK: Weelll.... ahh.... (nodding his head) as a matter of fact.... I do!
Jennifer looks at him.

Scene Three: Meanwhile, the Coast Guard has gotten a report that a giant tsunami is heading their way. They also detect the various rafts and boat. The captain is frustrated because there is no way that his ship can get to them in time.

Scene Four: Jennifer touches their son, then cups his chin with her hand. She looks at him with great love.
04Ep015B: Jack and Jennifer discuss their son's nameJENNIFER: "Jack" [either referring to the name or directly addressing Jack, it is hard to tell -- though it was CC as Jack in quotation marks] That is.... that is (smiling) the perfect name.

JACK: (Pleased) You think so? (Gesturing) I'm kind of partial myself. But I mean, I know you've got another list out there (gesturing) from when Abigail was coming along and if you--

JENNIFER: (Shaking her head) Nooo, noo (looking at their son) no...

JACK: (Cont.) ....think another one is better, ah--

JENNIFER: (Smiling, shaking her head) No, I don't think it is better, because if it was a girl, it was going to be Jacqueline.

JACK: "Jacqueline!"

They look at each other for a moment.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) I just can't believe how.... how many things have changed. An.... and that we are just sitting here right now actually having an everyday, ordinary conversation.

JACK: Whoa! (Shaking his head) No, no, no, no a new baby is hardly "everyday" or "ordinary!"

JENNIFER: You're right. (Smiling) You're right. I mean (looking down at their son) how many.... how many miracles can I ask for in my life, Jack, huh?
Jack is smiling, equally emotion, he looks down at their son and then towards Jennifer.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) I feel like I.... I have taken so many things for granted in my life, and I am never going to do it again. I'm never.... going to take anything for granted anymore! (Emotional) I love you sooo much!

JACK: (Equally emotional) I love you!

04Ep015C: Jack and Jennifer kiss

He leans in to kiss her and she responds. He cups her cheek with his hand. They continue to kiss passionately.

Scene Five: The sea begins to get rough.

JENNIFER: (Starting to get concerned) All right. Jack be careful!
Jack cups his hand on her cheek and they kiss.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) I love you! I love you so much!

JACK: I love you too! More than (smiling) I can say. I'll be right back! (Trying to get up) Whoa....
Jack leaves. The boat jerks Jennifer falls over.

JENNIFER: OOOHHH. What'd... Ooh.... (Getting up) God, oh, the baby.

Just then there is a splash. Jennifer looks around, terrified.
JENNIFER: What's that?! (She looks around) JAAACCK! (Becoming more frightened) JAAAAACCCKKK! (Looking around frantically) NOOOO, JAAAACCCKKKK!
Just then the large tsunami hits the other rafts, one by one, capsizing them.

Background: Jennifer calls out for Jack. Immediately Patrick is on the scene to hold her and the baby. The Coast Guard cannot get to the rafts immediately, the wave is hampering them. Eventually they get some of the folks to safety. However, Marlena, Roman, Cassie, Caroline, Colin, Victor *and* Jack are not to be found. Some of the survivors are injured.

[Air date November 8th, 2004]
Scene One: On the Coast Guard boat, the survivors frantically await for news that the others have been found. Victor is ill. Nicole, thinking, hopes he dies, otherwise the truth about her attempts to kill him will come out. Jennifer walks over to a coast guard officer, begging to know about Jack. Patrick hovers in the background. Baby Deveraux is crying.
JENNIFER: (Pleading) Please! Please, my baby, needs (her voice cracking) his father we (Patrick puts his hand on her shoulder, then he wraps his arm around her) have to Jack.
Patrick says he is going to go out searching. Bo tells him, still not trusting him, that he is not going out alone. He asks how Brady and Abe are feeling. Abe says they should split up in four directions and start searching. The captain comes and tells them they cannot go.

Jennifer is holding her son tightly. Jennifer begs to Jack that he is okay. Again, Patrick comes up to her to comfort her.

Scene Two: Meanwhile two Japanese fishermen on a trawler are talking. We then see that Caroline is nursing Victor who is lying on a bunk in a cabin; in another cabin Marlena is with Room. In a third cabin, Jack is talking to and trying to help someone lying on the top bunk. Jack is worried about this other person. He caresses the persons head, and begs the person to wake up.
JACK: Come on ! Come on! Come on, you've going make it! You're going to be all right!

Scene Three: Caroline worries as Victor has not come to. Marlena fears that she has lost John. Roman says he does not know how he is going to tell Kate that after just discovering their daughter Cassie, that they may have lost her, again.

In the third cabin, Jack is still trying to revive the mysterious survivor.
JACK: Come on! Come on, it's all right. Come on, ba--
Just then the other person coughs several times, and comes to. It is Cassie, she sits up startled.
JACK: (Cont.) It's okay. It's okay! It's okay! (Concerned) Okay. Thank God!
Cassie looks around confused.
CASSIE: What happened? Where am I?

JACK: (Shaking his head) I don't know. We've been picked up by some kind of Japanese fishing Trawler.
Jack steps away from the bunk.
CASSIE: Did the others survive?

(He throws out his hands, gesturing he does not know) They only speak Japanese. So at this point I haven't been able to communicate with anybody.

CASSIE: My God! My dad and Grandma Caroline. Your baby and your wife. We.... we have to find out what happened to them!

Scene Four: Caroline is hovering over Victor, she smiles as she sees Victor awaken. He tells her he feels as if he is in heaven, and that she is an angel. She laughs. He cups her cheek with his hand, and she kisses the palm of his hand. She is so grateful he made it. He wonders what happened. She tells him that the others may not be as lucky. She prays that she has not lost them all.

Meanwhile, in Roman and Marlena's cabin, Marlena says there could be other survivors. Roman tries the door, and is shock to discover it is locked.

Back in Jack and Cassie's cabin, Jack is pacing around, holding a piece of paper, Cassie is sitting in bed watching him.

JACK: I have to get out for Jennifer and my son.

CASSIE: (Frightened) Is it horrible for me to say I'm glad that Tony's dead?

04Ep015D: Jack and Cassie

JACK: No! No! No, we're all "glad!" Let's just hope that this time it's finally true.

The scenes shifts to Marlena and Roman. Marlena assures Roman that Tony is dead and cannot hurt them now. She is glad. Roman agrees. Roman hopes she is right. However, he knows Tony, and he is sure that Tony plans to haunt them all, even from the grave.

Walking around the trawler is Bart, wearing a white sailor suit and cap. He says that if it were not for Tony's emergency escape plan, he would be dead. He is sorry that Tony did not make it, but he has his orders, "none of your old enemies is going to get out of here *alive*!"

Scene Five: In Caroline and Victor's cabin, Victor discovers that their door is locked.

Back in Jack and Cassie's cabin, Jack is fiddling with the door. He pulls on the handle, yanks it with both hands but the does not move. He steps back.
JACK: Hey! (Looking up and down the door) It's locked!
Cassie has is no longer on the bunk but standing up. She had been facing away from Jack and the door, but now turns towards Jack. She then walks over towards him.
CASSIE: What?!

JACK: (Confused) Suddenly the door's locked!
Jack looks back and forth from the door to Cassie. He goes back to the door and with his hands bangs on it. He grimaces and shakes his hand in pain.
Jack does not want to let Cassie know but he is getting concerned. Cassie looks around, worried. Jack resumes bashing the door to get someone's attention.

Scene Five: The Coast Guard Captain tells the survivors that the other boats in the area have checked in and they have not found anybody. The survivors are momentarily hopeful when he tells them that there is a Japanese fishing trawler in the area; however, the trawler's radio must not be working because on one on the trawler is responding to their calls. Hope and Jennifer hold each other for comfort. Hope prays out loud that the others are on the trawler, and for God to keep them safe.

Scene Six: Jack continues to bash on the door, now more frantically. Again he hurts his hand. He shakes it.
JACK: Ouuh! Ouh (grasping it by his other hand) Ah.... (Shouting to anyone) KANICHIWA! (Frustrated) Ah! (Holding his sore had, talking to Cassie) I wish I knew more than one word. (Sighing, trying again) HELLO! (Listening for a response) IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE? (Gesturing) ANY SURVIVORS? ROMAN, BO? (His voice cracking) Jennifer? (Sighing in frustration) Ah....
Jack walks away from the door towards the bunk. Cassie follows him, worried. She gestures at how futile it all seems.
CASSIE: We're trapped in here! Jack, (shaking her head) I have such a bad feeling about this.

Jack has been thinking, realizing that their situation is in fact hopeless.


JACK: (Nodding in agreement) Yeah! Me too. (Looking at her) Something is going on. And it is not good!

The scenes shifts to Victor who is also knocking on their door and trying to call for help. Caroline tells him to stop or he will have a heart attack.

Meanwhile Bart is startled to see that Tony is very much alive. They go into Roman and Marlena's room to taunt them. They do not let them know that there are other prisoners. Tony tells them that they are to be she and Roman prisoners.

Apparently so are the others. He is going to let everyone believe that Marlena, Roman, Victor, Caroline, Cassie and Jack have died, again.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]