Episode Seventeen: As Christmas Nears, Jack
Continues to Try and Escape; Tony and Bart
Torment Jack by Showing Him Videos of
Jennifer and Patrick Spending Time Together.

[Air date December 22nd, 2004]
Scene One: Patrick has bought Jennifer a tree and decorated it, as well as the whole livingroom. She returns home and is thrilled. Later she tells Patrick that she and Jack [which does not make sense since seemed to hate Patrick on the island, and never trusted him] wanted to name their son Jack Patrick and want him to be the godfather. Patrick insists that he has abandoned the di Mera family, but has he. However, he is still living at Jack and Jennifer's, and he is getting involved with the Bo, Hope and Billie situation, is it innocent or is he doing so because he is still working for Tony?

Scene Two: Billie and Bo are wandering around the castle hoping to find more clues about Georgia. They were the ones who caused the explosion which Jack and Cassie heard. Tony is aware they are there; it is part of some plan he has concocted.

Scene Three: Jack hops over to his desk, carrying a f paper and pen to write his note. He sits down, and begins to pen his note. Cassie stands behind him and watches.
JACK: I don't know.... (sitting down, groans) uuughh.... who is trying to break into this castle, but I am going to leave them a note

CASSIE: (In agreement) Hmmm.

JACK: (Cont; still writing something) ....and they will hopefully read it, as they're (motioning "passing by") passing by in the hallway.

CASSIE: (Not convinced) That's your plan?

JACK: (Looks up with an expression like "how can you doubt it will not work!") Ahhh, yes, that is my plan.
Jack continues to write, confident his plan will work. Cassie remains dubious.
CASSIE: Okay, and what if one of the guards sees it?
Jack stops writing, and slaps his hand down on the paper, then looks over at her.
JACK: (Gesturing) I don't know! I'm just making this up as I go along. Look, we've got to do the best we can, here! (Gesturing) Besides, they know (tearing off his note) that I am going to do whatever it takes to get out of here (folding up the note, showing it to her) and get back to my family.
Cassie sighs, still thinking Jack's plan will not work.
JACK: (Cont.) Now, give me a hand (using her as leverage to get up).

CASSIE: (Helping to pull him up) Come on!

JACK: Okay, all right!
Jack walks towards the door, Cassie holds his hand to balance him, he bends down on his needs in front of the door.
JACK: Okay, don't try this at home.
Cassie chuckles at his silly joke.
JACK: Okay, one! (showing her the note one last time); two! (beginning to slip the note); and vooooilá! (the note slips under the door).

04Ep017A: Jack slips the note under the door

Jack grins at her, pleased with himself, and nods his head in proud of himself at what he has done.

Scene Four: There is a camera shot of the folded note, flush up against the door.

Cassie strains to help Jack get up. He has to hold on to both hands for support. Jack gets up. Cassie remains dubious about Jack's idea.
JACK: (Grunts) Okay.

CASSIE: Jack, I don't know if you're note's going to work.

JACK: Oh come on now, (swinging their arms) if it doesn't work, I'll try something else. (Letting go, gesturing) If that doesn't work we'll try something else, and if that doesn't work we.... we.... we.... (waving his arms around) we'll try something else! Look, (gesturing wildly) we have to do whatever it takes to get out of here! And we're going to get out of here! We're going to get back, and I'm going to see--
Jack is interrupted by the nose of the door opening. The guard with the bad accent has returned.
GUARD #1: COME WITH ME (grabbing Cassie roughly by the arm, and pulling her)!


Cassie tries to fight the guard but he gets more physical, trying to drag her out of Jack's room.
Jack tries help her, but he is chained up and cannot move.

The guard is dragging her out the door.

It is too late, the guard has dragged her outside. Jack's voice can be heard shouting from inside his room.
As the guard is trying to look the door, Cassie bites his hand and runs off. The guard, shouts in pain, and tries to lock the door. Then he runs after her, not noticing the note lying by the door. Jack shuts something from inside, it is hard to tell what it is.

Scene Five: Jack is bending down by the door, his ear to the door hoping to hear the people he believes are breaking in to rescue them. Jack groans a couple of times. He bends down farther and looks under the crack of the door to see if the note is still there.
JACK: Someone has got to find that note!
Meanwhile Bo and Billie appear in the hallway. They try a couple of doors, not Jack's. They hear something so they quickly walk passed Jack's door and turn the corner. Of course, they do not notice Jack's note. They stop and pretend to kiss. Eventually when some guards pass, who also do not apparently notice the letter, they leave, never finding the note.

[Air date December 23rd, 2004]
Scene One: Jack is looking at a picture of Jennifer.
JACK: I'm coming home to you, Jennifer. (Taping his fingers on his other arm) To you, Abigail and our baby boy.

Jack is fiddling with some sharp looking object, a fork, he has bent the prongs.

04Ep017B: Jack uses a fork to pick his shakles

JACK: I will be home for Christmas!
Jack turns around and uses the object as a pick to pick the lock holding his shackles.
JACK: (Grunting) Okay, (picking the lock) I just.... make this work just right, and.... (struggling, grunts) okay....
With a grunt he opens the shackle around his left leg. He strains and is able to open the shackle on his right leg.
JACK: (Looking at the cuffs) Good--
Just then Tony enters the room wearing a big Santa cap, with a big white pompom. There is a guard behind him.
TONY: Are you going somewhere, Jack?
Jack sits there dumbstruck, again his plans seem to have been foiled.
TONY: (Cont.) Why, you could have at least waited until I gave you a Christmas surprise!

Jack knows that whatever it is it cannot be good.

04Ep017C: Jack gets busted by Ton

Scene Two: Jennifer is admiring a cute red Santa baby out fit for Baby Jack. She laments that Jack will not be home to see their son in it, celebrating his first Christmas. Just then loud music is heard from Abigail's room, waking the baby. Abigail is still rebelling and refuses to want anything to do with her mother, still blaming her for what happened to her father.

A short while Hope comes over, upset about Bo stuck in Europe with Billie. Hope then realizes that at least Bo is alive, she apologizes for complaining when Jack is dead. Jennifer tells her that it she cannot believe Jack will *never* be coming home to her. Jennifer then says that she has to accept that, right.

Scene Three: Jack puts on the leg cuffs again and sighs. Frustrated, Jack throws the object he used to pry the lock to the guard, who catches it. Tony has a gun pointed at him, no longer wearing the Santa cap, he is holding it and hands it to the guard, and becomes deadly serious.
TONY: You try that again, Jack, I promise you you'll have the shock of your life!
Frustrated and resigned, Jack gets up and sits on the edge of his bed.
JACK: Sooo, tell me, what's going on?

TONY: (Feigning ignorance) "Going on?"

JACK: (Indicating with his hand) Yeah, th.... the explosion, guards running, shouting, what's happening?

TONY: (Grinning malicious) Oh, that, that was just Bo and Billie.

JACK: (Excited) Bo and Billie are here?! (Getting up) They're looking for Cassie and me!

TONY: No, I'm afraid not, no, they are looking for somebody else.

JACK: Someone else? So there are Sur-vivors being prisoner here, other than--

TONY: (Interrupting) Face it, you and Cassie are dead! There's no help coming, not now, not ever!

JACK: So what happened what happened to Bo and Billie? Where are they now, what happened?

TONY: I don't know, I suppose when they could not find what they are looking for, they decided to leave.

JACK: But they know.... They know something is going on! (excited, walks over to the window and points to the outside) Something is going on, they're (turning to Tony) suspicious of what is going on here!

TONY: Yes, I'm sure they'll alert the police. (Smugily) Fortunately.... they're on the di Mera pay roll (smiles).
Jack's momentary optimism is crushed. He walks around, puts his hand to his face, then down to his side, then on his hips, and back to his face. He does not know what to do. His only hope, that who broke in had found the letter and would rescue them, has been shattered.
TONY: Jack, (enjoying Jack's suffering) things are looking rather hopeless aren't they? Hmm, but you know then I.... come to think.... "what's going to happen to Jennifer, back there in Salem?....
Jack looks at him, hate building.
TONY: (Cont.) ....with those two children, and all alone, and at Christmas no less. (Pretending it is making him cry) It's heartbreaking!
Tony smirks at Jack's discomfort, The he taps his head, pretending he remembers something.
TONY: Oh, ah, well, speaking (continuing to tap his head) of Christmas, ha, I promised you a surprise! And a surprise, you shall have!
Toy clicks some remote control device, and a painting moves up revealing a video screen, just then there is a black and white video feed from Jack's house.

Patrick is putting up Christmas laurels, decorating Jack's house. Jennifer comes home, and smiles at him. Jack looks on confused, hurt, he blinks trying to figure out what is going on.

The next shot is of Jennifer and Patrick sitting together.
04Ep017D: Jack is shocked to see Patrick/Jennifer on the video screenJENNIFER: Patrick it's not your problem! I shouldn't even be asking for your help.

PATRICK: (Takes her hand, in both of his) But I want to help you!
Jennifer looks at Patrick.

Jack watches his mouth agape. Tony loves torturing him, seeing the pain and confusion in Jack's eyes.
TONY: Looks like someone has a rooster in his hen house.Hmm, well, perhaps the loving Jennifer won't be so lonely over the holidays after all.


Tony turns away pleased. Jack watches on silently.

Scene Four: Jennifer has quieted baby Jack. Abigail tries to sneak out the door, but Jennifer catches her. Abigail tells her that she is going to the mall to meet friends. Jennifer tells her no. Abigail storms back to her room, muttering that it will be the worst Christmas ever, Jennifer mutters to herself that that is one thing she and her daughter agree upon.

Scene Five: Meanwhile Roman and Marlena are stuck in another room in the castle. Marlena is upset that she is being separated from her family by a di Mera, yet again.

Scene Six: Jack is now alone, pacing around his cell.
JACK: Makes you wonder who else (looking around) Tony's got here besides Cassie and me. (Sighing, shouting towards the door) HELLO! IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?
Frustrated he walks to a different part of the room and shouts near the wall.
He breaths heavily as he strains to hear a response.
JACK: Of course not, (pacing) this place is a fortress. The walls are two feet thick
The chain cause him to stumble knocking things from the table. Jack is frustrated, and does not know what to do.
JACK: Still I've got to find out a way out of here. I've got to get back to Jennifer.
Scene Seven: Jack is looking at Jennifer's photo again. Looking around Jack continues to try and figure out how to escape.
JACK: I have to get out of here. I.... (sigh) I (walking around) have to get back to you and....
Jack is stopped by the chain, he looks down.
JACK: (Cont.) Abigail, and the baby before.... (sighing) (saying his name with hatred) Patrick Lockhart hijacks my life!

04Ep017E: Jack vows to return before Patrick hijacks his life!

Scene Eight: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is playing. Alone, Jennifer walks around missing Jack so much. Abigail comes into the room. Jennifer wants to know where she is going. Abigail tells her that she does not want to fight anymore. She wants to call a truce for Christmas. Happy, Jennifer agrees. The two sadly hug each other missing Jack, terribly.

Background: Christmas is spent at Alice's. The Lockharts join them, Jennifer wants Patrick to put "his godson's" ornament on the tree.

Patrick continues to offer his help to Billie to find Georgia. Bo does not want Patrick involved, because Bo believes that Patrick is not to be trusted.

[Air date December 31st, 2004]
Scene One: Jack is in his room, standing on a chair by the door. He has a cord, it looks like a drapery cord.
JACK: Okay, okay.....
Using it as a rope, he is ties the end to what looks like a heavy candle holder. Then looks up at the top of the door. Then he props it at the top of the door. Apparently he is hoping that it will fall onto the guard's head, knocking him out, and then he could escape.
JACK: ....get that on here.
Just as Jack is position the weight, he hears footsteps.
JACK: Oh. Oh, no! Oh, no.
Jack jumps off the chair.
He moves it out of the way against the wall. Leaves he rope.
JACK: Ah, ah, ah. Ah.
He quickly walks away from the door . As the footsteps come closer. He tries to get rid of the candle stick, but not before someone walks in, Bart. Jack still has it in his hand when Bart enters. Jack turns around.
BART: What the hell are you doing?

JACK: (Looking down at the candlestick in his hand) Ah, buuh, what does it look like I'm doing? I'm ah... ah (flexing his arms, holding the candle stick) I'm working out. (Flexing) working out!

BART: Aha, well take five Muscles!
Bart closes the door. Bart points to himself.
BART: (Cont.) Cause, I really got something that's going to pump (slaps his hands together [like the SNL Arnold satire skits]) you up!
Jack continues to pretend to be working out. Bart clears his throat and turns on the video screen.
BART: You are about to see your not so lonely widow....
Jack looks at him.
BART: (Cont.) and her live-in stud boyfriend Patrick Lockhart (hiting the screen and turn a knob) together.... (looking at Jack, enjoying torturing him) live St. Luke's. You (pointing and waving a finger)if I am not mistaken....
Bart goes back to fiddling with the monitor. Jack looks at the candle holder and the lifts it, as if about to bash Bart over the head. He raises it, but Bart turns around, and Jack pretends to be lifting behind his head, pumping-up, and clears his throat.
BART: (Cont.) You can even hear wedding bells. Ding dong.
Jack looks at him, the candle hold behind his head, obviously still contemplating bash Bart's head in.

Scene Two: Jennifer, accompanied by Patrick, enters St. Luke's for Philip and Belle's New Year's Eve wedding. They see someone stranger with a video camera. Patrick seems to know more about the guy than he lets on. Jennifer thinks he is there just to video tape the wedding. "Right. That must be it." he says in reply. He leads her into the church, her arm in his. The video recorder seems to be making a point of taping them together.

Scene Three: In Jack's room, the video monitor. shows Patrick escorting Jennifer, by the arm, into the church. She looks at him. Bart fiddles with the dials. Jack watches on confused. Bart points to them together. Jack frowns as he tries to figure out what is going on.

04Ep017F: Bart shows Jack a video of Jennifer/Patrick

JACK: What the hell?

BART: They make an attractive couple, don't they?
Jack titles his head trying to see what is really going on.
JACK: That's St. Luke's but it doesn't look like they're getting married.

BART: (Turning to Jack) Oh, maybe not today, but according to the Count it's just a matter of time. (Gesturing) I mean, they're already shacking up.
Jack continues to watch, confused, and hurt.
BART: (Cont.) And with Patrick playing World's Coolest Daddy to Abigail and Jack, Jr., (gesturing) you just know, (pointing) before long, (pointing to the screen) he's going to be going to be Hubby Number Two. Or is it Three? (Gesturing) Do we count you twice, how does that work?

JACK: Just sh.... sh.... shut up! SHUT UP!

BART: (Putting his hands and palms together) Hey I wonder if she is going to change the kids' last name? (Making a questioning gesture) I mean who wouldn't want to lose "Deveraux?" Right, I mean, (throwing up his arms) a bitch, bitch to spell, and the.... "x" is silent.
Bart walks behind him. Jack continues to stand dumbfounded. Bart stops.
BART: Hey, (snapping his fingers) "Abigail Lockhart!" "Jack Patrick Lockhart!" (Gesturing) Now those got a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Scene Four: At St. Luke's Patrick is talking to the video-ographer, he seems to be suspicious of him, but does not tell anyone his suspecious. He is talking to him, but we do not hear what is about; though he does seem angry.

Jennifer is by the alter, she looks at her wedding ring, and thinks. [I am not sure it is a fantasy of a anniversary of her and or may a faux-flashback to her and Jack's wedding night (which never aired) -- though it seems like something that happened (we just never saw it)].

Jack is wearing a tux, she a cocktail dress. They are sitting at a table with roses for a center piece, and several lit candles. They are holding champagne flutes, and clink the glasses together in a toast. Then they both drink, while continuing to gazing into each other's eyes. Simultaneously they put down their glasses, and Jack takes her hand and kisses it twice; then he rests his chin on it. Jack looks at her romantically, seductively, passionately.

04Ep04G: Jennifer remembers a date, Jack kisse her hand

JACK: Jennifer?


JACK: I love you! And I always will.

JENNIFER: And I'll always love you, Jack!
They kiss, several times. Still holding her hand.
JACK: Wait a minute....
Jennifer takes his hand in hers and looks at him, with a broad smile.
JACK: (Cont.) I've just got a great idea! From now on, every anniversary I'll marry you all over again.

JENNIFER: (Smiling back at him, with great love, but thinking he is teasing) Really? Every year, every anniversary?
04Ep017H: Jennifer does not believe Jack about remarrying her every anniversary
04Ep017I: Jack swears he is not joking

JACK: You don't (grinning seductively) believe me! All right, next year at this time, you and me.... St. Luke's.... Is it a date?

JENNIFER: (With great love, nodding and smiling) Yeaaah! It's a date.

They kiss for a few moments. They Jack backs off and smiles at her with profound love.
04Ep017L: Jack and Jennifer kiss

Jennifer, in the present cries.

Scene Five: At St. Luke's Patrick tries to console her. He appears to be caring, and offers her a rose. Meanwhile, Tony's video-ographer video tapes it all.

This appears on the video monitor. in Jack's room.
BART: (Enjoying Jack's torment). Who'd 'a thunk it.
The video shows her accepting the rose, as if there *is* something going on between her and Lockhart.

Jack watches his mouth agape, hurt, and confused.
BART: (Cont.; making clicking noise) That Lockhart, is a real romantic guy.
Bart is behind Jack, but watching him, enjoying Jack's reactions.
JACK: How the hell are they doing this, this can't be real.

BART: Oh, oh, oh this is "real" all right! The wedding video-ographer is on the di Mera payroll. And he is one of the best!
Jack turns to look at him stunned by what he has said.
BART: (Cont.) Ah, hmm, can even get hidden cameras into people's private 04Ep017M: Bart taunts Jack about Patrickhomes (looking around pretending he is telling Jack a secret, whispering) without they're knowing it. We're right now trying to work on a zoom lens for Jennifer's boudoir.

Bart chuckles, enjoying tormenting Jack. Jack is getting more and more angry.

BART: Something tells me that's going to see alot of action. (Sticking in the knife) Good old stud boy Lockhart bringing his special brand of comfort to the Widow Deveraux.

Jack cannot take it any longer, he explodes and throws himself on Bart, and begins strangling him.



Jack throws him on the bed, gets on top of him and continues to strangle him. Bart begins trying to choke Jack.
Scene Six: Back in the room Jack is still strangling Bart, he seems intent to kill him. Bart struggles to get free. They are grunting and gasping for air. Bart gets free, and throws Jack down on the bed. The both are hold their throws and trying to get some air. Jack rolls over and sits up. Bart points to Jack, accusing Jack of trying to kill him.

JACK: (Coughs, hoarse) You're lucky I didn't!

BART: You're going to be sorry for this, Deveraux! (Pointing, angrily) YOU'RE GOING TO BE VERY.... NO DINNER FOR YOU! NO DINNER TONIGHT, AND NO DESSERT FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK !
Furious he storms out, and slams the door shut. Jack notices the door being closed.

JACK: I've got to get out of this place!

Jack gets up, and grabbing the candle holder, which is on the table, he goes towards the door.
JACK: I've got to get out of this place! (Moving the chair, his voice is still hoarse) Back to my wife.... (he stands on the chair) tonight!
Jack fixes his trap again.

Scene Seven: Jack reaches up to put the candle holder in just the right spot.
JACK: Ahhh....
Cautiously he steps off the chair, making sure the the trap does not fall. He makes sure the rope is just right, and then eases backward, admiring his trap, his hand outstretched.
JACK: Okay, let's pray that this baby works!
Jack looks down, then puts his hand cupped by his mouth to magnify his shouting.
Jack does not have long to wait, he immediately hears the sound of a key unlocking the door. A different guard opens the door.
GUARD #2: What the hell is this.
Jack pulls the rope, and the candle hold falls on the guard's head. The guard falls down. Jack is thrilled, his plan is working.
JACK: Yeeess! It's a bull's eye!

04Ep017L: Jack knocks out the guard

Scene Eight: The final scene of the day is weird, there are several screens all with different things going on, in one we see Jack go to the guard. The guard is definitely out, and not faking it. Jack finds the guard's keys, and triumphantly runs out the door -- hopefully to freedom.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]